The Lancasters of Paythorne in Gisburn

Part of an attempt to reconstruct the family trees of the Lancasters of Gisburn

This page is a result of a joint effort in genealogy, involving a certain amount of speculation. The family tree reconstructed below is a work in progress, and ideas would be extremely welcome. Also, if you intend to use it, please contact us first so that we can try to avoid the propagation of error or misunderstanding.

Earlier drafts of related family trees for Gisburne Lancasters were first published on the web by Craig Thornber, for his own ancestral Gisburne Lancasters. See From that starting point other webpages have tried to cover other Gisburne Lancasters. This particular webpage is dedicated to trying to cover the biggest branch which can convincingly link with a real paper trail. The main contributors have included Rick Lancaster, Craig Thornber, Pat Gaskin, Bob Dodgson, Beth Mead, Patsy Mellor, Tricia Coll, and Andrew Lancaster.

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Note. This tree shows plausible links in blue, and very speculative links in red. For more discussion about some of those in the earliest generations see the separate webpage about the earliest Gisburn Lancasters.

1? Christopher Lancaster. There is a name we can propose, Christopher Lancaster, as the starting point in this tree before Thomas Lancaster. He is the father who appears in the parish baptism register of Gisburn as the father of a Thomas Lancaster at about the right time. We also know from the will of William Longcaster, husbandman in Pathorne made 8 February 1576 and proved 24 April 1577 (v.21 f.5) that he had a second son named Christopher Lancaster in Paythorne whose children stood to take over the Lancaster holdings there. William’s wife was Isabell, and his heir who did not yet have male issue was John. But, he also had a son Christopher whose heir could inherit later if John died without lawful male heir. So maybe Christopher did have children or at least a wife already, and John did not? There were also two daughters of William, Agnes and Alice. Alice was unmarried. This William was in turn quite likely the son of James Lancaster of Paythorne, known from tax and muster records in 1522, 1539, and 1545. He was buried 21 March 1560/61. There were also Lancasters in nearby Newsholme and Bank Newton in the early 1500s and by the time of Christopher also in West Halton and Swinden. The earliest record in this area for a Lancaster is the 1379 poll tax, which shows one living in Eshton in nearby Gargrave. Unfortunately records for the 1400s are not good, this being the time of the War of the Roses, so we have no way to take the paper trail beyond the Tudor period in the 1500s at this time.

1.1. Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne “senior”. Made his will in March 1642, which was proved February 1645/6, corresponding to a burial 1 April 1643 for a Thomas of Paythorne. His will mentions his wife (un-named in the will), who must have survived him, plus children Thomas, Alice, Anne and Richard. His son Thomas is heir to his tenement. His baptism, like that of his son Thomas and grandson Thomas, might not be in the register, but there was a Thomas baptised in 1578, a son of Christopher.

+ Alice? Burial 20 January 1662/63. Alice Relict Thomae Lancaster nup de Paiethorne.

1.1.1. Alice Lancaster. Mentioned in father’s will. Perhaps named after her mother.

1.1.2. Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne, yeoman, buried 17 June 1694, and probably baptised around 1605. There was a Thomas baptised 13 May 1627, son of William Lancaster of Newsholme, and another one 1617, son of John Lancaster the mercer, but neither seem to match this one. (The Paythorne Lancasters seem to have been a separate family from the Newsholme line going back to at least 1522, and John Lancaster the mercer seems to have also been a member of that family. See separate web page for speculation about earlier Lancaster family trees.) Will dated 16 December 1692 mentions wife Margrett, sons Thomas, John and William (William was said to be of Paythorne in Admon dated 10 July 1694), and daughters Mary, the wife of Stephen Corlas, and Alice the wife of John Lawkland. The son John Lancaster also had a son William who was not yet 21. Inventory dated 20 June 1694. Thomas appears in government tax records for Lady Day 1672 Hearth Tax, for which he had an exemption certificate for one hearth.

+Margrett. Buried 18 Sep 1708. Relict of Thomas, and one of the Lancasters of Windy Pike (her son William’s family). Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne, husbandman. Will made 27 May 1706. Buried 1 July 1706. Will mentions wife Anne, brothers William and John, with John having a son William; also sister Mary Corlas, with daughters Margarett, Elizabeth and Lidia, with Lidia not yet being 21. Two Mattocks are also left money. On the Admon of the last day of December 1706, his brother William is “of Windy Pike”.

+Ann Mattock. 12 December 1692. Ann’s will of 1718 (relict of Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne) mentions “John Mattock son to my late brother John", and  "William Mattock son to my late brother William”. She mentions various other Mattocks but most importantly her sister Bridget apparently had the married surname Dodgson, and two sons John and Laurence, who she appointed as executors. If I udnerstand correctly, the admon implies that the mother had to play a role because the boys were still in their minority. Alice Lancaster. Baptised 28 January 1648/9 daughter of Thomas of Paythorne. Burial in Gisburn register 7 May 1700: Alicia Vxor Johes Lawkland pochia de Giggleswick.

+John Lawkland of Giggleswick. John Lancaster of Newby, Todber, and Gaisgill. Born 16 February and baptised 18 February 1654/5, son of Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne. Because his son William was still less than 21 in 1692, this John corresponds to John of Newby, then of Todber, and then (in will written in 1712) of Gaisgill. Because this latter will contained a lot of detail we can tentatively reconstruct a family based on comparing registers to the children’s names and ages. Also, that this John’s father was a Thomas is perhaps more likely given that he appears to have buried three sons named Thomas between 1687 and 1693, before finally succeeding to have a son who is then mentioned in his will.

+ Margaret, mentioned in will of John of Gaisgill. Buried 19 Jun 1713 in Gisburn. It is possible but unlikely that John had also married Ellen Clark – unlikely (at least if I am correct that John from Paythorne later moved to Newby, Todber and Gaisgill) because when she was buried 25 March 1690, her husband was again specifically John Lancaster of Gisburn. For my suggestions see the early Lancasters page. An archive record MD335/1/1/25/13 records “1694 Bargain and sale of ground called The Wath on the north side of Rimington Beck, John Lancaster of Todbar to John Sagar of Rimington”. William Lancaster, not yet 21 in 1694. Therefore probably baptised 22 May 1681 “Willmus filius Johis Lancaster de Newby”. Seems to also appear in John of Gaisgill’s will. An un-named child buried in 3 Jun 1714, was the child of William of Gaisgill, showing that William lived to adulthood but that he was probably distinguished from other Williams alive in the parish at that time. His wife might have been Jane, a widow of Newby who was buried 15 Aug 1735. The wedding might be the one 8 May 1707 between William of Stirk House and Jeneta Andrews. (Might this instead have been William Lancaster the “supposed child” of John Lancaster the mercer?) Another possibility is William Lancaster “senior” of Walton House in Ellenthorpe Grange who was buried 19 April 1712 (leaving a will). From the will it appears this William had no children but his wife was Dorothie, and he had some connection to the Dodgsons, presumably those of Ellinthorpe, who were also closely related to the Paythorne Lancasters. (Might Dorothy have remarried in 1735 to Thomas Foster?) Possible children: Margaret daughter of William of Gisburn. Baptised 15 September 1709. John son of William of Gisburn. Baptised 8 February 1710/11. Margarett. Baptised last day December 1682. Margreta fil : Johis Lancaster de Newby. Seems to appear in John of Gaisgill’s will. Grace baptised 16 Nov 1684 Gratia fil: Johis Lancaster de Newby. Grace Hillton in father’s will.

+ Rob Hillton mar. 1711 in Manchester (Boyds) Thomas. bap.     9 Aug 1687. Thomas filius Johis Lancaster de Sodber. Buried 7 Jan 1687/88. Thomas filius Johis Lancaster de Todber. Thomas. Buried 16 May 1689. Thomas filius Johis Lancaster de Todbarr Thomas bap.      6 Nov 1692. Thomas filius Johis Lancaster de Todbarr. Thomas. bap.     3 Sep 1693. Thomas filius Johis Iancaster de Todbarr. Seems to be the Thomas mentioned in his father’s will. Perhaps Thomas of Howgill?  Perhaps married Susan, widow of Howgill, who was buried 27 February 1782. Thomas junior? Perhaps married Mary, widow of Howgill, buried 14 November 1789. Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Junior of Howgill, baptised 20 June 1731. Perhaps married John Sellars 22 July 1756. Mary, daughter of Thomas of Howgill, baptised 14 August 1718. John, son of Thomas of Howgill, baptised 27 March 1720. Margaret, daughter of Thomas of Howgill, baptised 27 December 1721. Anne daughter of Thomas of Howgill, buried 1 May 1726. Mary. Baptized 20 Apr 1695. Maria filia Johis Lancaster de Todbarr.

+ Henry Geldard married 1 Nov 1715 in Gisburn “Maria Lancaster of Gaisgill”. Anne. Baptised 15 Aug 1697. Anna filia Johis Lancaster de Todbar. Less than 21 in John of Gaisgill’s will. Problem: burial of 1 November 1697: Anna filia Johis Lancaster de Todbarr, so our theory requires another Anne missing from the register. Sarah. Baptised 13 Aug 1699. Sarah filia Johis Lancaster de Todbarr. Less than 21 in John of Gaisgill’s will.

+William Eccleston of Barnoldswick Married 23 Sep 1721. John. Mentioned in father’s will about 1713, but not in uncle’s will about 1692. Buried 25 November 1770 “of Gaisgill”.

+ Ellen Tomlison 5 Nov 1713. “of Gaisgill”. Buried 3 Feb 1758. Mary Lancaster. Born 4 October and baptised 11 October 1657, daughter of Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne.

+Stephen Corlas of Newsholme. Married 26 Feb 1676/7 in Gisburn. Probably buried 20 February 1692/3. They had many children, many of whom died young: An unnamed one buried 15 March 1680/81, Agnes buried 30 January 1683/4, another un-named one 1 September 1692, Alice baptised 1687 and buried 17 November 1694, Stephen buried 6 September 1695, Anna buried 17 January 1697/8; and from their uncle’s will, Margarett, Elizabeth, Lidia, with Lidia less than 21 in 1716. William Lancaster of Paythorne and Windy Pike (Gulmi: patr. of familes of Paythorne, buried 20 Mar 1728/9 at Gisburn. Born 27 Feb, baptised 4 March, 1659/60. In his father’s will he had been left West Croft in Newsholme, but in his brother’s admon he is of Windy Pike. William's own will of 20 June 1729 mentions an elder son William, younger son Christopher, daughter Elizabeth who was the wife of Thomas Turner of Heaning in Slaidburn, daughter Ellen and beloved wife Ellen.

+ Ellen Wilkinson married last day of March 1695. “Ellena Uxor Wilmi Lancaster de Paythorn” buried 26th September 1700. Margaret, daughter of William of Paythorne, born 24 May, baptised 23 June 1696. Possibly buried 17 May 1700 (Margaret daughter of William).

+ Ellena Dodgson on 28 August 1701 (Ellen, relict Gulmi of Paythorne buried 13 July 1731, at St. Mary's Gisburn. She was baptised 21 Jan 1675/6 at St. Mary's Gisburn and was the daughter of Christopher Dodgson and Elizabeth Serginson. William Lancaster of Bolton by Bowland baptised 15 April 1703 (of Windy Pike), and died relatively young, and seemingly suddenly. He was buried 18 May 1730 (Gisburn register, but “of Bolton”).  His will dated 12 May 1730 mentions wife Ann (Ann Ryley signed the will), sister Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Turner, brother Christopher and sister Ellen. The will leaves Windy Pike and other lands in Paythorne to his brother Christopher. Inventory was made 5 June, Admon on 21 September, and the file was closed 14 October.

+Anne Ryley on 23 April 1724 in Bolton by Bowland. She was probably baptised 7 Dec 1701, Bolton by Bowland. Appears to have re-married in Bolton with Richard Hardacre of Long Preston 11 May 1734, and to have had a daughter Agnes Hardacre baptised 26 Dec 1736. Speculation: Richard Lancaster of Bolton by Bowland married Mary Hargreaves of Addingham 5 Nov 1757. This couple appear to have moved to Colne, and their descendents, the Lancasters of the Macleay Valley in NSW, have confirmed a close DNA match with the Gisburn Lancasters. But Richard did not appear in William Lancaster’s will, nor in any baptismal register found so far. Richard and Mary appear to have had 3 children as Richard and Mary of Colne, and 2 children as Richard and "Molly" or "Mally" of Mosshouses, just to the north of Colne near Foulridge. Richard may be the burial 19 April 1788 - Richard Lancaster of Foulridge.

See Lancasters.html for discussion about this family. This theory is only one of several, and not necessarily the most likely explanation of the DNA link between the two families. Thomas G Lancaster, baptised 25 Jan 1704/05 buried 25 Aug 1728. Christopher Lancaster of Paythorne and Windy Pike, baptised 27 March 1707. Christopher of Windipike buried at Gisburn 10 November 1793.

+ Agnes Dodgson on 7 June 1731 at St. Mary's Gisburn. She was baptised St. Mary's Gisburn on 7 June 1705, the daughter of Robert Dodgson and Agnes Brown. She was buried on 18 March 1787 at Gisburn Ellena Lancaster, baptised 2 September 1731 and is probably the Ellen who died 1733 Ellen, Lancaster, baptised 1 Feb 1733/34. She married Henry Hall on 2 January 1759 at St. Mary's Gisburn and was buried 26 May 1785. William Lancaster of Ellenthorp and Windy Pike, born 20 Feb, baptised 6 March 1734/35 and died Windy Pike, buried 5 June 1814 at St. Mary's Gisburn. Will dated 1 March 1815 mentions “sons Christopher Lancaster William Lancaster, Tempest Lancaster and my two daughters Milisent Hewit now the wife of Henry Hewit and Agnes Dean the wife of Henry Dean”. By 1841 there were no Lancasters in Windy Pike or Ellinthorp, and this line seems to have ended unhappily:-

+ Millicent Slinger (1747-1814) on 19 Feb 1775 at Gisburn. He was a farmer and Millicent Slinger a Spinster. Witn: Wm Varley & Mary Dean. Millicent was the daughter of Tempest Slinger and perhaps Anne Fotherill (Fothergill) and was born at Slaidburn, buried 5 June 1814 aged 67.

NOTE: The same combination of parents’ names (William and Millicent) occurs soon after in nearby Padiham: Edmund Lancaster, baptised 3 August 1800 in Padiham, Lancashire. Susan Lancaster, born 27 December 1804, baptised 13 January 1805, and according to the IGI, buried 13 April 1809, in Padiham. Pat Gaskin believes the parents in this case were from Bury, with Millicent’s maiden name being Taylor in that case. Millicent Lancaster, born 1774 (1785?), married Henry Hewitt on 20 April 1808. Nancy Spaeth is a descendant who has studied this line. Patsy Mellor advises: “Millicent Hewitt died 15th June 1848 at Coppice, Gisburn (death cert). She was buried at Gisburn 21st June (Parish Register). Cause of death mental derangement five years and bed sores four months.” Christopher Lancaster, s. William Lancaster of Ellinthorp, baptised 13 Jan 1776 at Gisburn. Died 3 September 1865. In 1841 appears to be in York castle with brother Tempest. He is shown as a 65 year old farmer. Patsy informs me that both Christopher and Tempest died in debtors prison there. Rick Lancaster mentions a lease document of 1799 that implies children William, Thomas and Christopher? William Lancaster s. Wm. of Ellinthropp, born 4 Oct 1778 and bapt. 31 Dec 1778 at Gisburn. This is one of three Williams in this family who were born about the same time, at least two of whom married a Jane. They are difficult to distinguish and so marked specially in green on this webpage. According to Patsy Mellor, this William emigrated to Philadelphia. However if this is correct then the below family may not belong to this William, as Tempest was in England in 1851 and 1861. On the other hand it is hard to imagine any other family using the personal name Tempest. Might Tempest have chosen to stay? Might he even have returned?

+ Jane Ellis. Married in 1803. The marriage was in Bolton by Bowland: “William Lancaster of Gisburn, Farmer, & Jane Ellis of this par., spin., mar. by Licence by Josias Dawson, Curate -- Wm Lancaster, Jane Ellis—[and witnesses] Thos Rawsthorn, Chris Lancaster”. There is a burial record at Gisburn for Jane wife of William Lancaster, grocer Gisburn and second daughter of Francis Ellis of Bolton by Bowland, 19 May 1809. James baptised 24 July 1804 and buried 27 July 1804.             double check? (I think only 24 July burial, and father has middle name Dobson). See Christopher born May 1807; baptised 6 Jul 1807. Register names parents as “Wm of Gisburn & Jane”. Buried 6 August 1807, “Son of Wm and Jane Lancaster Gisn”. William born 29 Nov 1805, baptised 23 Jun 1805. Register names parents as “Wm of Gisburn & Jane”. Buried 1 Jan 1809, “Willm Son of William Lancaster Guisburn”. Tempest Lancaster born 17 Mar 1809 baptised 17 Mar 1809. Register names parents as “Will of Gisburn & Jane” 1851: 45 year old farm servant in Grindleton. 1861: 55 year old Ostler in Clitheroe. Presumably, if he was really in this family, his mother may have died as a result of the birth. Note that this personal name descends from the well known Tempests of Bracewell, who would be ancestors via the Slingers, who also used Tempest as a personal name. Tempest died in Clitheroe in second qtr of 1869, aged 61 (8e/192). Patsy notes: “He was a farm labourer and died from bronchitis and diarrhoea at Greenwoods, Grindleton on 22nd April 1869 aged 61 years. John Rudd of Holden at Bolton by Bowland was present at the death and the informant. It looks like Tempest was in poor circumstances. On the census for 1871 John Rudd's occupation was given as Relieving Officer. That must have been a position for looking after the poor and giving poor relief under the old Poor Law.” Agnes Lancaster, d. Wm. of Ellinthropp, baptised 21 Feb 1781 at Gisburn.

+Henry Dean on 25 December 1810, with child Henry Dean born in 1811. Tempest Lancaster s. Wm: & Milison of Ellinthorp, born 31 Aug 1789 and bapt 27 Sep 1789 at Gisburn, buried at York. 1841 census: 40 year old farmer in York Castle, with his brother Christopher. He died in York in the last quarter of 1847. Patsy informs me that both Christopher and Tempest died in Debtors Prison there. John Lancaster s. Wm. & Millison Lancaster of Ellinthrop, born 15 Jan 1795 and bapt 16 Jan 1795 at Gisburn. Moved to Halton West in neighbouring Long Preston as an adult, and farmed there. I wonder if they emigrated before 1841.

+ Ellen Elsworth (Elswith) in Long Preston. Marriage 8 June 1819 by licence, and both were said to be of the parish. Witness was Tempest Lancaster. William baptised 16 July 1820, Gisburn. John baptised 19 September 1821, Gisburn. Melicent baptised 15.5.1825 in the parish of Long Preston. Daughter of John and Ellen farmer of Halton West. Mary Anne born 5 March 1832, baptised 28 April 1833, Gisburn. (Maybe some doubt about whether she is from the same family, because of the delay? In any case this Mary Anne seems to be the one who lived with her father in Foulridge in 1851. He was a tea dealer, born about 1801 in Gisburn, and she was born in Marton.) Thomas Lancaster of Moorhouse, baptised 30 June 1737 and buried 19 November 1803 at Gisburn when described as of Moor House.

+ Elizabeth Charnley aged 21 when he was 25 years old and a farmer of Gisburn on 23 May 1765. Buried at Gisburn as Eliz, wife of Thos of Moor-house, 7 July 1790. Ian Metcalfe informs me that she was born 21 Dec 1743 and bapt. 11 May 1746 in Mitton, Waddington. And that her parents were Robert Charnley and Mary Lonsdale, who had married 30 July 1732 in Waddington. Ellen Lancaster, d. of Thomas Lancaster of Moor House, baptised 25 March 1765, at Gisburn, buried 4 May 1849. She lived in Loftrans. Christopher Lancaster of Moorhouse, s. of Thomas of Moor House, baptised 4 April 1767 at Gisburn, died 30 Aug and buried 3 Sept 1855 of Moorhouse, aged 88. In 1851, at Moorhouse, he was a farmer of 220 acres, with 2 labourers. He appears to have donated the stone for the new Methodist chapel in Paythorne in 1829.

+ Ann Carr (1776-1828) married at Gisburn on 15 Dec 1803 when he was a farmer and she a spinster and witnesses were T. Wilson and J. Lancaster. There was also a Marriage Bond/Allegation 9 February 1803 which says their ages were both 21. Ann died 20 June and was buried 24 Jun 1828 aged 52. Chris appears to be in the 1841 census in Moorehouse, 70 years old; and in 1851 (usually more accurate) he is 84 years old, and has not only children but also two grand children: Elisabeth Ellis 2, and Catherine Watson 3. Nanny, d. Chrs & Ann Lancaster of Moorhouse 29 Feb 1804, bapt. 06 May 1804 at Gisburn. Buried as Ann, d. Christopher of Moor House, 15 Jun 1805 at Gisburn. Thomas, s. Christopher & Ann Lancaster of Moor house, born 13 January 1805 and bapt 16 Feb 1805 at Gisburn. Buried 19 Jun 1805, s. Christopher of Moorhouse. Christopher Lancaster of Paythorne s. Christopher & Ann Lancaster of Moorhouse born 28 September 1805, bapt 31 Dec 1805 at Gisburn. 1841 census in Moore House with parents. Seems to appear in 1851 census in Moorehouse, 44 years old, with father, born about 1767. In 1861 he is 64 and living with two sisters, and Margaret Ellis, a niece. In 1841 he is about 35 years old. He died 3 June 1865 and was buried with his parents in Gisburn on the 7th, at which time he was 59 years old. His father’s will names two sons who are not to inherit. Were they perhaps illegitimate? By 1871 a Hartley family was living in Moorhouse. Elizabeth d. Christopher & Ann Lancaster of Moor House born 28 Sep 1807 and baptised 01 Oct 1807 at Gisburn. In 1841 she is shown as 30 years old. Seems to appear in 1851 census in Moorehouse, 40 years, with father born about 1767. In 1861 she is in Gisburn 52 years old with brother and sister. In 1861 as well as later in 1871 and 1881 she appears with Ellis nieces – presumably daughters of her sister Margaret. Died 29 December 1881 and buried at Gisburn 2 January 1882, 74 years old. Ann d. Chrisr & Ann Lancaster of Moor-House born 21 Oct 1808 and baptised 22 Oct 1808. She married James Watson a grocer of Gisburn, 26 June 1831, in Gisburn, and had children James, Anne, Mary, John, Christopher, Thomas, Catharine and Henry. Mary d. Chrisr & Ann Lancaster of Moorhouse born 02 Jul 1811 and bapt. 24 Sep 1811 at Gisburn. In 1841 she is shown as 25 years old. Seems to appear in 1851 census in Moorehouse, 34 years, with father born about 1767. In 1861 she is in Gisburn 48 years old with brother and sister. Buried at Gisburn 11 July 1875 as a single woman, 64 years old. Margaret, baptised October 1813. In 1841 she seems to be at Moorehouse still with her father, and shown as 25 years old. Married John Ellis, a butcher of Gisburn, in May 1845 (21/283) and had 6 children: Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Catherine & Christopher. She died 25 June 1892, buried 29 June, in Rochdale. Catherine baptised 22 October 1815. Married Thomas Whipp 27 April 1836. This couple then became watchmakers in Wardleworth, Rochdale. Died June quarter 1877 (8e/49) aged 61 years in Rochdale, but buried 16 May 1877, Gisburn. Stephen, died in infancy. Baptised Aug 1819, buried 5 May 1820 Gisburn, 40 weeks old. Annis Lancaster d. of Thomas of Moor House, baptised 20 May 1768 at Gisburn and married Thomas Cook, farmer of Foot House Gate in Barley Booth 1 November 1794 in Newchurch in Pendle. See DDX 72/12 - Nov 1804. Thomas Cook left a will 18 Jan 1832, at which time he was a yeoman of Colne, with estates in the forest of Pendle. His Lancaster brothers-in-laws Isaac and Joseph were to hold some items in trust for younger children and grand-children (MBNE 59/24). Thomas Lancaster of Newfieldedge and Waddington, s. Thomas of Moor House, baptised 21 December 1769 at Gisburn, died 18 December 1850, buried 23 December 1850 (MI). His family eventually lived in Waddington, but in the 1841 census Thomas and Jane were in Bank Newton, Gargrave, along with the family of their son Thomas junior, and their adult daughter Ellen.

+ Jane or Jenny Hartley of Colne (1780-1857) on 6 April 1799 at St. Bartholomew's, Colne. Jane died 4 April 1857 aged 77. She was a tea dealer in Waddington in 1851. Her memorial inscription in Gisburn says she was of Clitheroe in 1857. Elizabeth, born 8 April 1800, baptised 13 April 1800. She married 27.2.1830 to Lawrence Kay. (This mentioned in her father's Will.) Thomas Lancaster s. Thomas & Jane of Newfieldedge, born 10 May 1802 and baptised 13 June 1802 at Gisburn. 1841 he and his wife were with his parents, in Gargrave. 1851 a cow keeper with 11 cows in Liverpool. 1861 a confectioner in Kirkdale, Liverpool. In 1871 Census Thomas 68 yrs old was living with his daughters Ann 30, Margaret 26, & Elizabeth Lund 32, & her husband Nicholas Lund 28, who was born Copenhagen, Denmark. All lived in Everton. In the 1881 census Thomas was living at West Derby with daughter Ann Finn & James her husband, a brickmaker. Also his son William 19, & 2 other children Mary Finn 4, & James 2. Ann's brother James Robinson Lancaster was also living with them. Both Thomas & James Lancaster were widowers & James was a ship's steward & Thomas a gentleman. He is perhaps the 88 year old “Retired Dairy Man” living in Kirkdale with his daughter Jane Cockshott in 1891. Died 13 Feb 1892. He is buried at Kirkdale.

+ Ellen Robinson, aged 21 at Gisburn on 28 November 1833, at which time Thomas was from Bracewell. Witnesses were Isaac Lancaster and Leonard Robinson. Jane bapt Gisburn 10 May 1834. 1851 census: an apprentice cook in Settle, 16 years old. Married 26 July 1855 to Joseph Cockshott. Died September quarter 1911 Kirkdale (8b/743). They had 5 children: Elizabeth, Margaret, William Edward, Jospeh, Annie Louisa. Thomas Lancaster, baptised Gisburn 11 September 1835. With father and grandfather in 1841 at Stainton Hall. With parents in Liverpool in 1851. In 1861 not with parents. Pat suggests he married Annie Kavanagh (widow nee Parkinson, who had 2 daughters) in Dec qrt 1864 8b/11. He possibly died in the 1860s. Ellen, bapt. 1 April 1837 Gisburn. Died 19 May 1917 West Derby. She married 31 January 1865 Toxteth Park to William Benjamin Bridgwater. They had 7 children. Charles Lancaster Bridgwater; Minnie; Stanley William; Percy John “Jack”; Dudley Stuart; Lillian; Alice Maud. Elizabeth, bapt. 3 October 1838 Gisburn. Married Nicholas Lund, from Denmark, December quarter 1869 West Derby. They had 3 children & possibly another 2: Helena (Jertrick) Gertrude, Nicholas Ignatius, Florence. Pat informs that she died 1901. Ann, born about 1841, and baptised in Gargrave. Married March qtr 1876 West Derby to James Finn (born Liverpool). He had been married previously, and they had a further 2 children. Ann died June qrt 1930 West Derby  Ref.  8b/395. Edmund Lancaster, bapt. 18 December 1842 Gisburn. In 1861 apparently a bar man, 15 Dale street. In 1871 a time keeper, Whittle Street (Elliott Terrace), Kirkdale, and married already. In 1881 he is not present but his family is at 2, Alcocks Bdgs, Kirkdale, and his wife is called a “2nd cook’s wife”. In 1891 he is a Ships Cook with a big family in Melbourne street, Everton. In 1901 he is a patient at Stanley Hospital, Kirkdale, West Derby, (54 years old born Gisburn) and his occupation is given as a ship’s cook, while his family is still in Melbourne street. Died 1903 in West Derby.

+ Maria. Born about 1845 in Liverpool. Possibly Maria Fish married 6 March 1870 in West Derby. 4 year old Mary Fish was boarding with Edmund and Maria in 1871, along with some Hiltons. After the death of Edmund, Pat informs that Maria remarried Sept qrt 1904 West Derby Ref. 8b/630 to Jackson Price 1850 – 1906. She died 1920. Arthur James Lancaster, born about 1872 in Liverpool (8b/400). Labourer in 1891. In 1901 he is at 28, Conway Street, Bootle Cum Linacre, married and a carter. In 1911 he is at 34 Florida St Bootle and a Carter General. Died Apr 1949 Crosby Ref. 10c/81.

+Mary May Knight (mother-in-law Elizabeth Knight with family in 1911). Married 5.8.1895 Everton  Ref. 8b/664. Born abt 1872 in Manchester. Pat gives marriage ref of Sept qrt. 1895 (8d/198), and confirms Knight surname. Also informs her birth birth Sept qrt 1872 Manchester Ref. 8d/198 and death 1968 Crosby Ref. 10c/95. Elsie May. Born 1.5.1898 Liverpool. Baptised 18.5.1898 Kirkdale. Died May 1991 Liverpool  Ref. Vol 36/ Pg. 587. Arthur Lancaster, born abt. 1901, Bootle James Lancaster, born about 1902/3, Bootle (8b/366). Pat Gaskin gives the next generation:

+Edith Bell (b. 22 Sep 1901-35 Orwell Rd., Kirkdale, Liverpool.). Marriage 15 Mar 1926, West Derby. Thomas E. Lancaster (b.Dec qrt 1926-West Derby  Ref.  8b/583) Elsie Lancaster (b.Mar qrt 1930-West Derby  Ref.  8b/776) could be Edith B. "Belle" Lancaster (b.Sept qrt 1932-West Derby  Ref.  8b/743) Edmund Lancaster, born abt. 1905, Bootle. Pat gives (1904 8b/366) Elizabeth born abt. 1907, Bootle Caroline born 1910, 12 months before the 1911 census was taken, in Bootle. Pat gives middle name Ellen. Helen  born 1912 West Derby  Ref. 8b/686 Mary  born 1916 West Derby  Ref. 8b/584 Clara born 1921 West Derby Ref. 8b/653 Alfred Ernest Lancaster, born about 1874 in Liverpool (8b/396). Grocer’s assistant in 1891. In 1901 a milk dealer at 17, Marius Street, Kirkdale. Died 12.9.1942 Liverpool  Ref. 8b/26. 

+Mary Jane Burrows or Borrows. Married 21 November 1895, Everton, (8b/654) 16 years before 1911 census. Maiden name according to Pat. Born about 1875 in Kirkdale, Liverpool (June qtr 8b 332). Gladys born Everton, Sept. qrt. 1898-Liverpool 8b/315, West Derby. Married Robert Henry Barrington in 1925 (V36/P0912). Doris born abt 1901 in Walton, Liverpool. Pat supplied ref as Sept. qrt. 1900-Liverpool   England   8b/372 W.D. William Lancaster, born about 1907 in Walton, Liverpool. Leslie Alfred Lancaster born about 1910 in Walton, Liverpool. Pat supplied ref as Sept qrt 1909-West Derby, Ref. 8b/287. Died 1950 (10d/292)

+Lily Barlow. Married 1932 West Derby Ref. 8b/875 Irene  bapt. Jun qrt 1933 West Derby Ref. 8b/600 Leslie bapt. Sept qrt 1936 Liverpool Nth. Ref. 8b/691 Gordon Lancaster bapt. Jun qrt 1945 Liverpool Ref. 8b/500 Edmund Robinson Lancaster, born about 1876 in Liverpool. Pat informs 1876 Liverpool Ref. 8b/6. "Edward" a sailmaker’s apprentice in 1891. Book keeper in 1901 and still with mother. In 1911 he is a freight clerk, 40 Kipling St Bootle, and married. Died 10.5.1938 Crosby ref. 8b/652.

+Ellen Clarkson. Born about 1879 in Liverpool, and married about 1903 to Edmund. Pat thinks the maiden name was Clarkson and that there were no children. Marriage apparently Mar qrt 1903 8b/567. Maria Maud Lancaster, born about 1879 in Liverpool. Pat informs 1878 Bootle, Liverpool ref. 8b/475. Still with mother in 1901. Pat informs married 18.8.1904 to Richard William Wilson. They had 2 children, Richard & Gertrude. Hannah Jane Lancaster, born about 1881 in Liverpool, apparently Sept qtr 1880, West Derby 8b/442. Still with mother in 1891, but not 1901. Pat says she married William T Williams 23.12.1899 Everton Ref. 8b/716. They had 5 children: William Edmund, Gladys, Maud, Florence Annie, George & Edith. Caroline Ellen, born about 1883 in Liverpool. Still with mother in 1901. Pat gives middle name as Ellen, and birth ref as Dec qtr 1883 8b/422. Margaret, bapt. 2 June 1844 Gisburn. Birth probably Jun qrt 1844 Clitheroe ref. 21/435. 1891 Census, Pat thinks possibly 16 Morley St., Kirkdale, a charwoman. Sarah, bapt. April 1846 Gisburn. Birth probably Jun qrt 1846 Settle ref. 23/659. James Robinson Lancaster. Born 14 Feb 1851 (Heath Street Liverpool) but baptised Gisburn 23 March 1851 son of Thomas and Ellen of Liverpool - cowh..... Died 25 November 1912, buried 29th, at Kirkdale. He married twice. Pat writes: 1911 Census – James in the Workhouse, Kirkdale Home, Westminster Road, Kirkdale  while his wife Hannah Jane nee Sergeant was in another one – Union Workhouse, Shaw Heath, Stockport, Cheshire saying she was a widow. James & Hannah seemed to have been estranged before they died. Hannah put her 4 youngest children into homes.

+(1) Phoebe Hasson (1853 Wirral - 1876 Chorlton), 14.8.1871 Liverpool Ref. 8b/280. They had a daughter Clara born 1873 Walsall, died 1876 Chorlton. Both mother & daughter's deaths registered June qrt 1876 Chorlton.     

+(2) Hannah Sergeant (1859 Toxteth Park - 1917 Kirkdale) 12.5.1882. They had 6 children. James Lancaster. Born 1 March 1884 (Jun qrt 1884 West Derby  8b/404). Died 20.9.1948 Parkville, Vic. Aust. 64 yrs

+Margaret Ann Nicholson m. 28.3.1907 at St. Catherine's Edge Hill. (She was born 21.4.1886  Lancashire & died 28.6.1962 Sunshine, Vic. Aust. Ref. 13573). She was the cousin of Janet Hale (mothers were sisters) Thomas Nicholson Lancaster. Born 16.5.1908 Portsmouth, Eng.  D/ 6.3.1971 Caulfield, Vic. Aust. Ref. 6808  63yrs  - didn't marry Margaret Lancaster. Born 26 November 1910, died 12 September 2004  married Edward Govan 1934 Vic. Aust. Ref. 7335 They had 2 children, Edward Leslie (known as Leslie) & Judith. James Robert Lancaster. Born 1.10.1913 Portsmouth Eng.  He died in Queensland 1987.

+Olive Findlater and they adopted his step brother's child. Charles Peter Lancaster. Born 26.3.1920 West Derby (8b/951). Died 1963 Clayton, Vic. Aust.  42 yrs. Enlisted in the militia 1937-1940, and then 6 May 1940 at Footscray he enlisted in the army. He was in New Guinea in 1943 and 1945, and finally discharged 12 October 1945. There are a lot of reprimands on his file.

+Hazel Jeanette Nelson. Pat believes about 1945. On his WW2 Record Hazel asks for support for her son Alan Graham, which seems to have been granted. So Charles must have said this child was his. On his headstone these children are named Alan Graham, Gloria Jean, Raelene, James/Jamie, & Jay is also listed, but it is not sure which were biological children. On Hazel’s headstone there are children Alan, Gloria, Raelene, James, Jay, Stephen & Lynette. All the children have the surname of Lancaster. Stephen & Lynette were not mentioned on Charles’ headstone. Austin Lancaster. Born 24.10.1924 Manangatang, Vic. Aust.  D/ 1.1.1992 Altona, Vic. Aust. to

 +Ella Paul. Married 1942 Victoria. She died 1986. son son daughter. Thomas Lancaster 1886 - 1916

+Mary Josephine McVeigh (B. 1883/20345 Koroit Vic. Aust. D. 23.6.1961 Ref.10689 Greensborough, Vic.) & they had 1 child another James Robinson Lancaster… James Robinson Lancaster  Born 18.7.1913 Camperdown, Vic. Aust.  Died 24.7.1991 Frankston, Vic.  78 yrs  married 1940 Ref. 3120 Victoria

+Margaret O'Riordan (1911-1984) Dandenong, Vic. Helen, Catherine, Suzanne & Christopher Lancaster Hannah. Born 5.3.1892 Toxteth Park Liverpool. Baptised 24.7.1892 Liverpool. Died 11.5.1964 England  married 1924 West Derby Eng. to William Speight (1886-1969) Eng.   They had 1 daughter :- Margaret Elizabeth 1927 - 1981 George Lancaster. Born 19.2.1895  Baptised 13.3.1895 St. Cleopas Toxteth Park. Died 18.1.1974 Greenslopes Repat Hospital, Brisbane Qld. Married twice:

+Janet May Hale 10.1.1917 Waterloo, West Derby, England. She was born 1895 West Derby died 1985 Ballarat, Vic. She was the cousin of Margaret Nicholson (mothers were sisters) Margaret (Peg), Thomas Lancaster. Born 16.3.1920 Westgarth, Vic. Died 1.11.2009 Strathdale/Bendigo, Vic. Had daughters. This is Pat Gaskin’s line! Dorothy

+Elsie Monaghan nee Coombes. 10 January 1935. Noel George Lancaster 1934 – 1989. Did not marry. Died in Queensland. John Barry Lancaster 1936 - 1978. Did not marry. Died in Queensland. Florence Born 21.10.1896  Bapt. 16.6.1897 St. Cleopas. Toxteth Park  Died 1938  Married 20.6.1918 Samuel Chesterman and had 3 daughters: Florence, Dorothy, Marie. Herbert Lancaster. Born 6.2.1899 Toxteth Park. Bapt. 22.3.1899 St. Cleopas, Toxteth Park. Died 4.7.1978 Ascot, Berkshire. 1911 Census – Herbert in the Holy Trinity Industrial School Boys Home, Grafton St., Toxteth Park.

+Edith Blanche Draper 1920 in Windsor Berkshire, & had 2 daughters, Betty and Eileen. Ellen Lancaster, d. Thomas and Jane of Newfieldedge, born 8 September 1804 and bapt 14 October at Gisburn. Died 23 Sept 1835 (MI at Gisburn) Jane Lancaster, d. Thos & Jane of Newfield, born 28 April 1808 and bapt 26 May at Gisburn.. Anne Lancaster, d. Thos & Jane of Newfield Edge, born 6 March 1810 and bapt 8 April at Gisburn. Pat thinks she may have married 1848 to William Higgins. Edmund, born 7 November 1814, died 2 Sept 1837 aged 21. (MI at Gisburn says 22 at 6 Sept 1837 and that he was of Wedacre) Bridget baptised 28 September 1817. She appears on the 1851 Census living with her mother Jane who was a tea dealer in Waddington. Margaret, daughter of Thomas and Jenny      double check? Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Jenny      double check? William Lancaster s. Thomas Lancaster of Moor House, baptised 24 Aug 1771 at Gisburn. One of three Williams in this family, all born about the same time, at least two of whom married women named Jane. I have marked all three in green on this webpage, and these should be considered uncertain, as they are difficult to distinguish. There is a burial in Giggleswick: William Lancaster – Lofterance in the parish of Gisburn – 27 June 1840 – aged 68 – Roll 97. This age matches the Moorhouse William. 

+ Jane Heyes, married 15 February 1809. Charles Lancaster was a witness. William is described as a yeoman. William was granted probate for his wife Jane's estate in 1824. She was from Lane End in the Parish of Mitton. There is an 1841 burial record in Giggleswick: Jane Lancaster – Lofterance in the parish of Gisburn – aged 64 – Roll 187. This could correspond to a baptism in Giggleswick of 7 June 1777 to Thomas and Mary Hey. Thomas Lancaster son of William and Jane of Lofthorns (Loftrans?). Born 22 January 1811. Baptised 28 August 1811. Loftrans is very close to Moorhouse, and was also possessed by William’s Aunt Ellen. In 1841, Thomas Lancaster appears to be registered in the census as the farmer running Loftrans. He is shown as 25 years old, with a wife Susannah, also 25, and daughters Jane (3) and Ann (1). Susannah and Jane were not born in Yorkshire. In 1851 he is found in Liverpool, a cow keeper. From 1861 until at least 1881 he ran an Inn at 100 Boundary Street. In 1861 it is called the Thomaston Hotel. In 1881 it is the "Midland & Cheshire Lines Hotel". From Pat I know that there are two documents about his death: They mention he was a Licensed Virtualler, who died 4.6.1882 at Boundary St. His estate was worth 2031 pounds. 0s. 9d. The first document of 17th July names Susannah Lancaster of 100 Boundary St., widow, the Relict, as administrator. The second document on 15th August says it was "left unadministered by Susannah Lancaster, widow, the Relict" and therefore "was granted at Liverpool to Thomas Lancaster of 136 Frederick St., South Shields in the County Durham -engineer - son and oneof the next of kin." Pat gives his death certification ref as 8b/29.

+Susannah Higgins or Higgin (sometimes transcribed Wiggins). Born Burnley. They married 1837 at Burnley St Peter. Does not appear in 1871 census but back in 1881. She was christened on 5 Jul 1812 in Burnley, Lancashire, Eng.   Pat informs me that her will shows that she had died only a few days after her husband, on the 13th of June (ref. 8b/45 aged  71 yrs). Her will was proved by her son Thomas, who also had adminstration of her husband's will transferred to himself. Jane Lancaster born abt 1839 in Gisburne (birth register 1838 in Burnley) and became a housekeeper. Apparently married a Richard Singleton, but in 1871 was living at Inn with parents and brother’s family, a widow. Pat informs of a 2nd marriage for Jane 1876 to Thomas Dalrymple. Margaret Ann Lancaster. (Ann in 1841 census and Margert in 1851 census.) Born abt 1840 in Gisburn, and bapt. 9 March there. Birth registered 1840 in Gisburn. Not with the family in 1861. William Lancaster, baptised 18 April 1842 in Gisburn, and normally shows as born about 1843 in censuses (but note 1861 shows him younger than his brother John and born about 1848). Was still with his father in his 1881, working at the Inn. In 1871 he was referred to as a Barman there, and marked unmarried. Pat reports that he was at death a licensed victualler's Manager, a Bachelor, who died 9th November 1882 at Boundary St. Probate was Granted 30th November 1882, at Liverpool, to Susannah Lancaster of 100 Boundary St., Liverpool, widow, the Mother, and only next of kin. Personal Estate -  58 pounds 6 shillings 7 pence. John Lancaster, baptised 25 Oct 1844 in Gisburn. Does not appear in 1851 census. In 1871 he and two sons are with his mother Susannah, staying with her mother Ann Higgin, in Worsthorne. He has two sons with him, Thomas 5 and William 3.

+Eliza Kermode (married name Morrison or Morison), born in London, about 1839. Appears in 1871 census as a daughter in law with John in Hurstwood. William is the only son living there in the Inn at the time but Pat found the marriage 26.1.1865 at St. Thomas Church, Walton-on-the-Hill. At this time John was a publican, of 100 Boundry St., and the father Thomas Lancaster was described as a farmer. Thomas Lancaster. Born Liverpool about 1866. With father and grandmother in 1871 census. William Lancaster. Born Liverpool about 1868. With father and grandmother in 1871 census. John Lancaster. Appears in Inn with mother and grandfather as grandson in 1871 census. Thomas Lancaster, born 27 June 1848 and baptised 23 July 1848 in Liverpool. Appears in 1851 census. We know from above documents he was an engineer in South Shields by 1882. Pat reports he was born on 27 Jun 1848 in Gisburn, Yorkshire, and he was christened on 23 Jul 1848 in St. Johns Old Haymarket, Liverpool. Betty Lancaster, d. Thomas Lancaster of Moor House, baptised 10 April 1773 at Gisburn, and married there to Ben Cockshutt, grocer of Slaidburn (DDX72/10) aged 21 on 30 Jul 1795 by lic, itpo Wm. Varley, Chr. Lancaster and John Dodgson. Betty died about 5 Feb 1859 Slaidburn.. John Lancaster, s. Thomas Lancaster of Moor House, baptised 27 Dec 1774, Gisburn. Charles Lancaster of Stirk house, s. of Thomas of Moor House, baptised 17 April 1776, Gisburn, died 1842 aged 66 years, and buried 9 May 1842. Later lived in Stirk House.
+ Agnes Carr, 31 December 1814. She was born 1779, died March 4th 1833, aged 54 years and buried 8 Mar 1834 (54 years old). Thomas Lancaster of Wigglesworth Hall, Burton in Lonsdale, and Victoria, was born about 1821, had residences also in Wigglesworth Hall and Burton-in-Lonsdale, to the north of Gisburn. He later emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1860, but several of their early children died young and were buried together with their grandparents Charles and Agnes. Pat Gaskin in Australia who can follow these families in Australia.  Note that William James White Lancaster was born on the voyage and named after the captain of the 'Bluejacket'. d. 10 Sep 1897, Victoria. Ref. 9395  76yrs.)

+ Elizabeth Bowers Anderton in 1843, & they had 12 children. Charles Lancaster bapt. 11 OCT 1844 Gisburn; and died 1905. d.17 Feb 1905-Kyabram,Vic.  Ref. 2178  60yrs.)

+ Annie Marie Ellis (b.1852-Sydney N.S.W.  Ref. V1852781; m.27 Feb 1872;d.20 Dec 1921-,Vic.  Ref. 14414) Charles Wesley Lancaster (b.10 Apr 1873-Heathcote Vic.  Ref. 9840; d.22 Jul 1873-Heathcote Vic.  Ref. 7076      3 ) William Ellis Lancaster (b.1874-Castlemaine Vic. Ref. 1871;d.1950-Box Hill Vic.  Ref. 10483  76 yrs.)

+ Fanny Elizabeth Treloar (b.1873-Clunes,Vic. Ref. 8265;m.1902;d.1958   85 yrs.-Mont. Vic.   Ref. 13360) Alice Treloar Lancaster (b.1903-Vic. Aust.;d.27 Jan 1998-Bendigo Vic. Aust.) Edna Joyce Lancaster (b.1904-Vic. Aust.;d.2 Jan 1985-Bendigo,Vic. Aust. Ref. 01325) Gweneth Annie Lancaster (b. 15 Nov 1906-St. Leonards, N.S.W. Ref. 7636; d.24 Apr 1986-Victoria) Married Henry George Judkins (b.11 Jan 1902-Yarram Yarram,Vic.  Ref. 7037;m.10 Jan 1931;d.4 May 1982-) Hazel Ellis (Billie) Lancaster (b.1912-Casterton,Vic. Ref. 2077; d.4 Feb 2006-Bendigo,Vic.) Married Melville (Melancthon) Burton Warne (b.1906-W,Vic. Ref. 14731; d.16 Aug 1997-Bendigo,Vic.) Elizabeth Agnes Lancaster (b.1875-Castlemaine,Vic.  Ref. 21625; d.1931-Richmond,Vic. Ref. 6970     55yrs.) Thomas Stanley Lancaster (b.1878-Toolamba,Vic.   Ref. 5701; d.1960-Chatswood,N.S.W. Ref. 32490)

+ Maud Amelia Cory (b.1878-Ballarat,Vic. Ref. 6592;m.1904; d.1938-Newton & Chl. Vic. Ref. 14709     60yrs.) Kenneth Stanley Lancaster (b.1905-Benalla,Vic. Ref. 725; d.1931-Newtown,Vic. Ref. 15756   26yrs.) Edith Maud Lancaster (b.1906-Numurkah,Vic.  Ref. 5426; d.1978-Kew,Vic.  Ref. 18567  72yrs.) Married Ernest Edgar Chapman (b.could be  1904-W,Vic. Ref. 14149; m.1926; d.1955-M,Vic. Ref. 1028   49 yrs) Ralph Charles Lancaster (b.1908-Numurkah,Vic.  Ref. 5837)

+ Jean Laveniah (Leneniah Loveniah) McCurdy (b.1912-Geelong,Vic. Ref. 30384; m.1938) Constance Winifred Lancaster (b.1909-Numurkah,Vic.  Ref. 13493; b.23 Mar 1982-FC,4AWNSSS1CW,Niche 30)

+ Ellis Charles Ching (b.1909-Durham Lead,Vic. Ref. 18620; m.1935; d.3 Jan 1973-FC,4,Niche 29) Theodore Wilfred Lancaster (b.1912-Numurkah,Vic.  Ref. 14385; d.1950-Chatswood,N.S.W. Ref. 18470)

+ Maisie Harvey (b.1913-Geelong,Vic. Ref. 3997; m.1932; d.1957-Sydney,N.S.W. Ref. 8636) Ian Hamilton Lancaster (b.1916-Numurkah,Vic.  Ref. 6166; d.1967-Sydney N.S.W. Ref. 2434) Herbert Beaumont Lancaster (b.24 Aug 1918-Geelong Vic. Ref. 19870; d.4 Apr 1984-Heidelberg,Vic. Ref. 07952)

+ Evelyn Mary Rowe (b.1894-Charlton,Vic. Ref. 27922;m.1940; d.1941-Newton & Chl.  Ref. 19904     46yrs.) Elsie Bennett Lancaster (b.1879-Chel. Ref. 8024; d.1950-Fitzroy Vic.  Ref. 11544   71yrs.) Amy Frances Lancaster (b.1881-Kyneton Vic. Ref. 24437; d.1963-Camberwell Vic.  Ref. 17098  81 yrs.) Frank Leslie Lancaster (b.1883-Kyneton Vic. Ref. 24444; d.1963-Park. Vic. Ref. 78   79 yrs.)

+ Susan Ellen Oxley (b.1875-Duno. Vic. Ref. 1864; m.1911; d.1929-Malvern East   Vic.  Ref. 15038     54yrs.) Annie Kathleen Lancaster (b.1885-Maryborough Vic.  Ref. 4043) Married Samuel Edgar Lancaster (b.1886-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 11434; m.1912 Ref. 682; d.1960-Ringwood Vic. Ref. 234) Albert John (Jack) Lancaster (b.1887-St. Kilda Vic. Ref. 24123;d.1972-Ivanhoe Vic. Ref. 27987  85yrs)

+ Queenie Victoria Jubilee OLDMEADOWS (b.c 1888;m.1913;d.1959-Heidelberg Vic. Ref. 1241  71 yrs.) Christopher Lancaster (b.1915-Box Hill,Vic. Ref. 9682; d. could be 26 Jan 1985-Dromania,Vic. Ref. 03251) Margaret Mary Lancaster (b.1918-Ivanhoe,Vic.  Ref. 12284) David Lancaster Effie Wilkinson Lancaster (b.1889-St. Kilda Vic.  Ref. 26621; d.1967-Melbourne Vic. Ref. 3060  77yrs) Married Leonard Corben Lavender (b.1889-Fitzroy North,Vic Ref. 31024; m.1915; d.1951-Geelong Vic. Ref. 18622) Walter Vernon Lancaster (b.1891-Ballarat East Vic.  Ref. 8994;b.30 Dec 1969-Fawkner Cemetery, ashes scattered)

+ Gertrude Fenton (b.1890-Collingwood,Vic. Ref. 2471;m.24 Sep 1914;d.Oct 1972-C,Vic. Ref. 23957   83yrs.) Katie Gladys Lancaster (b.1893-Ballarat Vic.  Ref. 678;d.1893-Ballarat Vic.  Ref.4667     2 mths.) Leila Roberts Lancaster (b.1895-Geelong Vic.  Ref. 21086) Ruth Lancaster (b.1897-Carlton  North  Vic.  Ref. 1927) John Lancaster bapt. 19 AUG 1846 Gisburn, d.1925-Malloc.,Victoria. Ref. 10945   78yrs.

+Francis Mary “Fanny” Batterbury (1847-1923) d.1923-Balwyn, Vic.  74yrs.  Ref. 4191 Ethel Elizabeth "Et" Lancaster (b.1871-Harston Vic. (20 mls. SE of Kyrabram)  Ref. 25;d.1955-Hawthorn Vic. Ref. 67) Married Alfred "Alf" James Watson (b.c 1868-Torquay,England;m.1892;d.1948-EC,Vic. Ref. 11955     80yrs) Marion Caroline "Mal" Lancaster (b.1874-Rushworth,Vic. Ref. 18647;d.1960-Canterbury Vic. Ref. 33969  age 86yrs.) Married William Manley (m.1899) Charles Anderton Lancaster (b.1877-Toolamba,Vic.  Ref. 19163;d.30 Jul 1943-Balwyn Vic.  Ref.  7605     66yrs.)

+ Florence Nellie Armstrong "Flo" Tuckfield (b.1878-Yack.? Vic  Ref. 20153;m.1906;d.15 Sep 1943-,Vic.  Ref. 9) Charles Maxwell Lancaster (b.1907-Merrigum,Vic.  Ref. 28896) Mavis Linton Lancaster (b.9 Aug 1910-Kyabram  Vic. Ref. 28533;d.28 Dec 1999-Maybe Richmond?    89 yrs) Flora Batterbury Lancaster (b.1917-Kyabram  Vic. Ref. 30174) John Wilkinson "Wilk" Lancaster (b.1879-Toolamba,Vic.  Ref. 5904; d. 14 Jan 1957-Ballarat Vic.  Ref.17140       77yrs)

+ Caroline Walters (b.1881-Fitzroy Vic.  Ref. 2700; m.13 Mar 1907; d.1975-Canterbury Vic. Ref. 16091      94yrs) John Walscourt (Jack) Lancaster (b.1910-Kyabram  Vic. Ref. 4446; died after 1985.) Lorna May Lancaster (b.23 Sep 1913-Kyabram  Vic. Ref. 32493; died after 1985) Married Alexander George Coulthard (b.1909-Footscray,Victoria  REf. 10925; m. 25 Oct 1941; died after 1985.) Donald Arthur Lancaster (b.1918-Kyabram  Vic. Ref. 28786; died after 1985.)

 +Mary Lernon daughter Edwin Goulburn "Gold" Lancaster (b. 1884 Rochester,Vic  Ref. 21150; d.1963 Sandringham  Vic. Ref. 17166 age 79y)

+ UNKNOWN [son] Lancaster [daughter] Lancaster [son] Lancaster [son] Lancaster [son]Lancaster Thomas Lancaster born abt. 1848. Baptism: 16 July 1848 son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bowers of Wigglesworth Hall - Farmer. Died 14.03.1849 8 mths (I once had 18 months?). Church records say buried 18.03.1849 9 mths (of Wigglesworth Hall). Buried with grand parents. Agnes 1849. Baptism: 01 April 1850 dau of Thomas and Elizabeth Bowers of Wigglesworth Hall - Farmer. Died 08.05.1850 11 mths? (I once had 9 months?) Church records say buried 13.05.1850 11 weeks (of Wigglesworth Hall). Buried with grand parents. Benjamin 1851. Died July 17th 1851 aged 2 months. Buried 21.07.1851 with grand parents. Samuel Lancaster b.1852-Yorkshire,England;d.26 Dec 1918-Kyabram,Vic.  Ref. 13410   66yrs.

+ Annie Amelia Francis (b.1858-Coburg Vic.; m.1879; d.6 May 1951-Kyabram,Vic. Ref. 19008    92yrs.) Edith Frances Lancaster (b.1880-Darraweit  Vic.  Ref. 7996;d.1951-Sham.  Vic. Ref. 13098 age 71yrs.) Married James William Arthur Kelly (b.abt. 1870;m.7 Apr 1909;d.1952-Sham.  Vic. Ref. 8842 age 82yrs.) Thomas Bartlam Lancaster (b.1884-Kyabram,Vic. Ref. 10471;d.19 Oct 1940-Ardlethan,N.S.W.  Ref. 26189   57 yrs)

+ Mary Victoria "Tossie" Black (b.1887-Eden,Vic. Ref. 19235;m.1913;d.Sep 1921-Ardlethan,N.S.W.  Ref. 12700) Gordon Morrison Lancaster (b.1915-Raywood,Vic. Ref.  24874)

+ Lucinda Rosalie Young (m.1947) Kenneth Samuel Lancaster (b.1916-Raywood,Vic. Ref.  24070)

+ Edna Myra Kildey (m.1941) Ailsa Marion Lancaster (b.1918-Armadale,Vic. Ref. 16201) Married Alan Fletcher Sinclair (m.1945) Lois Annie Lancaster (b.c1921/2-Victoria) Married Clive Mervyn Robinson (m.1941) Margaret Lancaster Kath Lancaster Samuel Edgar Lancaster (b.1886-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 11434; d.1960-Ringwood Vic. Ref. 23460     74yrs.)

+Annie Kathleen Lancaster (b.1885-Maryborough Vic.  Ref. 4043; m.1912  Ref. 682) Elizabeth "Bess" Bowers Lancaster (b.1888-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 4180; d.1964-Sandringham  Vic. Ref.2230   75 yrs) Married Reginald Chapman Nicholson (b.21 Oct 1882-New Glenelg,Sth. Australia;m.22 Feb 1911;d.3 Dec 1945-) Olive May Lancaster (b.1890-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 33854; d.1892-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 10778  1 year old) Frederick Gordon Lancaster (b.1894-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 13229; d.25 Jan 1909-Kyabram  Vic. Ref. 2000  15yrs) Charles Wesley Lancaster (b.1896-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 21111; d.17 Dec 1918-Perth W.A.    22 yrs) Dorris Annie Lancaster (b.1901-Kyabram Vic. Ref. 12300) Married Ewan Ivor Hyde Tucker (m.1925) Thomas Lancaster (1854-1927)

+ Katie Townley Ellis (b.1868-Melbourne  Ref. 24491; m.1888; d.1942-Camberwell,Vic.  Ref. 8456     73yrs.) Katie Winifred Lancaster (b.1890-Caulfield Vic.  Ref. 1922) 2. Thomas Raymond Lancaster (b.1891-Caulfield Vic.  Ref. 1843; d.1962-Camberwell Vic. Ref. 2961     71yrs.) Greta Burton Lancaster (b.1893-Elsternwick Vic.  Ref. 3315; d.1964-Fitzroy Vic. Ref. 17536     71yrs.) Annie Kathleen Lancaster (b.1894-Caulfield Vic.  Ref. 27878; d.1973-Fairfield, Vic. Ref. 12295  married George Antill Manley (b.1893-Merr? Vic. Ref. 5953; m.1915; d.1975-Dandenong, Vic. Ref. 25695    82 yrs) Samuel "Keith" Lancaster (b.1897-Caulfield Vic.  Ref. 9812;d.1966-Croydon  Vic. Ref. 19032     69yrs.)

 +Isobel Morrison "Moira" Craig-Brown (b.abt. 1901; m.1921; d.1978-Kyrabram  Vic. Ref. 22355      77yrs.) Isobel Joyce Lancaster (b.2 May 1922-Kyabram, Vic.) Jessie Anderton Lancaster (b.1899-Caulfield Vic.  Ref. 25436;d.1968-Fitzroy  Vic. Ref. 12319      68yrs Ann 1856, died 11.10.1856 aged 9 months. Buried with grand parents 14.10.1856, 9 mths (church records say of Burton in Lonsdale). Christopher 1858, died April 13th 1858 aged 5 weeks and 1 day. Buried with grand parents, 3 weeks (church records say of Burton in Lonsdale). Christopher 1859, died aged 23 wks & 3 days? (I once had 5 and a half months?) Buried 27.11.1859 4 mths, with grand parents (church records say of Burton in Lonsdale). William James White Lancaster born 29 Nov 1860 at sea and died 1930, married twice:

+ Euphemia( Effie) Sarah Chambers b.1859-Castlemaine,Vic.  Ref. 21082; m.1884; d.1885, Vic.  Ref. 2651   25yrs. Thomas Carr Lancaster, born 1885 Mooroopna, Vic. Died 1886 Dunblane, Vic.

+Melinda Mortill, 1893, Victoria. Benjamin Carr Lancaster (b.1894-Numurkah Vic.  Ref. 14513; d.1963-Kyrabram  Vic. Ref. 22734      69yrs.)

+ Mary Adele Kendall (b.1893-Preston,Vic.  Ref. 16122;m.1921;d.1953-Kyrabram  Vic. Ref. 18862     60yrs.) John Watsford Lancaster (b.1896-Numurkah Vic.  Ref. 5833;d.1979-Nathalia Vic. Ref. 5219      83yrs.)

+ Jessie Cath Kidd (b.abt 1896; d.1958-Nathalia, Vic. Ref. 23061   62 yrs) Frances Margaret Lancaster (b.c 1924-Victoria; d.1942-Nathalia,Vic.  Ref. 25694   18yrs.) Agnes married Leslie Phillip Curtis. William James Lancaster b.1899-Numurkah Vic.  Ref. 5151 Susan Elizabeth Lancaster b.1900-Numurkah Vic.  Ref. 28782;d.1965-Grenfell,N.S.W. Ref. 31991 Nellie Watson Muriel Lancaster Benjamin Lancaster, born 12.3.1863 Lancefield, Vic. Died 1949 Canterbury, Vic.

+ Evelyn Mary (Eva) Kelley (b.1880-Horsham,Vic. Ref. 16436;m.1922;d.1944-Camberwell,Vic.  Ref. 1980    63yrs. No children. Isaac Lancaster of Horton Green, s. of Thomas of Moor House, baptised 18 February 1778, Gisburn, will made 9 July 1855, mentions daughters Elizabeth, Ellen, Mary and Maria, sons Thomas, Isaac, George and Joseph, died 16 July 1855. MI in Gisburn notes that he was of Horton Green: 78 at 17 July 1855. In the 1841 census his name is written “Iaac” and transcribers have made a Jane out of it!

+Jane Rhodes. Married first Jane, who died aged 28/29 and was buried 3 July 1816. Pat informs me her maiden name was Rhodes and that she also had a daughter with Isaac named Elizbaeth who died as a baby not long before she died herself 9 Mar 1816 in Gisburn.

+Elizabeth Robinson. Then Elizabeth, who appears to have had all the children. Elizabeth is probably the one memorialised as having been 54 when she was interred 12 June 1861 in Gisburn (she was also of Horton Green). Ian Metcalfe informs me that she was Elizabeth Robinson, and that the marriage was 30 November 1833. She had been born 1808 in Haworth to George Robinson and Mary Heaton. Gregg tells me there is a record in bonds/allegations 20 November 1833, Bradford, which says Isaac and her are "21". Thomas Lancaster baptised 30 October 1834 Gisburn. In the 1860s he appears to be the last Lancaster of Windy Pike, when his daughters were baptised. In Wavertree in 1871 and 1881 with wife Esther: “cow keeper”. In 1891 he is with his brother George in Bracewell. In 1901 he is father in law in an Ashcroft family in Wavertree. Died 1901 Clitheroe 8e/215.

+Esther. Pat informs surname is Woodward, and marriage is Dec qtr 1860. Died, Sep qtr 1901 Clitheroe, 8a/215, 66 years old. Buried 7 Aug 1900. Elizabeth born about 1862 in Liverpool. Baptism in Gisburn 5 January 1862 dau of Thomas and Ester of Windy Pike - Farmer Mary born about 1863 in Liverpool. Baptism 16 August 1863 dau of Thomas and Ester of Windy Pike - Farmer. Apparently married John Ashcroft (1st qtr 1889). Died 21.6.1923 Bradford. 1 son: Thomas Edward Lancaster Ashcroft. Joseph Lancaster born about 1838 (probably Q3 1837), baptised 21 January 1838. 1871: farmer in Horton. 1881 in Newsholme. In Wavertree, West Derby, in 1891 with wife Nanny and family. A “book-keeper and dairy man”. In 1911, Joseph is a 74 year old widower in Wavertree, a general labourer for the Liverpool Coproration. His three children are all still with him and single. Apparently died 1 June 1913 (3rd qtr. 1913 8b/746) at 75 yrs. Some of the information concerning his family came to Pat Gaskin from Frederick Orrell.

+Nanny Robinson. Pat Gaskin informs that Nanny’s maiden name was Robinson, and she was born in Downham, Lancashire. The marriage was 12.9.1871 Christ Church Chatburn. Witness were Isaac Lancaster & Margaret Robinson. John Robinson - a stonemason - was the father. & Isaac Lancaster a farmer was the father of Joseph. d. Jun qtr. 1910 Isaac Lancaster born about 1873 in Horton in Craven (probably June qtr 1872 Clitheroe 8e/287). Baptism 16 June 1872 son of Joseph and Nanny of Horton - Farmer. In 1911 a goods checker at docks. d. 29 Apr 1927 Ref. 8b/139 55yrs.

+ Lilian Eaton (b.c1882) married 23 Aug 1913, died 1 Feb 1946 Liverpool. George Lancaster b.15 Oct 1913, 3 Hey Green Road,Wavertree, Liverpool (8b/1262). Elizabeth Ruth or Ruth Lancaster born about 1874 in Horton also. Baptism 16 April 1874 dau of Joseph and Nanny of Horton - Farmer. In 1911 a house keeper living with her father still. Apparently died d. Jul 1911 (8b/161) 37 yrs old. Joseph Lancaster born about 1886 in Stubbins Lancashire. In 1911 he is a House plumber, living with father and single. Pat informs me he died 17 Aug 1961 in Walton Hospital, England at 75yrs, 10d/201.)

+ Minnie Orrell. Pat Gaskin informs me of this and that it happened in first qtr 1912, also that she died 10 Aug 1961 aged 78yrs. Joseph Orrell Lancaster b. 8 October 1912 Liverpool (8b/1319); d. 2nd qtr. 1984 at 71yrs, 36/691.

+ Elsie Jones (b.c 1912-Liverpool,England; m. 4 May 1940) Eric R. Lancaster b. 1943 Precot, Lancashire, 8b/1084. Married Sylvia V. Kay last qtr 1968. Paul Lancaster b. 1949, Precot, Lancashire, 10f/301. Elizabeth b.Jun qrt 1914 Liverpool (8b/1344); d.Dec qrt 1918 (8b/1357) Ronald Lancaster b. 28 Dec 1919 Liverpool (Mar qrt 1920, 8b/1674); d. 11 Apr 2006 Liverpool.

+ Frances Margaret Hewitt b. 6 Jun 1921 Liverpool,England; m.Sept qtr 1941 Derek Ronald Lancaster b. 19 Jun 1944, Liverpool, Ref. 8b/790; d. Mar 1996

+Sandra Darlington. Married Mar qtr 1971. Jean Lancaster b. Liverpool. Married Graham Simm. Elizabeth Lancaster baptised 10 February 1840. Ian Metcalfe informs me that in 1860 in Gisburn she married Matthew Metcalfe, who had been born in about 1836 in Buckden, and baptised 20 November that year in Hubberholme. His parents were John Metcalfe and Sarah Hearfield. Matthew took over this John's job as innkeeper of the Commercial Inn, at Gisburn but later became a farmer. He died  22 March 1895 in Gisburn. Elizabeth was licensee of the Commercial Inn, later the White Bull Inn. Their son, Matthew Metcalfe was Innkeeper of the "Cock and Bottle" in Bradford. Elizabeth died 14 May 1919 in Gisburn, 79yrs old. Ellen Lancaster baptised 9 January 1845. Married Stephen Anderson  Sept qrt 1868 Skipton 9a/37. She died 21 Jan 1907-Bradford,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref. 9b/50    62yrs. Mary born about 1847 (probably Q4 1846), baptised in Gisburn 29 October 1846. With brother Joseph in 1871. Married a Joseph Hey 26 December 1877 (Dec qtr 1877), which is mentioned in her father's will. Mary Hey was with sister Elizabeth Ellen Anderson in Horton in Gisburn in 1881. Lancaster Hey, Herbert, Mabel, Beatrice, Edith, and Louie. Isaac Lancaster born about 1847-49 (probably Q3 1848). Baptism: 23 August 1848 son of Isaac and Elizabeth of Paythorne - Farmer. In 1881 he was a wool merchant in Manningham Bradford, with wife Annie and family. In 1891 he is a wool stapler in Heaton in Bradford. In 1901 a wool merchant in Heaton. d.15 May 1907-"Hollies" Park Drive, Bradford.

+Annie. Maiden name was apparently Merrall. See middle names of children and also step daughter in 1881. Born Haworth about 1846. May also be a connection to the Wilson name because there is a step daughter with this surname in 1891 census. Pat suggests Ann Merrall to Benjamin Wilson Sept qrt 1867 Knaresborough, Yorkshire 9a/124; and then Ann Wilson to Isaac Lancaster Dec qrt 1876 Caistor, Lincolnshire 7a/1418. d.2 Aug 1904-"Hollies" Park Drive, Bradford. Arthur Merrall Lancaster born about 1878 in Buxton. In 1911 census he is like his brother still in Bradford and a Wool merchant and Top? Maker. He and his wife also had two domestic servants. d.19 Jun 1946 9b/161  69yrs

+Emma Buckley. December qtr 1904, in Halifax district. Appears on 1911 census. Born Halifax about 1876. The census records that they had been married 6 years, and had 1 child, who was also still alive (Margaret Annie). d. 23 Apr 1932 9b/164 57yrs Margaret Annie Lancaster. Born about 1908 in Bradford. Minnie Merrall Lancaster born about 1880 in Horsforth (1881 census) although 1891 census seems to say another place? Pat informs: b.Mar qrt 1880 Wharfedale, Yorkshire   Ref 9a/134; d. 9 Aug 1938 Golf Hotel, Bradford. She married William Alexander Martin 6 April 1909 and had at least one son, William Isaac Lancaster Martin. Isaac Percy Merral Lancaster born about 1886 in Bradford, apparently March qtr 1886 in Bradford, 9b/139. In the 1911 census he is a single man in Bradford, a wool merchant and sop?maker with a housekeeper and housemaid (who appear to be sisters from Durham) and his full name is given as Isaac Percy Merral Lancaster. Died Jun qrt 1955-W,,Eng. Ref.  2c/65   69 yrs. Pat informs that he married Evelyn Gladys Wood 23 June 1915, in Wortley, and believes that he had 5 children, but only one name is known to us so far, Pauline, mentioned in his will. She in turn married George Dennis Illingworth in 1947. Harriet born about 1849 and buried 15 August 1850 in Gisburn. Pat mentions that she died on the 12th. Baptism: 21 June 1850 dau of Isaac and Elizabeth of Horton Green - Farmer Maria born about 1850 (probably Q3 1850, Clitheroe, 21/490). With brother Joseph in 1871. Baptism: 21 June 1850 dau of Isaac and Elizabeth of Horton Green - Farmer. Died 24 Dec 1938 Bradford. George Lancaster of Bracewell born about 1853 (probably Q2 1852 Gisburn). Baptism: 7 September 1852 son of Isaac and Elizabeth of Horton Green - Farmer. In 1871 with brother Joseph as a partner on his farm. In 1881 he was a wool stapler in Manningham Bradford. In Bracewell in 1891 and 1901 (on Stock Green). In 1901, all his children were still on the farm except Isaac, who can not be traced yet. d.15 May 1925 Skipton,Yorkshire Ref.  9a/31    73yrs

+ Elizabeth Ellen Hargreaves. Marriage  Skipton district March qtr, 1876: 8th March 1876. Censuses show her to be born about 1856-7 in Gisburn. In 1881 it seems she appears in the census twice, along with her son Richard, once at home in Bradford, and again her sister in law Elizabeth Ellen Anderson in Horton in Gisburn. She does not appear after 1891, and she appears to be the death registered in June qtr 1895 in Skipton district. Pat informs 18 May 1895. John Lancaster born about 1877 in Gisburn, apparently registered June qtr that year 9a/32. This appears to be the same farmer who appears in the 1911 census for Crickle Farm, East Marton, registering himself and his eldest children as having been born in Bracewell. d.1936-20 Will House Road,B,Yks.,Eng.   60yrs

+Edith Ellen Wilson. Pat informs surname and marriage was 18 November 1902.. Appears in 1911 census in East Marton. Born Barnoldswick about 1881. In 1911 the couple had been married 8 years and had 5 children, all still alive at the time: George Henry Lancaster, born Bracewell about 1904. Probably June qtr 1903 Skipton 9a/28. Edith born Bracewell about 1905, probably Jun qrt 1903 Skipton, 9a/28 Irvin Lancaster, born Marton in Craven about 1907. Probably Dec qtr 1906, Skipton district, 9a/33. Possibly married a Bertha Clarke in Sep qtr 1935 in Skipton district? Elizabeth Ellen, born Marton in Craven about 1910. Probably the register entry June qtr 1857 in Clitheroe district, 9a/31. Mary Jane, born Marton in Craven about 1 month before 1911 census. Probably March qtr 1911 Skipton, 9a/34. Isaac born about 1877/8, and was not with father in 1901. Possibly died or emigrated? Pat informs: b.Mar qrt 1878-Gisburn, Ref.   8c/313; d. Sept qrt 1891-S,Y,Eng. Ref.  9a/24   13yrs Richard Lancaster born about 1880 in Gisburn, probably Mar qrt 1880-Gisburn, Ref.  8e/311. In 1881 it seems he appears in the census twice, along with his mother, both at home in Bradford, and with his aunt Elizabeth Ellen Anderson in Horton in Gisburn. Still with parents in 1911. Pat informs d.12 Mar 1960 Ref.  2d/378    80yrs George Lancaster born about 1882 in Bradford, probably Mar qrt 1882-Bradford  Ref. 9b/164. Still with parents in 1911. Pat informs d.14 Sep 1955 2d/279   73yrs, and also concerning wife and children:

+Mary Ellen Porter b.29 Apr 1894;m.Mar qrt 1922;d.Jun qrt 1971-Staincliffe,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref. 2d/924 Thomas Lancaster. b.Jun qrt 1922-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/47 Robert Lancaster. b.Dec qrt 1923-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/44 Herbert Lancaster. b.Sept qrt 1925-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/41 Mollie Lancaster. b.Dec qrt 1928-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/45 Charles Lancaster born about 1885 in Bracewell, probably Dec qrt 1928 Skipton, 9a/45. In 1911, this Charles was at Stock House, Bracewell.

+ Janet Wilson, June qtr Skipton district, appears in 1911 census, born about 1887 in Nelson, Lancs. They had married about 5 years before and had 2 children by 1911, both of whom were still alive: Isaac Lancaster. Born about 1907 in Bracewell. Pat informs he married Edith A. Charnley March qtr 1934. Mary Lancaster. Born about 1909 in Bracewell. Frank Lancaster born about 1888 in Bracewell. Pat informs b. Jun qrt 1887 9a/32; d. Sept qrt 1910 Skipton 9a/21   23yrs Joseph Lancaster born about 1889 in Bracewell. Still with parents in 1911. Pat informs d.Mar qrt 1963 2d/441   74yrs. 

+Edith M. Slater June qtr 1914. Peggy Lancaster (b.Dec qrt 1914 Skipton, Ref. 9a/53; d. 23 Oct 1949 2c/428    34 yrs). Peggy married Arthur Naylor 26 Jan 1935. Peggy married Arthur Naylor 26 Jan 1935. Richard Lancaster (b.Mar qrt 1917-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/46) Nancy Lancaster (b.Jun qrt 1919-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/44;d.Mar qrt 1920-Skipton,Y,Eng. Ref.  9a/35) Joseph Lancaster (b.Dec qrt 1921-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/55) Dorothy Lancaster (b.Jun qrt 1923-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/50) Jack Lancaster (b.Sept qrt 1926-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/46) Edith M. Lancaster (b.Dec qrt 1927-Skipton,Yorkshire,Eng. Ref.  9a/40;d.Mar qrt 1929-S,Y,Eng. Ref.  9a/56   1yr) Elizabeth Ellen born about 1894 in Bracewell. Still with parents in 1911. Pat informs she married Thomas Herbert Wilson June qtr 1914. They had at least one daughter, Ellen. Josh or Joseph Lancaster s. Thos. & Elizth Lancaster of Moor-House, bapt 25 Dec 1782 (or 1783?), buried 27 December 1842. Appears in burial record and census as a resident of Middle Breaks in Newsholm, apparently married to an Ellin. Neddy or Edmund Lancaster s. Thos. & Eliz. Lancaster of Moorhouse, born 1 Sep 1787 and bapt 14 Oct 1787 at Gisburn. Died as a resident of London and buried in Gisburn 15 Dec 1810 aged 23. Seems to have been a linen draper in Settle in 1808 (DDX 72/14). Christopher Lancaster of Paythorne, baptised 11 October 1739 and died at Paythorne buried 24 Nov 1805

+ Elizabeth Wilkinson (1748-1828) married on 27 Apr 1780 at Gisburn, buried St Mary’s Gisburn 19 Sept. 1828 age 80 yrs. He was a Husbandman aged 30, Elizabeth a spinster aged 30, by Licence, itpo Will Varley, Thomas Lancaster & John Standing. The age given at marriage would indicate birth about 1750. William Lancaster s. Chrisr Lancaster of Paythorn, bapt 26 Aug 1780, at Gisburn. One of three Williams in this family, all born about the same time (green on this webpage, to show some level of special uncertainty) at least two of whom married women named Jane. Christopher Lancaster son of Chrisr & Elizth Lancaster of Paythorne, born 21 Aug 1781 and baptised 9 September 1781 at Gisburn. He and Mary lived in Gills (Bolton by Bowland) and then in Castle Street, Clitheroe, while maintaining the connection to Gisburn. MD335/1/1/3/2 is a title document which mentions him. In 1851 he was an assistant overseer in Clitheroe. Tricia informs: died 1858 Clitheroe and was buried 19 March 1858 (aged 79) in Giggleswick. In 1851 there is a Mary Agnes Lancaster, servant and no other relationship named, born about 1838 in Bolton by Bowland, living with the family, about the same as age as Christopher’s own late daughter Mary.

+Mary Harrison (born Giggleswick). Tricia informs: m. 30 April 1807 (bond 9 April says she was 26 and Christopher was 23) d. 1817 Gills (Bolton by Bowland) buried 25 Sept 1817 (aged 35) at Giggleswick Christopher Lancaster baptised Giggleswick 21 August 1808. Tricia informs: d. 1818 Knotts bur. 23 April 1818 (aged 9) at Giggleswick John Lancaster of Paythorne born 30 April, baptised 18 May, 1810. Married his (second) cousin Ann Dodgson and remained in Paythorn, where his children were born. In 1881 he had 80 acres. With parents in Clitheroe in 1841. MD335/1/1/3/3 refers to him as living at Paythorne in 1849. It has been suggested that he was probably buried on 17 Aug 1881 at St Mary the Virgin, Gisburn.

+ someone, possibly Elizabeth Riley of Bolton by Bowland in about 1831. We know this because John was a widower at his next marriage.

+ Ann Dodgson, daughter of Thomas, of Paythorne. 28 October 1845 in Gisburn. John was noted as a widower, but Ann a spinster. 21 Feb 1848 Agnes Ann Lancaster born 1848 died 1886. Agnes Ann was the ancestor of Lesley Holt who has shown me that she had a daughter named May Lancaster (surname from her mother) birth registration 1 February 1883, Paythorne. May was brought up by her aunt Mary and had a daughter, Phyllis Lancaster (father unknown), 13 April 1903. May went on to marry and had another daughter Beatrice. It was Phyllis who married Leonard Holt. 30 Mar 1851 Mary Broughton? Lancaster born 1851. baptised 9 Jan 1853 Thomas Dodgson Lancaster, born about 1853. In 1881 he is lodging in Paythorne. In 1891 he is lodging in Accrington, a labourer in oil works. In 1901 he had become an “oil refiner” and was living with his brother Robert. In 1911 he was an oil refiner’s labourer and still living with his brother, still single. Died 25.11.1932 Accrington. 19 Jul 1854 Robert Lancaster born about 1855. In 1881 he was a boarder in Clitheroe with the family of shop keeper and widow, Ann Hawthornthweaite, 24 years old and born in “Bishmonkton”, which seems to be Bishop Monkton. He appears to have married her later. He is in Accrington in 1891 a “Scavenger” with wife Ann and family, including children with both Hawthornthwaite and Lancaster surnames. In 1901 and 1911 a lamp lighter.

+Ann Wrightson who had married Thomas Haythornthwaite in 1872. Thomas apparently died in 1879. So she married Robert as Ann Haythornthwaite, and already had children at that time.. John Thomas Lancaster (or John J Lancaster in one transcription). Born Accrington 1886. In 1891 a blacksmith and in 1901 a blacksmith and wheelwright, still with parents and single. In 1911 he is just called a Wheelwright in Accrington, and has a family:

+Mary Elizabeth Lang in 1909 according to an index of Wesleyan Methodist marriages in Accrington. She was also born about 1886 in Accrington. Harry Lancaster, born 1911 in Accrington. He was 3 months old when the 1911 census was taken. Doris. Born about 1896 in Accrington. In 1911 still with parents there, 15 years old. and no occupation shown. Possibly married 1927 to John Whitney. 15 May 1859 Mary Lancaster born 1859. Ann born 3 April, baptised 4 April 1812. Thomas Lancaster of Knotts. Tricia and Gregg inform that his baptism was 5 September 1814 Gisburn and that he died 9 April 1889 (aged 74), bur. at Bolton-by-Bowland. The grave says he died at Gills. MD335/1/1/3/3 refers to him as living in Knotts in 1849. This Thomas can be traced living at Knotts, in Tosside from 1841 to 1881. He married but apparently had no children:

+Jane Waddington of Colne. Married 28 January 1869 in Colne (Thomas said to be 54 and of "Fossett?" Yorkshire; Jane was 48, and her father was Lawrence, a labourer). Born Bolton by Bowland about 1821, and lived as a servant at Knotts in 1841. Tricia informs: d. 3 September 1872 (aged 53) bur. at Bolton-by-Bowland. The grave, which still exists, is the same one where Thomas was later buried. It says she died at Knotts.

+Mary. Born about 1817 in Slaidburn.

+Mary Preston (b. Giggleswick 15 Sep 1799) m. 04 Nov 1834 Clitheroe d. 1872 Grindleton bur. 21 August 1872 (aged 72) Giggleswick. (Information from Tricia). Gregg gives more: Parents: William Preston of Rome, Giggleswick (1746 - 1801) buried 17 Nov 1801 St Alkelda's, Giggleswick and Jenny Buller (b. 1773). They married on 22 Oct 1798 Slaidburn) and had another child called Richard Preston (b. 1801 Giggleswick). Mary born in Clitheroe about 1837 (1851 census: a 14 year old scholar, born Clitheroe). Apparently a governess in Egham Surrey in 1861. Tricia informs: b. 23 Jul 1836 Clitheroe d. 1918 Blackburn. Gregg gives more: b. 23 Jul 1836 in Clitheroe. christened/baptised: 25 Sep 1836 St Mary Magdalene, Clitheroe. Mary had been well and privately educated and so took a job as a governess to the Parker family of Browsholme Hall among others. She also knew the Reverend Abel Chapman of Rathimell Parsonage West Yorkshire. She set up her own private school for small girls at Shaw Bridge in Clitheroe.

+William Justin Desmond McCarthy (b. 1833 Ireland d. 1901 Blackburn) - William is related to Justin McCarthy MP.married: 11 Sep 1862 St Michael and St Johns Catholic Church, Clitheroe. They had 11 children Elizabeth (b. Clitheroe 03 Nov 1839) d. 1841 bu. 27 February 1841 at Giggleswick (Information from Tricia.) John Lancaster, son of Christr & Betty Lancaster of Paythorn, born 9 March 1784 and bapt. 5 April 1784, Gisburn, buried Gisburn 27 Jul 1784. Thomas Lancaster s. Chr. & Eliz. Lancaster of Paythorn, born 30 Nov and bapt. 28 Dec 1785, Gisburn. Buried 17 July 1829 in Gisburn. Agnes d. Chris. & Betty Lancaster of Paythorn, born 19 Jan and bapt. 15 Feb 1787 at Gisburn, died Paythorne, buried 28 Nov 1858, married Thomas Dodgson, son of Robert Dodgson and Mary Broughton, baptised St. Mary's Gisburn on 3 August 1782. I follow below only one child, Ann Dodgson. Ann Dodgson, daughter of Agnes Lancaster and Thomas Dodgson, baptised 16 October 1814, married her cousin John Lancaster,, son of Christopher Lancaster and Mary Harrison, linking into another branch of the family. Robert Lancaster. s. Chrisr & Eliz. Lancaster of Paythorn, born 26 Nov 1792 and bapt 25 Dec 1792. Lived in Clitheroe but was buried in Gisburn: 13 November 1852, 59 years old. In 1851, living with his brother Christopher, he was described as “Clerk Writing”. John Lancaster s. Chris. & Betty Lancaster of Paythorn, born 12 Jan 1796 and bapt. 7 Feb 1796. Buried 8 October 1824, 28 years old, in Gisburn. Mary Lancaster, baptised 5 November 1746, and married John Petty of Kirkby Malhamdale 5 Jan 1774. Her brother’s 1788 will shows that she later married William Clough. Elizabeth Lancaster, baptised 11 August 1709, mentioned in father's will of 1729 as married to Thomas Turner. A marriage between a Thomas Turner of Heaning and an Elizabeth Lancaster took place in Lancaster on 17 January 1728. This Elizabeth was said to be a resident of Lancaster, previously resident in Chatburn in Clitheroe. In her brother’s will she is married to Edward Shires. This would be the marriage in Waddington: 06 Sep 1733 Edward Shires & Elizabeth Turner of Grindleton, with Grindleton being near Heaning. Burial: 25 May 1760 Elisabeth Shire’s Widow Grindleton. Maria Lancaster, born 11 August 1711, baptised 11 October 1711, buried 15 June 1726. Ellen Lancaster, mentioned in father's will of 1729, baptised 21 November 1717.

1.1.3. Anne Lancaster. Named in father’s will.

1.1.4. Richard Lancaster of Paythorne. Named in father’s will. Baptism 14 November 1609? Perhaps too early?

1.1.5. Janet Lancaster. Baptism: Jeneta filia Thome Lancaster de Paiethome eodem die (penultimo die Augustij) 1612. Presumably dead or married by the time of her father’s will? A burial entry exists in 1622, for example: Filia Thome Lancaster Decimo Octauo die Maij.

1.1.6. Mary Lancaster. Baptism: Maria filia Thome Lancaster de Paiethorne nono die Decembris. 1614. Presumably dead or married by the time of her father’s will? A burial entry exists in 1622, for example: Filia Thome Lancaster Decimo Octauo die Maij.