How to participate in the Lancaster/lanchester/Lancashire/Satterfield/Satterthwaite DNA surname project if you are not yet a participant.

Our DNA project is a project researching the inter-linkages of families with several surnames. It is run and funded by amateur genealogists researching those names.

If you are a male with one of the related project surnames, such as Lancaster/Lanchester/Lancashire/etc, Satterthwaite/Satterfield/etc, or one of the surnames traditionally associated with descent from Ivo de Taillebois (Tailby, Tallboy etc) or Ketel fitz Eldred (Curwen, Culwen, Lamplugh, Camerton etc) then we want a sample of your DNA!

This is requires only a very simple process involving only rubbing inside the cheek. No needles or blood!


There are several testing organizations for genealogists. Most are commercial, and one is a project in which you can participate for free (the Sorenson project, see below). You might first want to look at this comparative table made by the International Society of Genetic Genealogy ( as well as a chart showing available markers, made by Nelda Percival ( but there are some interesting extra details. Here are some comments based on our experience so far…

Family Tree DNA.

This company has tested the most of our participants and is indeed the current market leader in DNA tests for genealogists. To join through this company through our project you can contact the project or do it yourself with this webpage:

Family Tree DNA use the labs of the University of Arizona, plus their own lab in Texas, and their range of options is now very big. To give a few key products:

Keep in mind that Family Tree DNA hold a sponsorship fund for our project, and also often have special offers. This is a useful service to the project, because it allows us to collect donations without becoming too financially serious. So contact me about this option if the subject is potentially interesting participants who need extra price support.

Apart form our "all labs" results webpage, there is also a page on FT DNA's own webspace for those testing through them -

DNA Fingerprint.

DNA Fingerprint is now merged with Family Tree DNA, and this service will now be available via Family Tree DNA in 2007, for people who have already ordered a more standard test.

This company does many markers which no other lab used by genealogists does. They have led the way especially in developing more “multi-part” markers which I think hold a lot of promise for genealogy. Thomas Krahn, who led this venture, now runs Family Tree DNA's own lab.

DNA Heritage.

We have had some contact with this company, and it was once perhaps the second most common choice. They are one of the companies who uses the Sorenson lab (see below) for the acutal testing. Two disadvantages, according to some people are:

·You must order at least 23 markers right from the start (I think this is not such a bad idea).

·They do not keep extracted DNA samples in case you want to order more tests at a later date. (The main cost of DNA testing is this extraction, meaning if you order at any other company you can get more tests after your first experiments in the field, which is what very many people end up doing.)

Our project also now has a join link with DNA Heritage:

They do not do 5 of the markers that are offered by Family Tree DNA or DNA Fingerprint, and unfortunately these tend took over Relative Genetics, which was another lab who used the Sorenson lab. They do all the same markers as DNA Heritage. Like other labs they do not do 5 of the markers that are offered by Family Tree DNA or DNA Fingerprint.

We had no experience with Relative Genetics before it was taken over by, but the takeover has helped gain new participants. We still need to gain more experience with Ancestry. More to the point they also have to work on a few things, including the way in which they facilitate the swapping and gathering of information which is necessary for a surname project.

Our project is recognized at Ancestry, and has webspace there, but it is not currently a good way to see what the project is doing.

Sorenson Project.

This is NOT a commercial testing company, although they actually do the testing for DNA Heritage and Relative Genetics. However they will test and publish all 43 markers for free if you wish to be part of this Utah-based genealogical project. See The problem is that it can take years before the results are published, and then you will not be informed. I understand that they do not even decide to test all applicants?