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i. Angus (Forfar) shire Livingstones and my own Australian Livingstones

a. My Livingstones in Australia, from immigration to my great grandfather
b. A search for the Scottish Roots of my Livingstones
c. A 1580 document concerning a Levage near Strath Tay

d. Continuing study of all Livingstones in Angusshire (also referred to as Angus, and Forfarshire):

Including Glamis and Forfar
More from Forfar and the whole shire
More from Dundee and the whole shire

The Ancestry of Lilly Melrose, wife of David Peter Living.

John Painter and his wife Susannah, the parents of Susan Painter, wife of Adam Standish Livingstone.

ii. DNA studies of Livingstones and their Relatives.

a. My own Livingstones

Our Scottish DNA mini-cluster: "MacWho"": Main Page
Yahoo Group about the "MacWho" DNA family, coordinated by Andrew Lancaster
Fergus surnames

b. Our Clan

The Livingston/MacLea DNA project: main page
The Livingston/MacLea DNA project: Family Tree DNA page, maintained by Andrew Lancaster
How to participate in the Livingston/MacLea project
Notes on the surnames for the project
The R1b group of Livingstons and MacLeas
The non-R1b haplotypes
Yahoo group for DNA study of Livingstone and related surnames, coordinated by Andrew Lancaster

c. The Rest of the Clan in the DNA World

The y cluster
The x cluster
The Scots cluster
Cluster 26