A Proposed Family Tree for the Livages/Livingstons of Glamis and nearby

Note: This is a joint effort to try to reconstruct family trees, which may contain errors. If you think you see something you want to copy, please also do me the favor of contacting me (Andrew.Lancaster@skynet.be) to give me a chance to update you on the latest possibilities. For background on one person’s reasons for interest in this family see here. For more Livingstons from around Dundee and Forfar/Angus generally, see here and here.

Also note that a map showing parishes in the main area can also be found on line here. For a detailed map of the part of Glamis we are most concerned with, click here. The area is between the center of Glamis parish and the border with Kinnettles parish. Look for the place names including the words Arniefoul, Hayston and Thornton.

Glamis Church, taken 3 June 2006

Part 1. Oldest Glamis Records; mostly in the 18th century.

Apart from special cases mentioned, the only available source for the first three generations are the surviving parish registers which can be searched in index form on www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk . In most cases I have started with indexes only, and Jen Atkinson has helped confirm further details by looking at the actual registers. Generally speaking the real register entries add important information, for example the village of residence within Glamis is often mentioned. Therefore I’d appreciate any information from people who sight originals, or reliable transcriptions.

A very important additional source of information came to me in 2011, from Trevor Kirkman and Loma Livingston. Loma descends from the branch who moved to Yarmouth, discussed below, and this family holds a 19th century genealogical account written by William Livingston, who first settled there.

For a modern map showing contours see http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?lat=56.6079&lon=-2.981&scale=25000&icon=x

For old maps see http://www.nls.uk/maps/os/6inch/view/?sid=74426916 (it may be necessary to go off the page to the next map http://www.nls.uk/maps/os/6inch/view/?sid=74426922 for areas to the south such as Arniefoul, Tealing and Foffarty (a detached part of Caputh).

Some photos taken by the author, from the A94, which runs between the main towns of Kinnettles and Glamis. All three are facing roughly south towards our area of interest, towards Hunters Hill and Thornton...

3 June 2006. Looking up twoards Thornton from the East, with Hunters Hill behind. Upper Hayston and Wester Foffarty are on the ridge continuing to the left, and Arniefoul is over the ridge in the next dale. The dale with the main hamlets of Kinnettles are to the left and downhill from the photographer. 3 June 2006. Looking up twoards Thornton from the East, with Hunters Hill behind. Upper Hayston and Wester Foffarty are on the ridge continuing to the left, and Arniefoul is over the ridge in the next dale. The dale with the main hamlets of Kinnettles are to the left and downhill from the photographer. Taken on the main road from Kinnettles to Glamis, the A94, 3 June 2006

In the below map, the area under discussion is marked with yellow background. The road which has become the modern A94 can be seen running along the top of it.

Rough map made by author to show area of interest

The first mentions of this surname Livage.

The earliest mention of this name I have found in parish registers so far is 12th June 1655, the marriage of Agnis Lovatch in Dundee. Other early sightings are for example in Kettins (marriage and children of Alexander Livage and Lillias Malcolm in 1670s), and Longforgan (Janet Lavitch, daughter of James, 7 March 1673). These are all in Perthshire, a little to the west of Glamis.

Parish registers in this area become very fragmentary when we get back to 1700 and earlier. But we can say that the tendency is that all earlier records are to the east, in or nearer to Perthshire. And as we get further back, those early register records are all near the Tay river. The earliest records of all are actually in the upper Tay, in the highlands of Perthshire, where Gaelic was spoken, or just downhill in the parish of Caputh.

This area of Caputh is surrounded by areas to the north and west which remained Gaelic speaking until recent centuries.

Turning to Glamis...

Generation 1->2.

1. JAMES LAVITCH/LIVAGE/LEIVAGE/LEVIDGE is the first of this family appearing in surviving Glamis records. (Apart from saying that there are signs that the surname came from the area to the west, genealogist Catherine Kunkel has made a more exact proposal that he might be from Kettins, a parish to the west of Glamis. See http://www.gencircles.com/users/catherinekunkel/3/data/404. However her explanation can not explain the first two baptisms below, although the Allon connection makes it clear that they are in the same family.)

As explained below his wife was an Allon from Finlarg in Tealing, and probably named Jeane.

Children’s baptisms:

1.1. 25 Feb 1699 LAVITCH, JOHN in GLAMIS (of Roods of the Glen, baptized in Tellen, which Jen and I think is Tealing)

witnesses: James Coupar and John Allon. See below, 1716, for evidence that John Allon was from Tealing.

1.2 26 Nov 1704 LIVAGE, DAVID in GLAMIS (of Haystown, baptised in presence of congregation)

1.3. 4 Dec 1712 LIVAGE, JEAN in GLAMIS (of Arnafoull, witnesses: William & Alexr Rinds, or perhaps Rind)

1.4. 29 Apr 1716 “a son” [?James?]

The Tealing register says: James Livetch in the parish of Glames had a son in mariag baptised after [???] presented by John Allon in Finberge his Brother in Law he being prisoner in Stirling himself sins Shirvemoor [or Shirremoor]”
Clearly the family was caught up in the events of 1715, a major Jacobite rebellion. Concerning their manor lord: “The forfeiture of the estate [of the earl of Strathmore, of Glamis castle] was prevented by the earl’s brother being killed at the head of his regiment on Shiremore” [http://www.sakoman.net/pg/html/11245.htm]. I presume this Shiremoor or Shirvemoor is not Shiremoor at the mouth of the Tyne, but Sheriffmuir near Dunblane, which was also sometimes spelt this way. See http://www.electricscotland.com/history/genhist/hist57.html
I guess Finberge would be Finlarg in the northern tip of Tealing. There was a baptism for a Johne Allen of Finlarg which shows in the Tealing register for 9/06/1675. He was the son of William Allen and Isabel Jonston. The same couple appear to have had a daughter baptised a few years later in 1677 named Jeane, and this may be the one who married James Livetch.

1.5. 27 Sep 1719 LEIVAGE, WILLIAM in GLAMIS (Haystown)

1.6. 29 Mar 1724 LEVIDGE, ALEXR in GLAMIS (Thorntown)

It is the last two children whose families become the focus of attention below.

Generation 2->3.

The Glamis list of people who were in the later 1745 rebellion includes several Livieths in the right place to be Liviechs:- Wm and John, both labouring men of Hayston, whereabouts unknown, "Carried arms with rebels for a countryman who was obliged to find them a man and go himself". This is transcribed in Glamis, A Village History, by the Glamis Publishing Group. Note:

a.    On the www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk website the surnames Livieth, Livith, Liveth, Liveith, Levieth, Levith, Leveth, Leveith do not appear on any indexes of surviving Scottish registers.
    In handwriting of the time, “cand “tare very similar.


Possible children’s baptisms:

1.1.1       14 Jan 1739 LEVIDGE, JOHN son of JOHN LEVIDGE in GLAMIS (Haystown Cong.)

Seems to have had a son James. See below.

1.1.2       25 Mar 1747 LIVEDGE, JEAN son of JOHN LIVEDGE in GLAMIS (Haystown)

Possibly married WILLIAM MORTIE in AIRLIE 19/10/1763 [suggestion of George Robertson, Fife]


Possible children’s baptisms:

1.2.1       28 May 1741 LEVIDGE, DAVID    son of      DAVID LEVIDGE in GLAMIS (“Haystown Kinnettles”)

Perhaps died young? Note that Hayston is now in Glamis, not Kinnettles.

1.2.2       18 Apr 1758 LOVAGE, DAVID     son of      DAVID LOVAGE in GLAMIS (Hayston)

Seems to have had issue. See below.

1.3 JAMES? (possibly the one baptized in Tealing in 1716?)

1.1.1       15 Apr 1744 LEVIDGE, JAMES son of JAMES LEVIDGE in GLAMIS (Thorntown Congr.)

The father mentioned in this baptism, James, might conceivably be James above, but it could also be a son of his not showing on surviving registers, for example the one not named in the Tealing register.
No known issue.

1.4. WILLIAM LEIVAGE/LEVIDGE/LOVAGE. The account of William Livingston of Great Yarmouth says this William was born in Hayston, died about 1787, and that his wife was Janett Rough of Glen Ogilvie, who died 1784. Both were buried in Glamis. It also mentions a third child, Jean, who married married a Mr Small of Foffarty Kinnettles.

Probable children’s baptisms:

1.5.1       26 Apr 1747 LEVIDGE, MARGT daughter of WM. LEVIDGE in GLAMIS (Haystown Cong.)

The account of William Livingston of Great Yarmouth says she married John Young of Kirk Hill Kinnettles.

1.5.2       26 May 1751 LOVAGE, JAMES son of WILLIAM LOVAGE in GLAMIS (Hayston witt. Cong.)

Thought to be the James whose family is discussed in much more detail below. The account of William Livingston of Great Yarmouth confirms this, and says his birth date was 10th May.


This is the first family in this register who uses the spelling Livingston. Note also the link to Hayston for some years. Unlike the other families of this generation there is no sign of them later. Perhaps Alexander moved away with his whole family. He fits the pattern: youngest son, and the first to standardize the name in the way it would later be used outside Glamis and area.

Baptisms of children:

1.6.1       14 Aug 1748 LEVIDGE, HELEN          daughter of ALEXR. LEVIDGE in GLAMIS (Arnafoul, Congr.)
1.6.2       6 Dec 1749 LEVIDGE, MARJORY         daughter of ALEXR.
LEVIDGE in GLAMIS (Earnyfoul witnesses: Henry Watson & Samuel Mortimer)
1.6.3       18 Jul 1751 LIVINGSTON, KATHARINE   daughter of ALEXR.
1.6.4       2 Jul 1758 LIVINGSTON, LAUCHLIN     son of      ALEXR.
1.6.5       16 Sep 1759 LIVAGE, PATRICK         son of      ALEXR.
LIVAGE in GLAMIS (Haystown)
1.6.6       23 Dec 1761 LIVAGE, WILLIAM         son of      ALEXANDER LIVAGE in GLAMIS (Arnafoul)
1.6.7       12 Feb 1764 LIVAGE, DAVID           son of      ALEXR.
LIVAGE in GLAMIS (Arnafowl). Probably the one discussed in more detail below.
1.6.8       13 Apr 1769 LIVAGE, MARGT           daughter of ALEXR. LIVAGE in GLAMIS (Arnafoul)

Generation 3->4.

Possible baptism of child of JOHN (1.1.1)     10 Jun 1770 LIVAGE, JAMES           son of      JOHN LIVAGE in GLAMIS (Haystown)

Could this be the same James, a weaver and resident of St Madoes, who married Margaret Smith in Errol in 1789? See http://users.skynet.be/lancaster/Forfar%20Angus%20Livingstons.htm. This proposal becomes particularly interesting when we consider that…

(a)    James’ family used the middle name Thornton (baptism of 1826 in Errol).
    DNA testing confirms that the Errol Livages, later Livingstons, match a fellow Australian Livingstone family who almost certainly descends from the Glamis family. See http://users.skynet.be/lancaster/Livingstone.htm.

Possible baptisms of children of DAVID (1.3.2)     1 Apr 1771 LIVAGE, HELEN           daughter of DAVID LIVAGE in GLAMIS (Haystown)

Buried in the Howff in Dundee, 2 Mar 1830, 58y, born Glammis, died of Dropsy     22 Sep 1773 LIVAGE, ROBERT          son of      DAVID LIVAGE in GLAMIS (Haystown)

These in nearby Kinnettles are very likely related. Perhaps they would be easier to understand if the registers of Kinnettles and Foffarty, which was a part of Caputh, were better preserved?)

?.?.?.?     16 Sep 1781 LIVEAGE, JAMES          son of      DAVID LIVEAGE in KINNETTLES (of Wester town of Foffarty)

Possibly the burial in Dundee (Howff 3/9/1842, 65y, Weaver, born Kinnettles, of apoplexy)

?.?.?.?     6 Mar 1785  LIVEAGE, KATHERINE      daughter of DAVID LIVEAGE in KINNETTLES (of Parknook of Foffarty)

For the rest of this generation, see the more detailed information about the children of David Livingston of Arniefoul and Forfar, and James Livingston of Hayston and the Plans of Thornton.

Part 2. Into the 19th century: James and David.

In 1801, the following appeared in a list of Glamis men who could serve in case of invasion from Napoleonic France. All of them were listed as people who would serve as “pioneers.

David Livitch, Arnafoul, (now Arniefoul) almost certainly David 1.5.7 mentioned above and below
James Livage, Hayston almost certainly James 1.4.2 mentioned above and below
William Livitch, Thornton, probably the son of James who later became a weaver in Perth and then a stationer in Dundee.

This is transcribed in Glamis, A Village History, by the Glamis Publishing Group. It seems that already by this time there were only a few people from this family left in Glamis.

In 1841, only the family of one Peter Livingstone (born about 1791) shows the surname, but it is not certain that he is related to those who had lived there in the 18th century, as I can not find his baptism. It should be noted that the registers from Glamis and especially Kinnettles seem to miss events known to have happened. In Glamis some marriages seem to be missing, and in Kinnettles, the baptisms themselves. It might be that many members of this family were baptised or married in Kinnettles because the parish church was closer to them than that of Glamis.

This page is a study of the Livingstone family from Glamis. So I have tried to limit the following outlines to all known great-grandchildren of David and James, with further generations only given when the Livingstone (or similar) name continues to the next generation.

Additionally I have added what little we know of the family of the last Livingstons in the parish. See below.


This is the second family in this register to use the name Livingston.

He may be the one baptized in 1764 above.

It seems likely based on comparisons of baptisms in Glamis around 1793-1809, to several 19th century death certificates of Livistons in nearby Kinnettles, that David and his children moved to the latter parish later in his lifetime. He appears from these to have been married to a Margaret Meek and to have been a farmer and/or crofter, like his probable first cousin James.     1 Jun 1788 LIVINGSTON, ANDREW       son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnifoul)     25 Feb 1791 LIVINGSTON, JAMES       son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnifoul)

possibly James Livingston, weaver, Cottar in town of Hayston, under 30 in 1817 militia list.     23 Mar 1793 LIVINGSTON, DAVID       son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnifoul)

possibly bur. Howff 15 Aug 1826     33    b. Dundee   Weaver      Accident?     31 May 1795 LIVINGSTON, JOHN        son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnifoul)     30 Nov 1797 LIVINGSTON, MARGARET    son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnafoul)     14 Nov 1799 LIVINGSTON, ELIZABETH   son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnafoul)

I received information from Andrew Wilkie which led to confirmation of the following concerning Elizabeth…
Married 8 May 1836 in Forfar to Joseph Wilkie, Stone Quarrier.
Died 2 June 1863 Forfar, 60 years old.
Death registration says she was the daughter of David Liveston and Elizabeth Meek.


Janet     22 Jul 1801 LIVINGSTON, MARY        son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnafoul)

Seems to have died young, as another MARY appears later (whose baptism, on the other hand, we have not found). See below.     26 Jul 1804 LIVINGSTON, ROBERT      son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Airneyfoul) (Glamis confirmed on 1861 census)

Married Catherine Torren (d. 21 Nov 1882; b. abt 1808 d/o Walter Torren, master shoemaker, & Agnes Torbert)
The surname is incorrectly transcribed on “Scotland’s People” for 1861 as Lurston. (Concerning this family, Chris Torrance informs me that while it is unknown when Walter and Agnes died and under what name, but their children were David christened 6 Aug 1804, Katharine 24 Mar 1807, Margaret 14 Mar 1811 and George 14 Jul 1814, all in Forfar and with the Torn name. Hypothetically the Walter Torn who married Agnes Tarbat in 1803 could have been either born in 1774 to William Torn and Marjory Smith or in 1779 to James Torn and Katharine Yeoman. (Chris tends to think it is the latter option.)
d. 13 mar 1868 (certificate tells us b abt 1804, Linen Weaver) in KINNETTLES. On death certificate his parents are John Liviston and Margaret Meek
1841 and 1851 census: in Prior’s Place in FORFAR, Linen Hand Loom Weaver

DAVID ROBT. LIVISTONE6 May 1832 (does not appear on 1841 census?)


1841 census: 7 years old
1851 census: 17 years old. Linen handloom weaver.
1861 servant in Forfar
DONALD, Mason, in Forfar 1 Jan 1866

DAVID DONALD was present with grand mother CATHERINE in 1871 census


1841 census: 5 years old
1851 census: 14 years old. Tailor’s apprentice.
d. 3 Feb 1856, showing b abt 1842, Tailor, single


1841 census 2 years old
1851 census: 12 years old. Linen handloom weaver.
11 OCT 1861 in Forfar (IGI) to Mary Gray
1871 census: Mary gray is with both daughters at her mother’s
1881 census.
He seems to be widowed, and living in Kirriemuir alone: 40y Mason, born Forfar, Glammis Road
2 Feb 1892, showing b abt 1841, Mason.

ANN MILNE LIVESTON b. 11 OCT 1863 in Forfar (IGI)
AGNES MILNE LIVESTON b. 26 NOV 1866 in Forfar (IGI)


1841 census: 20 days old
1851 census: 9 years old. Scholar.
1861 census: with parents 18 years old
1881: 39 years old, with mother in Forfar
m. Robert Buchanan, general labourer
d. 4 Mar 1890, showing b abt 1845

Robert Buchanan appears as grandson of Catherine T Livingstone and Agnes Livingstone in 1881 census

ROBERT LIVISTON abt 1845 (from death certificate)

1851 census: 6 years old. Scholar.
1891 census: 8 John St, Forfar, Mason
d. 6 March 1930 in Forfar; Mason (retired)

children in 1891:

JAMES KAY or KEAY LIVESTON b. 25 OCT 1861, Forfar (IGI)

1891 census: 24y factory tenter
1901 census.
12 Chas Street. Power Loom Tenter Worker
14 March 1896 JANET MACRAE McKINTOSH(21 at wedding, 26y in 1901 census, b. ALYTH; d. 1944 ARBROATH)
3 April 1950

b. 22 Dec 1896 WILLIAM MCLAREN LYDIE LIVESTON (4y in 1901)

m. 31 Dec 1917 CLEMENTINE PROCTER SKEA in ARBROATH (he was then an Engine Fitter)

b. 26 March 1900 ISABELLA MCKINNON LIVESTON (2y in 1901)


b. 29 June 1901 NORMAN LIVESTON

AGNES LIVESTON b. abt 1869 (22y factory weaver in 1891)

DAVID HENDRY LIVESTON b. 04 JUN 1870 in Forfar (IGI)

PETER LIVESTON b. abt 1870-2 (18y Hammerman in 1891)

1901 census. 13 Albesh (Albert??) Street. Brick worker
m. MARY ANN SAMSON (1901 census 24y Factory Worker, Weaver b. Forfar)

b. abt 1899 MARY S M LIVESTON (2y in 1901 census)

b. 22 Aug 1900 ROBERT LIVESTON (7 months in 1901 census)

m. 26 June 1925 MARY SHAW BEATON DAVIDSON in Dundee


b. abt 1908 ALEXANDER HUTTON LIVESTON (21 years at marriage, ship plater)


d. 17 Nov 1950 in Dundee


HELEN LIVESTON b. abt 1875 16y in 1891

MAGGIE LIVESTON b. abt 1882 9y in 1891

WILLIAM LIVESTON b. abt 1884 7y in 1891

ALEXANDER WHYTE LIVESTON b. abt 1886 (5y in 1891; informant at father’s death)



1851 census: 4 years old.
1861 census: with parents 13 years old
d. 8 Oct 1879 showing b abt 1848, yarn bleacher.
m. Margaret
Hurry 29/9/1873 in FORFAR (d/o Alexander and Margaret nee Stewart; Had a child as a widow with William Wyllie, Bleacher.)
1871 census: bleacher in Forfar with mother, sister Agnes, and nephew David Donald.
1881 census: Margaret, Linen Weaver, is at 1 William St, with David 3, Alex 5, and Ann 6.
1891 census: Margaret, 38y Housekeeper, is at 33 Locharde Cottages, with Annie 16y and Alexander 14y, who are both Factory Linen Workers.



ALEXANDER HURRY LIVESTON b. 24/11/1875, in FORFAR. d. 29/7/1926, 52y, Single Labourer. St ANDREW, DUNDEE.


WILLIAM b. 23 March 1894 (illegitimate, after death of father)


1851 census: 3 months old.     12 Dec 1806 LIVINGSTONE, CATHERINE son of      DAVID LIVINGSTONE in GLAMIS (Airnyfoul)

marr. David Fife or Fayfe 15/01/1832 in FORFAR, Linen Weaver
d.  15 apr 1886 (registration implies b. abt 1813, but memorial implies b. abt 1805)
1841 census: In FORFAR with David, Linen Hand Loom Weaver, and children, with other families in Shuttle Hall.

Children (some information from Catherine Kunkel):

Margaret Leighton Fyfe, 24 Jun 1838 in Forfar,, d. 15 Feb 1912 in Forfar,
Ann Allan Fyfe, 19 Jul 1840 in Forfar, d. 24 Apr 1925 in Dundee,
John Fyfe II, 13 Feb 1843 in Forfar,
Agnes Fyfe VI 05 Jul 1845 in Forfar
Robert Liveston Fyfe 29 Mar 1848 in Forfar, d. 26 Nov 1925 in Broughty Ferry, Dundee
William Fyfe 15 Oct 1851 in Forfar, d. 31 Jul 1852 in Forfar    8 Jul 1809 LIVINGSTON, ALEXR        son of      DAVID LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Arnyfoul)    b abt 1811 LIVINGSTON, MARY; On death certificate parents are David Liveston and ? Meek,

I do not think this is the same Mary as baptised 1801 (above)
marr. David Lakie 13/12/1840 in FORFAR, Shoemaker
1841 census: David Lakie appears in Forfar with Mary called Elizabeth??
1861 census: shows born Glammis, 50 years old (so born about 1810)
d. 25 Nov 1861 (b. abt 1811) in KINNETTLES

1.5.2.      Family of James Lovage/Livage/Liveage/Livingston/Livingstone/LIVISTON

marr 1. 29 Nov 1778 JANNET WILLIAMSON in KINNETTLES. The account of William Livingston of Great Yarmouth says she was from Logie in Fifeshire and that she was born in 1745. An appropriate baptism exists there, 4 Sept 1748. The father was David Williamson of Wester Forret. This father was mentioned but not named in the account of William Livingston of Great Yarmouth, which says he died at 103 in 1778. The account also mentions "Rothcolte" after Janet's name ("Janet Williamson Rothcolte Parish of Logie Fifeshire.") Perhaps this could be Rathhillet which was just west of Wester Forret. This was actually in Kilmany parish.

marr 2. 28 JAN 1797 ANN COUPAR or COOPER in KIRKTON of TEALING (see death certificates of youngest children). William Livingston of Great Yarmouth says she was of Ballingoy in Tealing.

James possessed a farm on the “Laigh Fields of Hayston” (Glamis) according to his grandson Peter, as a farmer (see later editions of Peter’s book Poems and Songs with Lectures on the Genius and Works of Burns, and the Rev. George Gillfillan; and Letters on Dr Dick, The Christian Philosopher, and Sir John Franklin and the Arctic and the Regions. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “laigh” means low-lying. His residence must in any case have been close to what is now called Nether Hayston, which is very close to Kinnettles indeed.

According to the 1826 administration papers for his property (available in full from www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk) when he died he was at that time in the nearby Plans of Thornton (Glamis). Administration was given to his daughter Margaret Warden, who at the time lived in Kinnettles. Peter also mentioned his aunt Margaret Warden, as being of the Plans of Thornton (which was still her address when she died). A preface in his book also confirms that James died three hours after his second wife in 1826, a fact also mentioned by William Livingston of Great Yarmouth. Margaret Warden’s death certificate calls him a “crofter”. I have also been informed by Jen Atkinson that the word “plan” is probably equivalent to croft in this case.


Details on the children of James Livage:     23 Jan 1780 LIVAGE, MARGARET d/o JAMES LIVAGE, GLAMIS (Hayston)

(Death certificate says Margaret Campbell Walker Livingston, and her marriage as well as her grandson William's account in Yarmouth give Campbell as her middle name at least, but her husband’s calls her Margaret Fernie Livingston.)

She was clearly named after Margaret Campbell Walker, the wife of Rev. David Ferney in Kinnettles who left an account of Kinnettles. See http://www.monikie.org.uk/statisticalaccounts-kinnettles.htm. This Margaret’s testament of 1821 does not appear to mention any link to the Livingstones.   


See separate webpage by Jen Atkinson.

John was at that time in the Forfar Militia, he was later referred to as a Shoemaker, and at death a Farmer. According to Stewart Warden his parents were John Warden and Margaret Anderson, who had married in KINGOLDRUM. He died 1869 in Monifieth, 91 years old. His son Alexander was present.

Margaret d. 5/10/1860, 80y, in GLAMIS. Her husband was present. Bur. Glamis.

Children (some information is from Jen Atkinson and/or Stewart Warden):

Alexander Johnstone Warden, b. 22/4/1810, bap. 3/10/1810, in the border town of BERWICK where the militia was stationed (birth in SCOTLAND, baptism just over the border in England). Alexander published a large book containing a lot of information relevant to his family’s history. marr. 20/10/1833 ELIZA ROSS STIVENS in DUNDEE. d. 24/2/1892, Ballyhackamore, Belfast, Ireland. Books online: Angus or Forfarshire: the Land and People, Descriptive and Historical, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The Linen Trade, Ancient and Modern.

Mary Warden, bap. 13/3/1812 in GLAMIS (Mary McLeod Warden on her husband’s death cert.) Born in England? marr. Her first cousin JAMES LIVINGSTONE in DUNDEE. See below. d. 6/12/1868 56y, St Andrews, DUNDEE (widow)

Anne Warden, b. 13/6/1816 in KINNETTLES. marr. 23/11/1835, James PATERSON (in GLAMIS? KINNETTLES?) d. 11/7/1897, Blantyre, Ontario, Canada (note: descendents say that this place was named after the birthplace of Dr Livingstone’s birthplace because of a supposed relation with Dr Livingstone. A similar story was prevalent in my Australian Livingstone family who are related.

Robert HARVY Warden, b. 12/8/1818, bap. 15/8/1818 in KINNETTLES. marr. 10/9/1850 Margaret Lowrie STIVENS in DUNDEE

Janet Susan Warden, b. 23/10/1821, bap. 28/10/1821 in KINNETTLES. marr. 9 Feb 1839 Alexander ANDERSON in KINNETTLES     11 Nov 1781 LIVAGE, JOHN s/o JAMES LIVAGE, GLAMIS (Haystown)

John was a major missing link as far as the parish registers are concerned. John would have been the eldest son, but if he did not die young he appears to have moved from Glamis early and made his own way in life. Before 2011 it was already considered probable that this John is the father of...
*David Peter Living who married Lilly Melross in Edinburgh and then moved to Australia. (See separate webpage.) This would imply that he married one Mary Craig, had his son in Kinnettles (1814), and had worked in Dundee as a stationer like his brother William below. But by the time of his father’s death, he was presumably either dead himself, or far away, because he sister (herself then in Kinnettles) inherited the land.
*He might also be the father of Margaret baptized 1802 in Glamis.
*He might also be the father of William Livingston, draper and liberal politician in Great Yarmouth, who had apparently been born in Glasgow. If so, then he was dead before 1837 when William's marriage record stated that his father was dead, meaning he never reached 60.

With the contact of Trevor Kirkman in 2011, and access to the documents of the family of Loma Livingston, descendent of William Livingston of Great Yarmouth, we could confirm that John married Mary Craig in Ireland, and later settled in Glasgow where he drowned in a clay pit 31 March 1823 at the age of 43 years - a fact apparently later memorialized in Glamis churchyard on the memorial of his father and mother, which is no longer visible today.

The account from Yarmouth gives a birth date one day after the baptism!

According to this document his children were... Margaret. Perhaps baptism 4 Aug 1802 LIVINGSTON, MARGARET D/O JOHN LIVINGSTON IN GLAMIS Hayston Mary Jess (short for Janet) William born 4th Sept 1810, and moved to Great Yarmouth. Apparently born in Glasgow. For more information, see Norfolk section below. John (no children mentioned by his brother William in his account) David, who moved to Australia. William his brother said he was born 1819, but some Australian records suggest 1814. For more information, see separate webpage.
Eliza     21 Oct 1783 LIVAGE, JEAN d/o JAMES LIVAGE, GLAMIS (Haystown). William Livingston of Great Yarmouth says she married John Cunningham, that she was born 20th October, and that her middle name was Fairnie.     23 Oct 1785 LIVAGE, WILLIAM FAIRNIE (“WILLIAM LIVINGSTON senior”) s/o JAMES LIVAGE, GLAMIS (Haystown)

marr. 16 Nov 1806 Christian Laing at Bridge End of Tay in Kinnoull (over the bridge from Perth); banns 9th and 11th of Nov 1806, Kinnoull. Her father was a deceased wright of Perth. She died in Errol with medical attendant as informant: 21st April 1866, 83 years old.

He was a weaver at the time of marriage and then between 1820 and 1823 he moved to DUNDEE and became a book-seller and stationer in Dundee. Might he have been taking up a job left to him by his elder brother John? (There is also an 1833 record of William Livingstone, bookseller and stationer in Glasgow, 404 Argyll Street. Could have lived there a while, and perhaps learnt his trade there?)

In the 1841 census he appears in Rankine Close in Dundee with his wife, and his children Charles, Peter and George.

Dundee burial index (Howff) gives: 2099 Livingston William, 15 Mar 1853, 66 years old; born in Parish of Glammis; Sometime book seller; died of Scrofula; Resident of Seagate)

Children’s baptisms:


marr. His first cousin MARY WARDEN 6 Aug 1832 in DUNDEE
1841 census: In Strathmartine, 1 Westmill.
d. 7/6/1868 Strathmartine, Yarn Miller. bur. Strathmartine.
There are some references to a James Livingston, spirit dealer of Meadowside (same place and profession as James’ brother William) as a father in the Howff index. James may have worked for a time with his brother? This business may in turn have come from a John Lister, and originally come to the Livingstons via James’ uncle Peter?

Children’s baptisms:


?abt 1835 JEAN SPANKIE, bur. HOWFF, DUNDEE 29 Aug 1842 “rush fever”

16/05/1836 Margaret in Dundee

1871 and 1891 census: head of household with sisters Agnes and Eliza Ann in Strathmartine, bleacher (possibly also in 1901 with Agnes but then ages are both under-stated a lot)
d. 1917, 81y, single

24 Jun 1838 Eliza STIVEN/STEVEN in Main & Strathmartine

bur. Howff DUNDEE 22 Sep 1838 “nervous fever”

29 May 1839 William FAIRNIE in Main & Strathmartine

marr. Jane S. b. abt 1842 in Alexanderske, Russia (1871 census).
1871 census: in Strathmartine, a Bleacher, with wife Jane and family Jane, Esther, James.
1881 census: Freight Clerk. 4 Mitford St, Everton, Lancashire, England. Mother’s name is wrong!
1891 census: Warehouseman. 21 Florence St, Kirkdale, Liverpool (James now a clerk)
1901 census: Bootmaker? Boatmaker? Employer. 20 County Road, Walton on the Hill, Liverpool. Youngest son William (born Everton) still at home. His son James, now a book-keeper, lives nearby at 66 Mandeville St with wife Margaret.


Jane Spink Livingston abt 1867 b. Strathmartine

Marr. Dec 1891, West Derby civil parish, 8b/947.

Esther Annie Livingston abt 1868 b. Strathmartine

Marr. Dec 1892, West Derby civil parish, England. 7b/917 and/or 8b/917?

James William Livingston abt 1870 b. Strathmartine

1911 Census: 39 Kingfield Road Walton Liverpool, Stores Manager, with wife but no children.
Margaret Denny Biggar. March quarter 1897. 8b/830. West Derby civil district.
Seems to have died in Liverpool North, 76y, 1947, 10d/324.
James Livingston

William FAIRNIE Livingston abt 1877 (1879? 8b/271) b. Liverpool.

1911 Census: living with sister Esther (married to a Holmes), Crosby, West Derby. Warehouse Porter
Seems to have died in Crosby 76y, 1946 (10c/102). William F J Livingston.

23 Dec 1841 CHRISTINA LAING in Main & Strathmartine

1871 census: boarder in Dundee, power loom weaver

2 Oct 1843 Jemina in Main & Strathmartine

still alive in 1891 (informant at sister Eliza Ann’s death; married name Mustell???)

1844? EUPHEMIA. Appears in burial records in Howff, DUNDEE, 10 Jun 1852 when 6 years old. Died of Croup.

(Father is James Livingstone, Spirit dealer of Meadowside. This is the same address and profession as our James’ brother in the same period.)

4 Aug 1846 JessIe ANN in Main & Strathmartine

1871 census: boarder in Dundee, shopkeeper

12 Aug 1848 Flora BAX in Main & Strathmartine

bur 7 Nov 1850 in HOWFF, DUNDEE, “water in head”

10 Aug 1850 Agnes HOY in Main & Strathmartine

illegitimate son: John Walker Livingston, born and died in 1869
1871 census with sisters in Strathmartine, bleacher
1881 census with brother William in England.

b. abt 1851-1854 ELIZA ANN,

1861 census: 7 years old with family
1871 census appears with sisters in Strathmartine, bleacher, 20 years old
d. 2 June 1891 Strathmartine 35y

16 Apr 1809 LIVINGSTONE, WILLIAM (junior) in PERTH

marr. MARY BROUGH 4 Jun 1838 (d. 1892 78y in ST PETER parish, d/o William Brough & Isabella Bell) in DUNDEE
1841 census: a bookseller, at 63 Murraygate, St Pauls Court, Dundee with wife and daughter Isabella.
Between 1849 and 1854 he moved to Meadowside in Dundee and became a spirit dealer (named in children’s burial records at those times). He may have left the business when his father died in 1853.
1871 census: 8 St Clements Lane.
1881 census: Monifieth with wife and Lizzie and Matilda
d. 1887 78 years old in ST PETER parish of DUNDEE

Children (relying heavily on the Howff records from Dundee):-


appears in 1841 census in Dundee with a Brough family.          

m. James Mitchell, mercantile clerk,           

d. 13 Dec 1895 57y           


appears in 1841 census with parents (only child with them) 
appears in 1861 census with parents (20y) 

the next 3 appear only in burial records:            

b. abt 1842 Livingstone Catharine bur. 21 May 1843 15 mth Dundee, Inflammation of bowels           

b. abt 1844 Livingstone William bur. 1 Nov 1848 4y Dundee, Scarlet fever  

b. abt 1846 Livingston, Agnes bur. 29 Mar 1849  3y Dundee, Chincough


1861 census: 11y Joannia with parents
1871 census: 21y Joanna with parents


1861: 9y with parents
1871 census: with parents, 19 years old
1881 in Monifieth with parents 29y
d. 5 Sept 1885         

named after father’s sister in law who also became a spirit dealer (1871 census)


d. 3 Oct 1858, 23 Meadowside (cough terminating in convulsions)        


d. 2 Nov 1858 23 Meadowside (Scarlet Fever)           

b. 1856 d. 23 Oct 1858 Betsy Low Livingston, 23 Meadowside (Scarlet Fever)            

b. 1858 and d. 11 Oct 1858    LIVINGSTON,      THOMAS BROUGH (Diarrhoea, inability for breast)    

b. abt 1861 Eliza Ann Livingston

1861 census: 11 months old with parents
1871 census, 10 years old with parents
1881: in Monifieth with parents 20y


marr. MARY HARLEY 18 Jun 1830 in DUNDEE (b. GREENOCK, d. 1894, 84y, St Clement DUNDEE; parents Henry Harley and Mary Doig)
At time of marriage John was a hairdresser
1841 census: linen handloom weaver, Rosebank St, South Side, Dundee, with wife and daughter Mary.
1861 census: 14 Dallfield Walk; Draper’s light porter with wife, daughter and grandchildren John L (4y) and May? Eliza? L (2y)
d. 1876, 66 years old, Dundee, St Clement


b. abt 1838, Mary Livingston, appears in 1841 census with John and Mary.

Later lived with her mother at 16 Dallfield Walk, and stayed single.
d. 1909 in St Andrew Dundee, 70y, of senility. She was a Jute preparer at the time.

Illegitimate children:

b 9 Aug 1856 JOHN LIVINGSTON (14 Dallfield Walk)

b 24 June 1858 MARGARET LIVINGSTON (14 Dallfield Walk)

Illegitimate Child with Andrew Lister, Lacking weaver:

Appears in 1871 and 1881 census with mother
Note that his great grand father William Livingston senior had a brother Peter, whose wife was a Lister, and died a resident of Dallfield walk.


does not appear in 1841 census in Angus, appears in memorial 1835 inscription by parents with brother Robert: died in childhood


marr. MATILDA RAMSAY 8 Jun 1841 (d. 17/5/1897 83y, d/o Robert Ramsey, spirit dealer, Catherine Milne) in DUNDEE
1841 census: journeyman carpenter living with parents
1861 census: spirit dealer (“Levington”) living with nephew Robert Ramsay
1881 census: his wife is a 64y widow “house proprietor” at 2 Smalls Wynd, with her 30y nephew Robert Ramsay.
On wife’s death certificate he is already deceased, and was a sea-going carpenter.

29 Jan 1823 LIVINGSTONE, PETER LAING in DUNDEE (born Hilltown, DUNDEE according to a preface for one of his books)

1841 census: bookbinder’s apprentice living with parents
His first book seems to have first been published 1846, and was expanded in later editions, which went to at least 12. He went on, according to one preface “to a celebrated college in England, where he studied with success”.
Died 18 March 1875, registration 22 March 1875 (1b/461) in King’s College Hospital, in the Strand district of London: PETER LAING LIVINGSTON, Author, 52 years old (this record is the only source for the middle name). The informant, who had been present at death, was Richard Vaughan who went to the effort of correcting the registration on 15th April. He corrected the death date from 17th to 18th, and the age at death from 45 to 52. Cause of death was “Fatty heart and Aneurism of left Ventricle”, certified by G.E. Moore M.R.C.S.

16 Oct 1825 LIVINGSTON, GEORGE in DUNDEE (George L Livingstone in 1881 census)

Commercial traveler.
marr. MAY CHALMERS 9 Nov 1846 in DUNDEE; d. 20/8/1886 64y, d/o David C and Ann Ramsay
1841 census: with parents
1871 census: with wife and daughter Georgina at 9 Brieto Place, St Giles, Edinburgh
1881 census: boarding with the Hutton family, 30 Rose street, St Andrews, Edinburgh
d. 1899, 65 years old. In St MARY, DUNDEE. Pauper, formerly commercial traveler.

Children (No birth or baptism found so far, perhaps not born in Scotland? Could there be other children?):

b. 1849 d. 1850 in DUNDEE? GEORGE? Appears in Howff burial records in DUNDEE: 23 Jan 1850 at 6 weeks old.

Father is named as George Livingstone, “book agent” of Bucklemaker Wynd. This raises the question of whether George might have been a commercial traveler connected to his grandfather’s book and stationery business.

b. abt 1850 in Dundee? Annie LIVINGSTON

marr. 2/1/1873 (23 years old) in St Peter DUNDEE, to John Chalmers, rope spinner and son of WILLIAM CHALMERS, who was also a rope spinner. The marriage was according to Wesleyan Methodist forms. (Perhaps this says something about why the baptisms in this family don’t show up, although it should also be stated that the Dundee Wesleyan baptisms lists published by Tay Valley FHS also show nothing.
1881 census: Annie and John are in Dwelling 111, Hawkhill Kinloch Place, Liff and Benvie, ANGUS/FORFAR with a son George and a daughter Mary (appears as Mary Hunt on Annie’s death certificate) and John’s father, widowed aunt, and brother.
d. 1927, 77 years old.

b. abt 1852 in DUNDEE? GEORGINA LIVINGSTON appears in 1871 census, 19 years old


Possibly buried 21 Oct 1829 in the Howff; cause of death was teething trouble.
Appears in 1835 memorial inscription by parents with brother David: died in childhood - 9 Nov 1787 LIVINGSTON, DAVID s/o JAMES LIVINGSTON, GLAMIS (Heiston).

The account of William Livingston of Great Yarmouth says he married Jean Taylor Dollar in Fife. A marriage record can be found in Perth, 12 Feb 1808. James was a weaver and Jean was a resident in Perth daughter to George Taylor servant to Mr Foot at Dollar Parties. William gives David the same birth day as his baptism. - 10 Aug 1789 LIVITCH, JANET d/o JAMES LIVITCH, GLAMIS (Hayston)

Presumed to have died young, before 1808, as the name Jannet/Janet was used again. The account from Great Yarmouth confirms this, and gives the same birth date as the baptism date. Her mother also died about this time, and so it may have been a difficult birth.

At this point the account from Great Yarmouth tells us the children of Ann Couper begin... - 12 Mar 1798 LIVITCH, ANN d/o JAMES LIVITCH, GLAMIS (Hayston)

marr. 2 Jan 1837, James Lydgate, Blacksmith, who pre-deceased her.
Bur. 22/2/1870, 60y, parents James Livingstone and Ann Cooper.
This couple had a niece named after them. See Peter Livingston below.  
1841 census: 45y at Ratrays Court, Dundee

b. abt 1838 James: appears on 1841 census, but maybe did not survive because William Livingston of Great Yarmouth believed there was no surviving issue of Ann. - 27 Jul 1799 LIVITCH, PETER s/o JAMES LIVITCH, M GLAMIS (Hayston)

Possibly appears in Kinnettles militia records as a “lab. servant” in Invereighty in 1818, 1820 and 1821 (age unmarked in 1821, but under 30 in 1818 and 1819).

marr. JEAN LITSTER (burial in Howff; also appears as LIBSTER, SISTER in other records. Perhaps her family also appears as LISTERs) bur 18 Dec 1845 51y b. Wemyss, Fife. Died of consumption. Was resident of Dallfield walk.

Peter appears to have had a good connection with his brother William Livingston senior the bookseller, who lived not far away in central Dundee. Note the connection to Listers and Dallfield Walk for John Richardson Livingston, Peter’s nephew, who in turn had a grandson named John Livingston Lister. A John Litster, spirit dealer, also appears as a father in Howff records (1836), and he may have been connected with the business which William Livingston junior (Peter’s nephew) entered, after the bookselling finished? This William’s son James Livingston of Strathmartin, also perhaps worked a while in spirit-dealing with his father.

1841 census: in Gellatly Street, which is where Peter was resident when he died according to the Howff index:

Bur. In DUNDEE 26 Nov 1843, 44 years old; born Parish of Glammis; Vintner; died of Consumption

Children’s baptisms:

Presumably died young because William Livingston in Great Yarmouth says only Jess (Jannet) had surviving issue out of all the children of Ann Couper.

      buried in New Howff: 26 Jun 1839 at 9 mths old; died of measles, apparently named after her aunt. - 26 Jan 1802 LIVITCH, ELIZABETH d/o JAMES LIVITCH in GLAMIS (Hayston)

? could be the wife of David Will, who appears in burial register: 29 Nov 1836 Elisabeth Livingston wife of David Will [of] Hayston died. Note: Hayston makes it likely to be her. In 1841 there is a 55 year old smith named David Will in Hayston. Nearby lives a 20 year old William Will.

? And/or Elizabeth perhaps had an illegitimate child (could theoretically also be the daughter of her father’s cousin’s daughter Elizabeth above, although note the 1851 census)…

bap. July 2nd 1820 Jannet DEUCHAR or DEUCHARS "ill. Daugr. to David, [of] Rochelhill, & Elisabeth Livingston”
This David Deuchars of Rochelhill had legitimate children with Agnes Halliburton in 1820 and 1822.
1851 census: niece staying with JOHN WARDEN and MARY nee LIVINGSTONE or LIVAGE
1881 and 1891: in Charlestown, pauper
d. 1892 Glamis. Certificate calls her the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth of Charlestown in Glamis.    29 Sep 1803 LIVISTON, MAY d/o JAMES LIVISTON in GLAMIS (Haystown)    11 Jun 1808 LIVINGSTON, JANNET d/o JAMES LIVINGSTON in GLAMIS (Grasshouses)

4 Aug 1859 in Kinnettles
Children’s baptisms (source is Irene Pollands):

1833 Rough, Ann Livingstone
1835 Rough, Margaret Robb
1837 Rough, William Guthrie
1839 Rough, Janet Donald
1841 Rough, Ann
1843 Rough, James Pattison

Part 3. The last Livingstones in Glamis in the 19th century



Possibly the daughter of John baptised 1781. (See above.)

Peter Livingston b. abt 1791

Linen handloom weaver
1817 Glamis militia list.
Under 30 year old, weaver, in Arnesfoul.
1818 Glamis militia list.
Over 30 year old, weaver, in Arneyfoul.
1820 Glamis militia list.
Under 30 years old, weaver, in Arnyfoul.
1821 Glamis militia list.
Over 30 years old, weaver, in Arnyfoul.
1841 census: about 50
Elizabeth MARTIN (1841 census about 50; bur. 10 Dec 1844 Charlestown; surname from son’s death certificate)
d. 26 Sept 1843

bap. 1 Jul 1813, William Livingston in GLAMIS in Upper Arnyfowl (Upper Arniefoul)

Linen handloom weaver
marr. 23 Dec 1837, Janet Rea in GLAMIS (46 in 1851), d. at Thornton 22/3/1889, 84y, d/o Henry Rea, weaver, and Ann Johnston. Nephew William Young was present. Presumably a son of Elizabeth Rea and Peter Young, marr.
15/05/1844 in Glamis. I believe Janet appears on this webpage (as does the owner of that webpage who writes that “I think that the William Young present at Janet Rea’s death wasn’t actually her nephew. He was the husband of her niece.”
1841 census: abt 25
1851 census: 37
1871 census: Thornton, labourer.
1881 census: Janet is at the Plans of Thornton, with boarders William Young 51y, journeyman joiner, and Janet Young 55y, formerly linen weaver.
d. 26/6/1871 THORNTON, GLAMIS. 58y. William Young, neighbour, was present.

Note that the baptism of William was in Upper Arniefoul, and at death he and Janet were in Thornton. This implies they were related to the earlier Livingstons of Glamis.

It is also tempting to wonder if this couple, for whom I only know death records, might be related:

b. abt 1831  LIVINGSTONE JOHN, d. 1912     81y   ARBROATH    yarn bleacher, widower Elizabeth Martin s/o William L, weaver, and Ann Rae

b abt 1832 ELIZABETH MARTIN, d. 1869     37y   ARBROATH    wife John L, power loom factory worker d/o J Martin, Janet Todd

Part 4. Cousins in Norfolk, England?

Jen Atkinson has discovered that in 1851, her ancestor Margaret Warden nee Livage or Livingstone had two children staying with her described as a nephew and niece, both born in Norfolk, England. These could be traced in later Norfolk censuses, in Great Yarmouth, and their father William was described as born in Scotland. Furthermore his wife there (a local) had the unusual surname BAX, which we know was given as a middle name to one of Margaret’s grand children in Scotland. There is clearly a link, but we do not know exactly who this William was. In 1851 he is described as having been born in Glasgow, but later censuses do not confirm this. Perhaps he learnt his trade there (Draper). Margaret already had a brother named William, who lived in Perth and then Dundee, so it doubtful that William in Norfolk was her brother, which is perhaps implied by calling his children her nephew and niece. Furthermore the Norfolk William was born about 1811. So in fact his 2 children are probably the children of a nephew rather than nephews and nieces themselves.

It was obvious at that stage that William may have been the son of another of Margaret’s siblings, such as John or David (whose lives have both not been traced) or perhaps Jean if she had an illegitimate child.

Unfortunately, although William’s marriage in England happened a few weeks after the beginning of “civil registration” in which marriage records recorded the father’s name and profession, William’s certificate gives his father only as “Dead”.)

However there was one more curious fact. In the 1839 Robsons and Pigots Directories of Norfolk businesses, both covering a period of about 1750-1849, the Lace Draper business on King Street is referred to as Livingston, John and Co. Also poll books start showing John Livingston in 1836 at the King street residence, until during 1839, in one register of freeholder electors, William's name is written in as an additional name, with John not appearing in future registers. In this period, William is referred to as a Lace Draper of King Street. Later, William was a Linen Draper, which is also what appears in Directories (e.g. Hunt’s 1850, F White’s 1854, Craven’s 1856 with spelling Livingstone, and Post Office Directory 1869). By the 1877 Harrod & Co’s Directory it is “Livingstone and Son, linen and woolen drapers”.

Newspaper records from Great Yarmouth make it clear that William was a prominent liberal politician. He and his family also suffered the loss of two children in the much-reported 1845 disaster which occurred when the suspension bridge at Yarmouth collapsed with many children on it who were watching a clown at the time.

In 2011, I was contacted, because of this website, by genealogist Trevor Kirkman, working with Loma Livingston in England, who descends from this family. We are very lucky that her branch of the family has kept very good records which confirm the links both to Glamis and Australia.


b abt 1811 (according to various censuses, but 1816 according to marriage). Loma's information gives a birth date of 4 September 1810.
1851 census says he was born “Glassguo”. The others mention just Scotland.
Draper (Lace Draper in earliest records: marriage and baptism of first son James)
He was a prominent member of the Liberal Party.
m. 22 JUL 1837 to MARTHA BAX in St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England (13/447: William’s father shown only as “Dead”!)
d. Dec quarter 1885 (4b/9), 75 years old, Yarmouth

James Livingston

b. 16 February 1838 King Street, Great Yarmouth (registered 29 mar 1838: 13/332)
1841 census with paternal grandfather John Bax, mariner, in Yarmouth
d. 2 May 1845, 11 years old, Suspension Bridge in Great Yarmouth (registered 23 March 1846: 13/242. Coroner declared “By the falling of the Suspension Bridge”.) Loma's information states the same, calling 2nd May "that awful memorable day" and adds that he was interred in Yarmouth cemetery 8th May 1845. Same sad story for the following, his sister...

Matilda b abt 1839. Loma's information gives exact birth as 25 April 1839. Only appears in 1841 census.

d 1845 in the bridge disaster with her brother; registration is probably March qtr 1846 Yarmouth 13/242

William Livingston b abt 1841-1842 (probably March qtr 1841 Yarmouth 13/349). Loma's information gives exact birth as 30th November 1840

Draper by 1871
1911: Attleborough, retired draper
Probably died 1917 (in Wayland, 76 years old, 4b/288)

m. (1) Laura Agnes Skipper (information from Loma Livingston, which adds b. 25 Feb 1856 Wymondham, m. 8 Nov 1881 Forehoe, d. 19 Mar 1886 Great Yarmouth).

Laura Killington Livingston b abt 1883 Information of Loma and Trevor gives exact birth date 27 Sep 1882, Paget Rd Yarmouth. Died sep qtr 1895 4b/17 (Yarmouth, 12 years old). No longer with parents in 1901.

Beatrice Livingston. b Yarmouth Dec qtr 1884 (4b/32) Information of Loma and Trevor gives exact birth date 3 Dec 1884, Paget Rd Yarmouth. Died Yarmouth Jun qtr 1885 (4b/12).

William Edmund Livingston b abt 1886 Information of Loma and Trevor gives exact birth date 30 Nov 1840, King St, Yarmouth.

No longer with parents in 1901 – student boarder in Beccles, Suffolk
1911: with brother Donald, 2 Euston Road Great Yarmouth, both called “Draper Tallyman”

m. Amelia A Rushmer in Yarmouth in Q4 1912 (4b/34).
The following children appear to be theirs:-

1. John William Livingston, born in Yarmouth Q3 1914 (4b/22). Trevor and Loma confirm exact birth date 3 June 1914. Furthermore they explain that he married Kathleen Hildergard Anscomb, 1939 in Camberwell, Surrey. They had 3 children in the area to the south of London. For this line we are sure that there are living descendants.
2. Peter Keith Livingston, born in Wandsworth (South London, Surrey), Q4 1921 (1d/1286). Possibly married Jul quarter 1947, North Surrey.
(5g/1793). Trevor and Loma's information suggest a possible wife name was Phyllis, and names two children, Guy and Michael.
3. Paul Jeffrey Livingston, born in Wandsworth (South London, Surrey), Q2 1924 (1d/1157). The index suggest the surname of the spouse should be either "Prter" or "Screeton". Loma and Trevor suggest his wife's first name might be Sheila and name a daughter Jane, who married an O'Hanlon.

m (2). sep qtr 1887 Eliza Elmira Skipper in Yarmouth (4b/34) (b. Forehoe 1853 July qtr 4b/169) (Still alive 1911). Information from Loma and Trevor adds that she was born 13 May 1853, Wymondham.

Violet Rosaline Livingston b abt 1888 (probably Mar qtr 1888 4b/32 Yarmouth). Information from Loma and Trevor gives exact birth date of 13 March 1888. Still with parents unmarried in 1911.

Donald Livingston (b abt 1890 probably b June quarter 1890 4b/28 Yarmouth). Information from Loma and Trevor gives exact birth date of 16 May 1889.

1911: with brother William, 2 Euston Road Great Yarmouth, both called “Draper Tallyman”
Probably married Elsie F Williams, Romford Essex, Q2 1943 (4a/1305), but may have been married before also. Trevor suggests he might have been married to a Marjorie.
(There were some Livingston children born in Romford in the 1830s, with mother’s maiden name Rumen.)
Probably died Romford Essex 1958, (71 years old, 5a/549)

Flora Levingston b abt 1843. Loma's information gives exact birth date of 22 January 1843.

m. Dec qtr 1872 Yarmouth (4b/12) William Henry Clarke (31 OCT 1872, St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth in IGI)

Alexander Vincent Livingston. Born Mar qtr 1845 Yarmouth (13/377). Loma's information gives exact birth date as 6th January 1845. Died Mar qtr 1846 Yarmouth (13/235). Loma's information gives exact death date as 5th March 1846.

Robert Livingstone b abt 1848. Loma's information gives exact date as 2nd May 1843, and names a twin, Elizabeth, who died 4th May 1847.

1871 census: Clothier working with father
1881 Census: 24 Park Terrace, Newcastle Higher, Glamorgan, Wales, Clerk at Ironworks
1891 Census: Draper in Ynsawdre, Glamorgan
1901 Census: Travelling Draper in Roath, Glamorgan
1911 Census: 81 Tewkesbury St
Cathays Cardiff, Distributing Traderman Bills. Spelling: LIVINGSTON
m. Angelina Evans (b. Monmouthshire, Pontypool) dec qtr Bridgend Glamorgan (11a/725)

Eliza Mary Livingstone b abt 1883 in Glamorgan,

Still living with parents in 1901, occupied as dress maker
1911: living with parents and married to Albert George WILLIAMS “Clerk Ship Stores”

Eliza Levingston. b abt 1854-1855 Loma's information gives exact birth date 25th March 1855 and says she died 5 July 1876.