A quick index to webpages by Andrew Lancaster, concerning the genealogy of the Lancaster surname, and related surnames...

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i. The Surnames

Notes on Lancaster related surnames: Lancaster, Lanchester, Lancastle, Lancashire, Lankshear etc.
Notes on Satterthwaite, Satterfield, Sutterfield and related surnames
Yahoo group for Lancaster and related surnames, coordinated by Andrew Lancaster.
Famous Lancasters
Historical Lancasters of Oxford and Cambridge

ii. Lancaster DNA

Main Page for the Lancaster/Lancashire/Satterfield/Satterthwaite Surname DNA Project
See also: The Family Tree DNA project webpage, set up by Andrew Lancaster
Results page 1: Satterthwaite/Satterfield Group and all E-M35 Lancasters
Results page 1 table: The E-M35 and Satterthwaite DNA results table on its own
Results page 1 discussion: Discussion about the Lancaster/Satterthwaite/Satterfield match
Results page 2: All R1b and R1a Lancasters, Lancashires, Lankshears, etc.
Results page 2 table: The R Haplogroup results table on its own
Results page 3: Other haplogroups of Lancasters (not E or R, mainly I haplogroup)
Results page 3 table: The I haplogroup results on their own
**How to participate
**Project Yahoo Discussion Group for Participating Families
**The Carter/Matlock/McWhorter cluster

iii. Medieval Lancasters, and Ones appearing in Old Pedigrees etc.

The Lancasters of Westmorland including the Barons of Kendal
The Loose ends and speculation: Early Medieval Lancasters not yet connected to any known family tree
The Heraldry of the Lancasters
The Lancasters of Howgill, Rydal, Loughrigg etc.
The Lancasters of Sockbridge, Crake (Craik) Trees etc.
Rough notes on the Lancasters of Brampton
The Lancasters of Rainhill
The Lancasters of Milverton in Somerset
The Lancasters of Holme Chapel in Cliviger, Lancashire

iv. My Lancasters.

The Lancasters of the Macleay Valley in New South Wales
The Ancestors of Mary Lonsdale

v. Lancaster genealogy of Gisburn and area (Whalley and Craven)

Early Gisburn Lancasters
The Whalley-Craven area defined
The Paythorne branch
The Mercer Lancasters
The Horton branch
Speculation and unallocated Gisburn Lancasters
Padiham Lancasters

VI. "Guest Pages". Other Lancasters, explained by other Lancaster genealogists.

The origins of Robert Lancaster of Surrey Co., Va. by John E Lancaster
The Origins John Lancaster of Henrico Co. by John E. Lancaster
The Maryland Catholic Lancasters, and their Probable English Origins, a summary of the evidence made with the assistance of Lesa Tobin and Jim Lancaster
Lancaster Quaker links: the thoughts of Tony and Carol Murphy
Bucks Co Lancasters: Thomas and Phoebe by Elaine Jeter

VII. Articles published by Andrew Lancaster in other media, relevant to Lancaster genealogy.