George and Jane Rossington

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George and Jane RossingtonGeorge and Jane Rossington (née Francis) are the forefathers of all the Hunter Valley NSW Rossingtons, who are perhaps the only on-going Rossington family in Australia. Others who came to Australia were: John Rossington, born Wigtoft Lincolnshire, who departed Plymouth with family, and arrived Cooktown, Queensland 14 Sep 1883 on the "Nowshera"; and John A Rossington, farm labourer, born Boston Lincolnshire, who departed Plymouth 8 Sep 1886, and arrived Maryborough, Queensland 18 Dec 1886 on the "Selkirkshire". It appears that most or all modern Rossingtons come from Lincolnshire and so they are all related in one way or another.


George and Jane left England for Australia on “Queen of the South”, 31 Jul 1864.


The first record of them being near each other is only a few months earlier at their marriage, in St Mary Newington, 21 February 1864. This is also the first record of either of them being in the London area – technically in the county of Surrey, to the south of the Thames but within the London metropolis, in a comparatively new extension to the city sprawl. This was only a few months before they left their homeland for good.


George lived in Manor Place, Walworth, Surrey and I read Jane to have lived in “The Same”. This was reputedly a crowded and tense area. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes novels, also wrote up a real crime that occurred in Manor Place in 1871, when William Youngman murdered his family. The story was all the more horrible to tell because of the crowded way in which people were living together, and were therefore able to hear what must have been happening. Manor Place still exists and is now a short walk from the inner city zone where cars must now pay to drive.


Only a few years before, in 1861, there had been a census. Neither George nor Jane seem to be anywhere near London. George seems to be George Rosington, 24 years old, an agricultural laborourer, residing in Barmston, Yorkshire with the Jackson family. Jane Francis seems to have moved to George’s home county of Lincolnshire, where she was residing as a servant with the family of Edward Holborn in Whaplode.


What brought George to London? The profession indicated in his marriage record of 1861 was “excavator”. A few months later, on his way to Australia, he was a “railway labourer”. Family members in Australia say that he originally came to the Hunter Valley as someone working on the rail lines that were built up the Hunter in that era. Can it be a coincidence that the world’s first underground railway opened in London in 1863? By 1861 over 11,000 were employed by the railways in London. The railways also stimulated the growth of the city and between 1841 and 1861 the population grew by 800,000 to 2,800,000 million.


Concerning Jane we can only guess what brought her to London. Population explosion and industrialisation were forcing people to move from their ancestral parishes and into the big cities. All in all, it seems to have been a good idea for two young people without much family support (as it seems) to move on to Australia. What we know of their origins before London seems to indicate that they came from adverse upbringings and would not have had many options to rely upon back in their home parishes.


In Australia, their children were as follows…

MARTHA ROSSINGTON, b. 24 Nov 1864, Ipswich, QLD; d. 1 Apr 1945, Scott Memorial Hospital, Scone NSW; buried 3 Apr 1945, Scone.

Mar. GREGORY BLENHAM, 1 Dec 1884, Inverell, NSW.

SARAH ANN ROSSINGTON, b. 29 Sep 1867, Moss Vale, NSW; d. 30 Dec 1950, Tingha, NSW; buried Anglican Cemetery, Tingha.

Mar. FREDERICK WILLIAM COX, 6 Jan 1885, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW.

GEORGE FREDERICK ROSSINGTON, b. 14 Jun 1870, Fitzroy St, Sydney NSW; d. 10 Aug 1937, QLD.

Mar#1. ELLEN HARRIET TAYLOR, 11 Jul 1894, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW.

Mar#2. MARY ALICE ASHWIN, 1927, in Redfern, NSW.

SELINA ROSSINGTON, b. 25 Sep 1872, Blandford, NSW; d. 5 Dec 1911, Moonan Flat, NSW; burial 7 Dec 1911 in Moonan Brook cemetery. (The tragic death was reported in local papers.)

Mar. 13 Jan 1892, HENRY BAKER, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW.

FRANCIS ISAIAH ROSSINGTON, b. 3 Nov 1874, Belltrees, Gundy NSW; d. 28 Jun 1937, Texas, QLD; buried 30 June 1937 in Texas cemetery.

Mar. ELLEN RUTH TAYLOR, 9 Feb, 1897, Ellerston, NSW.

THEOPHILUS ROSSINGTON, b. 20 Aug 1876, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW; d. 2 Jun 1945, Greta, NSW; buried in Greta.

MARGARET JANE ROSSINGTON, b. 13 Sep 1878, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW; d. 23 Oct 1949, Hebden, NSW.

Mar#1. ELLEN MAY EVANS, 1903 in Muswellbrook, NSW.

Mar#2. MARY GERTRUDE LUMBY, 1924 in Stockton, NSW.

ENOCH ROSSINGTON, b. 30 Aug 1880, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW; d. 1880, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW.

ISIAH ROSSINGTON, b. 18 Jul 1883, Belltrees, Gundy, NSW; d. 15 May 1947, Scone, NSW; buried in Gundy.

Mar. EMILY JANE WILLIS, 28 May 1909, in Moonan Flat, NSW


As can be seen, they moved around quite a bit before finally settling in the Upper Hunter at the Beltrees property of the White family, in the town of Gundy. Concerning Isaiah, the youngest son and my great grandfather, his wife’s ancestry is discussed on another webpage:

George passed away on 23 March 1910 in Belltrees, and was buried the next day in Gundy. The informant was his youngest son, my ancestor, Isaiah, who at the time was apparently living in Moonan Flat, where he had married the year before, at a place called "Fairview". Jane Francis passed away a few years later, 3 May 1913, also in Belltrees, and was also buried the next day in Gundy.

George Rossington


George RossingtonGeorge was from Lincolnshire. We can trace back George’s birth from various official documents in his lifetime, and it brings us back to the baptism of an illegitimate child. He recorded his father’s name as Matthew at his wedding, and at his death the name Matthew was apparently written and then crossed out, replaced by someone with the name Amos. In all cases, it was implied that George’s parents were both Rossingtons, or in other words that he had his surname from his father. This was almost certainly not the case, as we can search for the unusual name Matthew Rossington in British censuses and find no-one of a suitable age. The name Amos, might have been chosen to match the sorts of Old Testament names typical in Jane’s family, especially Isaiah, the name of her father. (George and Jane also used such names for their children.) Searches of the 1841 census gives us the following Matthews with other surnames in the correct area (with Amos being far less common):

The life of George's mother Martha Rossington can on the other hand be traced. She had several illegitimate children before marrying later in life. Here is a short summary of the events that can be traced so far in Martha Rossington’s life…



The Lincolnshire Rossington family of Martha Rossington’s father has been researched back to the 1600s, and for the sake of completeness I include a skeletal version of the tree as I understand it leading from the earliest confirmed Rossington ancestor, Clement Rossington, to our own Martha. Most or all modern Rossington families probably link to this family somehow, and in turn they probably all connect back to an older Derbyshire family tree.


1 Clement ROSSINGTON (1645-1705); b. 1645, Anston (mentioned in marriage record), Yorkshire, England; d. 1705, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 27 Nov 1705, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Elizabeth PUTTRELL (1650-1705), dau. of William PUTTRELL (1619- ) and Mildred HOPE (1626?- ); m. 2 Jul 1666, St Marks, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

1.1 Elizabeth ROSSINGTON (bap.1668, bur.1728); bur. 24 Jul 1728, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bap. 28 Feb 1668, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2 John ROSSINGTON (b.1671, bur.1714); bur. 19 Jan 1713/14, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bap. 5 Feb 1670/71, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; b. 1670/71, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Mary TAYLOR (b.1674, bur.1730), dau. of Thomas TAYLOR (1648?- ) and Margaret  (1652?- ); m. 20 Oct 1695, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.1 Ralph ROSSINGTON (bap.1696, bur.1773); bap. 20 Sep 1696, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 24 Nov 1773, Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England William ROSSINGTON (bur.1773); bur. 24 Nov 1773, Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Susannah COCK (bur.1748); m. 2 May 1736, Harmston, Lincolnshire, England Richard ROSSINGTON (bap.1741, bur.1799); bap. 5 Apr 1741, Harmston, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 1 Oct 1799, Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Mary GAD; m. 15 Jul 1764, Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England William ROSSINGTON (bap.1764); bap. 18 Nov 1764, Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England; occupation Labourer

Sp. Susannah POTTERTON (bur.1809), dau. of John? POTTERTON ( - ) [8864] and Sarah? ?; m. 16 May 1793, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Susannah ROSSINGTON (bap.1793); bap. 16 May 1793, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Sarah ROSSINGTON (bap.1794, bur.1813); bap. 14 Feb 1794, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 12 Nov 1813, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Rebecca ROSSINGTON (bap.1795); bap. 17 May 1795, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Richard ROSSINGTON (bap.1796, bur.1813); bap. 29 May 1796, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 16 Nov 1813, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Mary ROSSINGTON (b.1798, bur.1834); b. 15 Dec 1798, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 15 Aug 1834, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England; bap. 21 Sep 1800, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Catherine ROSSINGTON (bap.1800); bap. 21 Sep 1800, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Elizabeth ROSSINGTON (bap.1802); bap. 31 Jan 1802, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Ann ROSSINGTON (bap.1803, bur.1805); bap. 3 Jul 1803, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 18 Dec 1805, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Martha ROSSINGTON (bap.1806, bur.1854); occupation Nurse for Lincoln family of Horncastle Fen in 1841; bap. 27 Jul 1806, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England; census 1851, Kirkstead St Leonard, Lincolnshire; bur. 18 Sep 1854, Kirkstead St Leonard, Lincolnshire (aged 48) Samuel ROSSINGTON (bap.1808, bur.1813); bap. 31 Jul 1808, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 21 Dec 1813, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Jane JOHNSON (bur.1828); m. 16 Mar 1812, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England Anne ROSSINGTON (bap.1771); bap. 24 Feb 1771, Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England Thomas ROSSINGTON (bap.1778); bap. 10 Jul 1778, Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.2 John ROSSINGTON (1697-1783); bap. 3 Oct 1697, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 18 Dec 1783, Harmston, Lincolnshire, England; b. 3 Oct 1697, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.3 Thomas ROSSINGTON (1698-1698); bap. 13 Nov 1698, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 18 Nov 1698, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; b. 1698, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.4 Clement ROSSINGTON (1700-1700); b. 28 Jul 1700, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 30 Jul 1700, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bap. 28 Jul 1700, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.5 Mary ROSSINGTON (bap.1703, d.1765); bap. 11 Jan 1703, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 9 Jun 1765, Coleby, Lincolnshire, England; b. Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.6 Richard ROSSINGTON (1703-1765); bap. 20 Feb 1704, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 9 Jun 1765, Coleby, Lincolnshire, England; b. 1703, Harmston, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.7 Francis ROSSINGTON (1704- ); b. 23 Mar 1704, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.8 Elizabeth ROSSINGTON (1707- ); bap. 4 Jul 1707, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; b. 1707, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.9 Sarah ROSSINGTON (1711-1711); b. 24 Nov 1711, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 28 Nov 1711, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bap. 24 Nov 1711, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.2.10 Robert ROSSINGTON (1713-1720); b. 1713, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 1719/20, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 3 Mar 1719/20, Scopwick, Linconshire, England; bap. 20 Sep 1713, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.3 Christopher ROSSINGTON (bap.1672, bur.1722); bap. 2 Mar 1672, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 17 Apr 1722, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.4 Mary ROSSINGTON (1675-1714); b. 8 Sep 1675, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 22 Jan 1713/14, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.5 Dinah ROSSINGTON (1677- ); b. 24 Dec 1677, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.6 Clement ROSSINGTON (1678- ); b. 1678, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.7 Richard ROSSINGTON (bap.1680, d.1720); bap. 7 Nov 1680, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 10 Apr 1720, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.8 Rebecca ROSSINGTON (bap.1682, d.1684); bap. 1682, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 1 Feb 1683/84, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

1.9 Ruth ROSSINGTON (bap.1684, d.1684); bap. 3 Feb 1683/84, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; d. 12 Feb 1683/84, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England


Despite Clement Rossington coming from Anston, which is not very far from the town Rossington, near Doncaster, it seems probable that this is not the source of his surname. Instead it appears that he was part of a local family, who used the name Clement several times in the 17th century, who can be traced from the Sheffield area back to Derbyshire to the south, via Dronfield, Youlgreave and other places, such that, surprisingly, we probably come to a hamlet now known as Roston, in the parish of Norbury. See This town was once also known as Rossington (various spellings).


It is probable that we might never improve upon the above Rossington family tree terribly much, but I am not so sure about some of the female lines. For one thing, the Putrell family of Clement’s wife has been traced a few generations further, it seems, always in the parish of Blankney. Just following Doreen’s information…

1 Edward PUTTRILL (b.1542?, bur.1594) [8862]; b. 1542 (app), Blankney, Lincolnshire, England; bur. 3 Mar 1594, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Agnes BROWN (1545?- ) [8863]; m. Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

1.1 Edward PUTTRELL (1576-1643) [8860]; b. 18 Feb 1576, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England; d. 1 Feb 1643, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Mary MAWSON (b.1585?, bur.1643) [8861]; m. 3 Dec 1606, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

1.1.1 Anne PUTTRELL (chr.1607) [8831]; chr. 25 Nov 1607, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

1.1.2 Mary PUTTRELL (chr.1610) [8835]; chr. 9 Jun 1610, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

1.1.3 Eliza PUTTRELL (chr.1611) [8833]; chr. 15 Dec 1611, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

1.1.4 Prudence PUTTRELL (chr.1615) [8836]; chr. 7 Oct 1615, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

1.1.5 Alice PUTTRELL (chr.1617, d.1617) [8830]; chr. 5 Oct 1617, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England; d. 1 Dec 1617

1.1.6 William PUTTRELL (1619- ) [8814]; chr. 29 May 1619, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England; b. 1619, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Mildred HOPE (1626?- ) [8859]; m. 16 Jun 1647, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England Edward PUTTRELL (chr.1646) [8829]; chr. 16 Feb 1646, St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England Elizabeth PUTTRELL (1650-1705) [8813]; b. 3 Jun 1650, St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England; d. 1704/05, Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; bur. Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England

Sp. Clement ROSSINGTON (1645-1705) [8812], son of Clement? ROSSINGTON ( - ) [8815]; m. 2 Jul 1666, St Marks, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England William PUTTRELL (chr.1656?) [8837]; chr. 1656 (app), St Marks, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England Winifred PUTTRELL (chr.1658?) [8838]; chr. 1658 (app), St Marks, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England Katherine PUTTRELL (chr.1661) [8834]; chr. 25 Aug 1661, St Marks, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

1.1.7 Christopher PUTTRELL (chr.1625) [8832]; chr. 1625, Blankney, Lincolnshire, England

Jane Francis

Jane Rossington nee FrancisJane’s father Isaiah Francis, was an agricultural labourer in the reclaimed lowland or “Fenland” area around the river Ouse between the older and higher towns of Littleport, Cambridgeshire and Downham Market, Norfolk.


Possibly, Ann had been Anne Clark who married William Kent in Wimbotsham, just on the other (northern) side of Downham Market, on 12th January 1835. And possibly William Kent was the 28 year old Journeyman Sweep living with the family of John Sainty, Master Sweep, in Downham Market in 1841. (Perhaps Ann and William were separated partly by economic need.)


In the 1851 census, Jane was living in nearby Northdelph, in the parish of Upwell with her half-sister from Isaiah’s first marriage, Elizabeth Shingles. In 1861 she seems to have moved north and out of her county to Whaplode (called Jane Frances, and said to be born in Nordle, Norfolk which must refer to Northdelph/Nordelph).


Jane’s father Isaiah was living with the Shingles family in 1861 and seems to have died as a resident of the Wisbech Union Poor Workhouse, 12 September1867, at the age of 75.


As mentioned above, Isaiah had been born in Littleport, where his family appear to have been resident since at least his grandfather Samuel’s time. Isaiah’s parents were William Francis and Jane Butcher, who married 1 Nov 1784 in St George's Parish Church, Littleport. She was a daughter of JOSEPH BUTCHER and ELIZABETH SILLITOE.  She was baptised 24 May 1761 in Littleport, and buried 4 Jul 1832 in St Edmund, Downham Market, Norfolk, by which time she was a resident there at Salters Lode.

They had the following children…


1. SAMUEL FRANCIS, Bap. 16 Jul 1786, St George's Parish Church, Littleport.


2. JOHN FRANCIS, Bap. 11 Apr 1788, St George's Parish Church, Littleport

d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1866, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England;

m. LUCY ?; b. Abt. 1790, outside Cambridgeshire England; d. Bet. Jan - Mar 1850, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.

1841, Ag Labr. Wife Lucy. Mildenhall Turnpike, Littleport Cambridgeshire

1851, With brother Levi Francis in Littleport, Cambridgeshire England

1861, Road Labr. With married niece Phoebe Cooper at New Bank, Littleport


3. ESAU FRANCIS, Bap. 26 Jul 1791 St George's Parish Church, Littleport;

Burial: 9 Aug 1791, Littleport.


4. JACOB FRANCIS, Bap. 26 Jul 1791, St George's Parish Church, Littleport (same as his brother, presumably a twin as per theBiblical story of Jacob and Esau);

Burial: 9 Aug 1791, Littleport.


5. RACHEL FRANCIS, Bap. 31 Jan 1793, Littleport;

d. 1803, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.


6. ELIZABETH FRANCIS, Bap. 21 Apr 1797, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England


7. ISAIAH FRANCIS, Bap. 21 Apr 1797, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England;

d. 12 Sep 1867, Union Workhouse, Lynn Rd, Wisbech Cambridgeshire England.


8. LEVI FRANCIS, b. Abt. 1799, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England;

d. abt. Jun 1870, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.


9. RHODA FRANCIS, Bap. 27 Sep 1801, Littleport.

d. 1803, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.


William, the father of Isaiah, was also a member of a local family. His father’s name was Samuel and his mother apparently Elizabeth. But he and his parents, unlike his younger siblings, may have moved into the area from quite a distance. Heather Macdonald has a theory that the family may have moved from Kempsey in Worcester. Not only the parents' names, but also the eldest children, seem to match. This seems an odd move in those times, but the farming area between Littleport and Downham Market were recently drained fens at the time, so there may have been some sort of settlement programme. Putting everything together the family would be as follows…

SAMUEL FRANCIS was born Abt. 1736, and died Bef. 1800 in Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.  He married ELIZABETH, possibly surnamed MARKS, Abt. 1757.  She was born Abt. 1736, and buried 1814 St George's Churchyard, Littleport.
Possible marriage from the IGI: Samuel Francis m. 19 Dec 1757 Kempsey, Worcestershire to Elizabeth Marks

1. WILLIAM FRANCIS, d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1839, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.
Possible Baptism from the IGI: William Francis chr. 4 Apr 1759 Kempsey Worcestershire to Samuel & Elizabeth

Possible Baptism from IGI: John Francis chr. 5 Sep 1760 Kempsey Worcestershire to Samuel & Elizabeth

Possible Baptism from IGI: Joseph Francis chr. 3 Oct 1762 Kempsey Worcestershire to Samuel & Elizabeth

4. JANE FRANCIS, b. Abt. 1765.
Apparently had a child, NATHAN FRANCIS, baptised 6 Dec 1789, Littleport.

5. MARGARET FRANCIS, Bap. 1768, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England; d. 1865, Illinois America.
She married ABRAHAM BRAND 28 Nov 1789 in St George's Parish Church, Littleport

6. SAMUEL FRANCIS, Baptised 11 Aug 1771, St George's Churchyard, Littleport Cambridgeshire England

7. MARY FRANCIS, Bap. 15 Aug 1773, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England; d. 1836, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.
She married ROBERT BRASSET RAYNER 12 Oct 1798 in St George's Parish Church, Littleport Cambridgeshire England.  

8. ELIZABETH FRANCIS, b. Bef. 4 Aug 1776, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England.
She married THOMAS COLLINS 16 Aug 1791 in St George's Parish Church, Littleport

9. ANN FRANCIS, b. Bef. 21 Jun 1778, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England; d. 1843, Downham district, Cambridge/Norfolk England.
She married RICHARD SIMPER 28 Jul 1794 in St George's Parish Church, Littleport

10. REBECCA FRANCIS, b. Abt. 1781, Littleport, Cambridgeshire England; d. 1832, Soham, Cambridgeshire England.
She married FRANCIS MAYHEW 23 Oct 1799 in St George's Parish Church, Littleport

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