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Indexes to more general Surname Research, including DNA projects:-

The following webpages are listed in terms of my 16 grandparents' grandparents...

Note: most of these pages are notes to help discussion. They contain errors and ommissions.
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(In some cases more up-to-date information has been placed on the Wikitree website.)

1. my paternal grandfather's paternal grandfather's family

Lancasters: (see separate LANCASTER index for more general surname/DNA research)

My Lancasters (Lancashire and Western Yorkshire)

a. The Lancasters of the Macleay Valley in New South Wales     (wikitree)
b. The Ancestors of Mary Lonsdale     (wikitree)

Gisburn and area Lancaster genealogy

a. The Craven and Whalley area defined
b. Early Gisburn Lancasters
c. The Paythorne branch
d The Mercer Lancasters
e. The Horton branch
f. Speculation and unallocated Lancasters
g. The Lancasters of Holme Chapel in Cliviger, Lancashire
h. The Padiham Lancasters

2. my paternal grandfather's paternal grandmother's family

Norton and Bentley (Ireland, Co. Offaly)

The Ancestry of Jane Norton     (wikitree)

3. my paternal grandfather's maternal grandfather's family

Spence ("Early Australian Government Labourer")

a. Michael’s Spence’s ancestors     (wikitree)
b. Charles Spence, poet of the Carse
My analysis of the Spence DNA project
d. The Family Tree DNA Spence DNA project page, assisted by Andrew Lancaster

4. my paternal grandfather's maternal grandmother's family

Mahony (Co. Cork) and Phillips (Mumbles, Wales)

The Parents of Elizabeth Mahony     (wikitree)

5. my paternal grandmother's paternal grandfather's family


Ancestors of George Robinson: Robinsons of Hamsterley and Coxons of St John Lee     (wikitree)

6. my paternal grandmother's paternal grandmother's family

Barnett (Headley and Bramshott, Hampshire)

The Ancestors of Emma Barnett        (wikitree)

7. my paternal grandmother's maternal grandfather's family

Nelson and Debenham (Suffolk)

The Ancestry of William John Nelson    (wikitree)

8. my paternal grandmother's maternal grandmother's family

Barber, Wyre, West/Tandy, Avery, Davis (Including 4 "Early Australian Government Labourers")

The Ancestry of Harriet Rebecca Barber        (wikitree)

Guest page by Wayne Mayo: Thomas Ware and Elizabeth Lightburn, parents of Jane Wyre?        (wikitree)

9. and 10. my maternal grandfather's family

Rossington and Francis

George and Jane Rossington of Belltrees        (wikitree)

The Family of Isaiah and Emily Jane Rossington        

11. my maternal grandfather's maternal grandfather's family

Willis, Barwell etc. 

The Ancestors of William ("Bill") Willis        (wikitree)

The Ancestors of Louisa Lydia Barwell, the mother of Bill Willis and starting 5 generations back from Louisa are her medieval pedigrees: 

12. my maternal grandfather's maternal grandmother's family

Stearns, Plaw, etc (Including 2 "Early Australian Government Labourers")

The Ancestors of Ruth Stearns, the wife of Bill Willis        (wikitree)

13. my maternal grandmother's paternal grandfather's family

(Including 2 "Early Australian Government Labourers" being the parents of Susan Painter)

Angus (Forfar) shire Livingstones and my own Australian Livingstones (see separate LIVINGSTONE index for more general surname/DNA research)

a. My Livingstones in Australia, from immigration to my great grandfather        (wikitree)
b. A search for the Scottish Roots of my Livingstones        (wikitree)
c. A 1580 document concerning a Levage near Strath Tay

d. A study of all Livingstones in Angusshire (also referred to as Angus, and Forfarshire):

Including Glamis and Forfar
More from Forfar and the whole shire
More from Dundee and the whole shire

The Ancestry of Lilly Melrose, wife of David Peter Living.        (wikitree)

John Painter and his wife Susannah, the parents of Susan Painter, wife of Adam Standish Livingstone        (wikitree)

14. my maternal grandmother's paternal grandmother's family

Bradley, of Kirkby Stephen in Westmorland

Matthew Bradley's ancestry, Kirkby Stephen: Bradley, Hutchinson, Dixon, Wharton, Ewbank, Orton etc (wikitree)

Mathew Bradley's family in England and Australia

George Oakes (Oaks) of Cheshire, and Susannah (Susan) Casey of Limerick (Including 1 or 2 "Early Australian Government Labourers")

The ancestors of Martha Janes Oaks        (wikitree)

15. my maternal grandmother's maternal grandfather's family

Ross, Duggan, Trollan (County Derry, Northern Ireland)

The Irish ancestors of Evelyn Ross        (wikitree)

16. my maternal grandmother's maternal family

The origins of Henry Thompson, apparently from Norway        (wikitree)

The Ancestors of Sarah Knight - Denton/Warler etc - in Bedfordshire        (wikitree)