Your Labrador needs a daily washing for several reasons:

        Skin stimulation. 

        Discovery of a potential wound or a illness beginning.  

        The pleasure he gets. 

        Allow establishing our dominance in the relationship. 

In a non-overheat environment, there is no need to wash regularly a dog if you brush it frequently, to stimulate his skin and his coat, and if his food is balanced.  Itís better to avoid washing a dog in winter.[1] 

When the washing is made regularly, there is a link that is established between the master and the dog.    

Some bodyís zones of the dog are particularly important: 




        High of the neck. 


If your dog becomes aggressive when you wash him, you have to try to desensitise him with trying to let accept him the washing as each pleasant. 

After untangle ling by the professional groomer, get hold of muzzle.  Attach your dog in leash to avoid a possible run. 

Take your hand on his tummy, under the ribcage, so as to, if he struggles him, you can lift him through the hindquarters. 

Brush his bag about ten times without knowing his protestations. 

Donít rebuke him, but, if he stays quiet, congratulate him by offering him a delicacy. 

After several sessions like these, your dog will finish to accept his washing, because he will know it will be a reward at the end. 

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[1] John Fisher Ė To understand an to look after his dog (Jíai Lu publications)



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