Origins of the labrador


Max bébé

There are a lot of theories, which were worked out about the origins of the Labradors. 

Miss the theory, which was based on the shape of his tail and which said that the Labrador was born from a dog and an otter. 

Let’s also forgive the theory, which attempted to say it was a Scandinavian dog putting forward the Vikings were the first to discover the far North. 

Let’s also have our doubts toward these who evoke the Basque or the Portuguese roots, and give no credit at the persons who say he is born in Labrador (Canada) and who say he came from an Artic dog.  Some specialists say it is hypothetical.  It is inappropriate he came from an Artic dog, also at looking his morphology, which is very far from this of the Eskimo tributes. 

He also isn’t born in Newfoundland because before the arrival of the Europeans, the island was almost uninhabited, excepted the interior were lived Indians who didn’t know the dog. 

The historians testify they hunted alone and they pulled their sleigh. 

We have to admit the ancestors of the Labradors came from the Old Europe and they were introduced on the Iceland from the English-men, who came exploit the cod shoals. 

In the book “The popular Labrador Retriever” (Lady Howes), it is said that the Labrador would probably be of the type “Saint-Hubert”. 



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