My dog, Max

Max et son maître 

After the death of Caline, my crossed Malinois sheepdog, I was distraught,     I didn’t stop to cry and I no longer had the taste to do something. 

After that horrible drama, I met a delightful little Labrador of 3 months.  He played with his brothers and his sisters and was waiting to have a lot of hugs. 

He wanted to rush his destiny, he came to me and nibbled at my shoe laces.   I immediately knew that an extraordinary story began between us. 

I knew fully well that nothing and nobody could take my sorrow away but        I couldn’t resist for a long time for this full of life little dog. 

Once the formalities filled, I went with my little dog home.  But we still had to find a name for him!  One name came to the mind of everybody: Max!  Max, the threat! 

Max is a dog that is a player and is infinitively delightful.  All day long, he only thinks of stealing (shoes, rags, …), of playing and walking.  In the evening, after a long day strewn with stupidity, he’s happy to have a short rest!  He lie and is waiting to have cuddles. 

He always requires love and hugs.  He never has too much! 

What he likes the most, is the car!  He loves when he can lie at the back during the whole trip.  I’ve never seen a dog who is so holding of cars! 

His love towards the other people and the other dogs is also unequalled.  He always charge blind eyes at everybody, he doesn’t see the danger. 

Now, Max is been among us for nearly two years.  Two years that he fills us with wonder, two years that he steals, two years … 

My biggest dream is that these two years would become an eternity.  An eternity during which Max would be there and would never leave me. 


© 2001 Dimitry Ansiaux


Version Française  


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