The first thing to do is to let discover to your dog that the collar and the lead are no instruments of torture.  For the collar, there are no problems.  He will easily accept to wear it at home.  In return, the lead represent an unpleasant restraining, an impediment to his actions of liberty.  It’s not impossible he to get a little bit in a panic.  The encouragements and hugs will be welcome. 


Some puppy’s will be mad and will be discover all they can, whereas others will pin down and won’t agree to move. 


With the first, don’t move, stay at your place and convince yourself the time play in your favour. 


With the second, the strategy is different: draw the puppy toward you in a progressive way, without brusqueness, to let him understand his method is useless and unpleasant.  Don’t worry; the natural curiosity of the puppy will help him to overcome his gear and his hesitations. 

The following on the leash  

The apprenticeship of the following on the leash becomes essential as soon as the puppy take self-assurance and begin to pull.  To avoid to get towed, give a sharply blow on the leash at every attempt, to impress him, and take him at your height with pronouncing of his name followed of the order “On foot!”.  If you punish your puppy at the first indiscretion, about ten sessions will be enough your puppy to control this exercise. 


The moment will come for him to discover life’s things, i.e. the urban traffic, the crowd, the noise, …  The market and the station concourse are very useful socialization places. 

B-A BA of obedience

Your puppy is clean, he answers at the calling of his name, he no more pull on the leash …  His maturity is from now sufficient so that you can teach him the first obedience exercises. 

« Sit down ! »   

It is the ideal position to calm you overexcited companion with the idea to have a short walk or at the perspective to receive his meal.  It is an order and not a wish.  When you force your fog to sit down, that doesn’t means he to get up when he wants, but that he have to keep this position. 


Firstly, take advantage of the moment when the puppy stay spontaneously to receive hugs by repetition of “Sit down!  That’s good”.  The message comes than perfectly. 


Secondly, give him the order to sit down, with a little pressure at his hindquarters.  Hold him in position and show him you are satisfied.  Repeat two or three times this exercise. 

« Don't move ! »   

This position is a little bit more difficult to search that the previous.  When your student know what mean the order: “Sit down!”, keep him in this position and give him the order “Don’t move!” with moving back of some steps.  If he is trying to get up, say ”No!” and put him back at the exact place where he was sitting down. 


As soon as your dog will understand this order, you will be able to increase progressively the distance dividing you.  Firstly backwards, then with backing the back.  If he try to catch you up, don’t scold him, but bring him back at his initial place.  Repeat the exercise two or three times per session and the most important is to encourage him! 

« Lye down ! »   

This position is clearly easier to teach that the previous.  Begin to learn this new word at the puppy with taking advantage of the moment where he lye himself.  Then, in other places, give him the order to sit down, and help him to come downer. 


Push on his back with one hand, and, with the other, pull without brutality in front of his former paws, with the order “Lye down!”.  Avoid the excess and be satisfied with two or three exercises per show, without forgetting titbits and congratulations! 

The recalling

The recalling at foot is one of the most important lesson in the education of a dog.  For evident reasons of security, it is essential the animal to come on foot of his master when he called his dog, whatever the circumstances may be. 


Don’t begin the recalling ’s apprenticeship as much as your dog have not assimilated the previous lessons.  In spite of that, there are people who think it is better to call the dog at meal’s moment. 


To begin, call your dog with his name followed of the order “On foot!” or “Come back!”.  He has to come to your foots with a sit down position.  If needed, you will help him in positioning him and in forcing him to sit down.  It is also forbidden to give his meal as much as he doesn’t execute correctly his exercise.  If it is a failure, move away your dog and recall him until understanding.  Once he masters the recalling at the mealtime, change the time and the place of the lessons, don’t forget to get rid the bowl on behalf of hugs. 


Note all the people no approve this method and that there are people who recommend doing so:


Take the puppy for a week in a calmness place, e.g. in a forest, let him about tem meters of advance and hide you – without his knowledge – in back of a thicket.  As he won’t see you, he will return from his steps and will search to you.  Then, you will call him always with the same words (his name followed of the order).  Quickly, he will take the habit to answer at the first calling for fear of losing you. 

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