Following on the leash

B-A BA of obedience

"Sit down!"

"Don't move!"

"Lye down!"

The recalling



The only way to have a pleasant cohabitation with a dog is to make an obedient dog. 


In a family, the dog has to be an “extra” and not a source of problems and of annoyance.  The manners make easier the life of everybody, with beginning with the life of the dog, as inside that outside. 


As the retriever has horror to be at odds with his master, it is not impossible to give him manners.  But it is better to begin as his arrival, because the puppy, as good as he is, is not expected to know everything. 


The education of the puppy is based on the comprehension of the “yes” and the “no” and the master has to have logical, good sense and perseverance.  It means that what is authorized a day is always authorized, and vice-versa.  It is the only manner to show the puppy his rights and his duties. 


The complicity with the human and his protected is an essential element.  This complicity is established by force of patience and fairness, and with working of the play mind of the dog. 


If you want to have a good apprenticeship:


·       Practice the exercises in a cool place, in perfect availability, in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere.  The puppy, very receptive, can see the nervous tension of his master and react in consequence, i.e. with anxiety; no impatience in the voice.  The voice has to be calm but hard, but never threatening. 

·        Begin with short sessions.  The sessions have to be regular because the puppy’s ability of concentration is very restricted. 

·        Always alternate games and exercises, firstly to give pleasure at the puppy, secondly to reward him. 

·        As much as the lesson is not apprise, don’t begin an other. 

·        Don’t neglect the revisions. 


If you don’t get your puppy very young to the loneliness, your protected will judge the situation abnormal and will look around every middle to find you again. 


If you want that your little puppy accept the diurnal loneliness, let him alone in his “rest”.  At beginning, the exercise will last 5 minutes, then you will progressively go to 1 hour.  As the dog has no track of time, you will then leave him several hours at a stretch.  When you are back, don’t forgive to show him delight less to see him back. 

He will lean that the loneliness is not synonym of negligence. 


When the dog enters in his adoptive family he only know one thing: Don’t do his business where he is sleeping. 


To salute little disaster’s problems, you have to know the puppy do his business some minutes after his meal or his sleeping periods.  You have to look at him at that time to conduct him on its newspaper or locked out and to force him to stay there as long as he don’t do his business.  One the achievement done, don’t hesitate to give him hugs and stroking.  In some days, the dog will understand your expectations. 


Oversight in forbidden places can also happen.  The only manner to repress the scatterbrain is to surprise him when he do it, and then to shake him by his neck skin like his mother will do it.  In the same time, you will have to say “No!”. 


Know that the fact to put the puppy’s nose in the pooh is not a punishment, because what the human judge repugnant, is not repugnant for the dog! 


The first hygienic walking will begin as soon as the puppy will be duly inoculated.  At the same manner you lean him cleanliness at home, you will have to teach him where he has to do its business outside.  In short, to lean him the gutter.  What you are waiting from him will appear all the more quickly that you will take his newspaper away. 


As a general rule, even the most retarded of the retrievers is clean toward 6 months. 

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