Adoption of an abandoned dog

Adoption of a dog

Adoption of several dogs


Adoption of an abandoned dog

There are a lot of abandoned dogs we adopt and the task isn’t easy if the new masters don’t know the traps to avoid. 

If we don’t receive any information on the past life of the dog, it is supposed he was beat, he was throw from a car, he die of hunger and escaped him, … 

Unfortunately, it’s fate, which is saved to a great number of these dogs.  But you don’t have to see the past of the dog you will adopt, concentrate yourself on his future. 

The difficulties the dog had to overcome has affected his behaviour, but seeing that you adopt him, you have to consider him as your self-dog and search to understand him in his new environment. 

When we adopt a dog, we often think to that:

·        « Poor little dog, he’s a pitiful sight! » 

·        « Don’t punish him, let him adjust to new conditions! » 

·        « We can still wait a little moment before to train him! » 

The dogs live in present and not in the past.  Only visual, auditory or olfactory feelings recall them old experiences (e.g. to roll a newspaper can bring the dog aggressive if in his past, the people commanded him with this thing). 

Adoption of a dog

A dog is frequently adopted to stand in for the dog we loved and we are sad to lost. 

There are some pieces of advice to make easier the introduction of a dog in your house that will be the only dog:

The master needs generally one month to discover the particular knacks of the dog and to adopt himself to it.  The dog will have two weeks of advance because he will have study his new environment and, after have judged he will suit, he won’t be long to take advantage of your weakness. 

An only dog benefits of a greatest freedom of movement in the house, but it generally annoy the master to let him alone in the house, even when we don’t have the similar scruple with several dogs. 

If we don’t get a dog used to stay alone, he can get an excessive attachment to his masters at the point it will be impossible to go away, even a short time.  Some troubles can appear: the dog soils the house, destroys, barks, howls, and scrapes the doors and the windows to try to escape and to follow us.  The worst think it could happen is a self-mutilation. 

An old proverb says: “Prevention is better than cure”.  If you adopt a dog, dictate your willing, particularly if he has to be your only dog. 

Make him understand that he’s desired, but make sure you close all the doors when you go away.  From the first day, teach him he will receive a reward at your return if he has been docile in during your absence. 

Adoption of several dogs

The dogs can better establish habitation rules than the humans, provided, surely, we allowed it. 

It is preferable to proceed at the presentations “off territory” and in totally neutral ground, so as to none of the dogs have a “right territory advantage”. 

After looking their behaviour when they are together, hold in lost leash, and observe with satisfaction their calmness, let they run together.  If one dog shows a predominating attitude, don’t worry, it’s normal.  To rebuke them could delay the natural and unavoidable process. 

Of the first or second confrontation are harmful for one of the dogs, ask you the question to know if the behaviour of one of the dog is compatible.  If it isn’t, ask the breeder or ASPCA (RSPCA) advices before deciding to hold the new to arrive. 

If the contact between the two dogs is good, you won’t give more importance for one dog than for an other.  It’s better to ask information by the breeder or the ASPCA (RSPCA). 



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