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The following people are among the +560 celebrities and VIPs who signed our letter/petition for Leonard Peltier.
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Worldwide support for Leonard Peltier

We have made a music/video compilation of photographs of people and events worldwide, supporting the American Indian political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

See activists in Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, England, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, and the USA (New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Californnia, Massachussets, Arizona, D.C.).

Protests, sit-ins and actions at the U.N., NATO headquarters, US Embassies, the White House, FBI offices, in streets & parks & on beaches. Runs / walks / rides for justice. Poetry & art happenings. Benefit concerts. Press conferences & info days & speakers bureaus... even on the catwalks of Paris & Milan!

See writer Michael Blake, musician Little Steven, singer/actor Kris Kristofferson, actress Rosemarie Bergmans, singer Will Ferdy, actor Pol Goossen, singer Dominic Butez, writer Peter Matthiessen, writer Harvey Arden, attorney Michael Kuzma, singer Mark Silent Bear, MP Lode Vanoost, former Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt, singer Mannalia, singer J.D. Nash, singer Wayquay, spiritual advisor Lenny Foster, Chief Billy Tayac, Dave Hill, Dennis Banks, Dave Chief, attorney Lew Gurwitz, Senator Jo Cuyvers, singer Els Helewaut, Carter Camp, spiritual advisor Joe Chasing Horse, Minister of State Vic Anciaux, Alvina (Leonard's mother), musician Juan Carlos Aguirre, musician Sky Wakinstik-Man-alone, James Robideau, Rigorberta Menchu Túm; musician Jed Thomas, attorney Jennifer Harbury, Jean Day, Clyde Bellecourt, Amnesty International, Treaty House, UAINE, Oglala Commemoration Committee, Society for Threatened Peoples, Lew Gurwitz Foundation, the LPSGs from Tacoma, New York, San Francisco, Italy, Sardinia, Belgium, Barcelona, Liverpool, Poland, and many others (including you maybe...).


Video last 13:03 minutes.

Music provided by Vice Versa (USA); Kloot per W (Belgium);
and Dominic Butez (France). Thank you guys!


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Last update: 01/13/2014


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