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INDIGENOUS MUSIC (Canada, USA, Australia)
   from traditional songs, to rock, and hip hop!

Asharri the Vagabond - "My City (Paha Sapa)" (04:26 min.)

Bill Miller - "Tumbleweed" (05:04 min.)

Bill Miller - "Ghost Dance" (08:12 min.)

Bill Miller - "All Along the Watchtower" (07:17 min.)

Bill Miller - Flute solo (01:47 min.)

Bill Miller - "Stormy Monday" (09:52 min.)

Blackfire - "AIM Song" (02:47 min.)

Blackfire - "It Ain't Over" (03:15 min.)

Blackfire - "Overwhelming" (02:59 min.)

Brenda MacIntyre - "Visioning" (05:13 min.)

Buffy Sainte-Marie - "Universal Soldier" (03:45 min.)

Buffy Sainte-Marie - with Pete Seeger: "Cindy" (04:29 min.)

Buffy Sainte-Marie - "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee" (04:50 min.)

Buffy Sainte-Marie - "Darlin' Don't Cry" (04:12 min.) 

Buggin Malone - "Dedication to Leonard Peltier" (05:05 min.)

Doonooch Dance Company (08:44 min.)

Floyd Red Crow Westerman - Live at DQ University (05:32 min.)

Floyd Red Crow Westerman - "Where were you when" (08:35 min.)

A Tribute to Floyd Red Crow Westerman - "Warrior of the People" (01:25 min.) 

A Tribute to Floyd Red Crow Westerman - "Going Back" (03:11 min.) 

Gurundji - "Gurundji Reggae" (05:19 min.)

Hatchet Men - "Guerrilla Tactics" (04:30 min.) 

Indigenous - "Things We Do" (03:49 min.)

Indigenous - "Come on Home" (05:59 min.)

J.D. Nash - "How You Gonna Be" (06:21 min.)

J.D. Nash - "Turn the Lights Down" (04:11 min.)

J.D. Nash - "Be Somebody" (06:38 min.)

Jim Boyd - "Inchelium" (04:39 min.)

John Trudell - "Crazy Horse" (06:00 min.)

John Trudell - "Look At Us" (05:51 min.)

Julian B - "Revolution" (04:01 min.)

Lucie Idlout - "I Will Rise for You" (03:41 min.)

Micki Free - Live on Good Morning Arizona (05:58 min.)

Ozzy Osbourne & Peacepipe Network - "Not Going Away" (04:35 min.)

Pura Fé - Spotlight on Pura Fé (09:03 min.)

Pura Fé - "Pick and Choose" (04:19 min.)

Pura Fé - "Scarlet's Walk" (Tori Amos cover) (03:28 min.)

Redsun - "Tribes" (03:49 min.)

Robbie Robertson - "Shine Your Light" (04:20 min.)

Robbie Robertson - "Ghost Dance" (05:22 min.)

Robbie Robertson ft. Ulali - "Mahk Jchi" live at Jay Leno Show (03:58 min.) 

Sabotage - "Black Footsteps" (03:57 min.)

Ulali - Live on Pine Ridge Rez (03:01 min.)

Ulali - "Mother" (08:13 min.)

Wade Fernandez - "Commodity Cheese Blues" (03:14 min.)

Wade Fernandez - "Blues for the River" (07:44 min.)

Walela - interview and footage (02:11 min.)

Walela - live in concert (03:48 min.)

War Party - "All For One" (03:40 min.)

War Party - "Feelin' Reserved" (03:26 min.)

Wayquay - "The Grandfather Song" (06:20 min.)

Yothu Yindi - "Tribal Voice" (04:10 min.)

Yothu Yindi - "Treaty" (03:37 min.)

Yothu Yindi - "Djäpana" (03:48 min.)




Charlie Hill (05:29 min.) 

Craig Lauzon (07:26 min.) 

Don Burnstick (06:14 min.) 

Gerry Barrett (05:44 min.) 

Graham Greene (00:54 min.) 

Howie Miller (05:37 min.) 

Larry Omaha (01:48 min.)

Ryan McMahon (07:09 min.) 





Big Mountain / Black Mesa: John and Leonard Bennally discuss the conditions on Black Mesa in Arizona (July 2005) (20:20 min.)

Vanishing prayer: Navajo (Dineh) Grandmothers at Big Mountain resist relocation (09:48 min.)

Amerika: Diné (Navajo) Grandmothers resist relocation to radioactive lands (04:00 min.)

In Between The Lines: Meet a remarkable group of Native American teen poets from the Pueblos and the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico (26:52 min.)

"Havasupai": The Danish rock band Bifrost with the song "Havasupai" about paradise in the Grand Canyon and about the Dineh people and their struggle for human rights. (04:54 min.) 

Peabody Coal/Cortez Gold: The Ongoing Rape of Indigenous Land, Water and Air
(57:43 min.)

"Owe Aku - Bring Back the Way": A compelling true story of bravery, perseverance, and hope on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. A reminder that the Oglala Lakota people have survived a wide spread genocide with their traditions intact. (23:33 min.)

"This Is Our Land!": A documentary on land utilization & bison restoration on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota (15:35 min.)

We Belong Here: A video of wild Yellowstone bison inter-cut to the music of Good Shield. The Buffalo Field Campaign protects the Yellowstone bison from slaughter. (03:38 min.)

TEDTalks: Wade Davis: In this stunning talk, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the world's indigenous cultures, many of which are disappearing, as ancestral land is lost and languages die. (22:46 min.)

Makah Whale Hunt: Exclusive film from the 1999 Makah Whale Hunt. After 70 years of voluntary cessation, the Makah tribe hunted Whale once more. (02:56 min.)

Justice for the Lubicon Cree - Cosanna Preston: Alberta Friends of the Lubicon organizer Cosanna Preston speaks at the National Day of Action on June 29, 2007 in Edmonton. (08:23 min.)

Justice for the Lubicon Cree - Alphonse Ominayak: Councillor to the Lubicon people and brother to the chief, Alphonse Ominayak speaks at the National Day of Action, June 29, 2007 in Edmonton (01:45 min.)

Lenny Foster about the American Indian Movement (04:35 min.)

Bill Means on US Government vs American Indian Movement (07:10 min.)

NRC Video of American Indian Reservations (05:20 min.)

AIDS to Native Eyes (19:38 min.)

Protecting the Past: Jim Anderson, American Indian activist, speaks at the Wolf's Den in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as part of the Mississippi River Sacred Sites Run 2007 (03:18 min.)

Wovoka and the Ghost Dance (06:39 min.)

"Majority Can Be Wrong": A conversation with Phillip Deere, Muskogee-Creek Elder (41:12 min.)

"Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide": Native American scholar/activist Andrea Smith speaks on the topic of her new book. The full report! (1:16:30 hr.)

"One would do well to live in accordance with natural law": Winona LaDuke speaks on genetic engineering, biodiversity and decentralization. The full report! (1:00:03 hr.)

Floyd Red Crow Westerman - 2004 Interview on the struggle in prisons (09:43 min.) 

Splitting The Sky - "Truth To Power" - 21 July 2008 (09:43 min.) 

Longest Walk II - Pura Fé at the start of the Longest Walk 2 on Alcatraz Island - Febr. 10, 2008 (05:01 min.) 

Longest Walk II - Start on Alcatraz - Febr. 11, 2008 (04:04 min.) 

Longest Walk II - 2008 (03:48 min.) 

Skull Valley Goshute; People of the Dust (09:18 min.) 

Grassy Narrows First Nation - Activist Nation (05:34 min.) 

Cobell v. Norton - Dangerous Ideas (05:42 min.) 

The Cobell Case (02:47 min.) 

Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy (07:10 min.) 

Going Home: In 2006, the Morongo Band of Indians in California and their Catalina Island Conservancy sent the Buffalo back home to the Brulé Lakota on the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota. Wonderful video! (07:26 min.) 

Taku: Our Land is Our Future: This is an abbreviated version of the film Our Land is Our Future, a documentary about the the Taku River Tlingit people's relationship with their traditional territory and their struggle to honor their land, sovereignty, and way of life (09:39 min.) 

British Columbia: Nigeria North? - In 2005 the BC government sold Shell Canada drilling rights to explore for coalbed methane within Tahltan Lands, located in what's now known as British Columbia, Canada. (04:37 min.) 

Saving the Sacred Headwaters: In 2005 members of the Tahltan First Nation put Shell on notice and demanded they stop coalbed methane drilling and exploration in their traditional territory. (06:26 min.) 

Meet the 13 Grandmothers! (13:10 min.)



EZLN - Our Word is Our Weapon: Montage of pictures from the Zapatista struggle in Chiapas, Mexico, with remarks read by Subcomandante Marcos in English (!) (02:02 min.)

A Place Called Chiapas: The full documentary film about the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico (01:32:23 hour)

Resistir para Existir: La Lucha de los Cucapa: This Spanish spoken documentary with English subtitles tells the story the Cucapa, an Indigenous people of Mexicali, who have been denied fishing permits, even though they have been fishing in their valley for over 9,000 years; indeed, even before this area was considered Mexico (17:51 min.) 

Guerrero: La Ruta al Sol: Guerrero is best known for the Mexican beach resorts of Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, but few know that it continues to be the site of the most blatant human and economic rights violations in Mexico (28:34 min.) 


Amazon Indians Protest Oil Company: In May 2007, Achuar tribal leaders traveled from their home in the Peruvian Amazon to Santa Monica, California. They wanted to confront Occidental Petroleum and demand an end to Oxy's toxic oil poisoning of the Amazon. (04:10 min.)

Amazon - In the hands of a few: Recently, the Enawene-Nawe, a people indigenous to the Juruena River basin in the Mato Grosso state of Brazil, invited Greenpeace to visit them and document their ways of life. (12:08 min.) 


National Indigenous Peasant March: On October 31, 2006, more than 1,000 Campesinos and activists from the lowlands of southeastern Bolivia began marching one thousand kilometers (620 miles) from Santa Cruz to La Paz. They hoped to rally support for modifications to the National Institute for Agrarian Reform (INRA), originally passed in 1996, which legitimized the possession of illegally-obtained land in Bolivia, a particular gem for large landowners. (09:54 min.)


The Children Of Lead: Mining and refining are key drivers of Peruvian economy, but it comes at the cost of the most vulnerable, poor young children being contaminated at alarming rates. (09:23 min.)


March on Waitangi: At about midday on February 6th, 2007 around two thousand Maori and their Tauiwi allies (very few) marched on the Te Tii Marae on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. (05:55 min.)

Tuhoe - History of Resistance: The full documentary film about the struggle for justice of the Tuhoe people of Te Urewera, Aotearoa (New Zealand). (01:01:19 hour)


South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu supports Botswana Bushmen (03:31 min.)

From the Kalahari to Court: The Bushmen's Victory (09:55 min.)


Darfur - Sudan: Conflict Between the Janjaweed non-Baggara people (06:18 min.)

Darfur Sudan Conflict: Over 2.5 million people have been displaced; over 400,000 dead from since 1993 to present day. (06:50 min.)


Sweet Crude: this documentary tells the story of the Niger River delta and the struggle of the People in the region. For 50 years, the people in the region known as the 'south-south' have lived a life of hopelessness and desperation as they watch the land become devastated, and their own lives become unsustainable not just because of the 6,000 reported oil spills rampant gas flaring and several major pipeline explosions that have killed thousands of people but also because the people are actively oppressed and murdered by the Nigerian military. (16:02 min.)


Free Tibet Olympics Protest - Mount Everest: Edited video from the April 25, 2007 protest by free Tibet activists on Mount Everest. (02:11 min.)

Students for a Free Tibet Video (14:20 min.)

FREE TIBET: Boycott Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 (07:25 min.)


Democracy For Myanmar (Burma) (06:25 min.)

FREE BURMA (Myanmar) (07:19 min.)

Free Burma (September 2007) (04:39 min.)

Actor Jim Carey calls to Action on Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi (01:21 min.)

Michael Stipe of R.E.M. about Aung San Suu Kyi (01:29 min.)

Black Eyed Peas' dedication to Aung San Suu Kyi (07:28 min.)

Burma - Shoot on Sight (14:01 min.)


The Green Deal in Cambodia: Leading figures in Cambodia’s government are involved in large scale illegal logging, and have been implicated in kidnappings and the attempted murder of at least 2 activists (30:30 min.)


Rumah Nor: A Land Rights Test for Malaysia (26:55 min.)


An Appeal For The Katkari: This 21 minute documentary examines their plight, looks at one group trying to help them and appeals to the international community to help change their lot. It features unique performances by several Katkari musicians. (21:41 min.)

SAAMI (Lapland)

Last yoik in Saami forests? (02:43 min.)


We Will Not Go Down - Song for Gaza: a song of hope for the Palestinians in Gaza, composed and performed by Michael Heart. EXCELLENT song, clip and initiative!!! (03:11 min.)


Stop the Clash of Civilizations (approx. 3 min.)

Zeitgeist - the full movie !!! (1:56:23 hour)




Leonard Peltier's account of that day: Writer/editor Harvey Arden reads from Leonard Peltier's autobiography "Prison Writing: My Life is My Sun Dance", describing the shoot-out on June 26, 1975. (08:14 min.)

Court Hearing Montage: montage by singer/activist Wayquay about the court hearing in New York on December 7th, 2006. (07:25 min.)

Incident at Oglala: the full documentary film by Michael Apted & Robert Redford! (01:28:00 hour)

Rage Against the Machine: Special video clip montage about Leonard Peltier with Rage Against the Machine sound track. (English with French subtitles) (07:07 min.)

Renaud: "Leonard's Song" live at Bercy, France. (song is in French) - THIS IS A KOLA FAVOURITE !!! (05:44 min.) 

Little Steven: "Where is the Justice for Leonard Peltier" (04:04 min.) 

Peltier Place, New York City: In 1993, a small group of NYC activists rename and reclaim the streets! (03:41 min.) 

My Life Is My Sundance: Video trailer for Leonard Peltier's theatre play (02:11 min.)

Comme un guerrier : English video with French subtitles by Jean Louis Nizon (07:51 min.) 

Fargo Rally : Russell Means speaking at Nov. 28, 2008 rally for Leonard Peltier at federal courthouse in Fargo, North Dakota where Peltier was convicted (10:08 min.)

San Francisco Protest : January 24th, 2009 - AIM West protested the assault on Leonard Peltier in USP Canaan, Pennsylvania (three short videos)

Boulder Rally : February 6th, 2009 - AIM Colorado & LPDOC rally in support of Leonard Peltier (three short videos)

Free Leonard by Mumia Abu Jamal (1:36 min.)

Amy Goodman speaks with Louise Erdrich : While much of Eric Holders hearing focused on President Clintons decisions to pardon Marc Rich and to commute the sentence of the Puerto Rican independence activists, he was never asked about Clintons decision not to pardon Native American activist Leonard Peltier. On Democracy Now, Amy Goodman speaks with the Native American novelist and poet Louise Erdrich about Leonard Peltier. (2:23 min.)

Will Obama Free Leonard Peltier? - on RussiaToday, May 11th, 2009. (2:51 min.)

Chief Leonard Crow Dog : Lakota Chief Leonard Crow Dog, speaking at an educational forum in support of Leonard Peltier in Portland, Oregon, on May 20th, 2009. (14:53 min.)

A Cry for Freedom and Against Injustice - report of the parole vigil at USP Lewisburg, Pennsylvania on July 28th, 2009 by RussiaToday (2:33 min.)

Leonard's sisters chained to White House fence - September 12th, 2009 (1:06 min.) 

Vancouver, B.C. Vigil - September 12th, 2009 (5:17 min.) 

London, Ontario Vigil - September 12th, 2009 (6:13 min.) 





Fashion Xpo 2007: The beginnings of Native American Fashion Week - June 19, 2007. (04:43 min.)

Reserve Parade Fashion Show & Concert: Held in Shiprock, New Mexico in October 2006. (03:06 min.)

Top Native Model July 2007 Winnipeg (09:08 min.)

Top Native Model April 2007 Edmonton (05:11 min.)

Native Style: Litefoot's clothing 2008 Spring ad campaign (01:33 min.)



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