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  • 12 September 1944: Leonard Peltier is born in Grand Forks, North Dakota to Leo Peltier (Chippewa) and Alvina Robideau (Dakota/Chippewa).
  • 1948-1953: Lives mostly with his paternal grandparents Alex & Mary Dubois-Peltier on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation, ND.
  • 1953-1956: Student at the BIA's Wahpeton Indian School, ND.
  • 1957: Finishes 9th grade at Flandreau Indian School, South Dakota, then returns to the Turtle Mountain Reservation.
  • 1958: Attends a political meeting at Turtle Mountain about the U.S. government's plans to "exterminate" the reservation. This inspires him to become a warrior on behalf of his people.
  • 1958: Rejected for scholarship by the Sante Fe Art School; drops out of school.
  • 1959: Moves to Seattle, Washington, and lives with the family of his cousin Robert "Bob" Robideau.
  • 1961: Given medical discharge from the U.S. Marines because of recurring problems with his jaw.
  • 1965: Leonard Peltier and Bob Robideau open an auto body shop in Seattle, WA. that also served as a halfway house for Native American ex-convicts. Peltier becomes involved in the fight to protect native fishing rights in the Northwest. He also takes part in the occupation of Fort Lawton in Seattle, WA - a similar endeavour to the takeover of Alcatraz in California.
  • 1968: The American Indian Movement (AIM) is established in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Leonard Peltier plays no part in this, but he will later join the movement.
  • 1969: Occupation of Alcatraz Island, California, by Native American activists. Leonard Peltier plays no part, but this occupation inspires his own political consciousness.

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