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LP case chronology part 1 (1944 - 1969)
LP case chronology part 2 (1970s & 1980s)
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  • 22 June 2013: The Oglala Lakota Tribe proclaims June 26th "Leonard Peltier Day". Full text:

    Oglala Sioux Tribe
    Office of The President
    A Presidential & Vice Presidential Proclamation
    Proclaiming June 26, 2013 as Leonard Peltier Day.

    Whereas, June 26, 1975, is a historical day on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and

    Whereas, The Oglala Sioux Tribe holds in high esteem people who stand for peace, justice and freedom, and

    Whereas, Leonard Peltier, a man asked to stand and protect traditional elders and the Lakota Oyate, sacrificed himself that day, and

    Whereas, we hereby proclaim this day so the Oyate and the world will know and honor Mr. Peltier and remember that we as a people continue to heal, and

    Whereas, although Mr. Peltier cannot be in attendance for this historic event, we must and will continue his work to heal a nation through human rights, social rights and indigenous rights all over the world, now

    Therefore, pursuant to vested authority, we do as President and Vice President of the of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, hereby proclaim June 26, 2013 as a day of honoring for Mr. Leonard Peltier and hereafter every 26th day of June.

  • 12 July 2013: The Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC), the Committee in Solidarity with Indigenous peoples of the Americas (CSIA-Nitassinan), the International Committee on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Incomindios), Arbeitskreis Indianer Nordamerikas (AKIN), and the Arbeitsgruppe Indianer und Menschenrechte (AGIM) present a joint statement to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva supporting Leonard Peltier.

  • 14 July 2013: Amnesty International renews its support for Leonard Peltier and issues a letter writing & petition campaign.

  • 12 September 2013: Leonard Peltier is now 69 years old.

  • 2-4 October 2013: The Leonard Peltier International Tribunal on the Abuse of Indigenous Human Rights takes place in Green Bay, Wisconsin - on Oneida Nation land. The purpose of the historic, public tribunal is to digitally document first-hand witness accounts of 40 years of malfeasance in Indian Country, and the continuing struggles of Indigenous Peoples. Issues will include but are not limited to fishing rights, the sterilization of Indigenous women, extreme poverty, theft of tribes' natural resources, environmental issues and their impact on American Indian reservations, the horrific rate of suicides among Native children, and the wrongful conviction of Leonard Peltier.

  • 4 Ocober 2013: The Tribunal judges conclude that US laws must be changed in order for FBI agents to be charged for their crimes of assault and murder on Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota land in South Dakota and elsewhere. Further, the Tribunal judges say justice is dependent on the immediate release of Leonard Peltier; justice depends on the admission of guilt and systematic change regarding the FBI and their crimes against the Lakota Oyate and other Indigenous Peoples; and states that the FBI must begin with a Statement of Remorse to the Oglala Lakota Oyate of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Tribunal judges also say the environmental injustices targeting American Indian lands, based on racism, must end. The judges questions whether US Congress can override treaty obligations using Plenary Power. The violations of international law include violations of Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 and 1868; UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007); UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) signed in 1966 and ratified in 1994; the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR); the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (1948); and Wester-Ashburton Treaty (1842). Judges at the Tribunal are: Alberto Saldamando, human rights attorney; Tatewin Means, Oglala Attorney General; James Riding In, Pawnee professor at Arizona State University; Nise Guzman-Nekheba, professor University of Florida Law School; and Shannon Rivers, Akimel O'odham human rights activist.

  • 14 October 2013: Frank and Anne Dreaver of LPDCCanada travel to Ottawa, Ontario, to present a Canadian brief to James Anaya, U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Mr. Anaya had just returned from an east to west and returned to Ottawa visit with Indigenous peoples, communities and organizations as well as with government officials. The LPDCC is invited to a reception with Anaya hosted by the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa. The LPDCC personally hands over the Canadian brief with their requests and recommendations, titled: "The Canadian Extradition: An International Fraud and Civil Rights Violation against North American Indigenous Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier". The report contains the Canadian legal-political and lobby efforts in Canada since 1987, the official report of the Canadian government's ministerial review in 1999 and the LPDCC's rebuttals, and the Kaufman hearing and the testimony of the key extradition witness, Myrtle Poor Bear. At the reception, the LPDCC update Amnesty International Canada, AFN members, and others on the overall campaign for clemency for Leonard. The U.N. Rapporteur will conclude his Canadian mission on Oct. 15 and depart from Canada after a media conference where he will release some of his preliminary findings.

  • 24 January 2014: U.N. Special Rapporteur, James Anaya visited US Penitentiary Coleman 1 in Florida, to meet with American Indian political prisoner Leonard Peltier. While the discussion was meant to focus on executive clemency for Peltier, the conversation touched on many subjects, as Mr. Peltier was eager to hear the Special Rapporteur’s perspective on the worldwide condition of indigenous peoples.

  • 6 February 2014: In a statement, Amnesty International re-affirms its support for Peltier. AI writes: "After 38 years, it is time for the USA authorities to release Leonard Peltier, an Anishinabe-Lakota Native American and leading member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), who has been imprisoned for 38 years despite serious concerns about the fairness of proceedings leading to his conviction. [...] Leonard Peltier has spent more than 38 years in prison, and all legal appeals against his conviction have been exhausted, Amnesty International is urging the US authorities to release Leonard Peltier from prison in the interests of justice and on humanitarian grounds."

  • 26 March 2014: During President Obama's visit to Belgium, human rights activists from Belgium, the Netherlands and France gather at the Palace of Justice in Brussels demanding clemency for Leonard Peltier.

  • 12 September 2014: Leonard Peltier turns 70 years old.

  • 18 September 2014: twenty Italian senators sign a motion in support of Leonard Peltier addressed to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, asking him to press for executive clemency. See: www.senato.it/japp/bgt/showdoc/showText?tipodoc=Sindisp&leg=17&id=801638

  • 5 May 2015: KOLA writes to US General Attorney Loretta Lynch asking for an Executive Review of COINTELPRO-politically motivated cases, starting with the case of Leonard Peltier without delay. This review should address: 1) FBI agents' use of improper techniques and coercive tactics, as well as fabricated evidence; 2) FBI laboratory personnel's use of poor scientific techniques, mishandling of evidence, provision of skewed and/or completely false testimony to support prosecution claims, or providing fabricated evidence; 3) prosecutorial misconduct such as courtroom misconduct; mishandling of physical evidence (hiding, destroying, and/or tampering with evidence, case files and court records); failing to disclose exculpatory evidence; threatening, badgering, and/or tampering with witnesses; using false and misleading evidence; 4) examination of post-conviction actions on the part of FBI officials and agents, as well as prosecutors, to prevent fair consideration of Leonard Peltier's applications for parole and Executive Clemency.

  • 12 September 2015: Leonard Peltier turns 71 years old.

  • 14 September 2015: KOLA receives an answer from the Office of Professional Responsibility (US Dept. of Justice). The OPR decided that our allegations are unsupported and that they do not warrant further investigation. Needless to say we will not give up! Truth is strong, and sometime or other justice will prevail.

  • 7 October 2015: the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) sends a letter urging President Obama to grant Executive Clemency to 71-year-old political prisoner and Native American activist, Leonard Peltier. "Despite overwhelming evidence of FBI misconduct - including the coercion and intimidation of witnesses, the utilization of false testimonies, and the concealment of a ballistics test reflecting his innocence - Mr. Peltier has been denied a new trial and is long overdue for parole," the letter states.

  • 10 October 2015: The organisation Red Nation has named Leonard Peltier to be Grand Marshal for the celebration on Monday, October 12 - the very first celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day oinstead of "Columbus Day" in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • 12 October 2015: At the World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and Defense of Life in La Paz, Bolivia, President Evo Morales - joined by Vice President Linera, Chancellor Choquehuanca, and Ambassador Caceres - acknowledge Leonard Peltier as a defender of Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth, and urge President Obama to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier. President Evo Morales hosts the landmark 2010 World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. This year's conference focuses on climate, the threat of capitalism and the concept of living well. President Correa (Ecuador), President Maduro (Venezuela) and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon are in attendance, as are other interested parties from around the world. Specifically invited by President Morales, Lenny Foster (spiritual advisor to Leonard Peltier and board member of the International Indian Treaty Council) said, "I gratefully accept this important acknowledgement of the sacrifices made by Leonard Peltier in defense of his people and of Mother Earth. We can think of no other award so precious. Defense of our Mother is the first right we must assert as Indigenous Peoples." Mr. Foster also reads Leonard Peltier's words: "We've seen that the pursuit of maximized profits through globalization, privatization, and corporate personhood has become a plague that destroys life. The people most closely associated with the Earth suffer first and most. To live free of the fear of forced removal, destroyed homelands, poisoned water, and loss of habitat, food sources and our overall life way is our righteous demand. We, therefore, continue our struggle to survive in the face of those who deny climate change and refuse to curb corporate powers. It is time for all our voices to be heard." After, Mr. Foster presented President Morales with his portrait - painted by Leonard Peltier.

  • 7 January 2016: For months, if not at least a year, Leonard Peltier has been complaining about medical problems. Today, he had his blood pressure taken and he gave more blood for more tests. Apparently, they found what is called Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)and it is at a very dangerous stage. If it bursts, he could die. He would bleed to death.

  • 11 January 2016: Leonard Peltier has an MRI which confirms the physician's initial diagnosis. The test results - as to size and location of the aneurysm - will be reviewed by physicians who will consult with Leonard as to the best course of action.

  • 17 February 2016: Martin Garbus, a well-known New York City trial lawyer and the lead attorney of the group, joined by former US Attorney Cynthia Dunne and attorney Carl S. Nadler, write a five-page letter to President Obama urging him to grant Peltier clemency. "The time has come for the interests of the law enforcement community to be balanced against principles of fundamental fairness, reconciliation, and healing," they contend. They also submit a 44-page petition for clemency to the Justice Department's Office of the Pardon Attorney on behalf of Peltier, who suffers from various medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and a heart condition. All of this, the petition notes, impairs "his ability to walk, to see, and to conduct normal life activities... He is ill-equipped to cope with life in the maximum security prisons in which he has been jailed for many years." The petition includes more than two dozen letters from supporters including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Coretta Scott King, several Native American tribes, and Amnesty International.

  • 19 May 2016: Months after the medical test result, Leonard Peltier still has had no surgery.

  • 18 January 2017: President Obama denies Leonard's application for a commutation.

  • 2 September 2017: Word is received that Leonard Peltier underwent a triple bypass heart surgery. In his own words: "Good Morning everyone. OK. I know everyone did not know this but it's been a rough ride for me, BUT I'm one step back from passing away. I was taken to an outside hospital in Leesburg, Florida, for what I was told a routine heart stress test. And it turned out that they found clogged arteries... 3 of them! They decided to operate right away and I just returned from triple-bypass heart surgery. My chest was opened and they took arteries from my legs and placed them in the blocked arteries. I had to be given a liter of blood. Now I am back at the prison and getting around in my wheelchair. They said this would help my shortness of breath and the pressure in my chest."



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