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Gentry in Flemish Brabant
Nobility from Leuven in Wallonia

The forefathers of Queen Mathilde

COUNT d' UDEKEM d'ACOZ (marries Polish nobility)

father Count (1999) Patrick Paul François Marie Ghislain d'Udekem d'Acoz Uccle 28.4.1936 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, 25.9.2008------- Countess Anna Maria Komorowska, Bialogard, Koszalin, 23.9.1946 (Princes in her ancestry)

BARONS d'UDEKEM d'ACOZ (marry East and West Flemish nobility)

grandfather Baron (1921) Charles Joseph Marie Ghislain d'Udekem d'Acoz, Gent 8.3.1885, Proven 7.12.1968 Mayor of Proven ------------- Suzanne Marie Désirée Ghislaine Josephe van Outryve d'Ydewalle, (a niece of Baron Raoul Mazeman de Couthove et de Tonlieu, mayor of Proven) Wyngene 22.6.1898, Ypres 6.4.1983

great-grandfather Baron (1900) Maximilien François Xavier Marie Ghislain d'Udekem d'Acoz, Gent 14.9.1861, Tournai 22.1.1921 ---------- Angélique Maria Josephe Delphine Ghislaine van Eyll, Gent 7.11.1863, Gent 30.3.1935 (East Flemish nobility, with the counts of Gourcy-Serainchamps in her ancestry)

great-great-grandfather Baron (1861) Jacques Albert Bernard Joseph Ghislain d'Udekem d'Acoz Leuven 5.4.1828, gets permission in 1861 to bear the title of Baron together with his old father and in 1886 to add d'Acoz to the family name, after he sold the family domain. Marries in Bellem 7.9.1860 -------------- Alice Marie de Kerchove, (van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie in her ancestry, notice the bilingualism, it can't get more Belgian in the family d'Udekem, which is bilingual of old) Gent 8.5.1838, Bellem 3.11.1877.

BARONS d'UDEKEM (marry nobility from Hainault and Brabant)

great-great-great-grandfather Baron (1829) Gérard François Xavier d'Udekem, Leuven 21.3.1785, Leuven 10.7.1866 (tax collector) marries in Leuven 26.4.1827 ----------- Justine Ferdinandine Gérardine Ghislaine de Posson, Andenne 7.6.1799, Leuven 1.6.1884 (daughter of the seigneur of Wanfercée. Her mother was a d'Onyn)

6G-grandfather Baron (1816) Jacques François Joseph d'Udekem, Leuven 26.2.1758 Seigneur of Acoz, Lasprelle Villers-la-Potterie. The last Seigneur of Villers-la-Potterie in 1782. After the French Revolution, in 1816, he gets the title of Baron in the knighthood of Hainault. Inherits the castle of Acoz, Leuven 9.6.1829 marries in Leuven 2.6.1783 ----------------------- Maximilienne Josephe d'Onyn de Chastre, Leuven 1.5.1763, Leuven 30.4.1839 ; (Brabantine nobility, from the Houses of Leuven, daughter of the mayor of Leuven and baroness de Herckenrode)

d'UDEKEM, SEIGNEURS OF GEURTCHIN (marry nobility from Brabant, Hainault and Liège)

7G-grandfather Ferdinand Philippe Joseph d'Udekem, seigneur of Bossut en Faigne, etc., Bossut en Faigne 2.4.1720, 4.6.1770, bur. Bossut marries in Leuven 23.4.1754 (acquires the village in which the domain Guertechin was situated, mayor of the city of Leuven) ------------ Marie Barbe Thérèse de la Bawette (Brabantine chatelains, de la Bauwette from the Houses of Leuven) , Wavre 4.9.1732, Leuven 10.7.1768

8G-grandfather Michel Joseph d'Udekem, seigneur of Guertchin, Bossut, near Leuven, 30.11.1684 Soldier, lieutenant in the regiment of de la Marck (France, family of his mother) - marries ------------ Bonne Marguerite de Borlé Maastricht 31.3.1683 (daughter of a lieutenant)

9G-grandfather Maximilien François d'Udekem, seigneur of Guertchin Bossut 29.8.1636, 23.9.1703. Forest judge in the service of the Duke of Arenberg. Soldier (in the service of France and later Austria) marries in Mons (Sainte Waudru) 26.8.1676 ----------------- Anne Catherine de Marotte de Calnelle, bapt. Noville au Bois 27.12.1657, 25.1.1694 (Nobility from Hainault with the counts of de la Marck -Arenberg in her ancestry).

10G-grandfather Gérard d'Udekem, seigneur of Guertchin, Gottechin and Rosières 1649 (captain in the regiment of Brias, in the service of the King of Spain, Filips IV, the Duke of Brabant) marries ----------------- Marguerite de Nobili alias Nobily-Nary (d' Ursel in her ancestry).

11G-grandfather Jean d'Udekem, seigneur of Guertchin and Rosières, 16.6.1607 Soldier (captain of the cavalry in the service of the Prince of East Friesland and -during the wars of religuion - of the Duke de Guise, a catholic frontman.) marries ------------- Catherine de Veve de Hollegnoul.

12G-grandfather Jean d'Udekem, seigneur of Guertchin, 14.5.1567 Captain of the cavalry; marries -------------- Jeanne de la Tour Chindrieux (her father was also a captain in the service of the Spanish King Filips II, the new Duke of Brabant and a seigneur (of Rosières))

13G-grandfather Gérard d'Udekem 20.9.1547, seigneur of Guertchin, marries ------------ Gertrude Pinnock (Knightly family from leuven. Granddaughter of the Lord of the castle of Horst, Amelric Pinnock, who was married with a d'Arschot de Schoonhoven, with van Diest in her ancestry. The family Pinnock supported the Bourgondian-Habsburg Maximilian, guardian of the Duke of Brabant)

14G-grandfather Jean d'Udekem, (Jan VIII) 1518, seigneur of Guertchin, steward of St-Kwintens in Leuven, inherits Guertechin. marries ---------- Jacqueline de Limmingen (from the family Uten Liemingen, the family that was the driving force behind the development of Leuven), named van Rillaer (in Brabant)

15G-grandfather Georges d'Udekem, ca. 1410, 15.8.1472 acquires Guertechin in 1468 from Margareta van Wilre, who was married with Mathias van Bierbeek. Margareta van Wilre was a daughter of Guillaume van Wilre and Elisabeth d'Udekem, who was a daughter of the Jan van Udekem who was married with a van Herent. The estate Guertechin thus passes from one grandchild of Jan V van Udekem to another. None of the three spouses of Georges d'Udekem gives birth to a male successor. He has a bastard child with Beatrix Gieliart from Hamme, Jean d'Udekem

16G-grandfather Henri II d'Udekem, 1424 marries ----------- Marguerite van Holsbeke, 5.1.1439 Notice the transition to French in the Bourgondian era

JAN VAN UDEKEM, VASSAL OF BRABANT (marry nobility from Brabant)

17G-grandfather Jan V van Udekem (1414) ----------- Margriet van Herent

18G-grandfather Jan IV van Udekem (1375) ------------ Elisabeth van Huysinghen (daughter of Godfried van Huysingen and Helene van Udekem)

19G-grandfather Jan III (1338), seigneur of Udekem, marries --------- Jeanne van Huldenberghe

Till here the genealogy of Queen Mathilde is publically known. According to Baron de Herckenrode the line goes further to Rosso Van Udekem, but Guido Joris, who has studied the House of Udekem in depth (and has given his results to the family d'Udekem d'Acoz), says a link to Reinier, who founded the cloister of Gemp, is easily made. What is sure is that the origin of the House of Udekem can be found in the region of Leuven and that the original 'Udinga Haima' (in Korbeek-Lo), from which the Udekems descend, was a settlement of the offspring of the Frankish Baron Udo.

Gentry in Flemish Brabant
Nobility from Leuven in Wallonia

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