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Since the engagement of King Filip to Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz, now Queen Mathilde, everyone in Belgium knows the name Udekem, but you won't find the place on a map of Belgium. Udekem was a domain in Corbeke in Flemish Brabant. That's the origin of the House of Udekem. For centuries, the family has had a connection with Leuven: geographically, politically, familially. Therefore, we can speak of the House of Udekem from Leuven. You will learn more about its history on this site.

1. The line from Baron Udo to Count Patrick: Gentry in Flemish Brabant
11th till 15th century
From 'Udinga Haima' to Huizingen
1219 Reinier, who founded a cloister

Intermezzo: the Houses of Leuven and Brussels; lines that became extinct.
Loenis, the councillor, Charles the Baron.

2. The line from Baron Udo to Count Patrick: Nobility from Leuven in Wallonia
15th till 19th century
Guertechin and Acoz

Koen Hendrickx

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