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the Houses of Leuven and Brussels: lines that became extinct.

Wapen van Udekem Gentry in Flemish Brabant
Nobility from Leuven in Wallonia

It is very well possible that there is a direct line of fathers and sons from the Frankish Baron Udo, who lived in 939, to the father of Queen Mathilde. Thanks to that line the name Udekem lives on in the House of d'Udekem d'Acoz. The other names (d'Udekem de Guertechin and d'Udekem Gentinnes) are closely related to that line and of recent date. Most other branches of the House of Udekem have become extinct. Whatever happened to the other descendants of Baron Udo? No children, only girls, change of name, all are possible reasons why Udekem lives on presently in the offspring of the great-great-grandfather of koningin Mathilde, Baron Jacques Albert Bernard Joseph Ghislain d'Udekem d'Acoz. All descendants of the grandfather of Queen Mathilde, Baron Charles Joseph Marie Ghislain d'Udekem d'Acoz, were made Count in 1999.

Among the Udekems outside of the line from Baron Udo to Count Patrick a few odd men out can form an alliance with the Houses of Leuven and Brussels.

Een overblijfsel van de eerste stadsomwalling van Leuven, nu nog te bezichtigen in het Leuvense stadspark. Deze overblijfselen begrensden de tuin van de woning van de Udekems te Leuven A member of the House of Udekem formed an alliance with the House of Gielis, one of the seven Houses that supplied a councillor to the city. Thus the Udekems became councillors of Leuven at the time when the magnificent town hall was built and when Leuven became known for its university. They resided in the 'hôtel Udekem', which was located behind the walls you can see on the illustration above. Three members of the House of Udekem became councillor of the city.

The first councillor was Loenis van Udekem.

In 1478 Loenis joined battle against Louis XI, the first absolute monarch of France, as captain of the infantry of Leuven and in 1479 as captain of the cavalry. He did this in service of Mary of Burgundy, whose father was killed in the battle at Nancy.

The Low Countries remained in the hands of Burgundy and Habsburg, but Burgundy itself couldn't be saved. In 1480 the Habsurg-Burgundian alliance gained the victory in Luxemburg, with Loenis as captain of the javelin throwers of Leuven, with the help of England and an army of Papal soldiers.

In Brussels there were also a number of Houses that governed the city, and there too a Udekem can form an alliance with one of the Houses. Through the marriage between Gérard d'Udekem, seigneur of Guertchin, Gottechin and Rosières and Marguerite de Nobili alias Nobily-Nary, the Udekems come into possession of the seigneurie of Gentinnes, which was raised into a barony in 1716. It was Charles Ghislain d'Udekem, a grandson of Gérard d'Udekem, who became the first baron of Gentinnes. In 1735 he is admitted to the Houses of Brussels via Serhuyghs. His son Baron Robert d'Udekem dies without a successor.

Nobility from Leuven in Wallonia

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