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Some Coras Iompair Eireann and Irish Rail Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: Irish State Railways SE SRA692 £110, 2 CIE logo transfers (58x29cm) pale green, fine WHY101 £42, CIE 'snail' logo. Mounted transfer SRA604 £25.

Locomotive: Brass steam whistle, stated last steam train from Tramore, vgc mounted on wood WHY101 £95.

Coach plate: '1496' SRA293 £32, CIE cast alloy carriage builders' plate from Mark II Open Standard No.5219. Built at BREL, Derby in 1972 unrestored condition. Size: 20x11cm, ebay405 £12.50, 'Coras Iompair Eireann, No 1433, Bogie 2nd Length 61' 6", Width 10' 0", Seating 70 Second, Tare 26 Tons 3 Cwt' coachplate, alloy 19x132cm, front repainted, back primered. GCR906 £17, Coachplate, 'CIE, No 1433, Bogie 2nd Length 61' 6", Width 10' 0", Seating 70 Second, Tare 26 Tons 3 Cwt", alloy 19x132(sic)cm, front repainted, back primered GCR907 £17, CIE Carriage Board 'Dublin-Cork', cast aluminium with small rear brackets, 116x13cm, original red paintwork GCR1007 £150.

Wagon plate: CIE D plates STL991 £25, ORA792 £20, MTN692 £14, ORA992 £40, 8232 30tons BRA993 £ns, 17528 12 tons corner reweld BRA594 £ns, 2 loading plates 'to carry 10 tons' oval and oblong BRA594 BRA794 £ns, Load 10 tons built Inchicore works BRA594 £ns, 23891 10tons MTN995 £16, '27442' MTN695 £20, 20t 27541 MTN196 £28, 20t '27516' MTN496 £22, BRA998 £15, BRA998 £15, '27220' MTN998 £22, cast iron brake van 272A MTN199 £32 (with a BR 'D'), CIE D plate 20 tons '27239' ORA199 £na, MTN699 £22, brake van '289A' MTN100 £na, CIE wagon 20 ton '27516' MTN400 £19, axlebox cover 'CIE 26' & 'CIE 29a-29-9x4 1/4' BRA900 £30 for both, CIE 20tons '27165' MTN900 £18, CIE cast wagon 'D' plate '12 tons' No.26358, '40 tons' KID503 £18, No.30115, 'D' plate '20 tons' KID503 £5, No.27233, 'D' plate '20 tons' KID503 £5, No.26544, 'D' plate '20 tons' KID503 £5, CIE cast axle box cover No.27. KID503 £8, 'D' Wagon plate 'C.I.E. 289A', from an ex-GSWR brake van. Face repainted KRA1004 £25, CIE cast alloy registration plate 1951 (116) unrestored 22x17cm, ebay405 £16.67, cast alloy CIE registration plate 1951 (119) unrestored 22x17cm, ebay405 £12.99, CIE cast alloy wagon D plate No 27612 20 tons in vgc unrestored, ebay405 £22.55, CIE cast alloy wagon D plate No 27637 20 tons in vgc unrestored, ebay405 £11.51.

Carriage notices and plates: Penalty for cord (Irish), BRA594 £ns, BRA395 £18, BRA1196 £58, BRA397 £43, ORA797 £24, BRA998 £ns, No.1360 1953 BRA1093 £10, No.1360 1953 BRA998 £15, No.1443 1956 BRA998 £15, Penalty for Cord (Irish) TRA202 £33, Penalty for Cord (Irish) TRA1002 £35, small tinplate Communication Cord Carriage Notice (Irish) warning of £5 penalty etc. v.g.c. 152x98mm TRA1104 £29.

Carriage boards: 'BaCliath-Corcaigh': SRA492 £ 210, SRA 892 £na, SRA293 £80, CAL395 £ns, CAL696 £90, ebay105 £205 ; 'Dublin-Cork': ORA1191 £150, ORA592 £150, alloy SRA1292 £80, headboard MKA1197 £na, alloy ORA1098 £100, 'Slainte': ORA791 £85, ORA192 £115, SRA692 £270, alloy SRA893 £140, 'Failte': ORA591 £80, STL991 £45, SRA292 £45, ORA794 £100, KRA100 £55, unspecified: alloy ORA991 £130, alloy ORA992 £125, SRA1092 £150, MKA598 £85, alloy ORA199 £80, 'Failte' 84x13cm KRA403 £190, 'Dublin-Cork' alloy 116x13cm KRA403 £180, pair of cast aluminium coachboards 'Dublin-Cork'116x6cm and 'Failte' 84x6cm SRA0605 £380, cast alloy carriage board 'Failte', 838x127mm, original red paintwork KRA106 £210, CIE Carriage roof board 'Dublin-Tralee ', cast aluminium, 116x13cm, front background repainted red GCR1006 £300, CIE/GSR 'Baile Atha Cliath-Luimneach' carriage board KRA107 £280, 'Baile Atha Cliath-Corcaig', cast aluminium carriage board, 116x13cm, with original red paintwork GCR407 £360, CIE carriage board 'Baile Atha Cliath-Traighli', cast aluminium,116x13cm, front cleaned but with original red paintwork KRA707 £310, early CIE carriage Board 'Baile Atha Cliath - Corcaigh', 116x13cm, unrestored with original red paintwork GCR108 £420.

Trespass: Dual language white on black SRA696 £140.

Gate notice:Irish Rail dual language 'Keep these gates..'MTN195 £10, 'C.I.E.' titled enamel dual language gate notice, 'M.J.Hayes (Secretary), white on black, 48x34cm, excellent colour and shine with just a couple of tiny blemishes and the odd edge chip GCR708 £100.

Maker's plate: Metropolitan Vickers 1958 BIT387 £68, 1956 SOL £255, Metrovick 'A' diesel and generator plates 1955 BRA1098 £na, 10x5cm builders plate 'Built by Birmingham.R.C.W.Co.Ltd Smethwick 1955' reputedly from B106 nickel over brass BRA399 £104, 'Metropolitan Vickers 1955' 46x13 worksplate + cast brass 'Metropolitan Vickers' owners plate 34x4cm + 'Metropolitan Vickers Type No TG 4203: Serial No 239519-20' boiler plate SRA901 £320, Metropolitan-Vickers 1955 worksplate from Class A. Rectangular cast brass, 46x13cm, unrestored. SRA902 £260, Pair of Manufacturers Plates. Originating from an 001 Class 'A' Co-Co locomotive. Cast brass bogie plate 'Metropolitan-Vickers'. 34x3cm. Circular cast alloy cab plate with intertwined 'MV'. 6cm diam. Both repainted fronts. vgc SOL605 £30, Metrovick 908 stainless steel locomotive makers' plate number ebay705 £69.

Station: 'Fir/Gentlemen'(GSR/CIE) 50x25cm in original wooden frame SRA397 £75, GSR 'Fir/Gentlemen' SOL605 £25, CIE station sign 'Bantry', painted steel, wear to paintwork in places, 176x46cm (two sections) GCR108 £110.

Signalling: Staffs (NOTE: These may be from constituent companies incl. GNR):

Miniature staffs:
'Abbeyleix-Ballyragget' KRA1003 £180,
'Abbeyleix-Portlaoise' KRA104 £140, cylindrical steel with rings,names engraved on a steel cap GCR1007 £300,
'Arklow-Woodenbridge' KRA498 £70, 'A' brass rings/ends. 25cm long. SOL604 £60, MTN607 £65,
'Armagh S.-Tyman' 'D' BRA1197 £78,
'Athenry-Ballyglunin A.' steel rings/brass ends. 25cm long SOL604 £80, 'Athenry-Ballyglunin A', names engraved on the steel head of the staff GCR408 £140,
'Athlone East-73rd Mile Box' KRA404 £ns, KRA105 £ns, 'Athlone East-73rd Mile Box', tubular steel body with rings and brass cap inscribed with the names, a dent on one side GCR1008 £130,
'Athlone-Carrowduff A'. cast alloy, usual rings. 25cm long £42,
'Athlone-Knockcroghery C' W & T aluminium miniature staff engraved 25cm long four 3cm diameter rings, gc SRA908 £140 'Athlone E-Moate F'. cast alloy, usual rings. 30cm long SOL304 £37,
'Athy-Cherryville Jcn.' SRA492 £50, ORA199 £40, 'Athy- Cherryville B' KRA704 £80, 'Athy-Cherryville Jcn.' MTN406 £50, SOL606 £ns, steel body with four steel rings, brass end with engraved locations, gc, 24cm long. SOL1007 £50, Athy-Cherryville Jct. MTN0908 £45
'Bagnelstown-Gowran' 'A' steel/brass ORA400 £125, cylindrical steel with rings and names engraved on a brass cap GCR1007 £190,
'Bagnelstown-Milford' MTN407 £70,
'Balima-Pu' 'A' red configuration TRA304 £60,
'Ballinasloe-Carrowduff' 'B' (Adv.RCJ192 £na), TCK784 £of@30, KRA1001 £ns, RSCo miniature engraved staff KRA107 £160,
'Ballinasloe-Woodlawn' steel with brass rings & names engraved brass cap at end GCR1006 £150
'Ballyduff-Lismore' SRA1295 £130, KRA499 £180,
'Ballygeary-Rosslare Strand' KRA495 £30, B KRA197 £100, ORA1098 £36, MTN998 £40, GWR799 £95, ORA799 £40, MTN £na, 'B' SRA1299 £90, MTN901 £44, KRA0102 £30, MTN603 £62, MTN104 £30, MTN404 £55, staff KRA704 £75,
'Ballyglunin-Athenry A', names engraved on the steel head of the staff GCR408 £140,
'Ballyglunin-Tuam' TCK784 £of@30, RCJ900 £forx,
'Ballyhale-Thomastown (indentation to rings & a crack end ring) KRA707 £160,
'Ballyhaunis-Claremorris' TCK784 £of@30,
'Ballymoe-Castlerea','A',steel with brass rings and cap engraved KRA707 £160,
'Ballymote-Boyle' BRA698 £140, SOL998 £60, ORA1098 £80, 'B' aluminium SRA998 £100, ORA1098 £80, 'C' SRA399 £75, 'B' alloy SRA699 £65, BRA999 £94, ORA1099 £20, 'B' alloy BRA401 £35, GWR 501 £na, 'C' alloy SRA 601 £30, steel brass ends 'C' configuration SRA605 £30, GWR1106 £110, 'Ballymote-Boyle', alloy, and, for my own overseas interest GCR1008 £50,
'Ballymote-Kilfree A', steel, brass rings/ends. 24cm long SOL304 £63,
'Ballymote-Sligo' SOL998 £60, £60, aluminium SRA1298 £60, aluminium 'C' SRA399 £50, 'C' SRA601 £30,
'Ballywilliam-Float' triangular brass stamped ends, KRA1001 £ns, KRA404 £110,
'Bandon-Crossbarry' ORA1192 £50,
'Bandon/Upton' 'A' steel staff with brass rings/ends. vgc. 23cm SOL305 £100,
'Banteer-Lombardstown B'. Steel with brass rings, end and key. vgc. 24cm long SOL605 £170,
'Birdhill-Castleconnell B'. steel with steel rings/brass ends. 24cm long SOL304 £53
'Boyle-Carrick on Shannon' ORA199 £80, 'A' SRA399 £90,
'Carrick-Drumsna' KRA403 £230,
'Castlebar-Westport' names engraved on brass plates, 58cm long SRA1207 £100,
'Castlerea-Ballinlough B.' Alloy 25cm long SOL604 £30,
'Clara-Athlone' ORA591 £170, ORA192 £na,
'Clara-Ballycumber' 'C' configuration, brass collar engraved, SRA1204 £150,
'Clara - Ferbane B' Webb & Thompson miniature steel staff, section names engraved onto brass plates attached at one end, 27cm long with diameter brass rings around the central steel column, gc, SRA308£150,
'Clones-Monaghan' 'F' ORA1192 £50,
'Clones-Smithboro' ORA794 £50,
'Clones-Ballyhaise Jct. or Cavan' SRA1299 £130,
'Clonsilla-Drumree' TCK683 £of,
'Clonsilla-Kilcock' D Adv.RCJ192 £of, Webb & Thompson miniature staff 'C', aluminium, SRA1207 £50,
'Clonsilla-Leixlip' ORA392 £ns, ONS1199 £27, MTN100 £28, 'Clonsilla-Leixlip B'. alloy, unused condition. 25cm long SOL605 £40,
'Clonsilla-Leixlip' Webb & Thompson miniature staff 'B', aluminium, 25cm long, rings 2.5cm diameter SRA607 £50,
'Cork-Crossbarry' 'E' RCN1286 £of@30, ORA792 £50, E ORA193 £30, 'E' BRA593 £ns, 'E' WHY1299 £110, 'E', steel with steel rings/brass ends, vgc. 24cm long, SOL1004 £65,
'Cork-Waterfall ' 'A ' steel staff brass ends. vgc. 23cm. SOL305 £100,
'Croom-Bruree B' steel staff with brass rings. unusual 'divisible' staff, featuring 'Yale' type keys at each end. vgc. 37cm SOL1005 £200,
'Crossbarry-Ballinhassig' ORA1192 £50, 'C' BRA593 £ns, 'C' steel with brass rings/ends. vgc. 24 cm SOL1004 £100,
'Dromkeen-Killonan', ORA192 £130, 'D' cast alloy SOL303 £120, alloy 27cm long SOL604 £75, 'D' alloy with service knocks to rings/ends. Some loss of lettering to 'Dromkeen', 27 cm., SOL1004 £45,
'Dromkeen-Limerick Jcn.' ORA592 £na, 'E' cast alloy SOL303 £130, 'E' configuration. cast alloy, usual rings. 27cm long SOL304 £37, 'E' alloy with slight service knocks to rings/ends. Some loss of lettering to 'Dromkeen', 27 cm SOL1004 £65,
'Dromkeen-Pallas' ORA700 £120, 'A' configuration alloy. vgc. 24 cm SOL1004 £55,
'Dromod-Carrick' 'C' SRA399 £120,
'Drumree-Kilmessan' SRA294 £100, 'B' configuration, steel, usual brass rings/end. 24cm long SOL304 £79, 'Killmessan-Drumree B' GCR408 £80, 'Killmessan-Drumree B' GCR408 £80,
'Enfield-Hill of Down' ORA392 £50, BRA698 £54, alloy SRA699 £65,
'Enfield-Kilcock' ONS1199 £27, MTN100 £30, 'C' configuration, cast alloy, usual rings. 25cm long SOL304 £37, 'F' configuration. alloy staff. Some service knocks/wear. gc. 30cm. SOL305 £85,
'Enfield-Moy Valley' cylindrical steel with rings, the names engraved on a brass cap GCR1007 £190,
'Ennis-Ballycar' SRA692 £110,
'Farranfore-Ballybrack' KRA401 £130,
'Farranfore-Gortatlea' KRA406 £100,
'Fermoy-Ballyhooly' ORA400 £150, KRA1005 £56,
'Fermoy-Ballyduff' 'B' configuration KRA105 £260,
'Float Inny Jct.- For Multyf-ham' cylindrical steel with rings and brass cap GCR407 £190,
'Foynes-Ballingrane', cylindrical steel with rings, the names engraved on a steel cap (at other end a 5cm section is broken off) GCR1007 £140,
'Galway/Athenry' 'B' steel staff, brass end, ground frame key to other. vgc. 25cm SOL305 £110,
'Gort-Ardrahan' ORA192 £80, ORA192 £80, SRA492 £50, ORA198 £100, staff KRA704 £180, MTN906 £40, steel, brass end staff, GCR507 £60, MTN907 £60, 'Gort-Ardrahan', steel body with rings and a brass cap, section names engraved, with evidence of previous use on the cap GCR1008 £60,
'Gortalea-Tralee'. B configuration. 23cm. original condition, SRA604 £140,
'Headford Jcn-Killarney' B configuration, brass collar engraved 23cm long, SRA902 £170,
'Hill Of Down/Enfield' 'D' alloy staff. minor service wear to ends. vgc. 30cm long. SOL305 £85,
'Kilcock/Clonsilla' 'C' alloy staff. vgc. 28cm SOL305 £85,
'Killarney Jcn.-Sugar Factory', ORA592 £80,
'Killarney Jcn. for Mallow-Lombardstow', combined, four rings, annetts key brass end lettered 'C/D' SRA603 £200,
'Killucan-46 Mile Box', tubular with rings and brass cap inscribed with the names, the cap a little worn but lettering clear GCR708 £75,
'Kilmacow-Mullinavat' ORA797 £110, ORA1099 £40, 'B' SRA600 £50,
'Kilmeadan-Waterford W.' ORA491 £150, steel, brass mount inscribed + wooden staff, chipped, engraved 'Kilmeadan' 'Kilmacthomas' WHY101 £220,
'Levington-Mullingar E.' SRA292 £90, KRA1000 £150,
'Limerick Jct.-Tipperary' SRA1202 £260,
'Limerick Junction-Oola', alloy GCR408 £120,
'Lombardstown-Beet Factory' ORA592 £na,
'Long Pavement-Ballycar', 'A' configuration SRA305 £190,
'Lough Eske - Donegal B' Webb & Thompson miniature steel staff section names engraved onto a brass plate attached at one end, 27cm long with 3cm diameter brass rings around the central steel column, gc, SRA308 £460,
'Mallow-Fermoy' ORA101 £100,
'Maryborough-Conniberry Jct. cylindrical steel with brass rings and cap GCR407 £190,
'Maynooth-Leixlip' alloy SRA901 £60, alloy 25cm WHY101 £80,
'Maynooth-Kilcock' alloy MTN403 £145, 'Maynooth-Kilcock B', alloy, service knocks to both ends, lettering good. 24cm SOL605 £85,
'Milford-Bagenalstown' ORA997 £na,
'Moate-Castletown D' steel rings/brass ends. 30cm. SOL604 £95, Moate-Castletown'. Unusually, the staff has a large rectangular brass head inscribed with the names GCR408 £250, 'Moate-Castletown', the staff has a large rectangular brass head inscribed with names GCR408 £250,
'Moate-73rd Mile Box' KRA103 £160,
'Mullingar-Enfield E' steel rings/brass ends 30cm long SOL604 £100,
'Mullingar East-46 Mile Cabin C.' Alloy 25cm long. SOL604 £75,
'Mullingar W.-Castletown' 'A' (Adv.RCJ192 £na), CAL695 £50, KRA1001 £35, 'A' cast steel SOL303 £40, 'Castletown-Mullingar' MTN408£70, 'Mullingar-Castletown C' W & T aluminium miniature staff engraved 25cm long with four 3cm diameter rings, gc SRA908 £120,
'Mullingar W.-Athlone East' 'F' cast steel, SOL303 £35,
'Naas-Sallins' ORA798 £110,
'Nenagh-Birdhill' SRA692 £100,
'Nenagh-Cloughjordan' 'B' configuration, SRA304 £200,
'Oola-Limerick Jcn.' C (Adv.RCJ192 £na), 'C' alloy, vgc, 24 cm SOL1004 £100, alloy, GCR408 £120,
'Palace East-Macmine Jct.' RCJ900 £forx, 'B' steel with brass rings, key to end. 31cm SOL1005 £150,
'Pomeroy-Dungannon' 'D' BRA1197 £65,
'Pu-Balmia.A', steel-steel rings/brass ends, 24 cm SOL1004 £35,
'Rosslare- ' ORA197 £100,
'Thurles Junction- Horse & Jockey B'. steel, brass rings/ends. 24cm long SOL304 £194,
'Trim-Kilmessan Jct. ' KRA402 £160,
'Tuam-Milltown A'. steel with steel rings, brass to one end and key to other. vgc. 24cm long, SOL605 £40,
'Upton-Crossbarry', RCN585 £of@35, 'D' ORA193 £58, 'Upton/Crossbarry.D.' steel with brass rings/ends. vgc. 24 cm SOL1004 £65,
'Wicklow-Newcastle' KRA102 £120,
'46 Mile Cabin-Killucan' ORA392 £55, KRA102 £30, alloy MTN £14.

Webb & Thompson Staffs:
'Ardrahan-Craughwell' TCK482 £of@25,brass-plated, 58cm. Unrestored, SRA0604 £150, ebay904 £90,
'Athenry-Craughwell' RCJ900 £forx, brass-plated 58cm. Unrestored, SRA604 £150, cast brass plate 'Craughwell' and stamped brass plate 'Athenry' vgc with five brass rings intact TRA207 £55, steel with brass rings and cast brass plates GCR108 £120,
'Athymon Jct.-Loughrea' SRA1298 £220,
'Armagh-Rickhill' SRA998 £200,
'Bagnalstown-Palace East' with key KRA402 £250, large steel staff with brass rings, description plates and ground frame key to other end, vgc. 70cm. SOL305 £120,
'Ballinderry(cast)-Crumlin(stamped)'. Annetts key end and two brass plates, SRA902 £ns,
'Ballinderry-Knockmore Junction'. brass and metal (unpainted) with Annetts key end, CHF1004 £180,
'Ballintra+missing' BRA695 £55, GCR507 £250,
'Ballybay+missing' RCN585 £of@28,
'Ballybay-CastleblayneyBallybay' cast brass 'Castleblaney' and larger stamped brass plate 'Ballybay' with key end KRA107 £320,
'Ballyhaise-Belturbet' SRA998 £130, steel with cast brass plates & brass rings GCR1006 £520,
'Ballyhale' KRA497 £135,
'Banteer-Kanturk' RCJ900 £forx, 'Banteer-Kanturk' embossed on brass plates affixed to one end, 61cm long, the brass rings around the central steel column are approx 6cm diameter gc, SRA308 £70,
'Barnagh-Newcastle West' brass plates, slight corrosion, 68cm WHY101 £190,
'Borris-Palace East', tubular steel with brass rings GCR1007 £200,
'Castlebar-Manulla Jct.', steel hex brass end and rings locations stamped 58 cm SOL303 £80,
'Clonakilty Junction (cast brass)-'Ballinascarthy Jct 23 (engraved)', no Annetts key, SRA1201 £280, details unspecified KRA402 £240, Annett’s key at one end, brass labelled at one end for the section Clonakilty – Ballinascarthy Jct. approx 66mm long, the brass rings around the central steel column are approx 6mm diameter SRA307 £190,
'Clones(cast)-Ballyhaise Jct or Cavan(stamped)' rings + key SRA1298 £130,
'Clones-Ballybay' stamped brass different styles, steel restored blue SOL603 £180, cast & stamped, restored red SOL603 £120,
'Clones-Newtownbutler', steel with brass rings, Clones on cast brass plate, Newtonbutler on larger brass plate with stamped serif lettering GCR1006 £260,
'Clara-Streamstown' with Annetts key SRA1200 £280, steel staff with brass rings/key to end. early unmodified staff vgc. 66cm SOL1005 £200,
'Craughwell- Ardrahan' tubular steel, brass rings, names on cast brass plates GCR1007 £150,
'Donaghmore- ', (other plate detached), W&T, GCR507 £30,
'Donnbeg-Moyasta Junction' brass and painted, with Annetts key CHF1004 £350,
'Doonbeg-Killmurry 26' with Annetts key SRA303 £330, KRA406 £520,
'Drimoleague-Dunmanway' + Annetts key TCK383 £of@35, SRA1298 £140, 'Drimoleague Jct.-Dunmanway' steel with brass rings/location plates with key to end. vgc. 67cm long SOL605 £205,
'Dundalk-Inniskeen' SRA999 £140, 'Dundalk- Inniskeen' engraved and embossed respectively on brass plates, 58cm long, brass rings around the central steel column are approx 6cm diameter, gc SRA608 £130,
'Dungannon-Trew & Moy'. Annetts key end, cast brass plates. Unrestored, SRA902 £120, STA406 £120, staff with key, 'Trew & Moy-Dungannon' cast brass plates and is repainted GCR408 £100,
'Dunmanway-Ballineen' TCK583 £of, steel with brass plates and rings SOL303 £140,
'Dunmanway-Dromaleague' RCJ900 £forx,
'Claremorris(cast)-Milltown(engraved)' + Annetts key SRA399 £140,
'Clonakilty Jct.-Balllinascarthy Jct. TCK583 £of,
'Farranfore-Castlemaine' with Annett's key SRA901 £250,
'Float-Ballywilliam' with large triangular brass end SRA300 £ns,
'Glaslough-Monaghan' RCJ900 £forx,
'Glaslough-Tynan' brass and metal (unpainted) CHF1004 £240,
'Glenbeigh-Mountain Stage' cast plates SRA1299 £520, 5 brass rings and cast plates SRA603 £210,
'Kanturk-Banteer', 58cm (no Annetts key end), 5 brass rings. SRA904, £220,
'Kanturk-Newmarket', two cast brass plates 58cm. Unrestored. SRA904, £200,
'Headford Jct-Kilgarvan' with Annetts key SRA601 £190, WHY101 £130,
'Kells-Mountain Stage' ORA1191 £300, + key, SRA600 £300, SRA1204 £200,
'Kenmare-Kilgarvan' tubular steel with brass rings & cast brass nameplates GCR1006 £240,
'Killorglin-Castlemaine' 5 brass rings and cast plates SRA603 £210,
'Listowel-Abbeyfeale' + Annetts key SRA699 £340, not specified KRA1005 £190
'Listowel-Abbeydorney' staff with key for Lixnaw KRA107 £180, steel with brass rings, cast brass name plates and key for Lixnaw KRA707 £220,
'Manulla Jn-Ballina', steel staff with brass rings, description plates and ground frame key to either end, vgc. 66 cm, SOL1004 £190,
'Mogeely-Killeagh' SRA601 £380, KRA505 £120,
'Newbliss-Shantona Jct.' SRA694 £50,
'Newcastle-Rathkeale'(restored) SRA397 £160,
'Newtownstewart-Victoria Bridge', no Annetts key end, cast brass plates, SRA902 £ns, cast brass plate 'Victoria Bridge' and stamped plate 'Newtown Stewart' 58cm RNT407 £230,
'Tuam-Sugar Factory' SRA998 £410,
'Patrickswell-Ballingran' KRA998 £ns, RCJ403 £of@150, KRA1002 £ns, with Annetts key SRA1204 £130, cast brass plates GCR407 £150,
'Pettigo-Kesh' GNRI 58cm long, brass rings on central steel column approx 6cm diameter, SRA607 £460,
'Pomeroy-Beragh' with Annetts key KRA1002 £ns, embossed on brass plates and a key. 66cm long, brass rings around the central steel column SRA907 £75,
'St.Johnston(cast)-Strabane(stamped)' SRA1202 £220, staff, with key 'St Johnston-Strabane', St Johnston plate cast, Strabane stamped, repainted GCR408 £140, 'St Johnston-Strabane', St Johnston plate cast, Strabane stamped, repainted GCR408 £140
'Sugar Factory-Milltown' SRA302 £98,
'Trew & Moy-Dungannon' with key, cast brass plates, repainted GCR408 £100,
'Waterford West-Kilmeadan' KRA1002 £210,
'Wexford North-Enniscorthy' 5 rings with Annetts key SRA301 £280,
'Wicklow-Glenealy' ORA199 £ns, tubular steel with brass rings & cast brass nameplates GCR1006 £140, with Annetts key, cast brass plates 'Wicklow' and 'Glenealy', a dent to the handle end otherwise vgc restored. 650mm. long. TRA1107 £ns £of@150,
'Wicklow-Rathdrum' SRA395 £255, 66cm long, brass rings on central steel column approx 6cm diameter, with 'key' at one end, SRA607 £100,
'Youghal-Killeagh' brass plates stamped.Original red SRA602 £420.
A wooden board with seven different brass nameplates from Webb & Thompson train staffs, mostly with embossed names, but two stamped. The names are: Omagh North (stamped), Newtonstewart (stamped), Crumlin, Knockmore Jc., Ballyward, Katesbridge, St Johnston. vgc SRA907 £50

Unspecified & Other:
2 Irish MKA1091 £ns, MKA392 £205, Irish WT586 £22,
'Arklow-Woodenbridge' ORA991 £80, SRA292 £ns,
'Castletown-Moate' ORA991 £160,
'Clonsilla-Drumree' ORA1192 £40,
'Clonsilla-Leixlip' Webb & Thompson miniature staff 'B', aluminium, 25cm long, the rings 2.5cm diameter, SRA607 £50,
'Derry-Lisahally' ORA1192 £40,
'Legarrow G.F.' Special key alloy BRA998 £230,
'Rosslare' ORA591 £54,
'Wicklow-Greystones' ORA991 £210,
'Wexford-Macmine' steel brass rings & cast nameplates & key end for Killurin KRA106 £140,
TRAINING: 'D'. Steel with steel rings, brass ends unused 30cm long SOL605 £30, Staff unused, 25cm long SOL605 £25, Staff (Irish) 30cm cast alloy, unmarked/unused. vgc SOL1005 £30.

Other signalling: 12 Signal lever plates cast iron painted blue, black or red, white letter inscriptions such as 'West Siding Traps', 'Main Up Home', 'Goods Bank Siding Point', etc. Said to be from Kilcock WHY101 £of@40, CIE 3 asp. Handlamp. Top & vessel stamped 'CIE.' Base brass plated 'Limerick Junction 3'. All glasses good. Probably an earlier co. style handlamp with wire top handle & twin side catches. vgc Restored. TRA104 £170, IR rear tail lamp 'Serial No. 0508' ebay804 £24, GSWR or CIE 3 asp. Handlamp, body brass plated, Wexford (very worn). Complete with side triggers, CIE vessel, 'NWR' burner, reflector & all glasses. Restored TRA105 £90, CIE nickel plated guards thunderer whistle side marked C.I.E. 520. vgc. & working, TRA305 £29, CIE 3 aspect handlamp 32cm tall 12cm base diameter, reducing cone stamped CIE, right catch brass plate 'Emly 2' ebay405 £68, CIE shunt limit (probably alloy) 46x38cm ebay405 £16, CIE three-aspect handlamp with initials stamped in reducing cone and with a fluted cap and wire re-entrant top handle, two side catches with pins to engage notches in top. 'Draughting' improved by the provision of some holes punched in the reducing cone. CIE vessel. All glasses present and intact, gc SRA307 £30.

Poster: 'Excursion Dublin-Cork 21/6/1953' b/green steam loco RCN85-86? £of@4, 'Ireland by train' Curran SRA1291 £160, 'Ireland Circular Tours by CIE' (Melai) WHY1299 £220, CIE large colour poster 'Use your Eurail pass in Ireland' 64x100cm WHY1299 £20, CIE 1953 poster Waterford v Tipperary Hurling Final 'Excursion to Cork' showing express steam train, printed in green, red and black, slight wrinkling WHY101 £80, 'All In Holidays To Ireland' (Anon), published by BR & Irish Tourist Board and CIE. - 102x66 cm ONS501£70, Ireland (Costelloe) PHI1001 £230, CIE dr poster 'Ireland by CIE' showing an 'A' class headed train by Avonmore river GCA502 £na, Costelloe: Tour Connemara by CIE, printed by Hely's Limited, Dublin, CHR903 £1645, CIE 'Curran' poster 'Ireland by CIE' with silver 'A' class 102x63cm (for US market) ebay405 $345, CIE 'Curran' poster 'Ireland welcomes you' 102x63cm (for US market) ebay405 $162.50, CIE 3 asp. handlamp with re-entrant wire top handle & side triggers. Top stamped 'C.I.E' but lamp looks earlier. all glasses but lacks vessel vgc TRA905 £85, CIE dr poster: Ireland – CIE coach tours and radio trains, coastline featuring beach, railway and road with coach passing. dated 1953, folded, vgc otherwise SRA307 £240.

Buttons, etc.: 7 (3 snail brass 25,19,15, 2 nickel 25,19 + CIE nickel 25, 16) BRA693 £12, cap badge SOL998 £9, snail gilt buttons 25mm + 16mm BRA1298 £na, CIE 25mm chrome advtRCJ700 £of@2, CIE 17mm 'snail' gilt advtRCJ700 £of@1, CIE 'snail' chrome split pin back cap badge, GC to fine, WHY101 £65; GNRI button, CIE 'flying snail' cap badge, later button, NR cap badge & a range of PS vehicle license badges & Inchicore Works 1996 plaque WHY101 £42, CIE enamel chrome cap badge (CIE in chrome on cream on offset blue backing 6x2.5 cm) BRA401 £na, CIE chrome & enamel Cap Badge. on a white rectangle against a blue plain 'wing'. As Frog. plate 63 but without job title, TRA802 £10, CIE 'Porter' Frog.63 TRA203 £32, CIE enamel & chrome cap badge 'C.I.E.' in a white tablet on a plain sided blue 'wing' shape. Similar to Froggatt plate 63, 65x25mm TRA1104 £ns, 2 chrome CIE buttons 1 @15mm and 1 @19mm by Birmingham Buttons Ltd. ebay705 £1.04, 2 chrome CIE buttons 19mm by Birmingham Buttons Ltd. ebay705 £1.24, Five horse brass harness decorations - A pair of GNRI, one GSR, one CIE and one winged wheel brass on a black perspex and polished mahogany board TRA306 £85, CIE Road services - three different uniform badges: brass and enamel examples for 'Conductor' and 'Driver' and chrome and enamel 'Conductor' badge (3) SRA606 £10, CIE (bus) driver's badge 9195 ebay407 £21.51, a large collection (more than 100) of CIE/IE etc. badges ebay607 £365.07, a CIE 19mm,nickel button GAC408 £of@16.

Miscellaneous: CIE handlamp RCN85-86? £of@15, SRA1091 £75, Irish rubber stamps ORA193 £20, silvered cu(a?)p badge flying snail WHY299 £ns, drivers cap badge blue enamel with white top square, nickel edges BRA299 £25, porters cap badge dk. blue and white enamel BRA399 £23, CIE guard's lamp complete with porcelain wick holder by Sherwoods, metal oil container stamped 'CIE', three colour type with only blue filter remaining, painted black, slight rusting, paint chips, VG WHY101 £of@40, CIE loco grease gun stamped 'CIE' WHY101 £20, CIE Orange steam loco engine pass March 1957 'Arigna-Ballinamore' BRA601 £16, CIE: 40 tickets, all issued. SRA1203 £45, CIE 1970-80's hat ebay204 $17, CIE platform tickets (various types): Amiens St, Athlone, Bray, etc.(19) PTA904 £42, CIE small drinking glass MTN905 £5, GSR PTT July 1929. Brown and cream covers, 56pp. Covers dusty. SRA1205 £65, CIE: 150 issued and audit whole Edmondsons includes closed stations and a variety of different types PTA406 £130, CIE Dublin District timetable booklet. Pocket sized with photo illustration of double decker on front. 96pp dated July 1956. SRA307 £20, CIE 100 whole Edmondsons, approx. 45% issued includes closed stations and interesting types. (100) PTA407 £40, CIE summer 1948 PTT ebay607 £32.66, CIE bell codes electric token block & single line 1952, hanging card notice, also similar 1875 Explosives Act(1930) (2), KRA707 £na (starting £10), CIE: 125 issued whole Edmondsons, including a variety of types and a number of closed stations, such as Ballinascarthy, Croom, Drumshambo, Quilty and Valencia Harbour (125) PTA707 £80, CIE: approx. 80 issued and 160 audit whole Edmondsons £260, 223 issued and 145 audit whole Irish Edmondsons, 211 of issued are UTA from c.1960, remainder are from the CIE (5) and GNRB (7), while there is also a CVR joined return, audit tickets are from 9 different companies, of which 78 are CDRJC, 14 CIE, 13 BCDR, 21 LMS NCC, and 18 GNR(I) (Qty) PTA1007 £35, CIE passenger TT, 18 June to 9 September 1962, ebay1107 £23.58, CIE TT, Main line trains and principal branch connections, Summer 1958, ebay1107 £39.01, CIE Train arrangements August bank holiday 1958 ebay1207 £3, Miscellany comprising: CIE - 39 issued and 65 audit whole Edmondsons, 1 issued and 11 audit thin card, and 52 severed halves; GSR - 3 issued and 14 audit whole, 5 halves; GSWR – 3 halves. The lot also includes a quantity of CIE and IE paper, large card and machine issues (Qty) PTA108 £220, a CIE lot: 78 issued and 160 audit whole Edmondsons, together with 65 severed halves and a small number of thin card tickets, including a locomotive and railcar pass available only on steam engines for a fortnight in 1960 (Qty) PTA408£210, CIE: A collection of 76 issued and 30 audit whole Edmondsons, together with 2 platform tickets from the CIE and similar issues from the GNR(I) and UTA (111) PTA708 £100.

7K .jpg image of GSR crest GSR Coach coat of arms (Source: SRA)

Some Great Southern Railway(s) Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: (+BCDR) ONS691 £55, (+ CDRJC) ONS691 £50, 2nd design BRA492 £30, unspecified SRA492 £35, MTN493 £14, MKA1193 £2, coach SRA1294 £130, 1925 coach SRA395 £85, Coa mounted CAL1195 £40, Coach mounted SRA396 £95, GSR(+ GNR) on hardboard 40x40 ONS500 £na, GSR coach coa mounted 37x39cms SRA301 £35, GSR belted garter crest mounted 43x41cm KRA404 £100, GSR garter arms transfer mounted on board, used on coaches, 46cm square. vgc.SRA604 £100, GSR coa mounted on board, 41x43cm. SRA904 £110, GSR coa, an original transfer, 35cms h, on a moulded wooden panel 45.5cm, square. This is No 8 from the set of crests of its constituent companies commissioned by CIE in 1945, and while the edges of the panels are uniformly dark green, the background colour and the lining-out are correct for each constituent company, label on verso, vgc, MEA307 est£350-500 £ns, GSR coa, with frame & glass, 48cm sq. GCR408 £10, GSR original coa, varnished transfer on painted wood panel, f&g - 39x44cm vgc est£150-200, ONS608 £ns, GSR mounted coa transfer, overall 37x42cm, on maroon background GCR708 £40, GSRy mounted coa transfer 24x37cm on a maroon background GCR1008 £45.

Railchair: MTN994 £5.

Bridge: Enamel 2 language bridge restriction ORA794 £255, Enamel 1933 Road Traffic Acts Irish & English, no tonnage plate, GWR598 £14, £18, GSR bi-lingual enamel bridge restriction, 13 lines text both languages. white on black, 91x46cm. vgc, hole and minor chip repairs SRA1202 £140, GSR bilingual enamel bridge weight restriction 'G.S.R, Notice, to owners & drivers of motor vehicles....', signed by H.S.Coe, white on blue, 91x46cm, text in Gaelic the left and in English on the right, excellent colour and shine, a couple of small face chip repairs and chips at fixing holes GCR408 £220.

Trespass/bridge: TCK383 £of@21, enamel abbrev. title dual language SRA398 £250, GSR bilingual enamel bridge weight restriction 'G.S.R, Notice, to owners & drivers of motor vehicles....', signed by H.S.Coe, white on blue, 91x46cm, text in Gaelic the left and in English on the right, excellent colour and shine, a couple of small face chip repairs and chips at fixing holes GCR408 £220.

Fences: GSR injuring fences BRA695 £140.

Posterboard: enamel posterboard-heading 'GSR (Ireland)', white on blue, 71x15cm. hole-chipping SRA605 £50 (DC notes unusual form for GSR & suggests, given font, possibly LNER for hoardings for overseas companies).

Wagon plate: 'Registered by the GSR to carry 14 tons 1925 M146' undamaged KRA1001 £120.

Posters, etc.: 'Land of Romance' ORA591 £110, 'Blarney Castle' SRA1093 £160, 'Land of Romance - Blarney' CHR599 £est350-450, 'Land of Beauty' ONS594 £55, 'Land, the Land of Eternal Youth' printed R. Breslin, two folds, 62x102cm WHY299 £440, 'Land of Romance - Blarney' rebacked on linen WHY1299 £220, GSR 1939 'Excursion tickets to and from Dublin' black on pale orange 57x90cm WHY1299 £50, GSR (by Till) ONS1199 £600, L'Irlande Great Southern Railways (Breslin) printed by Alex Thom Dublin - 102x62 cm ONS1101 £ns, GSR Breslin 'Ireland.. eternal youth' A.Thom 102x63cm est. ONS503 £200-300 but £ns, a second example with picture ONS503 £200-400, also £ns, Great Southern Rys. 'Ireland For Bracing Air & Glorious Sunshine. Glengariff, Killarney'. Walter Till. 102x76cm. Rolled only. Minor edge nicks, SRA903 £480, R Breslin Ireland The Land of Eternal Youth ONS1003 est. £150-250 £ns, R Breslin Ireland: The land of eternal youth, printed for Great Southern Railways for display in France by Alex Thom - 102x63cm, ONS 604 £180, GSR dr poster 'Ireland Land of Beauty' sepia photo of country folk c.1930s edge tears, some loss, repairs. SRA305 £46, GSR Walter Till Killiney poster ebay607 $600, GSR dr poster: Ireland-The Land of Eternal Youth. R. Breslin 1935, folded, small edge tear, good otherwise SRA907 £320.

Station:Horseshoe Enamel d/sided hanging station sign 'Mallow' b/w, TRA202 £74, GSR bilingual white on black enamel station sign 'Madore/Mag Dobair', 122x46cm, excellent condition KRA707 £250.

China, cutlery, etc.:GSR white gravy boat SRA999 £40, GSRI sugar bowl KRA700 £10, 'Ireland, Gem of the Sea' 1935 booklet BRA900 £ns, GSRI sugar bowl, 7 cm. dia. 4 cm. high, full title and coa on base BRA1200 £35, GSR(I) white china ashtray, made by Arklow with the gold rim top lettered in blue 'Great Southern Hotels Ireland' and the top centre similarly 'G.S.H.', gold cigarette notches. 9.5 cm diameter, SRA303 £52, GSR china ashtray orange design in centre on green background, large black full Company title garter arms on base, 11 cm square, with slightly indented sides SRA603 £30, Fairy mushroom house with matching base night light, stamped crest on base The GSRs Co, ebay1203 £na, 'GS Hotels Ireland' china ashtray, 'GSH' logo. Base marked 'C.I.E. Hotels Dept. Arklow Ware'. v.g.c. 105mm. dia. TRA904 £65, GSR white china milk jug, coa on side, 8 cm tall, good condition SRA305 £60, "The Great Southern Railways Company" (Ireland) small white china Bowl in v.g.c. 70mm. dia., company title crest on the base TRA505 £38, GSR milk jug (crested on the base) ebay308 £103.

Buttons: silver BRA991 £2, nickel BRA1291 £8, nickel m. BRA492 £5, 17mm nickel BRA193 £3, 25mm BRA393 £10, 50 15mm shamrock nickel BRA793 £10, 19mm nickel BRA594 £ns, 17mm nickel F62.19 AdvRCJ1094 £2, 4 Irish buttons GSR, GNR + 2 CIE MTN199 £na, GSR 17mm nickel advtRCJ700 £of@1, GSR small nickel F62/19 (with 6 MRNCC & 2 GNRI) SRA1000 £150, GSR(I) 'Inspector' lapel badge in black and white enamel shield with grade in scroll beneath. Also stamped '48' in copper mounting on back. A little enamel chipping. SRA1203 £30 (But bus, not railway - Source:DC), Five horse brass harness decorations - A pair of GNRI, one GSR, one CIE and one winged wheel brass on a black perspex and polished mahogany board TRA306 £85.

Miscellaneous: GSR Rulebook 1933 TCK283 £of@3, Hooped tablet pouch 15x17cm, hoop 27x27cm BRA993 £ns, ivorine plate GSR Inchicore 1938 BRA494 £30, hanging card advert holiday fares ORA797 £34, 13 handbills including LNER and Irish MTN199 £na, 'GSR Motor bus stops here' enamel shield 55x55cm WHY299 £of@150, GSR 'Ireland, Gem of the Sea' booklets: Dublin & Wicklow, Tralee, Dingle & Clare, Central Ireland, Waterford, Tramore & South East, also 1915 Railway Clearing System Superannunation WHY299 £ns, Range of handbills (4) incl. 'St Kevin's Parish Excursion to Cork 1932' + CDRJC (2) 14x22cm, a few with torn corners WHY299 £16, Gaelic communication cord enamel notice 15x10 BRA399 £28, SRA1201 £22, GSR Hotel Label for 'Killarney-Ireland' unusually self adhesive with brown backing paper still intact, adhesive has given the label a brown background. SRA303 £20, GSR PTT booklet dated June 1926. Brown covers, 56pp plus map. SRA903 £65, GS Hotels luggage label in green, black and orange on white paper. Print date 9/31. vgc. SRA903 est.£24 £ns, GSR(I) pictorial Hotel Luggage Label. 9/1932 print with list of GSR hotels, but 'Caragh Lake' deleted. vgc. SRA1203 £18, GSR PTT July 1943 46 pp. SRA0304 est.£10, GSR PTT September 1937 46 pp. SRA0604 £65, luggage label Great Southern Hotels Ireland under Railway Management lists 7 locations 141x110mm TRA704 £35, luggage label 'Great Southern Hotels Ireland from Mulraney to ____' lists 6 hotels with images 147x108mm TRA704 £35, GSR carriage key ebay804 £10.50, GSR three pictorial Hotel Luggage Labels, all of the same design, but printed at different periods and listing three differing lists of company hotels. All mint. SRA904 est.£75 £ns, GSR (white with red band and company initials) hand towel ebay1004 £26, GSR(I) Hotels, pair (tea/dinner) of single card Menus. One bears the embossed full company title & crest and has a centre fold, the other bears the full title and later winged wheel device & is dated 26/8/48 (2) TRA105 £38, GS Hotels Ireland large paper Luggage Label from Galway showing the six hotels in the company group. Minor scuffs & fox spots only. 146x108mm. TRA105 £38, CIE nickel plated guards thunderer whistle side marked C.I.E. 520. vgc. & working, TRA305 £29, 'Great Southern Hotel Parknasilla - Ireland' pictorial square luggage label. vgc 103x91mm. TRA305 £ns, 'Great Southern Hotel Bundoran (Co. Donegal) - Ireland' pictorial square luggage label. vgc 101x95mm. TRA305 £ns, 'Great Southern Hotel Sligo-Ireland' self adhesive luggage label on an original backing paper. v.g.c. 127x50mm. together with a pair of 'Great Southern Hotel Kenmare-Ireland' luggage labels. One in paper, one in tie on card. 104x90mm. and 138x91mm. All vgc. (3) TRA705 £35, GSR 1935 publication 'Ireland Gem of the Sea'. 88pp. with folding map. Slight bumping to bottom right corners & small label residue TRA905 £24, CIE issued whole Edmondsons from Abbeyfeale, Ballaghadwreen, Ballinascarthy, Ballyhaunis, Bantry, Belturbet, Cahirciveen, Cobh Queenstown, Cork Glanmire Road, Corofin, Dromod, Dunkettle, Farranfore, Kenmare, Killorglin, Milltown Dublin, Mountrath, Newcastle West, Streamstown, Woodenbridge. (20) PTA1105 £30, GSR issued whole Edmondsons from Abbeydorney, Abbeyleix (pre-dated), Amiens St. Junction, Ballinrobe, Belturbet, Clonmel, Albert Quay (pre-dated), Glanmire, Crossbarry, Harcourt St, Kingsbridge, Westland Row, Limerick (pre-dated), Maryboro’ (/), Shankhill, Sligo, Upton, Waterford, Waterford Manor, Youghal. (20) PTA1105 £130, CIE: Approx 120 issued and audit whole Edmondsons. (Qty) PTA1105 £75, GSR Guide Book: 'Ireland-Gem of the Sea' illustrated covers, 48pp plus plates, adverts and fold-out map, dated 1936, minor annotation on slightly worn covers. SRA306 est@£10, GSR centre-folding brochure: 'Ireland-Gem of the Sea' coloured pictorial covers, 28pp guide to Cork, Killarney and Kerry with fold-out map, c.1930s. SRA306 est@£10, GSR roll type omnibus tickets comprising 3d and 6d green 'Omnibus Section' prints, together with 1½d green, 2½d pink, 3d yellow and 4d orange titled 'Omnibus Services:City Services'. All are used and bear the imprint 'Made in England' (6) PTA406 £ns, Three GSR official publications: 'Ireland Gem of the Sea' 42pp. 1928 (cover nicks); 'Motor Coach Tours Ireland 1939' 64pp. gc and 'Great Southern Hotels' Jan 1955 (folding leaflet in gc) TRA506 £22, GSR 1939 32pp brochure 'Tourist and Excursion Fares', an exhibit at the New York World 's Fair ebay706 of@$9.99 ns, GSR 1932 booklet 'Ireland Gem of the sea' artwork by Hayward Young 46pps ebay706 of@30 ns, GSR WTT dated July 1931. 145pp, covers worn, contents OK SRA307 £110, GSR PTT dated July 1936. Foolscap size, brown covers, 46pp, worn, SRA307 £55, Lot 150 platform tickets comprising GSR, CIE (21-including 1 earlier print), GNR(I) (3), GNRB (6), LMS NCC (3), NIR (1) and UTA (6), mostly vgc. (41) PTA407 £120, GSR pictorial luggage label 'From Great Southern Hotel Parknasilla-Ireland” with a poster style image of hotel, TRA507 £14, GSR WTT September 1936, brown card covers, 91pp. SRA607 £50, GSR WTT dated June 1942, brown card covers, 86pp. SRA607 £50, GS Hotels luggage label, ornate design in green, black and yellow listing locations, print date 4/38, SRA607 £14, GSR luggage labels of types IG21 – 26, all different, mostly vgc (62), SRA607 £110, CIE WTT, card covers, 94pp, dated June 1952, covers slightly worn, SRA607 £55, CIE dr sized poster showing colour photo view of Ross Castle, Killarney, produced for the American market circa 1960s, small tear top edge, SRA607 £10, GSR. A collection of 10 issued and 70 audit whole Edmondsons, includes a wide selection of types and a number of closed stations. Ballyconnell, Durrus Road, and renamed Maryboro' included in issued tickets. (80) PTA707 £40, GSR Omnibus Department 12pp fold out leaflet for the tour of Galway, blue print showing photo illustration of company coach, dated June 1939. vgc. SRA907 £10, GSR lot: 9 issued tickets and 91 audit whole, plus 50 severed halves (100wh 50hlf) PTA408 £110, GSR PTT, brown and cream covers, 56pp dated October 1929, some foxing to cover. SRA908 £10, GSR: collection of 22 issued singles, 38 audit singles and 195 audit returns. The issued tickets include Ballyconnell, Cobh, Harcourt Street, Listowel, and Tuam (255) PTA1008 £360.


24K .jpg image of MGWR crest MGWR coat of arms

Some Midland and Great Western Railway Auction Results:

Coat of arms: MGWR of Ireland 1845 original coa, varnished transfer on fine wood panel, f&g - 35x30 cm vgc ONS608 £280.

Coach/wagon plate: MGWR No 106 1885 (Broadstone) brass and No. 1730 1898 cast iron KFR268 £24, '15' Broadstone 1894 SRA1296 £155, MGWR wagon plate 'M.G.W.R, BROADSTONE, 2021, 1909', oval with scroll below displaying the year of build, overall 19x14cm, front repainted long ago GCR1007 £200.

Bridge No.: No.52 TCK383 £of@12, No.412 TCK583 £of@24, WT586 £12, No.240 RCN1286 £of@5, SRA1288 £24, No.582 BRA794 £50, KRA794 £50, No.498 SRA697 £55, No. 598 SRA398 £40, ORA199 £na, No. 582 ORA100 £45, '730' 28X20cm face only repainted SRA600 £50, oval cast iron bridge plate 'MGWR 36' 295x203mm TRA1101 £83, 'MGWR 690' TRA602 £25, 'MGWR 755' cast-iron 29x20cm bridge, SRA902 £40, 'MGWR 520' TRA104 £40.

Bridge Restriction: 6 line George Wm. Green, Secretary, 7/5/1891 94x53cm ORA199 £150, MGWR full title cast-iron Bridge Weight sign. 6 lines of text. Broadstone 7th May 1891. George Wm. Greene. Rectangular, 94x55cm, repainted, SRA902 £750.

Trespass: Enamel 1909 SRA398 £180, Enamel 1909 BRA1298 £155, MGWR small cast-iron gate notice lettered 'MGWR. Notice. Any Person Opening And Neglecting To Shut This Gate Incurs A Penalty Of 40 Shillings'. Rectangular with scalloped corners, 30x19 cm, repainted a long time ago. SRA602 £450, Enamel 1909 Trespass 452x 327mm Black on white. Substantial chipping TRA602 £50, Enamel MGWR 1909 trespass notice, black on white, 324x457mm, edge chips, generally excellent condition but text affected on right KRA106 £180, enamel MGWR trespass notice May 1909, black on white 31x46cm, one chip repair affecting the last three letters of 'Ireland' and minor edge chips KRA107 £140.

Station: MGWR handbell KFR268 £5, MGWR semi-circular poster header board KFR268 £5, Enamel doorplate, brown on cream 'Refreshment room' 43x17cm BRA793 £33, 'Tickets' SRA597 £110, cast iron fender with 'MGWR' initials, 103 cm wide unrestored SRA300 £100, 'Mullingar' enamel, blue on white, seat back/station sign 23x9 cm (stated 'difficult to determine if rail or not') GWR401 £45, Cast iron posterboard heading 'Midland Great Western Railway, Ireland', 110x16.5cm, the front repainted GCR1006 £200, MGWR lamp tablet white enamel with blue lettering and margin 23x9cm a little edge chipping SRA1207 £75.

Buttons, etc.: or pass, oval brass, wreath reverse, space for name BRA192 £26, brass 18mm BRA193 £33.

Miscellaneous:'A' frame fusée clock c1870 SRA492 £380, poster 'Connemara' SRA1092 £255, Timetable 1913 SRA293 £70, TT 1910 SRA693 £65, TT 1913 SRA893 £65, Tail lamp h48x15x15cm red bullseye with reservoir, ex Nth. Wall, believed MGWR BRA993 £ns, TT 1912 SRA1093 £28, poster 'Connemara - old bog road' WHY198 £440, poster 1939 'All-in Tours' red and blue on white WHY198 £90, pair signal lamp interiors stamped one bearing clover leaf brass plate 'W.Curtis & Sons Manuf. Dublin' both complete with fore and aft reservoirs - one stamped MGWR - and burners SRA399 £170, TT and programme of tours 1908 season, Achill, Connemara and the West, with map, cover loose WHY1299 £120, pocket watch by Frengley Bros, stamped MGWR No.5 WHY600 £170, TT 1911 ONS500 £120, 'Connemara, Galway, Achill & WoI Tourist Guide 135pps 1900 SRA1000 £na, MGWR 'Gradient Table' issued by Engineer's Office Broadstone showing gradient graphs, vgc WHY101 £120, 'Tours In Connemara Galway Achill & West Of Ireland' (F Hugo d'Alesi), mounted on linen - 123x88cm, ONS501 £750, 'Tours In Connemara Galway Achill & West Of Ireland' (F Hugo d'Alesi), MGWR, mounted on linen - 123x88cm, ONS1101 £3000, MGWR three Tourist Guides: 'Galway'; 'Achill'; and 'Connemara'. All 16pp of text and photos with cream card covers lettered in blue, red and green respectively. gc SRA302 £48, Framed and glazed official works Photo of MGWR 2-6-0 No. 400 lined grey livery. 757 x 576mm o/a frame TRA802 £106, GSR GSWR or MGWR 'Ballyshannon' carriage print, some water damage, framed, cracked at bottom, RCJ403 £ofs, 'Midland & Great Western Hotel' silver plated 1/2 pint Hot Water Jug by James Dixon & Sons. Title clearly engraved on side in an arc, light wear to plating TRA1003 £80.Who knows!, MGWR messengers type non-corrugated 3 asp. handlamp. Stamped 'MGWR' top & body. 2 side catches & brass ring to top, no vessel, red glass broken & green missing. TRA304 £160, MGWR issued Bicycle Sgl from Boyle (dated 1903) on pink/white/ yellow card. PTA904 £20, MGWR guide book 'Connemara, Galway, Achill and the West of Ireland' hardback covers, 135pp plus adverts and fold-out map, dated 1900. spine missing. SRA305 £65, MGWR type IM14 (pink) and IM15 (white) luggage labels used for journeys involving a sea passage. Mostly vgc. (6) SRA1205 £20, MGWR type IM14 luggage label to Liverpool, plus blank type to blank via blank (2), SRA607 £22, Navan & Kingscourt Railway share certificate for one £10 share dated 1871. Ornate scrolled title with company crest top centre, embossed seal, neatly overstamped 'Paid in Full" gc SRA308 £14.

8K .jpg image of GSWR crest GSWR Coach coat of arms (Source: SRA)

Some Great Southern and Western Railway Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: (+GNR) ONS691 £22, ONS691 £55, SRA1291 £50, SRA292 £45, garter SRA894 £85, Coach type mounted SRA696 £120, STN1196 £34, coa framed (label & phone no. 'Shepherds Bush,4833') on board long since, 419x483mm, KRA106 £80, GSWR original coa, transfer on painted wood panel, f&g - 40x34 cm vgc ONS608 £160.

Locomotive items: Loco chimney ex GSWR No 100 KFR268 £12, GSWR No. 173 1874 and No 46 1878 KFR268 £8, Whistle stamped 'GS&WR 100', base nut cast 'Worth 100', 64cms SRA1298 £ns, GSWR tenderplate 'GS&WR No. 173. 1874'. Rectangular, 25x15 cm, unrestored. SRA602 £170, Irish brass cabside 'GSR 222 Inchicore Works 1924.R', carried by ex WLWR 0-6-0 No.2 'SHANNON', built by Kitson in 1900, rebuilt at Inchicore in 1924 (presumably the 'R') SRA604 £2100, GSWR tall brass locomotive bell whistle, stamped 'GS&WR.001', 63cm tall. Polished and repainted SRA1204 £150, Brass cabside numberplate: '2'. SRA are reasonably sure this is an Irish plate, possibly GSWR loco, rectangular 43x25cm basically in ex-loco condition front and back, with the number and rim lightly polished only, SRA607 £280.

Coach plate: Fox's carriage makers plate 1914 ORA1191 £40, GSWR carriage plate 44 Inchicore Works 33x18cm KRA102 £150, GS&WR (embossed) chromed (on brass?) matchstriker 3x10.5 cm ebay506 £15.

Wagon plate: '15242' Inchicore SRA692 £72, '8277' Inchicore Works SRA1296 £85, cast iron GSWR/15077/Inchicore Works', slight corrosion WHY299 £65, Inchicore wagon plate SHM £90, '24803' Inchicore Works brake van SRA1200 £80, Inchicore Works 1910 ORA101 £140, GSWR 14 ton 1924 M134 wagon registration plate ebay705 £78.10, circular cast iron wagon registration plate, Registered by the G.S.& W. Ry, 1924, To carry 14 tons M134, unrestored complete with lugs GWRA1105 £120, GSWR wagonplate: 'GSWR 8810 Inchicore Works' oval, 32x18cm in ex-vehicle condition front and back, burn marks only where removed, SRA607 £150.

Gate notice, etc.: TCK383 £of@17, TCK883 £of@18, TCK184 £of@15, WT1186 £16, RCN1286 £of@28 + £of@18, OTL387 £of@20, RCA887 £na, RCN87 £of@20, SRA1289 £65, ORA390 £40, SRA990 £75, ORA591 £85, STL991 £42, ORA1191 £65, ORA192 £65, ORA392 £50, STK392 £45, SRA492 £42, ORA792 £45 (£70 second source), MTN492 £36, MTN692 £42, MTN992 £45, SRA892 £na, SRA1092 £40, SRA1292 £38, SRA293 £30, '40/-' SRA693 £35, RRA793 £70, RRA993 £55, MRA1193 £55, MTN694 £39, AdvRCJ594 £50, SRA894 £38, ORA794 'Any person..'£44, MTN994 £38, BRK994 £30, MTN195 £50, CAL395 £na, MTN495 £26, MTN495 £40, ONS795 £70, ORA296 £52, CAL696 £48, KRA796 £50, SOL996 £30, KRA996 £40, BRA597 £50, SRA697 £90, KRA498 £85, 'Irish gate'? MTN498 £16, pair GSWR gates GWR598 £55, gate MKA598 £34, gates ORA798 £42, £46, GWR1098 £85, gate ORA199 £50, gate RCJ299 £of@75, GSWR gate RCJ399 £of@50, GSWR gate KRA499 'Any person..' £48, Gate PHI599 £32, GSWR gate KRA799 £30, GWR799 £45, gate SOL1099 £na, gate WHY1299 £ns (reserve £30), gate GWR1299 £30, GSWR gate BRA1299 £50, SOL300 £34, gate KRA400 £40, gate MTN900 £47, a 2nd gate MTN900 £42, gate KRA1000 £46, untitled 'No Thoroughfare' BRA1000 £40, gate 4-line BRA1100 £45, GWR1100 £35, WHY101 £55, gate KRA101 £42, gate 4-line BRA401 £45, gate GWR501 £50, gate KRA401 £55, KRA1001 £75, gate 28x28cm KRA102 £42, gate KRA402 £40, GSWR unrestored gate MTN402 £115, small 4 line gate 282 x 273mm TRA602 £54, 4 line 27x28.5cm KID503 £45, GSWR. small cast iron gate 4-line , face rest. only, 285x272mm.TRA803 £65, 'GS&WR - Any Person .. Forty Shillings' MTN404 £85, GSWR small cast iron gate notice in unrestored cond. 283x270mm, TRA504 £110, GSWR cast iron gate notice no paint 28x28cm. KRA704 £30, GSWR full title enamel sign white on black 'Notice. To Owners And Persons In Charge Of Traction Engines, Steam Road Rollers And Other Unusually Heavy Vehicles Take Notice That This Bridge Is Insufficient To Carry Weights In Excess Of The Ordinary Traffic Of The District, And The Owners And All Persons In Charge Of Traction Engines, Steam Road Rollers, And Other Unusually Heavy Vehicles, Are Hereby Warned Against Taking Such Engines, Rollers, Or Unusually Heavy Vehicles, Over This Bridge, And They Are Hereby Informed That They Will Be Held Responsible For Any Damage That May Be Caused In Consequence Of Such Traffic Being Taken Over This Bridge Contrary To This Notice. 1st Day of May 1903. Ormsby, Secretary'. Rectangular, 30x39cm, some repaired edge chips including a large one at the base which conceals the Mr.Ormsby’s Christian name. SRA904 £300, GSWR cast iron gate notice, repainted long ago KRA1004 £50, GSWR small gate notice restored TRA105 £41, GSWR cast iron small gate notice. Face rest. TRA705 £38, cast iron GSWR gate notice MTN705 £42, GSWR gate, two small chips to top border edge. unrestored. gc. 273x279mm SOL306 £35, GSWR gate MTN406 £6, GSWR gate GIL307 £227.37, GSWR cast iron: 'GS&WR Notice any person leaving this gate open is liable to a penalty of forty shillings.' 27x29cm repainted both sides in grey, front lettering and edging picked out in white, gc, SRA607 £60, GSWR (probably repro) small gate, ebay1107 £ns, GSWR cast iron notice 'GS&WR Notice, Any Person Leaving This Gate Open is Liable to a Penalty of Forty Shillings.' 27x29cm the front restored to vgc in black and white, the back original, SRA308 £65, 'GSWR Notice Any person leaving this gate open is liable to a penalty of forty shillings', 27x28cm, unrestored condition with original paintwork GCR408 £30.

Trespass: BT382 £22, 'Injuring fences' RCN386 £of, ? BT686 £21, LO887 £28, SRA491 £100, ORA791 £160, SRA891 (small 25x28cm) £85, ? ORA991 £75, SRA1091 both lugs intact £40, ORA592(small) £85, SRA692 Ormsby £100, ? SRA1092 £90, MRA394 £60, AdvRCJ594 £70, Ormsby BRA794 £ns, ? ORA794 £50, SRA1094 both lugs £90, Ormsby both lugs CAL696 £65, Ormsby both lugs SRA397 £80, small 7 line BRA598 £105, 48x36cm with both lugs ORA1098 £100, Ormsby 48x36cm both lugs intact SRA399 £65, RCJ799 £of@60, Ormsby KRA799 £50, Ormsby both lug holes back unrestored ONS500 £na, Ormsby KRA400 £75, Ormsby GWR600 £60, GSWR full title cast-iron Ormsby Trespass 7 lines of text. 48x36cm lugs intact, SRA902 £180, GSWR cast-iron gate 27x28cm, repainted, SRA902 £65, GSWR gate 27x28.5cm original condition KID503 £50-60, GSWR full title Ormsby trespass, eight lines, lugs intact, 48x34.5cm KID503 £48, GSWR cast iron trespass notice 'R.Crawford Secretary' restored. 481x348mm plus lugs TRA704 £200, GSWR fully titled cast iron trespass notice signed 'Francis B Ormsby Secretary'. Rectangular 48x44cm, undamaged top and bottom lugs, ex lineside condition KRA505 £80, GSWR Ormsby trespass 483x349 and 451mm. Original condition. SRA1205 £100, GSWR cast iron 'Ormsby' trespass with integral fixing lug, face restored only TRA506 £na, a GSWR Ormsby GWRA506 £160, GSWR Ormsby trespass 476x349mm front restored some time ago, the back in primer SRA606 £40, GSWR Ormsby trespass Notice, 48x34cm, with 5cm fixing lugs at centre top & base, original condition KRA107 £100, GSWR cast iron Ormsby trespass with integral top and bottom fixing lugs in ex-lineside condition TRA207 £70, GSWR cast iron trespass sign. Approx 50x44cm, unrestored SRA307 est£30 £withdrawn (presumably doubtful), GSWR 'No admittance' MTN407 £20, cast iron GSWR Ormsby trespass, front repainted 48x34cm with 5cm brackets cast at top and bottom KRA707 £70, GSWR fully titled cast iron Ormsby trespass, face restored a while ago, vgc TRA1107 £80, GSWR cast iron trespass notice. 46x46cm, face repainted, reputedly ex-Carlow, SRA1207 £20, GSWR fully titled cast iron trespass notice, signed Francis B. Ormsby, Secretary. 48x44cm, including lugs at top and base, unrestored GCR408 £70, GSWR Trespass Notice, Francis Ormsby Secretary GWR508 £100, GSWR cast iron trespass TRA708 £60.

Mileposts: Inchicore milepost ORA992 £60, Inchicore half milepost SRA694 £160, 1892 SRA697 £190, Inchicore 1892 1/4 milepost BRA996 £39, 1/4 milepost Inchicore 1892 SRA0600 £160, GSWR cast milepost No.26, 'Inchicore Works 1892 GSWR', height 129cm. Restored.KID503 £100, GSWR cast milepost inscribed 'Inchicore Works 1892 GSWR' (no number), height 129cm. Restored, KID503 £30, cast-iron full length '¼'milepost. Repainted. SRA903 £220, GSWR cast iron Milepost. Two angled faces bearing serif numerals '66' on a tapering post embossed '1892 GSWR Inchicore Works' vaguely restored. 1203mm. tall TRA906 £85.

Fences: BRA294 £135.

Signalling: GSWR 3 asp. Handlamp. Top stamped 'GSWR'. Base brass plated 'Newtown X Charleville' & stamped in floor 'GSWR 899'. Vessel marked 'C.I.E.' Drum glasses good. Front lens has a small shell chip. Part restored, TRA104 £250, GSWR mechanical signal wire pulley ebay804 £ns, GSWR handlamp. 4 aspect, no glasses present, body stamped 'GS & WR', no interior, unrestored, SOL1007 £30, a GSWR armband (pretty distressed) ebay1207 £8.

Station: Station hand bell, brass with wooden, stamped 'GS&WR', chipped WHY101 £150, GSWR castiron 'Great Southern & Western Railway Time Tables', 77x15 cm, SRA602 £100, GSWR handbell ebay1203 £na, GSWR platform wall lamp from Mountain Stage Station, the most westerly standard gauge station in Europe, glazed on three sides, with a decorative top and brass plate on the front 'Mt Stage' overall 53cm high, repainted white GCR408 £200, GSWR platform wall lamp from Mountain Stage Station, the most westerly standard gauge station in Europe, glazed on three sides, with a decorative top and brass plate on the front 'Mt Stage' overall 53cm high, repainted white GCR408 £200, GSWR lamp glass tablet: SALLINS, 30x7 cm in frosted glass and etched lettering in blue, good ex-station condition SRA908 £25.

Railchair: MTN694 £3, MTN994 £5.

Posters etc.: 'Paris in London' SRA491 £140, 'Liner 1900' ORA791 £55, 'Dominion Line' SRA292 £160, SRA1293 £160, SRA1293 £ns, 'Liverpool O.R.' SRA1291 £154, SRA1094 £300, Poster? ORA393 £42, TT 1909 SRA693 £60, Motor coaching guide SRA893 £28, TT 1912 SRA893 £30, TT 1913 SRA1093 £24, Register SRA1093 £280, 'Hotels etc.'? ONS1293 £85, 'Guide to sunny Ireland' ONS594 £50, folded page - cheap trips to Killarney BRA997 £8, poster 'Parknasilla' WHY198 £28, GSWR book 320 page 'Sunny side of Ireland' BRA698 £42, Parknasilla Hotel ONS998 £860, 'The Sunny Side of Ireland...GSWR' 2nd. ed 1902 O'Mahoney BRA1099 £na, A very large GSWR poster, Great football matches at Dungarvan, Sunday 12th February, 1899, On above date 'A Special Cheap Excursion...' A large poster printed one side only, on blue paper, approx. 74.5x49cm, signed by Robert G. Colhoun, Traffic Manager. With some faults, framed, MEA307 £1100, GSWR poster 'Banteer Athletic and Bicycle Sports Tuesday 20th June, ... 1899'. approx. 86x55cm, printed by Alex Thom, Dublin, framed, gc., MEA508 €280.

China, cutlery etc.: (GSWR but some perhaps G&SWR!) Chamber pot and washstand ONS691 £80, China dish BRA1096 £25, Ice bucket, teapot, milk jug SRA1091 £80; £210; £75, soup dish, coffee saucer SRA1291 £32; £55, Hotels chamber pot garter gold rim SRA894 £310, oval vegetable dish 25x16cm ORA997 £30, milk jug SRA398 £70, 'GSW'(?Glasgow) plate MKA598 £32, stoneware landmine inkwell SRA998 £ns, landmine inkwell 12cm diameter 7cm high marked on side BRA399 £na, GSWR glazed earthernware 'Landmine' Inkwell. incised 'GS&WR' on face. One chip to shoulder TRA802 £90, GSWR glazed Stoneware 'Landmine' Inkwell, v.g.c., TRA904 £65, GSWR 25cm diameter Dinner plate. Dunn Bennett & Co., Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. full GSWR crest almost 1.5 inches in diameter ebay405 £20, GSWR ironstone tall pottery candlestick with banding to the body and a turn over sconce in white glaze with gilt banding to the base and sconce rims 20cm high and 13cm across the base, black printed backstamp which reads 'Real ironstone china Dunn Bennett & Co. Burslem' also a circular black printed backstamp 'G.S & W. Ry.' with a K to the centre, plus a paper auctioneers label to the base which reads 'Brian Grieve & Son Lot 14 Auctioneers Letterkenny' ebay906 £205, Cutlery, MR Manchester, LNWR, GNSR, GSWR. (9), GCR1007 starting £10 £na.

Buttons, etc.: large full title BRA292 £35, pay token white metal x2 BRA797 £33 each, 24mm nickel button BRA1298 £na, GSWR Button Medium 20mm. nickel with title around shamrock (Frog. 62/9) TRA1003 £55, 'GSW' large 26mm. nickel Button (Frog. 62/9) v.g.c. Rly. TRA904 £41, GSWR 19mm nickel GLO £of@38, GSWR large nickel GLO £of@na, GSWR 19mm, nickel button GAC408 £of@38.

Miscellaneous: Rulebook 1904 TCK283 £of@5.50, finial SRA1091 £55, plated handlamp 'Mallow 2' RPA994 £90, 2 pay tokens BRA697 £na, 3 Pewter pay tokens WHY198 £42, GSWR guide BRA1099 £8, 5 Pewter disks GS&WR with stamped numbers, legend include (1) or relief (2), also similar for GSR WHY299 £30, 'The Sunny Side of Ireland' guide book 1905, original cloth + GNRI 'Health, Golfing, etc.' 1925 + White Star Line 1950 WHY299 £32, Great Southern & Western Railway 15ct gold, enamel crest, pass, No. 41, Dublin United Tramways 9ct. gold, 1943, Managing Director's Pass, and Great Northern Railway 15ct. gold pass, No. 4, all to A.P. Reynolds, (3). WHY299 £500, Rulebook 1854 4pp ONS500 £140, GSWR 'Glimpse of the South of Ireland' with memories of Dundalk etc (6) WHY600 £70, Rulebook 1891 ONS500 £40, TT 1901 + NBR + other ONS500 £90, 1850 AGM WHY600 £24, 1891 plan of gradients and others WHY600 £24, 3 aspect handlamp, reducing cone and vessel CIE, side brass plate 'Cork Coaching 40' SRA1000 £na, 'The Sunny side of Ireland' guide 319 pps 1902 SRA1000 £na, SRA1201 £ns, 'GSWR Look Out'enamel Armband. General edge chips & scuffs and lacking straps TRA802 £35, Whistle, thunderer, marked 'GS&WR 1498' on sides TRA203 £105, Guide #39;To the sunny side of Ireland and the Lakes of Killarney', 20pp, paperback small split at fold, SRA603 est.£18, 'GSWR Look Out' enamel Armband. General service wear without straps TRA603 £50, GSWR map folder 'The Lakes of Killarney - Quickest Route New York to London Via Queenstown in 6½ days.', 1901. SRA903 est.£30 £ns, GSWR brochure: 'When you Come to Europe, Land at Queenstown and Take in The South of Ireland.' Coloured covers, 16pp plus fold-out map, c.1900. A little worn. SRA1203 est. £25, GSWR official postcard: The Lounge Gt Southern Hotel, Lakes of Killarney. (GSW075-2). Unused. SRA1203 £22, Official Guide to the 'Great Southern & Western Railway the Sunny Side of Ireland' by John O'Mahoney. Embossed board covers. 319pp. illust. with folding area maps. vgc TRA304 £80, 'GSWR' Off. Pub. 'How to see the far famed Lakes of Killarney etc'.Fine folding guide opens out to reveal system maps & enlargements of principal areas.vgc.1893, TRA904 £55, GSWR(I) luggage label 'From the Great Southern Hotel Lakes of Killarney', decorative, 10x18cm, small vignette of the hotel and engraved pattern of shamrocks, vgc, SRA1204 £28, 300 luggage labels from GSWR and GSR (approx 50% from each company). All appear different. SRA1204 £90, GSWR(I) official postcard: 'Great Southern Hotels in Kingdom of Kerry' (GSWI045). Used 1919, SRA1204 £34, GSWR brochure 'How to See The Lakes of Killarney etc. Quickest Route New York to London via Queenstown' illustrated covers showing Kingsbridge Station, 24pp fold-out type produced for the USA market in 1893, SRA305 £20, GSWR and Dominion Line, 33x51cm, coloured pictorial poster listing passenger sailings from Queenstown in 1900 and showing illustration of steamship Canada vgc SRA305 £110, GSWR Telegraphic Code Book 1901 vgc cover faded and worn inside, ebay405 £9.99, GSWR official postcards: Hotels in the Kingdom of Kerry (GSW1038). est. SRA605 £22 £ns, a GSWR right angled spanner 25cm long came from works in Inchicore and made there, stamped G.S & W.R both sides ebay705 £6.10, a GSWR straight spanner 23cm long stamped G.S & W.R. ebay705 £3.99, a round headed 25cm GSR spanner. Stamped G.S.R and T.Turton & Sons Sheffield ebay705 £3.99, GSWR official publication: 'To the Sunnyside of Ireland and the Lakes of Killarney' Coloured pictorial covers showing horse and cart, 20pp guide to the area. circa 1920s. vgc. SRA905 £22, GSWR official postcards: 'Hotels in Kingdom of Kerry' (green-GSWI036) and (red-GSWI038), unused, slight edge wear on green example. (2) SRA306 est@£24 £na, 1894 - GSWR Programme & Menu for Meeting on Thursday 12 July at Killarney Great Southern Hotel of the Passenger Superintendents and Goods Managers Conferences. A fine cold. litho 4pp programme by A. Thom & Co., Dublin, fully illustrated & decorated, vgc, MEA307 £200, Map of the GSWR and its Communications, Single page map drawn by J.J. Gartland & printed by Brown & Nolan, some routes highlighted in red. As a map, £130, Report of the Directors and Statement of Accounts, for BNCR, 6 items, from 10th Aug 1863 - 8th Aug. 1888, Belfast (W. & G. Baird, & R. Carswell) 1863-1888, all orig. ptd. wrappers, (6) MEA307 est£70-100 £ns, GSWR dr poster: Liverpool Overhead Electric Railway showing six miles of docks and river frontage plus vignettes undated, folded, vgc SRA307 £220, GSWR Hotel luggage labels, qty 2 Kenmare and Parknasilla basically 2 tone green in colour with shades of pink for the image. Both mint GWR 507 £na, Two GSR official folding publications: 'Tourist & Excursion Fares' 32pp. 1938 and 'Ireland Gem of the Sea' 46pp. 1928 both gc (2) TRA507 £ns, GSWR official postcard 'British Empire Exhibition, Wembley 1924' (GSWI20), not postally used, corners a little rounded, SRA607 est£10 £ns, GSWR mixed selection of luggage labels of various types, mostly vgc (84), SRA607 £110, GSWR issued and audit selection including from Athy (a), Birdhill (i), Clondulane (a), Cloughjordan (1st Express Rtn overstamped 'Specimen'), Dundrum (a), Gort (a), Mitchelstown (a), Queenstown (i), Waterford North (to Bath-issued April 1937 (/)), etc. Mostly vgc. (15) PTA707 £65, a 50 Page 'GSWR, Time & Fare Tables, for July, August and September, 1908', in vgc STA907 £25, GSWR 7 and 7 audit whole; 19 severed halves, one or two items rather poor PTA1007 £55, GSWR monthly free ticket 1870, degraded ebay1207 £ns, GSWR dr poster: Liverpool Overhead Electric Railway – anonymous highly coloured artwork vignettes around 1900-1905, framed and glazed vgc, SRA308 £200, GSWR letter card 'Great Southern Hotel, Lakes of Killarney' showing colour view of river, opens to show dinner menu for September 15th 1903 SRA308 res£10 £ns, GSWR official postcard 'Cashel Station' (GSWI002) not used, rounded corners SRA308 res£10 £ns, GSWR official postcard 'Great Southern Hotel, Parknasilla, Co. Kerry' (GSWI074). Postally used, slight crease, taped on back SRA308 res£10 £ns, GSWR official postcard: 'GS&WR Hotels in Kingdom of Kerry' (red-GSWI037), postally used 1907, slight edge wear and small tape mark on rear of corners SRA308 £16, GSWR map showing malicious damage to company's property from 28 June to 31 December 1922, both days inclusive, approx. 43x36cm, with coloured key, damage to centre at fold (with some loss), MEA408 €180, GSWR 'Telegraphic Code, 1 October 1901', h/back, 'The Sunny Side of Ireland', h/back undated, both have slight spine wear, tear to fold out colour map on latter, SOL608 £ns, GSWR official correspondence card 'Meeting of the Waters and 'Muckross Abbey' dated 1900 (GSWI012), UB, SRA608 £30.

Some Waterford, Dungarvan and Lismore Railway Auction Results:

Gate: 'Notice..40/-' BRA295 £120, BRA597 £160, 'WD & LR' Gate Notice (noted: please enquire for further details) TRA905 £32, questionable WDLR 4-line gate ebay407 unsold, of@£25.

Miscellaneous: Share cert. RCN885 £of@8.50, BRA1292 £5, share certificate 1878 RCN387 £of, 1879 BRA1197 £12, Rulebook 1878 SRA597 £75, 1878 Timetable poster WHY198 £120, 1898 share WHY298 £na, 1897 share cert and transfer cert WHY600 £90, WDLR (item 4) undated 1st whole Edmondson Rtn Durrow–Lismore. A little dusty. PTA1103 £210, WDLR Share Certificate dated 1885. Lilac print, ornate design, lightly stamped 'Cancelled.' Somewhat crumpled. SRA1205 £20, WDLR type IW11 luggage labels to Killarney, Kilmacthomas, Queenstown, Tralee vgc (4) SRA906 £240, WDLR share certificate for ten £10 guaranteed preferred shares dated 1879. Ornate scrolled title and borders, mauve print, embossed seal, neat cancellation, SRA907 £20, a printed 'Free-Ticket-Second Class,' for WDLR, dated 1891, signed by J. Otway, MEA508 €60, WDLR share certificate for ten £10 shares dated 1878, ornate scrolled title and large side embellishment, blue print, embossed seal, stamp cancellation, gc, SRA608 £130.

Some Waterford, Limerick and Western Railway Auction Results:

Wagon plate: Axlebox TCK683 £of, WLR cast plate 1905 and another W&LVR (GWR) plate (18x20cm) CHF1004 £100, W&L Ry axlebox cover MCA206 £130.

Station: Cast iron fender SRA397 £140.

Miscellaneous: W&LR £50 1845 share cert BRA794 £ns, WLWR 1899 handbills 'Man of War at Foynes - HMS Collingwood' and 'Great Munster Fair, Limerick' part missing at top WHY1299 £40, 1891 TT WHY600 £95, WLWR (item 84) undated 3rd Privilege whole Edmondson Rtn Waterford–(blank) with slight staining on back only. PTA1103 £ns, WLWR official guide book : 'Through the Green Isle – A Gossiping Guide to the Districts Traversed by the WL&WR.' Pictorial covers showing map of Ireland, 113pp pub. 1895. vgc. SRA304 £120, WLR (item 174) unissued 1st Sgl Gort–Limerick in vgc, although stamped 'Spec' on back. PTA404 £ns, WLWR undated 3rd Privilege whole Rtn Waterford–(blank) slight staining on back. PTA904 £ns, WLR undated 3rd Sgl Tuam–Galway. Some fading/staining and a little loss in one corner. PTA904 £ns, WLWR type IW31 luggage labels to Sligo and to Tubbercurry, gc, SRA306 est@£30 £na, Lot 119 Waterford & Limerick Railway undated 3rd & deck single Carrick to Southampton (minor Bd), together with a severed half from Cahir to New Ross, a WLWR unissued 1st single Laffan’s Bge to Thurles, a complete 1st Excursion return Limerick to Killaloe (overstamped ‘specimen’), a severed return half Sligo to Claremorris, and a WCIR severed half Waterford to Kilkenny (/). (3wh 3hlf) PTA407 £200, A Waterford, Limerick and Western Railways hand-out poster, 'All Ireland Championships in Hurling and Football, will be played in Tipperary on Sunday Sept. 10th, 1899,' Hurling, Cork v Limerick, and in football, Limerick v Clare. Approx. 25x16cm, printed by Sealy, Bryers and Walker, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, adverts on verso, in fine condition, MEA307 £400, 1878 - Waterford & Limerick Railway, an official vellum document, Appointment of Nicholas Parle to be Harbour Master or Pier-master, pursuant to the provisions of the Waterford and Limerick Railway Act, 1860... 1878 .... Signed, sealed & dated 1884, MEA307 est£90-130 £ns, Waterford & Limerick Railway type IW22 luggage label to Milltown, plus an untitled example to Pallas (2), SRA607 £22, Lot 21 Waterford & Limerick Railway 3rd & deck blank sgl from Carrick issued to Reading on 7/5/1900 with three small clips and a little (Bd), plus 1st Rtn Clonmel to Laffan's Bridge in very good unissued condition. (2) PTA707 £30, Lot 259 Waterford & Limerick Railway issued first class & cabin blank card single from Killaloe (closed 17/8/1931), made out to Bristol, numbered '00',dated 25/1/1899, 4 clips and a central vertical crease (1) PTA707 £55, Lot 381 Waterford Limerick & Western Railway unissued 1st Sgl Limerick-Clonmel in excellent condition; unissued 3rd Excursion rtn Kiltimagh-Galway with small scuff on return half. (2) PTA707 £55, Lot 21 Waterford & Limerick Railway 3rd & deck blank sgl from Carrick issued to Reading on 7/5/1900 with three small clips and a little (Bd), plus 1st Rtn Clonmel to Laffan's Bridge in vg unissued condition. (2) PTA707 £55,Lot 381 Waterford Limerick & Western Railway unissued 1st Sgl Limerick-Clonmel in excellent condition; unissued 3rd Excursion rtn Kiltimagh-Galway with small scuff on return half. (2) PTA707 £30, Lot 259 Waterford & Limerick Railway issued first class & cabin blank card single from Killaloe (closed 17/8/1931), made out to Bristol. The ticket, which is numbered '00', is dated 25/1/1899. It has 4 clips and a central vertical crease (1) PTA707 £55.

Some Waterford and Tramore Railway Auction Results:

Gate: 'Any Person Omitting To Shut And Fasten This Gate Is Liable To A Penalty Of Forty Shillings' 30x30cm double scallop corners SRA602 £2800, WTR (GSWR type) fake small gate, ebay1107 £ns.

Miscellaneous: WTR collection of 20 items in display case incl. 1917 Report of Directors, 1891 2d letter stamp, 1931 petition to government, 1851 Act, 'Threatened Closure' notice, 1865 TT, 1880s to 1890s tickets incl. unissued with counterfoils in books, etc. WHY101 £220, WTR (item 284) undated 1st Child Special Rtn Ticket (printed as a Single) Tramore–Waterford on white card with horizontal black 'zigzag' stripes. PTA1103 £30, Waterford & Tramore small 16.5mm. nickel Button (Frog. 62/16). vgc. TRA504 £90, Lot 332 WTR an issued one-piece return from Waterford to Tramore, dated 15/9/1923, together with five different issued CIE whole Edmondsons for journeys between the two towns, dated between 1947 and 1959 (6) PTA407 £26, Lot 367 Waterford & Tramore one-piece 3rd return dated 18/7/1918, a GSR dog single, 9 different issued CIE whole Edmondsons and 2 GSR off-line, a W&TR 1st Class Monthly paper ticket issued to a Mr Edward Power on 13/6/1882 (valid for 6 months), two GSR and two CIE paper tickets also included PTA1007 £30.

Some Waterford and Central Ireland Railway Auction Results:

Trespass: W&CIR cast iron Trespass, 33x47cm, repainted, slight crack across the bottom. SRA902 £2200.

Miscellaneous: Waterford & Central Ireland medium 18mm. nickel Button (Frog. 62/12) vgc TRA504 £95, Waterford & Central Ireland Railway issued 1st & Cabin Rail/Steamer ticket from Kilkenny to Bristol (dated 21/9/1898, slight corner damage), together with a City of Cork Steam Packet Co. Ltd. Saloon & 2nd single Cork to Port Talbot, both via New Milford. (2) PTA106 £35.

click for 9K .jpg image of DSER coat of arms DSER Coat of Arms

Some Dublin and South Eastern Railway Auction Results:

Coat of arms: DSER 1846 original coa crest, varnished transfer on wood panel, f&g - 40x34 cm vgc ONS608 £100.

Railchair: BRA794 £9.

Paper: Timetable + fares 1912 SRA493 £80, Dublin and South Eastern Railway 1st October 1913 Timetable, front cover showing Carlisle Pier Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), Westland Row Station Dublin, 52pp, slight foxing on cover, overall very WHY1299 £100, 'Through the garden of Ireland' handbook 1910 ONS500 £45, TT 1903 ONS500 £160, 2nd class 1915 season ticket WHY600 £42, DSER 1924 'Programme of Tours and Excursions to the SE Coast & Beauty spots of Co. Wicklow' 28pp, colour front, map on back, included TT and a few views WHY101 £55, DSER Off. Pub. 'Through the Garden of Ireland'. 198pp. 1910. Covers a tad grubby with edge wear, TRA904 £55, DWWR/DSER unheaded and headed labels representing most of the types issued by the companies. All different, condition varies, mostly good. (27) SRA605 £180, DSER PTT September 1922. Red and white covers, 21pp. Covers dusty. SRA1205 £70, DSER type ID32 luggage label to Chester, SRA607 £22, DWWR type ID41–45 luggage labels, gc (6), SRA607 £65, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow & Dublin Railway share script certificate for ten £20 shares, deposit paid, dated 1845. Ornate title, green print, not cancelled, gc. SRA907 £30, Lot 32 DSER issued 1st r/f single from Bray plus audit whole from Dun Laoghaire, Killiney & Ballybrack, Kingstown, Seapoint and Wexford, together with a DWWR issued 1st single from Milltown, issued 2nd singles from Harcourt Street and Kingstown, and audit whole from Blackrock and Tara Street (11) PTA1008 £60.

Miscellaneous: DSER 3 aspect handlamp, brass plate to body 'Dublin & S.E.Rly' F/aft vessel stamped 'D&SER' on reflector support, all glasses good, restored TRA1001 £78, DSER silver medal, hallmarked Dublin 1912, crest a little rubbed. Marked on back 'Mr J Ingram No. 48', loop missing, diameter 3cm ebay205 £54.19.

Some Dublin Wicklow and Wexford Railway Auction Results:

Trespass: (welded) BRA1197 £280, DWWR full title cast-iron Trespass. 7 lines of text. February 1905. M.F. Keogh. 77x56cm, repainted, SRA902 £1150.

Station: 1st and 2nd Ladies waiting room enamel (no co. name) SRA293 £40, same white on royal blue substantial edge chipping SRA399 £40.

Railchair: BRA794 £9.

Other: Pair of brass Waterford and Wexford stencils SRA1292 £75, SRA1294 £35, TT 1910 SRA1093 £65, button 17mm nickel F38-5 BRA998 £ns, 17mm nickel F62.7 BRA399 £ns, D&KR 1844 1st class subscriber Thos Pickering, signed Pim, 'Dublin-Rock' + DWWR 1st subscriber 1874 WHY1299 £200, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow & Dublin Railway Co. £20 share certificate 30/1/1847 Sir John Doveton WHY1299 £60, DWWR 1889 folding 'Tourist Map, col., showing rail lines, rivers and mountains in shaded relief with printed details of special excursions etc. illustrations of various places etc.', slight ageing and splitting, WHY1299 £ns, Engineer's map of Dalkey - Bray line WHY101 £ns, 1892 plans of DWWR line to Wexford WHY600 £ns, GSWR Report of Directors half year to 31/12/1903, 30pp + DWWR specification for loco boiler vgc WHY101 £24, DWWR Tourist Guide, 1901. 116pp plus ads and folding maps, card coloured pictorial cover, fair. SRA302 £50, WWWD Railway Co. cert for £20 share dated 1847, coa top centre, attached green seal SRA603 est. £25, DWWR large nickel (26mm) 'DW & WR' script initials Button (Frog. 62/7 but crisper!), vgc TRA1003 £95, DWWR whole Edmondsons from Killurin (2nd Sgl) (dated 1903), Gorey (1st Excn Rtn), Edermine Ferry (Extension Ticket). (3) PTA1103 £130, DWWR issued 3rd Sgl from Woodenbridge (dated 1898), 2nd Sgl from Harcourt Street (u) and 1st Golf Ticket Rtn Stillorgan (u-Spec on back). vgc. (3) PTA404 £20, Waterford Wexford Wicklow & Dublin Share Certificate £20 share dated 1847. Ornate scrolled title with coat of arms top centre, attached green seal embossed with coat of arms, not cancelled. vgc. SRA905 £35, DWWR large 26mm. script nickel button. 1860-1907 issue (Frog. 62/7). minor dent to the back of rim. TRA905 £60, DWWR small 17mm. 'DWWR' script initials nickel button. (Frog. 62/7). vgc. TRA1105 £ns, Lot 159 DWWR: 3rd single from Glenageary to Kingstown with a large 'K' in the top left corner (dated 4/7/1895), together with 2nd singles from Harcourt Street and Killiney & Ballybrack (Bd) and a couple of returns, one of which is stamped cancelled on the back, while the other has been heavily repaired. All are properly dated (5)PTA406 £45, small 17mm. gilt 'DW&WR' script button (F62/7) vgc TRA506 £55.

Some Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway Auction Results:

Loco plate: Beyer Peacock 1914 Manchester (could also be SECR) SRA692 £125, BP 1920 Manchester (CBSCR or Cambrian, GNRI or BCDR) SRA1000 £520, 'Beyer Peacock & Co Ld 1920 Manchester' worksplate (BCDR, CBSCR or GNRI). Oval cast brass, 24x14 cm. SRA602 £240, Beyer Peacock 1912 Manchester (GNRI, Midland, CBSCR, Western Australia or Victoria) GWR503 £160, Beyer Peacock & Co. Ld. 1909 Manchester plate (either New South Wales, BCDR - probably, or possibly CBSCR, or Buenos Aires), 25x14cm, face-polished and repainted, with a score mark across the top SRA1203 £150, builders Plate 'Beyer Peacock & Co. Ld. 1912 Manchester'. Locos built that year were LT&SR, Victoria Rlys or CBSCR. Unrestored, the back is painted 'NSW' and a rear bolt boss is stamped '5245'. 251x145mm TRA1104 £210, brass builders' plate 'Beyer Peacock & Co. Ld. Manchester 1909'. Locos built that year were for the CBSCR and the BCDR. Face restored and lightly polished. A brazed crack repair to rear barely noticeable on face. 250x145mm TRA906 £150, brass locomotive worksplate 'Beyer Peacock & Co Ltd Gorton Foundry Manchester 1887', locos supplied to the following railways in 1887: Portugal, Holland, Tasmania, GNRI, LYR, Wirral, Mersey, GKN Dowlais, CBSCR, Alexandra Docks, large oval, 43x20cm ex-loco condition front and back, but is missing a section from around the right hand bolt hole SRA608 £200.

Miscellaneous: CBSCR station lamp KFR268 £12, CBSCR Glengariff 'Prince of Wales Route' and Killarney illustrated booklet, incl. map and some scarcer views of west Cork, printed card cover, WHY1299 £60, CBSCR 1912 'Visit Glengariff by the Prince of Wales Route, 12pp brochure, colour cover, TT and many monochrome views, fine WHY101 £70, 'Cork Bandon & South Coast Railway Skibbereen' large luggage label date coded 2/02 gc TRA1201 £26, CBSCR Tourist Guide 'The Prince of Wales route to Glengariff and The Lakes of Killarney', 1905, gc SRA302 £32, CBSCR share for £270 'West Coast Preference Stock' 1906, embossed seal, not cancelled, green underprint and side embellishment, SRA603 est.£25, Luggage Labels. CBSCR type 1C62 ' to Cork/Dunmanway' (2) plus type 1C63 to 'London(Euston) via North Wall' (1), Donegal Ry Type 1D11 'to Port / Bridgetown'(2) and CLR (1) and type 1C22 to 'Dublin (Broadstone)'(1). All vgc(6) TRA803 £32, CBSCR folder 'The Prince of Wales Route to Glengarriff and Lakes of Killarney' 1907. SRA903 £22, CBSCR (item 94) 3rd undated whole Edmondson Rtn the outward half Bantry–Cork and Return with the return half headed 'Car Portion' Glengariffe – Bantry and Return 'Driver's Fee Included.'; A large letter 'G' is printed on both halves. An early rail/road ticket. Slight staining to back only. PTA1103 £220, CBSCR guide book: 'Prince of Wales Route to Glengarriff and Killarney.' Illustrated card covers (nearly detached). 58pp plus adverts, 1900. SRA1203 £32, CBSCR (item 324) issued single coupon Special Excursion Rtn from Skibbereen (dated 1903). Some (Bd), good otherwise. PTA404 £150, CBSCR selection of luggage labels comprising types IC61 (8), IC62 (11) and IC63 (2), mostly vgc SRA0306 est@£40 £na, CBSCR issued singles from Cork to Ballineen & Enniskeane (dated 24/12/1932) and to Farrangalway (dated 2/10/1913), together with unissued examples from Bantry, Cork and Madore, plus a jointly-titled blank single for an onward rail journey from Bantry for a passenger coming across from Bere Island by the Bantry Bay Steamship Company. (10) PTA407 £170, CBSCR selection of luggage labels of types IC62 to 64 (5), SRA607 £22, enamel bilingual station sign 'Durus Road' the last station before Bantry on the CBSCR white lettering and border on black, in two sections, overall size 166x46cm, GCR1007 £360, CBSCR official postcard 'Chetwynd Viaduct near Cork' (CBSC002) showing colour view of viaduct and sheep, not postally used SRA308 res£10 £ns, CBSCR official postcard 'Bantry Bay where the French landed 1798' (CBSC001) showing colour view of area, postally used, rounded corners. SRA608 £35.

Some Other Irish Railways/Unclassified Auction Results:

Locomotive: Brass cabside numberplate: '2'. SRA are reasonably sure this is an Irish plate, possibly a GSWR loco, but exact identity cannot be confirmed, rectangular 43x25cm number and rim lightly polished only SRA607 £280.

Wagon etc. plates: Guinness 'William Spence S. Geoghegan's Design Dublin 1888' 5'3" engine haulage wagon plate 37x15cm SRA1200 £220, pair of petrol tanker wagonplates: (1) 'This Wagon Must be Either Quite Full or Empty When Travelling on the Irish Railway System – McMullan Bros Ltd', rectangular 61x18cm; and (2) 'When Empty Please Return This Wagon to McMullan Bros Ltd c/o Shell Mex (Dublin) Ltd Dublin', rectangular 38x13cm. Both unrestored.(2) KRA505 £140.

Bridge No.: Bridge no. '359', Irish, 53x24cm, serif numbers, original black on yellow paint GCR507 £40.

Signalling & lamps a station wall metal lamp-case believed to be of Irish origin. Three glazed sides; vessel; Duplex brass burner; glass funnel, good, original condition. 53cm tall, SRA903 £100, Unusual Irish copper Crossing or Signal Lamp with red & green bullseye lenses incorporated into signal arms. Unrestored with no interior vessel but vgc 425mm. tall TRA1003 £170, Railway Signalling Company copper signal lamp case from Ireland, oval brass makers plate to hinged top emb. 'The Railway Signal Company Ltd. Signalling Engineers London & Liverpool', front & rear cowled bullseye lenses in vgc restored but missing the hinged top securing clip, 425mm. tall, TRA304 £38, Irish Railways small mahogany cased Telegraph Instrument. The original silvered dial lettered 'G.P.O. 6886' within a brass surround encased in a fine gothic shaped wooden case. v.g. original condition. 182mm. tall, TRA504 £55, Irish Railways brass cased Telegraph Instrument with hinged front cover with bevelled glass. Face engraved 'G.P.O. 14197'. v.g. original cond. 75mm.dia.x142mm. long, TRA504 £ns, block instrument 'Red indicated up main platform occupied' 27x15x10cm ebay405 £280 Southern Ireland Railway handbell, company initials embossed on the face, vgc, with a turned hardwood handle (minor loss above brass sleeve), clapper chain present but clapper missing. 310mm tall TRA507 £100, Irish 'Tombstone' wooden cased signal box galvanometer, face graduated to top '60' to '0' to '60' with 'G.P.O' below centre of twin pointing needle, 13x6x18 cm, g. original condition. SOL1007 £43.

China & cutlery Irish Railway Clearing House soup plate, retailed through Whyte and Sons Dublin, 25cm diameter, mint ebay1204 £33.

Buttons & badges: DUTC Nickel button 25mm (Comyns and Sons, Dublin), Dublin & Lucan 1915 1st class free ticket 1915 to J.B.Jobson plus Dublin & Meath 1868 similar No.19 to J.Penteny signed John Dowd plus 2 DWWR 1875 subscribers tickets WHY1299 £190, 'Cork & Youghal Railway' full title and coa large 22.5mm nickel Button. The back is lettered 'Rivet'd & Solder'd' below a Victorian coat of arms. vgc, company or button not mentioned in Froggatt TRA906 £660, DUTC bus driver's badge ebay607 £na, a Dublin Tramways cap badge. oval brass, engraved 'F.S.P'/'FEAR STIURTA' to outer edge and 'C 538' to centre, vgc. 5x3 cm, SOL1007 £44.50.

Miscellaneous: CMDR 1900 'tunic' and fare tables WHY198 £80, CMDR Report to Directors BRA998 £15, DUT employee pass 'Outside only' with notice on reverse 'G.M.Harris/General/Manager' white metal, 50mm WHY299 £50, DUTC 9 ct. gold 1943 Managing Directors' Pass + GSW 15 ct. gold, enamel crest pass, No.41 & GNR 15 ct gold pass No.4, all to A.P.Reynolds WHY299 £500, DUTC Nickel button 25mm (Comyns and Sons, Dublin), Dublin & Lucan 1915 1st class free ticket 1915 to J.B.Jobson plus Dublin & Meath 1868 similar No.19 to J.Penteny signed John Dowd plus 2 DWWR 1875 subscribers tickets WHY1299 £190, CMDR 1899 booklet with map 'The Tourist Route to Glengarrif and Killarney' WHY1299 £100, Youghal 1861 £400 Share Certificate No. 17 made out to Lady Maria Thackwell. SRA602 £100, Sligo & Ballaghaderreen Jct Railway Co. Share Certificate for 34 £10 shares 1872. SRA602 £85, Ballinscarthy & Timoleague Jct. Light Railway Co. Share Certificate for 35 'Perpetual Baronial Guarantee Shares' dated 1917. SRA602 £42, Limerick & Kerry Railway Co. Share Certificate for 20 shares dated 1879. SRA602 £80, Cork & Youghal cert for £400 preference stock 1861 SRA603 est. £25, CMDR (item 24) undated 1st whole Edmondson Rtn Macroom–Cork. A little dusty.PTA1103 £120, Fermoy & Lismore Railway (item 114) undated 2nd 'Express' whole Edmondson Rtn Lismore–Dublin. Slight water staining to back and 1/3rd of front only. PTA1103 £260, Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway Co. (item 201) 1/-d whole Edmondson tram ticket on buff card with the stages Terenure–Blessington listed on back. A little grubby. PTA1103 £90, Irish Railway Clearing House Toast List and Programme of Music for The Jubilee Banquet Held at The Royal Marine Hotel, Kingstown, July 1898. 4pp thin card with stitched spine and coloured cover. SRA1203 £25, DUT(1896) Ltd (item 381) Official bus and tram TT, March 1936. Cover shows photo of main street. 56pp, vgc PTA104 £90, DUT(1896) Ltd. (item 401) Tramway Guide to Dublin & Suburbs. b/w covers, 10pp guide plus fold out map (torn). Dated 1935 PTA104 £28.CMDR guide book: 'The Tourist's Route to Glengarriff and Killarney.' Pictorial artwork covers showing stagecoach. 60pp, fully illustrated guide to the area, dated 1908. vgc. SRA304 £55, FLR (item 214) issued Bicycle Sgl Fermoy–Lismore (dated 1898) (/ and slight Bd). PTA404 £85, CMDR (item 414) issued 3rd Sgl Cork–Doonsikey (dated 1904). Slight (Bd) and Clips, good otherwise. PTA404 £30, Kilkenny Junction Railway 3rd and Deck Sgl Maryborough– Reading 3/1/1896 in good condition but three large clips PTA904 £190, original copy of Cork & Fermoy & Waterford & Wexford Railway Act 1890 MTN904 £5, RCH Coloured Railway Diagram 'Athlone, Cavan & Clara, Letterkenny, Strabane'. Dated 1914. Coloured key to serving lines. c/w dark wood glazed frame. 38x30 cm. TRA305 £14, RCH Coloured Railway Diagram 'Athlone, Cavan & Clara, Letterkenny, Strabane'. Dated 1914. Coloured key to serving lines. c/w dark wood glazed frame. 38x30 cm. SOL305 £14,, Lot 144 Lower Shannon Steam Ship Company: Excursion deck ticket blank card Edmondson return steamer ticket S from Tarbert made out to Kilrush, dated 27/8/1906 PTA106 £30, Great Munster Railway share script certificate for ten £50 shares deposit paid, dated 1845. ornate title, reprint, small format, not cancelled. SRA306 est@£25, Waterford Steam Ship Co. Limited: A small collection of issued Edmondson cards for a variety of journeys by deck, cabin and half cabin, four of which bear dates in 1906/07 (5) PTA406 £45, Lot 198 Cork Electric Trams and Lighting Company Ltd. 3d mauve geographical stage punch type tram ticket in excellent condition (1) PTA406 £30, Limerick Navigation headed 2pp printed sheet to subscribers concerning condition of canal and locks November 1795 SRA1206 est£20, Limerick Navigation headed 2pp printed sheet to subscribers concerning condition of canal and locks November 1795 SRA1206 est£20 £ns, Dublin United Transport Co. bus and tram timetable booklet. Green covers, 104pp dated February 1942 SRA307 £32, Dublin & Lucan Electric Railway Co. (1); Blessington & Poulaphouca Steam Tramway Co., (1); 3 folio, 3 8vo, circa 1822-23, some with maps, illustration, orig. printed wrappers, 1 cut with loss to text, good, w.a.f. gc, (6) MEA307 £50, Parsonstown and Portumna Bridge Railway directors report and accounts for the half year ending November 1867, 8pp, folded, stained along fold, SRA607 £35, 3 Cork & Youghal Railway Co. fully headed letters from offices in London, two on blue coloured paper, dated 1857–61, plus one other letter re the company without heading, SRA607 £16, Lot 131 Dublin United Tramways & Clontarf & Hill of Howth Tramroad jointly titled 4d green geographical through tram ticket for Fairview-Howth vgc PTA707 £110, Irish Edmondson miscellany: issued whole tickets from the GCP&BV Ry & Ty Co. (ex Bushmills Office 9/12/1920). GNR(I), L&LS Rly, and 2 x CIE, together with platform tickets from: CIE-Enniscorthy*, Ferns*, Gorey*, Harcourt St. T, Limerick, Waterford H, Youghal*; GNR(I)-Belfast; NIR-Belfast Central; UTA-Londonderry WS, Portrush, plus 4 SLNCR audit issues. [* = stamped 'Specimen' on back]. (20) PTA707 £110, Irish tramways selection of punch type tram tickets comprising examples from Belfast City (7), Dublin United (11), CIE (4), GNRB Hill of Howth (3). mostly good/vgc. (25) PTA707 £26, Irish railways issued and pre-dated Edmondsons. A collection of 158 whole and c.300 severed halves, of which 104 whole (including two dated in 1903) and the vast majority of the halves (some matching) are from the SLNCR. The other whole tickets are from 11 different companies. Also included in the lot is an unissued NCCMR 3rd single from B'Robert Bridge to Templepatrick or Mossley, but in poor condition (Qty) PTA707 £170, Irish railways. A selection of approx 400 luggage labels from diverse companies including GSR, GSWR, LMSNCC, GNR(I), MGWR, Cavan & Leitrim, SLNCR, BNCR, INWR, BCDR, CIE, etc., but with a little duplication. (Qty) PTA707 £170, Irish punch type tram and bus ticket miscellany comprising 18 x Dublin United Tramway Co. (1896) Ltd (some duplication of fares, but differences in print/adverts). One identified as 'Bus Service'), 3 x Dublin United Tramways Co., 2 x Belfast City Tramways, 2 x GNR(I) Howth Electric Tramway, 1 x Beechwood Omnibus Services, 2 x Carmel Bus Co., 3 x Coast Omnibus Co., 2 x General (L.E. McNally), 2 x General Omnibus Co., 3 x Falcon Bus Service, 5 x GNR(I) Road Motor Services, 6 x Great Southern Rlys Omnibus Services / Department, 3 x Irish Omnibus Company; 1 x unidentified (in Gaelic). All appear to have been used apart from the Beechwood ticket. A General Bus Co. TIM issue from 1934 is also included. (55) PTA707 £120, Irish Railway audit tickets: 3,800 whole Edmondsons of which c.1,640 are from the CDRJC, 860 SLNCR, 1,000 LLSR. 150 GNR(I), and c.140 from other concerns, around 150 British and Isle of Man tickets (some issued), a number of NIR insert setrights and a quantity of County Donegal Railway rectangular non-adhesive 'railway stamps' are also included in the lot. (Qty) PTA707 £310, RCH map of Ireland, 1918. dmf into hardback covers with title in gold on front, spine a little worn, SRA1207 res£20, The Cork Electric Tramway and Lighting Company Ltd. 1d white punch type tram ticket with various named stages between Summer Hill and Power House, together with a Dublin United Tramway Co. 2d white issue for a journey between Palmerston Park and Nelson's Pillar on the 'Palmerston Park Line' (slightly foxed) (2) PTA108 £40,Lot 16 DUTC named stage punch type tram tickets comprising 1d Capel Street Line, 1d and 2d Clontarf Line, 4d Dalkey Line, 2d Inchicore Line, 1d North Quays Line, 2d Sandymount Green Line, 1d Terenure Line, g/vg (8) PTA408 £120,Lot 406 DUTC 2d white and 3d pink named stage punch type tram tickets from the Dalkey Line. (2) PTA408 £ns, Lot 316 named stage punch type tram tickets comprising a long 1d white issue from The Cork Electric Trams and Lighting Co. Ltd. (closed 30/9/1931), a 2d mauve 1st class print from the Dublin & Lucan Electric Railway (closed 29/1/1925), an early 1d blue from the Terenure Line of the DUTC and an early 2d blue from the GNRI Howth Electric Tramway, vg/ex (4) PTA408 £110, lot comprising issued whole from: CIE-Ballaghadereen, Bantry, Harcourt Street, Loughrea, Pallas (dog); GSR-Ballyraget; GSWR-Collooney; MGWR-Castlerea; SLR-Coolaghey, together with audit tickets from: CBSCR-Kinsale Jct; DSER-Bray; DSER(NRWE)-Waterford (12) £90, a UTA lot: 300 issued/pre-dated whole Edmondsons, duplication of issuing stations, but not of individual prints (300) PTA408 £30.

Some British Railways, etc. - Ireland related Auction Results:

Cast iron, enamel, brass, etc: Fishguard and Rosslare Railways trespass BRA794 £1025, LMS and BR(M) 'Police' doorplates from North Wall (documented) SRA397 £110, MV Cambria brass bell SOL997 £200, 'Irish Mail' loco headboard SRA1200 £3000, Enamel poster/notice board heading 'B.&I. Line'. white lettering/dark blue background. edge corrosion/enamel loss. 64x8cm. SOL1005 £20, brass shipbuilders' plate 'No. 1258 Turbine Steamer 'Slieve More' built by Denny – Dumbarton 1932.' from LMSR coal-fired turbine steamer built for the Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire route, oval, engraved lettering, 45x30cm, a few scrapes and knocks SRA606 £900, BR(M) enamel hanging sign 61x23cm, Belfast, maroon lettering on white background. Double sided with writing one side with hanging hooks vgc GWR1106 £35, GWR Brass 18cm ships type clock ex Fishguard Harbour Master dial with GWR makers' name of H.Hughes & Son Ltd, 59 Fenchurch St. GWR1106 £2300, a BR(M) station enamel flanged sign 'General Agent for Ireland', excellent condition, ex Holyhead Station STA907 £500, wooden carriage board 'The Ulster Express', service ran from Euston to Heysham in conjunction with sailings to and from Belfast, cream on maroon 366x15cm, original condition GCR408 £130, BR(W) chocolate and cream totem Sign 'Fishguard Harbour', excellent colour and shine two small edge chips just into the brown, a small chip on lower cream line and tiny marks GCR408 £2600.

Carriage prints: 'MV Cambria' (Buckle) SOL397 £26, LNWR Holyhead-Kingstown paddle steamer BRA998 £30, 'MV Cambria' (Buckle) MTN998 £10, £10, 'Howth Castle' BRA1294 £9, 'Heysham-Belfast service' (Buckle) ORA1098 £38, 'MV Cambia' BRA499 £9, 'MV Cambria' (Buckle) ONS1199 £20, 'TSS Duke of Lancaster' (Buckle) £20, 'MV Cambria' (Buckle) KRA400 £36, unframed 3 - MV Cambria, TSS Duke of Lancaster, MV Swan KRA400 £55, MV Cambria (Buckle) KRA700 £45, 'TSS Duke of Lancaster' (Buckle) KRA700 £38, 'MV Cambria' (Buckle) KRA1001 £55, 'TSS Duke of Lancaster' (Buckle) KRA1001 £48, LMS 3 b/w incl. Glengarriff, original glass no frame GWR503 £110, unframed MV Cambria-British Railways Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service (LMR(D) series), Buckle. SRA903 est.£20, BR(M) carriage print 'MV Cambria' MTN104 £19, Hamilton Ellis Travel in 1860 'LNWR Holyhead – Dun Laoghaire(Kingstown) Paddle Steamer Cambria'. carriage print unframed, SRA304 £46, TSS Duke of Lancaster, BR Heysham-Belfast service (LMR Series D) by Claude Buckle RI [1957]. carriage print SRA304 £20, 'Duke of Lancaster, Heysham & Belfast' carriage print MTN404 £24, Killarney sepia pictures - carriage panels (3) 15x22cm - u/m BIT404 £10, Framed & glazed carriage print 'LNWR Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire by Paddle Steamer' by Hamilton Ellis, GWR504 £30, F&g carriage print 'MV Cambria, Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service' by Claude Buckle LMR(D) series, SRA604b £na, F&g carriage print 'TSS Duke of Lancaster, Heysham-Belfast Service' by Claude Buckle LMR(D) series, SRA604b £na, BR(M) Carriage Print 'MV Cambria' service Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire MTN604 £18, F&g GWR photochrom carriage panel 'Muckrose Abbey, Killarney', 1890s, KRA704 £40, F&g carriage print 'TSS Duke of Lancaster BR Heysham to Belfast Service' by Claude Buckle. mint KRA704 £30, Carriage print Hamilton Ellis Travel in 1860: LNWR Holyhead–Dun Laoghaire (Kingstown) paddle steamer 'Cambria' (LMR series 1951), SRA1204 £26, MV Cambria, BR Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service by Claude Buckle, LMR (D) series, in glazed frame GWR505 £50, LNWR Paddle Steamer by Hamilton Ellis in a clear varnished pine, glazed frame GWR505 £25, Framed & glazed BR(LM) Carriage Print by C.Hamilton Ellis : 'Travel in 1860.. LNWR Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Paddle Steamer 'Cambria'' in original type frame. But sold as part of a complete set of 24 BR(LMR) 'Travel in ..' series for PRO605 £1200, F&G Carriage Print: MV Cambria (original frame) SRA605 £22, f&g carriage Print 'MV Cambria'. Buckle. LMR series (D) size 'B' print depicting three-quarter view of vessel SOL1005 £30, carriage print 'M.V. Cambria British Railways Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire service' by Claude Buckle wooden glazed frame, vgc SOL306 £40, LMS carriage print - photo of Galway SOL306 £ns, GWR colour-tinted carriage panel print: 12039 'At Parknasilla, Co.Kerry' 21x16cm vgc SRA606 £10, MV Cambria British Railways Holyhead–Dun Laoghaire Service by Claude Buckle (LMR Series(D)1957) carriage print SRA606 est@£10, LMS carriage panel 'Weir Bridge, Galway Ireland' sepia photo f&g SOL606 £21, GWR unframed photochrome coloured carriage panel photo print with three Irish views of Co. Waterford, gc original mount 71x23cm RNT906 £70, Pair of GWR 'Photochrom' Carriage Photos: 'Newquay, Beacon Cove' and 'Muckrose Abbey, Killarney', some fox spots but with titled card mounts and original glazed frames (2) TRA507 £ns, carriage print: St Comgall settled in Bangor Co. Down AD 555 by Sawyer from the LMR historical 1955 series, minor nicks to edges, but unused print in vgc otherwise, in an original style glazed wooden frame, SRA607 £50, an MV Cambria carriage print MTN907 £40, GWR unframed carriage print 22x17cm coloured photographic type card: Lismore Co, Waterford, Blackwater River, SRA907 £16, carriage print MV Cambria British Railways Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service by Claude Buckle (LMR Series (D)1957) SRA907 £10, F&G carriage print 'MV Cambria-BR Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service' by Claude Buckle, modern frame SRA907 SRA907 £22, F&G carriage print from the Hamilton-Ellis series 'Travel in 1860-LNWR Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire (Kingstown) Paddle Steamer 'Cambria'', modern frame, SRA907 £18, GWR carriage print 22x17cm coloured photographic type card: Lough Gill, Co Sligo, SRA1207 £12, MV Cambria carriage print MTN108 £10, LMS carriage print Howth Castle Dublin, black and white photographic view of the castle taken in the 1930s, not a common example, gc mounted in a commercially produced glazed wooden frame, SRA308 £95, MV Cambria Holyhead carriage print MTN0908 £16.

Posters (N.B. only recent sales): 'Ireland invites you' (Melai) ONS397 £130, BR(M) 'Ireland via Holyhead' ONS397 £20, Caledonian 'Ireland and Great Britain' (Johnson) ONS397 £30, LMS 'Northern Ireland' (Hubbard) ONS397 £400, LMS 'Ireland - Donegal' (Henry) ONS397 £55, BR(M) 'Northern Ireland' (Wilcox) SRA597 £65, BR ' The Bann at Coleraine' (Williamson) SRA697 £250, MV Cambria (Buckle) ORA797 £28, BRA499 £29, MTN699 £12, 'Motorists take your car to .. Ireland' WHY198 £100, LMS (dr) Donegal (Henry) SRA398 £100, Ulster Imperial Line 'Liverpool-Belfast' rolled on linen SRA1298 £na, BR dr 'Travel to Ireland by rail and sea' (ferry + 4-6-0) ORA199 £80, LMS 'Holidays 5 Routes to Ireland' BRA1298 £29, 'Routes to Ireland via LMS' BRA1298 £23, BR(M) 'To Ireland Holyhead for Dublin' SRA1298 £100, LMS 'The Irish Mail at Holyhead' (Wilkinson) 127x101cm, two small tears in margin WHY299 £700, LMS 1930 'Ireland for Holidays - Kingstown' CHR599 £est800-1200, BR(LMR) 'Northern Ireland' (D.Cobb) dr SRA699 £280, dr poster 'Holidays in Ireland' MTN999 £24, BR(W) 'Southern Ireland' SRA999 £850, B&I dr 'Liverpool-Dublin overnight' SRA999 £240, LMS qr 'Irish Mail' (Brian de Grineau) £adv@1200 RCJ1099, GWR large (134x99) 'To Ireland by New Fishguard' SRA699 £300, BR(W) 'Killarney' BRA1099 £50, 'Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire' (Buckle) ORA1099 £55, BR(LMR) 'Ireland - Vale of Clara' 1958 (Lampitt) qr, folds SRA1299 £550, 'MV Cambria' GWR1299 £36, BR To Dublin, Belfast dr GWR1299 £10, LMS Paul Henry 64x110cms WHY1299: 'Sheephaven' £1400, 'Connemara' £1200, 'Lough Derg' £1000, 'Dingle' £1700; LMS NI (Hubbard) ONS1199 £650, LMS 'Donegal for Holidays, Sheephaven' (Wilkinson) ONS1199 £500, LMR 'Amphitheatre Giants Causeway' (Lander) ONS1199 £400, BR(M) 'Ireland overnight' (Buckle) qr SRA300 £380, LMS 'Irish Mails' (de Grineau) ONS400 £1870, 'Travel to S. Ireland via Fishguard' (Hartley) 1930s WHY600 £340, BR dr 'Royal Mail routes to Ireland' (Hass) 1952 KRA700 £30, BR(LMR) 'Three new ships for the Heysham-Belfast overnight service' (Wilcox) SRA900 £400, BR dr 'Holyhead-Dublin' MTN900 £na, BR 'Container Service to NI' MTN900 £na, GWR waiting room poster in frame 'Southern Ireland Travel via Fishguard' Cusden 69 x 104 cm SRA1200 £140, BR 'Belfast-Heysham' container 65x100cm, Ref. LM23760, Waterlow, soiled, folded, splits, good WHY101 £of@80, B+I 'Fishguard-Cork Service' KRA101 £160, BR Poster 'TSS Duke of Lancaster, Heysham-Belfast' GWR401 £na, BR(W) 'Fishguard-Rosslare' (Smith) qr KRA401 £200, 'Fishguard- Rosslare' (Arthur G Mills), published by REWR, printed by Waterlow, 102x66cm, ONS501 £600, 'Northern Ireland Ulster' (Griffin) pictorial map published by British Travel & Holidays Assoc. - 102x66 cm ONS501 £220, B&I poster 'Liverpool-Dublin' dr, linen backed, SRA601 £400, LMR poster 'Ireland via Holyhead' qr folds SRA901 £40, BR dr 'Fishguard-Rosslare' (Wilcox) GWR1001 £na, 'Travel to Ireland by rail and sea', poster published by RE(LMR), printed by McCorquodale, photographic - 102x63 cm, folds ONS1101 £ns, Paul Henry 'Sheephaven Donegal, To Ireland with ease by rail and sea', published by RE(LMR), printed by Jordison - 102x63 cm, horizontal folds ONS1101 £1100, 'Lough Derg, Ireland for holidays' (Henry) published by LMS 1949, printed by Jordison - 102x64 cm, small tears to left margin ONS1101 £ns, 'Heysham for Belfast and Northern Ireland' (Buckle) published by BRLMR, printed by Jordison - 102x64 cm ONS1101 £400, BR Travel to Ireland PHI1001 £160, BR Sheephaven (Henry) PHI1001 £370 and £310, BR Lough Derg (Henry) PHI1001 £380, BR Ireland via Fishguard PHI1001 £200, BR(LMR) 'Ireland overnight' (Buckle) qr, rolled, some repairs to left side SRA1201 £220, LMS Connemara ONS402 £1400, Lough Derg ONS402 £850, Donegal ONS402 £800 & Wicklow ONS402 £1100, BR Paul Henry, Lough Derg ONS402 £ns, LMS Hubbard Northern Ireland ONS402 £ns, a Travel to Ireland by Rail ONS402 £200, BR door-to-door container service to NI ONS402 £30, LMS Quad Royal Poster '5 Routes to Ireland'. F.H.Glipbrook. Edge tears and where the folds meet TRA802 £na., BR(M) 1952 Giants Causeway - Lander d.r. poster, SRA902 £100, BR(M) Sheephaven - Henry d.r. poster, fold creases, SRA902 £480, A BR(W) qr 'Fishguard-Rosslare' by John Smith, depicting a train at the ferry port. Rolled. Some edge damage and repairs KRA103 £170, BR(LMR) 'Lough Derg. Ireland For Holidays'. Paul Henry. d.r. Folds. Minor edge fold nicks SRA603 £320, BR(WR) 'Fishguard-Rosslare. Shortest Sea Route to Southern Ireland'. John S. Smith. q.r. Folds. vgc SRA603 £ns, LMS, Henry, Lough Derg 102x63 with picture ONS503 est. £500-600, but £ns, plus a BR(LMR) version of same ONS503 est. £600-800 but £ns, LMS Priall 'Giants Causeway' 102x63cm mounted on linen est. ONS503 £400, BR 1957 'MV Cambria' (Buckle) glazed poster SOL603 £52, Wilcox: BR, Fishguard-Rosslare CHR903 £881, Wilson: BR, UTA, GNRB, Northern Ireland, printed by Jordison & Co., Ltd., CHR903 est.£500-700 £ns, Anonymous: BR, Belfast-Heysham, printed by Stafford & Co., Ltd., Nottingham, backed on linen CHR903 £470, Henry: BR, Lough Derg, printed by Jordison & Co., Ltd., London, CHR903 est. £587, Merriott: BR, Southern Ireland c.1954, printed by The Baynard Press, CHR903 £940, Henry: LMS Connemara offset, printed by McCorquodale & Co., Ltd., London, backed on linen, CHR903 est.£1351, Baker: GWR Southern Ireland, 1937, printed by Stafford & Co., Ltd., London, CHR903 £587, Henry: LMS Wicklow, printed by S.C.Allen & Company Ltd., London, backed on linen. CHR903 £822, BR SEALINK dr.poster 'It's a Short Walk to Ireland' with cartoon style artwork illustration (anon) dated 1972. Folded good. SRA903 est.£20 £ns, BR(W) dr. poster 'All-in Holidays to Ireland via Fishguard 1962' with artwork illustration of ship, train, bus. Folded, good. SRA903 £85, Kerry Lee ' Londonderry', printed for BR(LMR) by Waterlow - 102x63 cm small tears to margins ONS1003 £40, John S Smith 'Fishguard- Rosslare' , printed for BR(WR) by Haycock 1960 - 102x127 cm folds, and Map of London & Suburbs Main Line Railways,published by the BTC 1956 - 102x127 cm folds ONS1003 £280, Claude Buckle 'Heysham for Belfast and Northern Ireland', printed for BR(LM) by Jordison & Co 1958 - 102x63 cm small tear to margin ONS1003 £200, Paul Henry 'Loch Derg Ireland For Holidays' ONS1003 est £400-500, £ns, BR (LMR) poster. 'Ireland Overnight'. Buckle. q.r. Folds. Mint. SRA1203 £100, Poster. BR(LMR). Ulster, Northern Ireland. Anon. d.r. Folds. vgc. SRA304 £100, BR(M) D/R colour and B&W pictorial poster: 'Northern Ireland – Portstewart' showing photo views of golf and seaside scenes, dated 1960. Folded. SRA304 £26, BR(M) poster 'The Giants Causeway' MTN404 £16, Paul Henry Loch Derg Ireland for holidays, printed for LMS by Jordison Ltd 1949 - 102x63cm ONS604 £500, Greene Northern Ireland Ulster, printed for BR(LMR) by Waterlow & Sons Ltd - 102x63 cm ONS604 £180, Fishguard & Rosslare Railways and Harbours Company, Notice to Mariners, East Coast of Ireland South Bay of Wexford Rosslare Pier Extension Works, letterpress poster, printed by Alex Thom & Co Dublin, circa 1903 - 50 x 32cm folds ONS604 £40, BRB/British Rail Shipping Services. Southern Ireland. Ferries Fishguard to Rosslare poster SRA604 £15, BR(W) dr poster 'Southern Ireland… A Driver’s Paradise – Take Your Car Fishguard-Rosslare' with colour photo of Lion Rock, Kilkee, Undated but c.mid-1960s. Slight edge tear, SRA904 £42, BR d.r. poster Southern Ireland. BON1104 £388, Paul Henry, Loch Derg Ireland for holidays, printed for LMS by Jordison Ltd 1949 - 102x63cm ONS1104 est. £400-600 £ns, LMR dr poster, Heysham for Belfast and Northern Ireland, printed by Jordison & Co Ltd. Folds otherwise excellent GWR1104 £60, LMS 'Ireland For Holidays. The Giant's Causeway'. Norman Wilkinson. d.r. Folds. SRA1204 £350, Fishguard & Rosslare Railways and Harbour Co. 51x30cm letterpress poster: 'Notice to Mariners' regarding Rosslare Pier Extension Works, undated. One hole top left hand corner where filed, folded, good otherwise. SRA1204 £75, Paul Henry Loch Derg Ireland for holidays, printed for LMS by Jordison Ltd 1949 - 102x63 cm est.£400-500 ONS505 £ns, Paul Henry Wicklow Ireland for Holidays, printed for the LMS by Beck & Inchbold Ltd - 102 x 63 cm mounted on board ONS505 £80, Paul Henry Connemara 'Ireland this year', printed for the LMS by London Litho Co - 102x63 cm mounted on board with staining ONS505 £80, BR Irish Seaways dr poster 'Four Holiday Highways to Ireland' MTN905 £16, Paul Henry Lough Derg Ireland for Holidays, printed for LMS by Jordison & Co Ltd 1949 - 102x63cm ONS1105 £600, Greene Ulster Northern Ireland, printed for BR(LMR) by Waterlow - 102 x 63 cm ONS1105 £300, Ronald Lampitt Portrush Northern Ireland, printed for BR(LMR) by Jordison - 102x63cm folds ONS1105 £320, Caledonian Steam Packet Co. qr poster Great Britain and Ireland 'TSS Caledonian Princess' Via Stranraer and Larne, artwork by Cranston showing the vessel being loaded with cars and lorries at Stranraer Harbour with DMU in the station, undated, ref. B33591, folded, one or two small fold tears, SRA306 £140, Railway Executive/B&I Steamship Co./Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd. dr poster: 'To Ireland with ease by rail and sea' with artwork showing Sheephaven Donegal by Paul Henry. Published 1951. Folded, tape repair to fold tear SRA306 £190, Belfast Steam Ship Co. Ltd. dr poster 'Liverpool Belfast Ulster Imperial Line Express Night Passenger Service' glazed frame with slip mount (not stuck down). 1120x770mm TRA306 £160, 'Ireland Overnight' poster by Claude Buckle and 'Ireland For Holidays', both published by BRLMR and printed by Haycocks Press, London, very good condition with folds GWR506 £110, Claude Buckle 'Ireland Overnight, Dublin via Holyhead Belfast via Heysham', printed for BRLMR by Haycock Press Ltd - 102x127 cm ONS606 £100, LMSR qr poster: 'To Ireland' Norman Wilkinson showing steamer at sea. Produced for the American market in the 1930s with reference to the LM&SR office in 5th Avenue, New York. Rolled and a little faded with wear, minor loss and a few pinholes at edges, good otherwise SRA906 £480, LMS qr poster '5 Routes to Ireland' by F.H. Glipbrook in mosaic style, small tears in bottom left corner of image and a few edge nicks otherwise vgc TRA906 £460, BR(WR) qr Western Region 'Fishguard-Rosslare, Shortest Sea Route..' by John S. Smith corner loss in margins, tape marks and a clean tear of the top 1/5th GWR1106 £na, LMS qr poster 'Northern Ireland' poster by Hesketh Hubbard 1944 folded, tear in bottom lh corner SRA1206 £na, GWR qr poster 'Killarney-Travel Via Fishguard The Direct Route' by Leonard Richmond folded, major edge tear and a little edge wear SRA1206 £na, dr poster 'Ulster Northern Ireland - Sunshine, Legend and Sport' by Nevin rolled vgc SRA1206 £na, BR(WR) qr 'Fishguard-Rosslare, Shortest Sea Route..' by John S. Smith corner loss in margins, tape marks and a clean tear of the top 1/5th GWR1106 £120, LMS qr poster 'Northern Ireland'poster by Hesketh Hubbard 1944 folded, tear in bottom lh corner SRA1206 £250, GWR qr poster 'Killarney-Travel Via Fishguard The Direct Route' by Leonard Richmond folded, major edge tear and a little edge wear SRA1206 £680, dr poster 'Ulster Northern Ireland - Sunshine, Legend and Sport' by Nevin rolled vgc SRA1206 £ns, Arthur G Mills Fishguard- Rosslare, original poster printed for Railway Executive(WR) by Waterlow & Sons - 102x63cm condition A ONS1206 £300, Ireland for Holidays, original colour photographic poster, printed for BR(LMR) by The Haycock Press Ltd - 102x127cm condition A with folds ONS1206 est£100-130 £ns, Johnston, Great Britain and Ireland TSS Caledonian Princess via Stranraer and Larne, original poster printed for Caledonian Steam Packet Co. by Waterlow & Sons Ltd - 102x127cm condition A with folds ONS1206 est£300-350 £ns, John S Smith Fishguard- Rosslare, original poster printed for BR(WR) by The Haycock Press Ltd - 102x127cm condition A ONS1206 £500, Claude Buckle Ireland Overnight, Dublin via Holyhead Belfast via Heysham, original poster printed for BR(LMR) by Haycock Press Ltd - 102x127cm condition A with folds ONS1206 £250, Frederick Griffin Northern Ireland Pictorial Map, original poster printed for British Travel and Holidays Assoc. by James Upton Ltd 1959 - 102x63cm condition A ONS1206 est£70-100 £ns, Ulster Nevin BR(LMR) 102x64cm condition A- Lithograph in colours not backed Printed by McCorquodale, Glasgow ONS1206 est£200-250 £ns, BR(W) qr poster 'Fishguard-Rosslare – Shortest Sea Route to Southern Ireland' by John S. Smith dated 1960 folded, one small edge tear SRA307 £240, Railway Executive(M) dr poster: Northern Ireland, artwork by Lander 1952 showing Giants' Causeway. Ref LM 6552. rolled, vgc SRA307 £160, BR(M) dr poster: Northern Ireland, artwork by Daphne Padden - shamrock with vignettes undated, Ref LM 15756, rolled, vgc SRA0307 £100, BR(M) dr coloured pictorial poster 'Heysham/Belfast – overnight offers irresistible comfort' showing image of ship and business man. Dated 1964 SRA307 £10, Bangor, Northern Ireland BR(LMR) dr by Frank Sherwin, 1950's (tear to top, folded), BON507 £150, Travel to Ireland by rail and sea, BR(LMR) dr folded, BON507 est£40 - 60, £ns, Collection of posters LMS Donegal (Sheephaven) by Paul Henry dr (stuck down in frame), LMS Morecambe and Heysham by Mace qr (stuck down, sd), together with five qr - LMS The Irish Mail at Holyhead by Norman Wilkinson, GWR/SR Cornwall by Allinson, LMS Northern Ireland by Hesketh Hubbard, LMS/LNER Eastern Scotland (Royal Deeside) by Newbould and LMS Heysham Boat in Morecambe Bay by Wilkinson (all torn) and other posters (af) BON507 £1650, BR(M) qr poster: 'Ireland – So near to home-so far from care' colourful artwork of a rural scene in the Vale of Clara, Wicklow, by Ronald Lampitt, published 1958. Ref: LM19858, folded, some repaired edge tears, good overall, SRA607 £1000, BR(M) dr poster: Northern Ireland 'Where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea' artwork by David Cobb showing fishing boat landing a catch with sailing boat beyond and mountains in the distance, published 1954, Ref: LM10754, rolled, vgc, SRA607 £150, LYR dr poster: 'North of Ireland via Fleetwood and Belfast–Royal Mail Route' artwork by anon showing girl in traditional costume standing on a shamrock in the middle of the Irish sea calling for the boat rapidly approaching, undated. Ref: (236), folded, good otherwise, SRA607 £300, BR(W) dr poster: Fishguard-Rosslare shortest sea route to and from Southern Ireland, artwork by Leslie Arthur Wilcox (1904-1982) showing steamer leaving port, first issued early 1950s. Ref PR 52, one or two minor edge nicks, good otherwise, SRA607 £180, dr letterpress poster TT 'London & North Western Railway.Liverpool and Drogheda the twin screw steamers "Mellifont" & "Colleen Bawn" January & February 1922...', folded with small edge repairs, SOL607 £50, Hass, Bangor, N. Ireland colour, printed by London Lithographic Co., condition B+/A-; not backed 102x64cm CHR907 est£400-600, Jack Merriott, Southern Ireland Southern Ireland colour lithograph in colours, c.1954, printed by The Baynard Press, London, condition A-; not backed, 102x64cm, CHR907 est£600-800, BR(M) sr Poster: Northern Ireland-Ulster, John Greene 1959 showing the Giant's Causeway, rolled, minor loss left-hand edge SRA907 £200, a BR(M) dr poster 'Heysham for Belfast and Northern Ireland', by Claude Buckle, 1958, minor creasing otherwise vgc, SOL1007 £70, poster 'Fishguard-Rosslare Shortest Sea Route To Southern Ireland" BR(W) qr John S Smith, 1960 BON1007 est£500-700 £ns, LMS qr poster: To Ireland – Choice of Five Routes, Norman Wilkinson, mid 1930s folded with some small edge tears SRA1207 £1050, BR(M) qr poster: Ireland overnight – Dublin via Holyhead, Belfast via Heysham. 1956 artwork by Claude Buckle but Ref: LM28062 shows this was a 1960s issue, folded with a couple of repaired edge tears, taped all around the edge at the back to prevent further damage, good otherwise SRA1207 £ns, Railway Executive (M) dr poster: Northern Ireland by Eric Lander dated 1952, Giants Causeway, Ref LM 6552, folded, one or two minor edge tears, good otherwise SRA1207 £180, BR(M) dr poster: Northern Ireland, Daphne Padden, shows a large shamrock with vignettes of castle, village and hills, issued by BR in 1956, Ref LM 15756, rolled, vgc SRA1207 £220, LMS dr poster: Travel to Ireland by Stranraer-Larne Route-Magnificent New Turbine Steamer 'Princess Margaret', 1930s, Norman Wilkinson, rolled with one or small edge nicks and tears, some rust staining over the title at the base SRA1207 £420, framed dr Poster 'Ulster' by W.H.Conn, featuring the Giants Causeway 'Travel to Ulster via Heysham, Stranraer or Liverpool Royal Mail Routes' vertical tear repair at top GCR408 £220, Poster, BR qr 'Three new ships for the Heysham-Belfast overnight service' by Wilcox, printed by Jordison & Co Ltd. GWR508 £310, poster 'Fishguard-Rosslare Shortest Sea Route To Southern Ireland BR(W)' qr John S Smith, 1960 BON508 est£300-400 £ns, Adolph Treidler (1886-1981) original poster printed for Ireland Irish International Airlines by Browne & Nolan Ltd - 102x64cm Condition A - backed on linen ONS608 £440, Harry Hudson Rodmell 'The Innisfallen Way' Cork - Fishguard Ferry, original poster printed by Carew Wilson Massey - 102x63cm, and another by Jarvis for Royal Mail Liner Andes - 102x64cm (2) Condition B - folds ONS608 est£260, R T Cowern Glendalough Co Wicklow Irish International Airlines, original poster printed by Ormond 1952 - 102x63cm Condition A ONS608 est£150-200, £ns, Derrick Smoothy Fishguard-Cork The Innisfallen Way, original poster printed for Cork Steam Packet Co - 102x64cm Condition A ONS608 £90, BR(M) dr poster 'Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire, Royal Mail Route To Ireland', by John Barker, (LM 12155). An imaginative art nouveau image advertising the Irish Sea crossing in the 1960s, showing the two coastlines, the ports joined by an envelope, rolled, excellent condition GCR708 £50, BR(M) qr poster: Ireland Overnight, 1956 artwork by Claude Buckle (1905-1973), Ref: LM28062 showing this was a 1960s issue, olded, with a few edge repairs, gc SRA908 £95, BR(M) dr poster: Northern Ireland-Travel by BR/UTA/GNRB (L.A Wilson) (Ref LM16357), early 1950s, folded, one or two minor edge tears, gc SRA908 £50, Poster dr, BR(W) 'Southern Ireland', Jack Merriott, Baynard Press, some folds have rear tape repairs GWR1108 £na, Poster dr, 'Fishguard-Rosslare, shortest sea route to and from Southern Ireland', Arthur G. Mills, RE(WR), Waterlow, exc., slight crease near bottom minor crinkling below published information GWR1108 £na, Poster qr BR(W) 'Fishguard-Rosslare', John S. Smith, Haycock Press, vgc, a few minor margin tears GWR1108 £na.

Other: GWR jigsaw 'Mountains of Killarney' RCN288 £of@27, MTN694 £26, GWR enamel map 'To Ireland' 38x28cm SRA987 £60, GWR pictorial enamel 'To Ireland by new Fishguard route' SRA1291 £200, SRA492 £ns, ORA592 £430, MAT1194 £30:£72, BRA597 £560, large 134x99cm SRA699 £na, Fishguard and Rosslare 1904 share cert. MTN198 £na, Princess Maud dinner fork BRA698 £14, GWR jigsaw 'Mountains of Killarney' £90, LMS guide 'Ireland for holidays' MTN998 £14, Bookmark Ireland..LMS..Scotland BRA1198 £20, Bookmark Hol.Guide..LMS..Ireland BRA1198 £20, Menu Irish Mail BRA1298 £35, Menu Ulster Express BRA1298 £20, Menu The Shamrock BRA1298 £23, Fishguard & Rosslare share cert MTN199 £11, Fishguard & Rosslare framed 1917 cheque MTN199 £na, LNWR pamphlet 'To Ireland by LNWR Routes' 1912 MTN199 £18, Caledonian SPC (Irish Services) small china diamond dish MTN199 £na, BR(M) 'General Agent for Ireland' enamel SRA1298 £320, LMS curved brass pillar plate engraved 'Irish Traffic Manager' Holyhead 50x38cm SRA699 £75, GWR jigsaw 'Mountains of Killarney' SRA1299 £50, GWR jigsaw 'Mountains of Killarney' GWR1299 £44, BR(M) carriage board 'The Ulster Express' SRA300 £100, Fishguard & Rosslare share cert MTN400 £22, GWR 'To Ireland via Fishguard' enamel map KRA400 £190, GWR jigsaw 'Mountains of Killarney' MTN900 £20, similar jigsaw, box 1, issued 1931-5 SRA1000 £70, Fishguard & Rosslare Solicitors Office 1908 + sufferance cert + unused warrant 1937 BRA401 £10, Fishguard & Rosslare 1904 cheque for £2700 BRA601 £15, Carriage print 'MV Cambria' MTN901 £36, Carriage Print 'TSS Duke of Lancaster' MTN901 £14, LNWR booklet 'Tours in Ireland' GWR1001 £na, 7 menus incl. 'The Emerald Isle Express' and 'The Ulster Express' GWR1001 £na, carriage print 'TSS Duke of Lancaster' (Buckle) GWR1001 £na, carriage print 'TSS Duke of Lancaster' (Buckle) GWR1001 £48, carriage print 'MV Cambria' (Buckle) KRA1001 £55, LMS official publications artwork to front cover 'North of Ireland' and 'Holidays in Southern Ireland' TRA1101£36, LMS folding card TT 'To & from Ireland & England via Kingstown & Holyhead, Greenore & Holyhead and Dublin & Liverpool train and Boat Services 1935', 10pp. maroon slim covers TRA1201 £na, MV Cambria carriage print MTN402£18, BR Northern Ireland (Lander) poster MTN402 £42, BR Ireland Overnight poster KRA402 £50, GWR Mountains of Killarney. 150 pcs. jigsaw Puzzle: vgc. Lift lid box: fair. SRA902 est£30, Fishguard & Rosslare share cert MTN403 £7, GWR Jigsaw Mountains of Killarney in an orange book type box. Complete g.c., approx 200 pieces GWR503 £50, Carriage print unframed: MV Cambria-British Railways Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service (LMR(D) series) by Claude Buckle. SRA903 £32, LNWR Irish Destination Luggage Labels 'Dublin North Wall' (L68) dark blue on white - top r.h. corner loss; 'Kingstown Station' (print ref. 163.) black on lilac vgc; and 'Blank via Kingstown' (print ref. 163) black on purple vgc TRA1003 £29, LNWR Irish Destination Luggage Labels. 'Mallow via Kingstown' with large 'S' in top r.h. corner. (print ref. 163) black on purple; 'Tralee via Kingstown' (print ref. 163) black on lilac. Both vgc TRA1003 £29, Claude Buckle MV Cambria British Railways Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service,and John L Baker London Tower Bridge,railway carriage prints, each - 25x51 cm (2) ONS1003 £90, Wine List 'The Irish Mail' green cover with blue/black/white large crest on front and history of the train on back. Early 1960's 20x11cm. MRA1103 £na, Wine List 'The Emerald Isle Express'. Green/white covers with history of train on back. Early 1960's. 20x12cm G. MRA1103 £na, GWR 'Through the Window Paddington to Killarney via Fishguard & Rosslare'. 138pp. 1926. Minor wear to covers TRA1203 £41, 3 matching Wine Lists for 'The Emerald Isle Express/The Shamrock/The Ulster Express'. Dated '2/60, 7/59 & 7/59'. g.c. TRA104 £32, GWR poster New Milford-Ireland steamers 1899 BIT404 £80, Fishguard & Rosslare Railways & Harbours Company, GWR and associated companies, a qty of ephemera relating to shareholders payments inc certificates, payments for land aquisition, certificates for contract work etc. circa 1903 (a lot), ONS604 £60, GWR jigsaw: 'Mountains of Killarney' c.200 pieces (39x30cm). Puzzle:Good. Slip case box:Fair. SRA904 £35, Carriage Print 'M.V. Cambria-British Railways Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service', Claude Buckle, LMR(D) Series issued in 1957, larger size. C/W original type glazed frame. vgc, SOL1004 £45, Pair of Ireland folding Pubs: 'LMS See Ireland First' opens out to show map of the Country's rail system. g.c., and 'Ireland The Land of Scenery & Romance' (LMSNCC, GNR(I) & GSR), system map opens out, lists of railway owned TRA1104 £35, GWR Guide Book: 'Southern Ireland' White card covers, 72pp plus plates, dated May 1927. Cover a little dusty. SRA1204 £10, f&g carriage print 'MV Cambria' MTN105 £22, GWR fully titled enamel map advertising its steamer service 'To Ireland by the New Fishguard Route', the smaller 38x28cm version some edge chips KRA105 £230, LNWR bookmark: 'The North Western Hotel Greenore' front shows illustrations of hotel, rear details service times, scuffs on corners, SRA305 £55, f&g carriage print of 'MV Cambria' MTN405 £20, Two Shares from Fishguard & Rosslare Railway & Harbours Co., 1915 & 1921. MTN405 £18, Menu card &amp Wine List, 'The Shamrock' folding laminated card, blue, green & black design, with train history & details on back, minor use. Also dinner menu card, matching artwork (2), GCA305 £na, Wine list, 'The Emerald Isle Express', 7/59, dark & light green shamrock design on folding laminated cover, similar on back with history & description of train, also matching menu card with similar artwork, virtually unused. (2) GCA305 £na, GWR 'To Ireland by Fishguard route' vgc TRA705 £450, several LNWR bookmarks 'Routes to Ireland' First shows company steamers, the rear advertises Ireland for holidays and a calendar for 1906, second has a photo illustration of Glendalough, third has Meeting of the waters, Killarney, fourth has Lough Gill, fifth has Vale of Ovoca, sixth has passengers embarking at Holyhead, seventh has Sugar Loaf Mountain, Glengariff, SRA905 all £10 each, Glengariff £5, Collection of BR dr posters including BR Irish Seaways, a few creases, generally gc (12) SOL1005 £46, BR(M) qr poster 'Ireland via Holyhead nightly throughout the year also by day in summer'. Colour photograph of a cottage in landscape. folded. gc SOL1005 £20, GWR: 'Southern Ireland – Its Lakes and Landscapes' White and green card covers, 66pp plus plates and adverts, pub no. 10 in the 'Handy Aids' series in May 1927. Covers dusty. SRA1205 £12, GWR 'Official Guide to and from Ireland by the New Fishguard Route.'Black printing on green paperback covers, 20pp October 1909. Slightly faded covers. SRA1205 £70, LNWR correspondence card official: 'Irish Golf Links' showing golfer against background map of Ireland showing all the important golf links (LNW742). Used 1908. A little faded and with two punch holes. SRA1205 £90, Postcards MR various officials from Isle of Man and Irish shipping services comprising: Map Douglas & Heysham (MR018), Donegal (MR016), Londonderry (MR014), Antrim (MR013), Manxman (MR180), Turbine SS Manxman (MR170B), plus a Valentine commercial of Heysham station. Mostly vgc. (7) SRA1205 £90, GWR jig-saw puzzle 'Mountains of Killarney', 150 pieces, twin shields style box with black label, excellent condition, complete KRA106 £45, Fishguard & Rosslare Railways & Harbours 'Certificate as to closing of sufferance road' foolscap size. unused. SRA306 est@£5, GWR official postcard: 'Fishguard Route to Ireland – Turbine Steamer' (GW313). Unused, good. SRA306 est@£12, Caledonian Steam Packet Company (Irish Services) Limited silverplate flower vase by Walker & Hall. high with trumpet style top, name and house flag stamped into side. vgc SRA306 £110, GWR 'Holiday haunts–Southern Ireland 1924– green covers, 76pp plus fold-out map gc SRA606 £120, Lot 869 GWR publication 'Southern Ireland-its lakes and landscapes' 136pp guide with fold out map, contained in leather bound covers with title and coa in gold on front dated August 1906 vgc SRA606 £40, Irish railways coach dimension plate rectangular c/i. 20x15cm SOL606 £11, British and Irish Grand Junction Railway draft prospectus 4pp including map of line undated SRA906 £40, GWR 'Mountains of Killarney' jigsaw c.200 pieces. Puzzle: good (apart from two lugs missing). Library type box: A little scuffed. SRA906 est@£30 £ns, Painted wooden Carriage Board 'The Ulster Express' vgc 3355mm TRA906 £270, Painted wooden Carriage Board 'London - Heysham'. vgc 3660mm TRA906 £75, Fishguard & Rosslare share cert MTN407 £12, MR official shipping postcards Ireland–England showing steamers 'Antrim,', 'Donegal,' 'Manxman', 'Londonderry'(MR013/014/015/016), Antrim example postally used 1909 (3), SRA607 est£20 £ns, GWR official series 8 postcard: 'Tender transferring mails. Fishguard Harbour' (GW155), not used, good condition, SRA607 £85, GWR official series 8 postcard: 'Landing mails, Fishguard Harbour Station' (GW162), used 1911, SRA607 est£15 £ns, GWR official series 8 postcard No.8 'RMS Mauretania at anchor Fishguard Harbour' (GW147), not postally used, vgc, SRA607 £15 £ns, GWR official series 8 postcard No.9 'RMS Lusitania at anchor Fishguard Harbour' (GW148), not postally used, vgc, SRA607 £22, GWR official series 8 postcard No.11 'GWR passenger tender approaching quay, Fishguard Harbour Station' (GW150), not postally used, vgc, SRA607 est£15 £ns, LNWR poster card official: 'Dublin & Holyhead' (LNW635), not postally used. SRA907 reserve£10 £ns, poster card: To Ireland via Holyhead (LNW622), not postally used, corners slightly rounded, SRA907 reserve£10 £ns, LNWR publication 'The Heart of Erin' BON1007 £30, LNWR Luggage Labels: All headed 'From Euston Station, London' and 'via Kingstown'; to Enniskillin (GN(I)Ry); to Cookstown (GN(I)Ry); to Mullingar (M.G.W.Ry); to Kildare (G.S.W.Ry); to New Ross (D&S.E.Ry), all vgc. (5) TRA1107 £210, GWR enamel sign measures 127x91cm depicts the new route to Ireland via Fishguard route (station names faded), ebay1107 £ns, GWR jigsaw 'Mountains of Killarney' MTN408 £32, totem Stranraer Harbour, BR(Sc) half flanged light blue in gc, a professionally repaired crease and repainted edge chips and rusting only, SRA608 £750, Hawthorne Leslie specification of the engines for BR 'Holyhead Ferry 1', clothbound hardback covers with title in gold on front. 107pp, circa 1960s, SRA608 res£10, £ns, Lot 333 Dublin South District Tramways Co. 2d white and 3d pink named stage punch type Tram tickets from the Dalkey Line PTA708 £30, a system map 'Great Western Railway and connections', card mounted, full colour map depicting UK (except tip of Scotland) with insets of 'Ireland', 'South Wales', 'London & Suburbs', minor marks/creases, presented in wooden glazed frame, 65x97cm. SOL1008 £35.


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