Irish Standard gauge - North (GNR, DNGR, NIR, SLNCR etc.)

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click for 10K .jpg image of GNRI coat of arms GNRI Coat of Arms. Source: SRA

Some Great Northern Railway (GNRI,GNRB) Auction Results:

Coat of Arms - mounted: Original Tearne's transfers TCK383 £of@4 each, GNRI SRA987 £22, GNRI ONS691 £45, (+GSWR) ONS691 £22, (+S.Clare) ONS691 £70, GNRI SRA691 £35, GNRI MKA1091 £5, GNRI-small SRA1091 £22, GNRI Tender SRA1291 £25, GNRI-small SRA492 £28, GNRI blue garter 30cms SRA692 £20, GNRI-large SRA892 £45, GNRI on dk. blue MKA1192 £18, GNRI-small SRA1292 £28, GNRB-loco SRA293 £26, GNRI-turquoise loco SRA893 £40, GNRI MTN993 £18, Wood cut from carriage with GNRI initials, sloping letters on blue BRA1093 £ns, GNRI gold garter SRA894 £60, GNRI light and deep blue framed framed 36cm BRA1194 £10, GNRB BRA1294 £15, GNRI loco spasher version SRA1294 £95, GNRB-small SRA395 £60, GNRI ONS795 £25, GNRI-small SRA995 £30, GNRI on dk. blue SOL1095 £15, GNRB-large SRA1295 £40, GNRI tender SRA696 £45, GRA1096 £25, GNRI on circular board ORA497 £45, GNRI black BRA697 £35, GNRI transfer CHO1099 £20, GNRI large 51x51 crest on slightly warped board WHY1299 £120, GNRI (+GSR) on hardboard 40x40cm ONS500 £40, GNRI enamel depicting company crest in full colour on blue, a few chips and corrosion VGC WHY101 £130, GNRI coa mounted, fair condition, 27X30cm, smaller skyblue, coa used on loco splashers, SRA1201 £40, GNRB coa largest of three 55x55 cm., some restoration.SRA602 £40, GNRI mounted on mahogany panel, slightly warped. 52x50mm TRA1002 £20, GNRI large belted garter on shield shaped backboard 56x61 cm, back extract from Railway Gazette on features of crest KRA403 £130, GNRI coa Transfer mounted onto a painted ply panel. In a black plastic frame. 388x376mm. TRA1003 £80, GNRB coa mounted on board - smaller of the three designs used on locomotive coupled wheel splashers from 1953, 28x33cm. VGC. SRA304 £65, GNRB large coa on wooden shield. on rear piece of paper describing 618x563mm. TRA304 £35, GNRI coa transfer nicely mounted onto a painted ply panel. v.g.c. 325x305mm TRA504 £23, GNRI coa and oil painting of locomotives CHF1004 £20, GNRI garter arms transfer on board, 28x33cm, SRA1204 £50, GNRI coa transfer, mounted, pictorial shield with blue garter surround on blue background, transfer 20x25cm, board 25x30cm GCA305 £na, coa mounted on board, largest size as on tenders. 56x62cm SRA605 £30, GNR(I) unmounted transfer. Small scratch. Rolled. SRA905 £95, GNRI coa mounted on board 30x30cm BON1006 £35, GNRI coat of arms, an original transfer 50cms h, on an aluminium panel, approx. 83x106cm. This coat of arms is from the side of a GNR railcar, gc. MEA307 £280, GNRI coa SOL308 £40, GNRI original coa, varnished transfer on fine wood panel, f&g - 39x34cm gc ONS608 est£200-250 £ns, GNRB mounted coa transfer overall 41cm square on a blue background, the board a little out of true although not obvious when hung, GCR708 £50, GNRB coat of arms on a 30x25 cm wooden board, exc. cond., along with Brecon & Merthyr Railway, simple script, coat of arms and a NCC script only device mounted on a wooden board measuring 56cm square, exc. cond. GWR1108 £na.

Loco names: CROAGH PATRICK KFR268 £55, LOUGH GILL KFR268 £35, ERNE ORA392 £1600, FALCON SRA493 £1300, LUGNAQUILLA SRA894 £2900, LAGAN + 2 Worksplates SRA894 £1550, DOWN SRA395 £1450, EAGLE SRA997 £3050, LOUTH SRA601 £3000, RPSI auction105, LIFFEY SRA1202 £4800.

Cabside: Cabside No.209 KFR268 £6, Cabside No.206 KFR268 £7.

Works & tenderplates: GNRI Dundalk 1915 & 130/D2 1934 KFR268 £6, BP6038 SRA488 £90, Works ex151 ONS691 £45, Tender GNRI SRA690 £85, 2500gal ONS691 £40, GNRI Dundalk 1922 ORA192 £150, BP1914 ex199 ORA192 £na, 64B 1901 Tender SRA292 £100, GNRI Dundalk 1927 MKA1192 £60, BP6734/32 SRA1092 £200, tender 63B/Makers/1900/Ddk SRA1294 £180, GNRI Ddk SRA1294 £250, GNRI Ddk 1921 SRA395 £175, BP1954 SRA1295 £75, GNRI Ddk 1921 CAL696 £75, 123D2 1929 Dundalk SRA1296 £160, BP 7244 Manchester 1947 (ex 201) SRA1296 £175, BP 1921 Manchester (GNR or BCDR) SRA1296 £ns, Tender 132D2 1937 Dundalk SRA397 £75, BP 6735 Manchester (ex 87 'Kestrel') RCN1186 £of, SRA397 £190, tender 117 B2 1923 SRA999 £50, Dundalk 1927 ORA1099 £110, Nasmyth Wilson No.1425-1924 Manchester SRA900 £480, BP 6630 Manchester 1929 from 4-4-2T No.62 SRA1000 £300, BP 1920 Manchester (either Cambrian, CBSCR, GNRI or BCDR) SRA1000 £520, GNRI brass builders' plate '84B/Makers/1905/Dundalk' vgc WHY101 £220; GNRI brass builders' plate 'WW/Makers/1895/Dundalk' WHY101 £200, BP 6963 1948 from No.208 'Lagan' SRA301 £450, 'GNR WW/Makers/1895/ Dundalk' tenderplate SRA901 £260, GNRI Dundalk 1927 SRA901 £95, 'BP 1921 Manchester' either GNR 4-4-2T or 0-6-0, face polished and repainted only SRA302 £180, 'Robert Stephenson & Co Ltd No. 3454 Darlington 1911' worksplate GNRI No. 168. Hexagonal cast brass, 28x13 cm. SRA602 £650, 'Nasmyth Wilson & Co Limited No. 1428-1924 Patricroft Manchester' worksplate from GNRI No. 15. Triangular cast brass, 36x14 cm. £680, 'GNRI 1926 Dundalk' worksplate. A rebuild plate oval cast brass, 21x11 cm.SRA602 £220, 'Beyer Peacock & Co Ld 1920 Manchester' worksplate. (BCDR, CBSCR or GNRI). Oval cast brass, 24x14 cm.SRA602 £240, No.115 Nasmyth Wilson No.1425-1924 worksplate, Triangular cast brass, 36x13cm, a little damage to one of the hole rims, SRA902 £550, 1917 Dundalk oval 21x11cm brass worksplate (No.93 or No.74), SRA902 £200, Beyer Peacock 1912 Manchester (GNRI, Midland, CBSCR, Western Australia or Victoria) GWR503 £160, Beyer Peacock 1921 Manchester ex GNRI makers plate 'no damage to face, back unrestored with some hammer marks where it was bashed flat when cast' RCJ1003 of&£260, tenderplate 'Great Northern Railway. R.R Makers 1894 Dundalk'. 25x14.6cm. SRA1203 £200, brass oval 'Great Northern Railway' Dundalk 1908, 24cm tenderplate. RUG104 £212, brass oval 'GNRI' Dundalk No.104 B2 1910 tender plate RUG104 £165, GNRI 1928 Dundalk' worksplate, allegedly carried by No. 43 'Lagan' built Dundalk in 1911. Oval cast brass, 21x11cm, lightly polished in places with original red paint, with original U.T.A. receipt for 4/6 dated 1963 SRA604 £300, Beyer Peacock Manchester 1913 - 10 locos built that year, 5 for the GNRI, 5 for New South Wales, brass oval 25x15cm, ex loco KRA105 £120, Beyer Peacock & Co Ld worksplate 6965 Manchester 1948 carried by VS 4-4-0 No.210 'Erne', subsequently UTA No.59, oval cast brass, 25x15cm, unrestored blue paint SRA305 £720, Beyer Peacock 6633 Manchester, 1929 worksplate ex-GNRI No. 65 (UTA 65N), brass oval, 25x15cm, face cleaned but not painted KRA505 £120, 'Beyer Peacock & Co. Ld.1915 Manchester' brass loco plate - either SAR Nos 1753-1760, GNRI Nos 180-184, 190-192, 196-200 or Rhodesia Railways Nos 105-110. 248x140mm, face-restored. £ns, BCDR coa applied to a maroon painted board, 610x610mm. transfer used dated 29/4/1912. vgc. SRA1205 £ns, GNR(I) 1929 Dundalk oval cast brass, 21x11cm, just cleaned SRA605 £140, 'GNR(I) 1927 Dundalk.' brass loco rebuilding plate from either P, PG, PP or LQG classes. Oval 213x111mm. Restored front. SRA1205 £200, brass tenderplate 'GNR(I) 104 B2 Makers 1910 Dundalk' from the first Class B2 2500 gallons tender, most likely coupled new to a Class PP 4-4-0., 229x127mm, unrestored, letter "I" removed long ago KRA106 £140, brass 'Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd., Manchester 1908' oval, 248x146mm a little damage to the '&', 2 GNRI 0-6-4Ts of several possibilities SRA606 £150, brass 'Great Northern Railway Makers Dundalk No. 28 of 1904' from class 'P' 4-4-0 No. 89 'Albert' withdrawn 1956, oval, 25x15cm ex-loco condition SRA307 £680, 'GNR(I), 1928 Dundalk' rebuild works cast brass oval 22x11cm face repainted red, back untouched KRA107 £210, brass loco worksplate: 'GNR(I) Dundalk 1920' as carried by one of the 5' 3" gauge locos rebuilt at Dundalk in 1920 from 4-4-0 classes Q or QL, oval, 21x10cm the front repainted, the back in ex-loco condition, SRA607 £100, brass tenderplate: 'Nasmyth Wilson Limited Patricroft Manchester No. 448–1911' as carried by a 5' 3" gauge GNR(I) tender of type B3 carrying 2,500 gallons of water, most likely for 0-6-0s in classes NQG and NLQG, triangular, 36x14cm in ex-loco condition both sides, the front showing slight traces of red paint underneath, SRA607 £820, brass tenderplate: 'Great Northern Railway Makers Dundalk 61B 1900' as carried by a 5'3" gauge type B1 tender carrying 2,500 gallons of water, oval, 23x13cm in ex-loco condition front and back, SRA607 £300, brass locomotive worksplate 'Beyer Peacock & Co Ltd Gorton Foundry Manchester 1887', locos supplied in 1887 to: Portugal, Holland, Tasmania, GNRI, LYR, Wirral, Mersey, GKN Dowlais, CBSCR, Alexandra Docks, large oval, 43x20cm ex-loco condition front and back, but is missing a section from around the right hand bolt hole SRA608 £200.

Carriage boards: Dublin-Londonderry carriage board BIT707 £ 28.

Wagon plates: 14 ton 1922 196 registration plate, lugs intact, repainted, with matching owners plate 'Owners Shell Mex & BP Ltd, London WC2, No 1534', rectangular, angled corners, 229x140mm, repainted KRA106 £160.

Footbridge: SRA1296 £380, Footbridge sign SRA398 £190,'GNRI Notice passengers are requested to use the overbridge & not to walk across the rails' with ornate corner. Vaguely face rest. only. '(I)' partially erased but still apparent. 558x331mm. TRA803 £90, '(I)' partially erased but still apparent, sign sandblasted and primed ebay0805 £140.

Bridge Restriction: GNRB Bridge Restriction KFR268 £1, Full title enamel SRA1094 £240, SRA698 £ns.

Bridge Numbers: '36' TCK382 £of, '3', '145', '160', '174' TCK583 £of@18 each, '3', '145', '160', '174' TCK684 £of@12 each, '145' RCN885 £of@14, '?' RCN1086 £of@14, '145' OTL1196 £of, '?' SRA488 £14, SRA988 £16, SRA1288 £22, BRA590 £42, STK392 £48, SRA1092 £30, '200' BRA193 £15, '8' BRA693 £45, '59' BRA793 £33, '66' BRA993 £28, '153' BRA594 £ns, '153' BRA794 £25, '153' AdvRCJ994-195 £40, '87' BRA296 £25, '153' SHM296 £35, '274' BRA597 £30, '69' MKA1297 £36, '87' BRA598 £45, '35' SRA998 £40, '47' KRA100 £20, '3' GWR600 £45, '105' KRA700 £10, '77' BRA 1100 £35, £32 (one seen in catalogue, two results!), GNRI '24' milepost TRA1001 £25, '163' TRA1101£38, '162' TRA1201 £31, 'GNRI 206', unrestored, TRA802 £44, GNRI 202 TRA1002£35, GNRI '21' eBay2002 £50, Bridge plate 'GNRI 37'.Face rest. only TRA1003 £50, 'GNRI 59' MTN104 £34, 'GNRI 36' TRA304 £44, RCJ504 £ofs, '36' RCJ804 ofs£45-65, GNR(I) cast iron '136' bridge plate ebay904 £40, GNRI bridge no. '21' ebay805 £23.50, 'GNR(I) 135' bridge number, face restored only. 'Possibly Moygashel' TRA905 £65, GNRI '60' bridgeplate, front repainted. GCR906 £20, GNR(I) '50' and (NER) '36' bridge numbers (2), KRA707 £na (starting £15), Bridgeplate, 'GNR(I), 50', oval 34x24cm, front repainted GCR907 £20.

Trespass, etc.: Hill of Howth tramway notice KFR268 £13, GNRI double sided trespass KFR268 £4, GNRCoI public notice trespass enamel 51x30cm RCN386 £of, SRA988 £35, ORA390 £40, SRA990 £130, SRA491 £110, SRA691 £95, Full title enamel SRA1091 £95, 28x56cm ORA392 £80, small SRA692 £30 (20x13cm), Enamel(battered!) ORA792 £45, small SRA293 £65, BRA693 £74 (20x13cm), 'Notice etc.' 30x49cm BRA294 £150, GNRB Trespass AdvRCJ594 £60, 57x28cm 5 line welded BRA497 £ns, small SRA1297 £70, small BRA998 £ns, 5 line rear weld BRA1298 £ns, small 20x14cm SRA399 £60, GNRI small trespass MTN499 £44, GNRI small 2 line 14x20cm ONS500 £40, post top double sided 'GNR. Trespassers Prosecuted Penalty 2 Pounds' 53x41cm SRA600 £600, GNRI small BRA900 £64, GNRI 57X28 'Hereby..' rewelded TRA901 £ns, GNRI full title cast-iron Trespass. 57x28cm, repainted. SRA602 £130, Full title cast-iron Trespass. 4 lines of text. Rectangular, 57x29cm, unrestored, SRA902 £300, GNRI small trespass 20x15cm repainted, ebay803 £70of, GNRI small Trespass Sign. Face rest. only. 202x138mm. TRA803 £55, Irish double sided cast iron sign 'Caution before crossing look out for trains both ways', thought to be MRNCC, one face only painted. 385x205mm. TRA803 £47, GNRI full title cast-iron Trespass sign, rarer pattern, 48x30cm, repainted SRA1204 £140, Trespass 22x14cm MTN105 £22, GNRI cast iron trespass notice. The ‘I’ in brackets partially ground off whilst in service. TRA705 £55, GNRI brownish enamel trespass 51x30.5cm a couple of touched up dents around fixing holes ebay805 £103, GNRI enamel trespass a bit chipped round the corners 508x305mm ebay1105 £104.89, small GNRI cast iron trespass 203x140mm original condition KRA106 £70, GNRI small cast iron trespass 200x137mm, face restored only TRA306 £35, GNRI trespass KRA406 £50, GNRI 'Hereby give public warning..' trespass with the '(I)' ground off ebay706 £na, GNRI small trespass, 20x14cm, the '(I)' partly chiselled off, gc GCR906 £12, GNRI cast iron overbridge notice, 56x33cm, with corner decorations, repainted black on yellow '(I)' in company title partially chipped away GCR1006 £190, GNRI c/i 'Hereby give public warning....' repainted front gc 56x28cm SOL1006 £74, GNRI c/i small trespass, only front restored GWR1106 £na, GNRI small c/i small trespass, only front restored GWR1106 £45, GNRI cast iron 'Hereby Give Public Warning...Trespass..', 57x29cm, front repainted black on yellow KRA107 £120, Described BCDR [but GNRI] cast iron double sided 'Caution before crossing.../Notice Penalty for omission to shut and fasten gate...', 38x20cm KRA107 £100, small cast iron 'GNRI Notice – Trespassers on The Line Will be Prosecuted.' 20x14cm, front partially cleaned SRA307 £50, cast iron 'Great Northern Railway (I), Hereby give public warning to all persons not to trespass upon the railway, trespassers will be prosecuted', unrestored, original paintwork, 57x29cm. 'Co (I)' was chiselled off the plate GCR407 £150, Double sided Irish cast iron: 'Notice penalty for omission to shut and fasten gates forty shillings' on one side; 'Caution before crossing look out for trains both ways' on the other. 38x46cm repainted in grey both sides, but one side only has the lettering picked out in white, SRA607 £50, GNR(I) enamel: 'Great Northern Railway Company(Ireland) 'Hereby gives public warning to all persons not to trespass upon this railway trespassers will be prosecuted' 51x30cm enamel in ex-trackside condition, originally in blue with white lettering, but badly faded to grey with a little rust staining, the lettering unaffected however, SRA607 £40, enamel notice 'Great Northern Railway Company (Ireland), Hereby give public...Trespassers will be prosecuted', white on blue, 51x30cm, excellent colour and shine, although several face chips KRA707 £95, described as BCDR [but probably GNRI] cast iron double sided gate notice, 'Caution, Before crossing…both ways/Notice, Penalty for omission…Forty shillings', 39x20cm, repainted KRA707 £100, GNRI trespass, cracked & repaired, GCR1007 starting £20 £na, GNRI small cast iron trespass notice, face restored only TRA1107 £75, GNRI fully titled cast iron trespass with the 'Co.(I)' ground off, vgc, restored in primer only TRA1107 £ns, large GNRI cast iron trespass notice GAC408 £of@140, GNRI trespass notice, 'G.N.R.(I), Notice, Trespassers on the line will be prosecuted', 20x14cm. front repainted, back untouched GCR408 £75, GNRI enamel sign Amiens Street Station, Bill posters will be Prosecuted, By Order, dated January 1916 MEA408 €380, large GNRI 'Hereby gives public warning...' cast iron trespass notice GAC408 of@£140, GNRI trespass notice, 'G.N.R.(I), Notice, Trespassers on the line will be prosecuted', 20x14cm. front repainted, back untouched GCR408 £75.

Station, etc.: GNRI poster board heading KFR268 £4, GNRI poster board heading (curved in 4 sections) KFR268£5, 'Donabate' 40x12cm rounded ends SRA397 £85, enamel billposters SRA398 £160, arched posterboard heading SRA998 £500, 30cm clock 'Milford' Dobbyn and Sons AdvRCJ1298 £475, Manhole cover AdvRCJ1298 £25, Ticket dating machine MTN699 £22, 'Armagh' rounded ends GWR799 £50, GNRI 30.5 cm dial non-fusee, pendulum roundface wall clock polished wood case, original face lettered 'Dobbin & Son Dublin. Milford GNRI' seems working order, complete with pendulum and key, SRA300 £360, GNRI 'St. Johnston' 54x11.4cm SRA600 £150, 'Clones' c/i rounded ends MTN600 £170, GNRI notice on wooden panel 'Cleaners are forbidden to move engines in steam, A. McCleery', yellow on black, handpainted, slight fading, couple chips WHY101 £50, cast iron GNRI Fender with raised letters. Restored 1030mm. long with 255mm. returns TRA602 £42, 'Kesh' cast-iron station nameplate 41x14cm complete with back brackets. SRA904 £300, cast iron sign-GNR(I) curved banner sign mounted on a board (10x102cm) CHF1004 £160, cast iron plate 'Adelaide' in unrestored condition. 305x96mm TRA305 £120, GNRI cast iron station name 'Glenavy' 356x102mm SRA606 £260, Cast iron notice 'Great Northern Railway (Ireland). " Each word cast in a separate piece to form an arch, 105x9cm, in original condition, all four parts screwed to a wooden backboard. Thought to have originated from a footbridge (location unknown) SRA906 £620, GNRI Simplex Steam Pressure Tester. Chrome plated instruments housed in a purpose made mahogany case with internal compartment lid (with instructions for use labels) lifting up to reveal boxwood rulers, set squares and note pad. The box has brass plate 'GNR(I) Electrical Department Dundalk' vgc 240x22x134mm TRA906 £ns, GNRI seatback 'Dungannon'(described as possibly traction engine) 41x10cm with rounded ends and four small fixing holes RNT906 £200, Leather cash bag with brass label 'Narrowwater 6' (probably GNRI) bag a little worn SRA1206 £55, enamel GNRI Billposters January 1916 46x41cm, one face and a few edge chips neatly repainted KRA107 £255, station sign 'Finnaghy' ebay307 £78, station sign 'Lambeg' ebay307 £108, station sign 'Hilden Halt' ebay307 £142, GNR(I) cast iron station tablet: 'Laytown' 41x11cm with curved ends in ex-station condition in white with black lettering and yellow showing through from underneath, SRA607 £420, GNR(I) 'Lisbellaw' cast iron station tablet 30x9.5cm with curved ends in ex-station condition in white with black lettering SRA907 £420, GNRI cast iron station tablet 'Armagh' 30x9.5cm with curved ends, restored yellow with black lettering and edging SRA1207 £400.

Mileposts: '3/4' BRA691 £15, Set 20, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 mounted SRA1094 £105, 1/2 GWR799 £15, ??Possible GNRI mile marker '19' 61x20cm + long spike BRA900 £30?, 1/4 TRA1202 £64, cast iron 3/4 milepost 16x24cm, face restored probably GNR(I) SRA1206 est£10, cast iron 3/4 milepost 16x24cm, face restored probably GNRI SRA1206 £75, GNRI milepost '39' also NBR Bridgeplate '88', GCR1007 starting £20 £na, GNRI milepost set, (a) '20', oval, 33x25cm, (b) '1/4', triangular, 28x24cm, (c) '1/2', diamond, 22x22cm, (d) '3/4', rectangular, 17x24cm. Each repainted white on blue on the front, back untouched GCR1007 £100, 1/4 milepost MTN0908 £14.

Railchair: BRA794 £7.

Signalling, etc.: Miniature SL 'Newtown Butler-Clones West' SRA293 £160, GNRI handlamp RPA994 £32, 2 ground signals, 4 aspect, copper SRA695 £300, WT staff 'Castle Caldwell-Belleek' ONS795 £70, ORA296 £75, SRA294 £100 and SRA296 £100, Miniature 'Nenagh-Birdhill' SRA692 £100, WT staff 'Laytown-Mosney' SRA696 £60, Handlamp CRW796 £60, 3 aspect handlamp BRA1097 £50, 3 aspect handlamp BRA998 £43, 4 aspect fogmans handlamp correct vessels lacks burner and green glass ORA499 £ns, GNRI loco headlamp stamped Goraghwood and painted same, flat lens, no vessel, stamped GNRI on front 16.5x15x30.5cm BRA401 £94, loco headlamp GNRI marked case, no interior or front lens, painted G-Wood Quarry 16.5x15x30.5 cm BRA401 £59, GNRI metal key for points inscribed 'Navan Junction' and 'Kilmessan Junction', 65 cm long, light rust WHY101 £180, GNRI large 3asp. Handlamp. Stamped 'GNRI' in rear handle box and in original vessel. All glasses good, complete, restored TRA602 £100, 'Messengers' rear trigger 4 aspect handlamp marked 'GNRI', in excellent unpainted condition but minus 2 glasses and screw in burner RCJ504 £ofs, GNRI three-aspect handlamp. Body and burner both stamped with company initials. SRA904 £24, GNR(I) General Purpose Handlamp with clear glass windows. Front clearly stamped 'GNR(I)' and the back door stamped 'Strabane'. Complete with original u/m vessel, brass burner & copper reflector. Strabane TRA904 £120, GNR(I) Locomotive Headlamp. Chimney stamped 'GNRI'. Body stamped 'Goraghwood S162' and painted "Goraghwood 1". The lamp iron bracket also stamped '162'. Incorrect 'BRM' vessel. Good bullseye lens TRA1104 £190, 3 asp. Handlamp. Body brass plated 'GNR(I)' and has oval metal plate emb. 'Linley Engineering Co. Ltd. Patentees & Manufacturers Birmingham England 1935' (although the lamp looks older). Complete with original u/m vessel & burner, all glasses & large copper lens cone. v.g.c. TRA1104 £ns, GNRI signal plate '7 F P Lock No 8 Points'(stated from near Enniskillen) front restored, ebay1204 £ns, Messengers patent corrugated 3 asp. Handlamp probably from the GNRI or one of its constituents. Brass plated 'Ticket Collector 1' on one of the side catch covers. The lamp top and door are from a compatible non-corrugated lamp probably from the same company. Complete with original vessel with rape oil burner and all glasses. A repair to the inside floor, restored TRA105 £480, "GNRB Look-Out" enamel Armband in exc. condition complete with leather straps TRA505 £40, RSC steel staff with brass caps miniature staff, 'Clones-Smithboro' £150, Tyers No 6 tablet 'Antrim-Lisburn', from the GNRI branch from Knockmore Junction to Antrim, the inscriptions altered after the closure of Crumlin & Ballinderry boxes KRA106 £260, GNRI Signal repeater with circular bakelite case, the top half of the face inscribed 'Points No 48', white on black & the lower half Normal/Wrong/Reverse, 'SYX' on back, from Poyntzpass cabin, slight flaking to lower portion; also a brass plunger from Coleraine Cabin with brass ring attatched, though not inscribed with any details KRA106 £80, Tyers No 6 rectangular tablet 'York Rd-Antrim', as the York Road (Belfast)-Monkstown section was double track, the tablet actually covers the Monkstown-Antrim section, but is inscribed as such as York Rd Box remotely controlled the instruments KRA106 £20, large GNRI three aspect handlamp, complete with original vessel, screw in burner, reflector & glasses, piecrust top with wire handle. The brass back clip slots into notches in the collar to fix the position of each colour. Black paintwork with 'GNRI' stamped on the back catch housing GCR1006 £80, GNRI 3-Aspect Handlamp, complete with interior fittings, copper bezel, cone and piecrust top, the side bears an embossed brass plate 'GNR I', with an oval embossed steel makers plate below 'Linley Engineering Co Ltd, Birmingham, England, Patentee and Manufacturers 1935' gc, probably repainted, the blue glass has chips from the corners GCR407 £150, GNRI signal lamp interior MTN607 £16, GNRI signal lamp interior MTN607 £25, GNRI copper crossing gate lamp MTN907 £80, GNRI large pattern handlamp, GCR1007 starting £30 £na, large GNRI buffer stop lamp of copper, with red surround plate to the lens, cleaned and lightly polished with a 'Railway Signal Co.' makers plate on the front, inside base marked with the company initials, no interior present, overall 51cm high GCR108 £190.

Cutlery, china, glass, ashtrays etc.: Astrays ORA288 £6, SRA291 £60, chrome from railcar MTN496 £na, peanut dish (with crest) SRA987 £45, silver milk jug MTN989 £20, china milk jug SRA 691 £60, 3 plates SOL992 £8, soup dish SRA488 £20, inkwell SRA988 £30, 9" soup plate SRA997 £10, silver plated gravy boat MTN198 £na, full crest sherry glass SRA698 £110, GNRI silver (replated) 2 pint coffee pot by Elkington full coa 19 cm SRA1298 £130, GNRI glass fruit bowl with top wavy edge acid etched full coa logo on side 18x15x5cm BRA1099 £68, soap dish KRA700 £44, china milk jug BRA900 £30, china creamjug (crack) BRA900 £21, large china ewer GNR Co. Ireland circular coa red bands to the central rim and handle, 30.5 cm tall minor handle crack, crazing and blue casting faults SRA1200 £80, 3 comp. vegetable dish GWR1100 £90, 13cm tall milk jug GNRI in black, underneath 'This is the property of the Great Northern Railway', complete but damage BRA601 £30, GNRI silver-plated two-pint coffee pot, by Elkington, full Company title coat of arms crest on side. 19cm tall. Replated, SRA903 £80, GNRI Teapot by Dunn Bennett & Co. Burslem. Inscribed on side 'G.N.R.I.' in script capitals and on the base 'This is the Property of the Great Northern Railway.' 7.6cm high, vgc MRA1103 £na, GNRI glass carafe facetted body bulbous neck. Full title and coa etched on face 275mm TRA704 £45, GNR(I) early china Sugar Bowl by Dunn Bennett & Co. with gilt rim and a black patterned border. Base marked 'G.N.R.I.' v.g.c. with no chips, cracks or repairs. 100mm. dia. x 60mm. tall. TRA904 £38, five fluted wine glasses etched with GNRI logo 11cm high 5.1cm at lip, ebay804 £ns, GNR(I) china Milk Jug by Dunn Bennett & Co. side marked 'G.N.R.I' in black script. Base marked 'This is the property of The Great Northern Railway (I)'. Exc. cond. with no restoration. 97mm. tall, TRA904 £44, GNRI 23cm diameter dinner plate, gc, no crazing, some very slight edgeware. Nice clear GNRI crest just over 1 inch in diameter. Made by Dunn, Bennett & Co., Burslem, ebay405 £44, GNRI silver plate mustard cruet in gc but minus blue glass insert, clear GNRI crest almost 1/2 inch in diameter, Pilkington Plate, ebay405 £47.71, GNR(I) incised heavy cast brass carriage ashtray with match striker. vgc TRA905 £ns, GSWR publication 'The Sunny Side of Ireland' 320pp. plus folding map. vgc TRA905 £32, pair of GNR china milk jugs by Dunn Bennett & Co. Ltd. The smaller face marked 'GNRI' and the slightly larger 'GNRB'. Both also base marked 'This is the property of the Great Northern Railway(I)' or '.. Great Northern Railway Board'. Both vgc, 120 and 132mm. tall respectively TRA506 £60, china tea saucer by Dunn Bennett & Co. Ltd. Top marked 'GNRB' in black script and also base marked as previous lot. Service wear otherwise gc TRA506 £ns, GNRB saucer MTN407 £5, 'GNRI' small china cream tot with handle by Dunn Bennett & Co. face lettered with script initials and base marked 'This is the property of the Great Northern Railway(I)' vgc 48mm. tall, TRA507 £75, GNRI blue on white crested small milk jug ebay308 £160.

Posters: Public timetable 1901 SRA692 £80, Cheap travel to Drogheda 1882 MTN494 £16, 1882 Train to Drogheda MTN496 £11, 1882 Drogheda MTN694 £12, 1882 Reduction of Fares, 1882 Dublin and back, Bridge repairs, Irish races, Framed Sunday trains MTN496 £na, Baldoyle races 1885 AdvRCJ1293 £na, 'Great reduction of fares' 1882 WHY198 £of@30, 'Cheap trips' 1884 WHY198 £80, 1885 'Baldoyle races' WHY198 £55, 8 incl. 'Fairy House Races' 1957 and 'Tour to Glendalough' ONS 500 £na, 6 Posters GNRI St. Patrick's Day 1936 reduced price tickets 65x85cm, GSR 1928, 1938 and 1941 Eastern District 100x75cm, GNRI Bundoran Hotel 100x65cm, 1924 Notice of Increase of Rates between Ireland and GB issued by GWR, LMS etc, mainly VG to fine WHY101 £of@100, GNRI 1884 letterpress 'A day at the seaside' with services to Malahide, Skerries, Drogheda etc. 35x25 cm. SRA303 £50, GNRI & CVR joint timetable handbill for 'New Sunday service' Belfast-Fivemiletown 1934 SRA603 est£10 and similar joint handbill 'Train connections between Belfast and Londonderry' 1934 SRA603 est£10, GNRI and CVR joint timetable handbill for the 'New Sunday Service' from Belfast - Fivemiletown, dated 1934. SRA903 £32, GNRB 44x57cm timetable poster of Rail Services From and To Enniskillen dated 12 May 1957 - UFN. Folded with pinholes at corners and top corner edge tears. SRA903 £55, Wilson: BR, UTA, GNRB, Northern Ireland offset lithograph in colours, printed by Jordison & Co., Ltd., condition A- 102 x 64cm. est. CHR903 £500-700, £ns, GNRI 25x38cm letterpress poster: 'Sunday Trains Between Drogheda and Laytown' showing times and fares. Undated. vgc. SRA1203 est., £ns, GNRI handbill for trains from Dublin to the Meath Hunt and Navan races SRA304, April 1883, £42, GNRI 38x51cm letterpress for a Cheap Trip from Drogheda to Navan, Kells, Oldcastle, dated 1885. SRA304 £135, GNR(I) Q/R poster 'Spend your holidays where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the Sea', coloured artwork by Theo J. Gracey, folded, gc. SRA905 £200, hanging card notice, 'Great Northern Railway Company (Ireland), Course to be taken by signalmen on double lines Of railway in case Of emergency... 1968', 52x47cm, glazed card, just minor defects GCR906 £3, GNRI poster Sunday Trains between Drogheda & Laytown.. signed by J.P. Culverwell, Sec., D. (Alley & Co.) c. 1880, approx. 38x26cm, a printed poster; Cheap Excursion to Drogheda on Easter Monday... D. (Alley & Co.) c. 1880, approx. 19x22.5cm, printed notice, gc, (2) MEA307 £200, handbill issued by the GNRI, dated Dublin, August, 1938, advertising a grand all-day rail and road tour to the Glens of Antrim, Glenariff, from Amiens Street, Dublin, printed red and black and measuring 141x220mm ebay607 £31.37, a GNRI 1956 coach tour Doonaree poster/leaflet ebay607 $12, GNR(I) dr sized poster 'North of Ireland for Holidays', coloured pictorial map poster showing major sights in the area, circa 1948, originally LMSNCC issue with overlaid amendment to show GNR, alittle edge wear, SRA607 £30, F&G GNRI poster for Kells Races 1884. SRA907 £20, F&G GNRI poster for cheap trips from Drogheda 1882, SRA907 £20.

Buttons, badges: Large brass buttons TCK483 £of@2.25, GNRI 3 brass s,m,l BRA292 £10, blackhorn coa BRA292 £na, GNRI 3 s,m,l BRA492 £5;£3, Black l. BRA592 £12, GNRI Police BRA293 17mm £17, 22mm £15, GNRI brass cap badge BRA493 £10, GNRI 24, 19, 16mm BRA493 £4, 12 GNRI nickel 18mm BRA693 £39, GNRI 15mm blackhorn BRA793 £12, GNRI 8x15mm brass sprayed black BRA793 £5, GNRI brass 2x25mm + 3x15mm BRA793 £ns, GNRI 41 mixed 15+17mm brass BRA793 £32, 12 GNRI nickel BRA693 £39, GNRI 19mm BRA1093 £5, GNRI cap badge BRA1293 £6, GNRI brass 17mm nickel, 17mm brass, 25mm BRA694 £ns, GNRI black sprayed brass BRA694 £ns, GNRI Police blackhorn 25mm BRA694 £7, GNRI gilt 19mm F61.14, 16mm F61.14, japanned 17mm F61.14, AdvRCJ1094 £2;£2;£2, GNRI blackhorn 17mm F61.14 BRA1094 £6, GNRI brass 25mm F61.14 BRA1297 £35, GNRI brass 25mm and 19mm + nickel 19mm BRA998 £ns, 19mm nickel RCJ700 £of@3, 17mm black japanned RCJ700 £of@2, 2GNRI, 1 large, 1 small F61/14 (with 6 MRNCC & 1 GSR) SRA1000 £150, GNRI coa small brass button RCJ1103 £of@4, GNRI brass 2.5cm, maker 'J. Ireland and Son of Dublin', ebay1203 £na, GNRI brass cap badge TRA704 £38, GNRI brass letters cap badge (Frog. plate 61 btm. left), TRA105 £ns, Five horse brass harness decorations - A pair of GNRI, one GSR, one CIE and one winged wheel brass on a black perspex and polished mahogany board TRA306 £85, GNRI 25mm brass F61/14 GLO £of@10, GNRI 26mm brass GLO £of@15, GNRI 23mm black horn GLO £of@18, Buttons (a) Great Northern, (Ireland) large brass coa, (b) Loyal Manx Association, medium black bone, (c) Small brass with old loco. (3) £3, GNRI horn buttons, one 2.4cm other 1.4cm, ebay1107 £11.50, GNRI brass button, 26mm GAC408 £of@15.

Miscellaneous: Rulebooks TCK283 1890 £of@6.50, 1901 £of@5.50, 1949 £of@2.50, Fullers choc. box for Enterprise RCN1085 £of@3, Chocolate box RCN1086 £of@12, 1909 GNR share RCN387 £of, Playing cards SRA293 £52, SRA1093 £50, Strabane clock CAL696 £400, Coach board Bundoran CRW796 £25, TT 1913 SRA493 £26, 1895 SRA493 £30, antimaccassar BIT387 £12, linen antimaccassar red letters BRA993 £14, TT 1913 SRA1093 £24, GNRI Traffic receipts book 1914 BRA694 £10, 1913 TT BRA694 £24, Bookmark GNR Enterprise BRA694 £12, 300 different luggage labels BRA994 £50, GNRI copper office lamp SRA1294 £160, Brass wax seal 'Londonderry' BRA997 £15, 1895 TT BRA1197 £20, 1881 TT BRA1197 £20, 1893 TT BRA1197 £25, 1884 TT (+2CDRJC tickets) BRA597 £15, Handbills 1930s re. rugby soccer internationals, 1952 WTT and 1956 Public TT, with range of railway related booklets, tickets, and NI ephemera, etc (25) WHY299 £30, Appendix to WT 2/1915 MTN999 £na, GNRI handbell 34cm tall no clapper SRA600 £145, GNRI pocket guards watch Omega G.N.Rly(I) No.103 movement Thos. Russell & Son, Liverpool SRA600 £420, 8 GNRI handbills incl. 'Fairyhouse races' 1957 ONS500 £40, 'GNBRy' brass 'The Thunderer Hudsons Patent' whistle side marked BRA1100 £30, GNRI whistle, solid brass with iron arm and chain, cone 9cm wide, thread 4cm, bore 1.5cm, ex-174 EBAY1001 ($390), GNRI bookmark: 'The Enterprise - Non-stop Expresses Belfast - Dublin.' Adverts on both sides. Green on white SRA302 est£15, GNRI pocket staff issue booklet 'Passenger Fares.' 251pp listing fares on the system. Leather bound covers, dated October 1912. SRA903 £65, Brass Thunderer Whistle. Side clearly engraved 'G.N.R.(I)'. Traces of nickel plating remains. Brass disc attached stamped '565'. v.g.c. TRA1003 £38, GNRI 2nd class trader's ticket issued for 1 year from 1/4/1936. Available between Belfast–Newry via Goraghwood and Bessbrook. Issued to Bessbrook Spinning Co. Centre-folding blue linen covers. VGC. PTA1103 £10, 'GNRI Howth Electric Tramway'. 5 different value tickets, TRA1203 £9, GNRI playing card deck ebay204 $152, GNRI handbill for trains from Dublin to Meath Hunt and Navan Races, April 1883 SRA304 £42, GNRI Share Certificate for £107 of Debenture Stock dated 1911. Scrolled title and ornate side embellishment, red print over buff underprint, embossed seal, not cancelled. Also Directors Report and Accounts dated 1913. SRA604 est£22 £ns, GNRI (mostly) handbills for cheapfares and excursions dated 1930s-1950s. String tears to some.(12) SRA604 £22, GNRI selection of mostly later smaller style Luggage Labels to a variety of mostly 'home' destinations. A few of the early larger type noted. All appear to be different. (160) SRA604 £55, GNRI issued 2nd Sgl Cootehill–Ballybay (dated 1906) PTA904 £200, GNRI issued and audit/unissued whole (22 including 2 Platforms) and 14 matched or rejoined halves; CDRJC (40) mostly unissued/audit. (62wh 14rej) PTA904 £26, GNRI PTT May 1937. Green, red and black covers, 84pp plus fold-out map. vgc. SRA904 £60, GNRI illustrated fold-out route guide for Belfast–Dublin expresses undated. SRA904 £65, Pair of GNRI Cart/Road Motor Lamps with red, blue & clear lenses. Both have slight detail differences & variations of "GNR(I)" stamping clear on both lamps both lacking vessels but vgc. (2) TRA505 £ns £of@40, GNR(I). circa 34 Arrangements for excursions, permanent way work, etc. dated 1955-57. Rusty staples to most. SRA905 £75, GNR(I) 'Tourist & Excursion Programme 1895' coloured pictorial covers, 114pp plus fold-out map. vgc. SRA905 £60, GNRI issued whole Edmondsons from Armagh, Balydoyle & Sutton, Banbridge, Beaupare. Belfast, Belleek, Castlewellan, Cavan, Clones, Duleek, Fintona, Glaslough, Goraghwood, Londonderry, Mullafernaghan, Newcastle, Newry Ed. St., Newtonstewart, Portadown, Redhills (pre-dated). (20) PTA1105 £140, GNRI Vale of the Boyne and Royal Meath brochure, printed R Carswell & Son Queen St, Belfast 1898 ebay706 £127, GNRI TT poster (26/9/1937-5/6/1938), 75x101cm, signed J.B.Stephens, some holes, MEA706 £80, GNRI share certificate for £107 of consolidated debenture stock dated 1911. Ornate scrolled title and side embellishment. Red print on buff underprint, embossed seal, not cancelled, folded. SRA906 £16, GNRI box containing approx 500 luggage labels of most, including coloured types to overseas, limited duplication SRA1206 £220, GNRI dr sized timetable poster for Dublin – Hill of Howth train and tram service. Dated June 1958, folded, SRA307 £45, GNRI WTT of Sutton and Howth Electric Tramway. 4pp thin card, dated June 1951. A little fading to edge of cover. SRA307 £110, GNRI Omnibus services timetable booklet. Blue and black covers show illustration of company double decker, 96pp dated June 1958 SRA307 est£10, a second identical lot SRA307 £10 GNRI official postcard: 'Warrenpoint Hotel' (GNI051) showing B&W view of hotel and local area. Not postally used vgc SRA307 £20, GNR(I) pocket timetable of passenger trains between Belfast, Lisburn, Antrim, Banbridge, Newcastle and Portadown. 1/9/1926 u.f.n. Contains 8 pages of timetables, Dublin Oct 1926. Foxing strips down edges of front cover and slight rusting of staples, otherwise vg, GWR507 est£5, A plaque engraved in slate which included the coa of the GNRI along with two Welsh companies ebay607 £10.99, GNR(I) booklet 'Tours in Ireland - Guide to Great Northern Railway (Ireland) - Lough Erne, Donegal Highlands, Rostrevor and Mourne Mountain Districts', coloured pictorial covers, 48pp guide with fold out map, dated 1893, vgc, SRA607 £30, GNR(I) booklet 'Holidays in Ireland.', blue paperback covers showing ruined church and tower, 40pp listing tourist and excursion arrangements, dated 1942, very worn, SRA607 est£10 £ns, GNR(I) timetable booklet of omnibus services, blue and white covers, 120pp dated September 1934, SRA607 £70, bound volume of GNR(I) WTT for 1915, hardback, part leather bound covers containing issues for July and October along with amendments and alterations. 500+pp, gc, SRA607 £110, GNR(I) WTT dated April 1945, brown, paperback covers, 50pp. SRA607 £22, GNRI, a collection of 28 issued and 114 audit whole Edmondsons, includes a wide selection of types and a number of closed stations. Ballinamallard, Cavan, Fintona, Newtownbuttler, and Richhill included in issued tickets.(142) PTA707 £90, GNRI 4pp thin card leaflet 'Popular Tours', green and blue pictorial covers showing company coach, opens to show details of tours, dated April 1937, vgc SRA907 £10, GNRI album of 271 different luggage labels including coloured types to overseas destinations SRA907 £70, GNRI, 40 issued and 160 audit whole Edmondsons, wide selection of types and stations - many of which are closed SRA907 £110, GNRB: 44 issued, 11 pre-dated (mainly used) and 71 audit whole Edmondsons, together with 8 severed halves PTA1007 £80, GNRI Traffic Department staff record card for Mr A.Dunn (porter April 1904 to December 1934) with detail as being on strike 31 Jan to 10 April 1933, and a reprimand (wagon derailed), caution (another wagon derailed) and severe reprimand relating to a client’s claim, ebay1107 £5.75, GNRI wagon label for livestock. 11x8cm, unused, print date 1951, ebay1107 £ns, GNRI Rule Book 1949, ebay1107 £ns, Gt.N.R. Co., Ireland, luggage labels, 3 different Strabane & 1 Blank, ebay1107 £ns, GNRI 1932 Holiday brochure ebay1107 £16.55, GNRI PTT of rail services, green, red and black covers, 86pp dated June 1938, covers a little dog-eared, SRA1207 £55, GNRI bound volume of PTT for July and October 1912, approx 100pp plus maps (one torn) in leather bound hardback covers with title in gold on the front. SRA1207 £100, 3 GNRI luggage labels to Enniskillen, Armagh and Clones ebay1207 £0.99, GNRI WTT 5 June to 17 September 1939 with Supplementary Annex ebay1207 £85.77, GNRI WTT dated April 1946, brown, paperback covers, 50pp. SRA308 £14, GNRI WTT dated August 1947, brown, paperback covers, 50pp, slight marking to covers SRA308 £14, GNRI WTT dated May 1948, brown, paperback covers, 48pp. SRA308 £14, a GNRI lot: 35 issued and 210 audit whole Edmondsons plus 5 Edmondsons for circular tour between Dublin and Edinburgh(250) PTA408 £55, GNRI-Rules and Regulations, 12mo Belfast 1914. orig. Cloth, MEA508 €ns.

Not elsewhere covered: Letterkenny Railway cheque RCN286 £of@2.50, Linen backed station drawings 1906 GNRI Castlewellan, 1921 GNRI Richhill, undated GNRI Castlewellan, GNRI Banbridge, GNRI Killyleh, 1922 Cookstown, BCDR 1915 Tullymurry RCN386 £of, Dublin and Drogheda share RCN286 £of@40, 1871 Navan and Kingscourt share RCN387 £of, Dublin and Letterkenny Plan 1830 (several) SRA1094 £260, 7 Linen items (napkins, antimacassars) from NCC, GNR, UTA WHY198 £60, 11 items including 1845 Dublin and Belfast Jct. and 1859 Dundalk and Enniskillen share certs, 1939 and 1947 GNRI notices WHY198 £32, 50 items including DNGR staff ticket, GNRI Pilotman, GNRI seat reserved, LLSR tickets, GNRI labels, WCR stamps, GNRI 1950's flyers and football timetable WHY198 £50, 2 1940s 4% bond certs WHY298, Belfast Steamship dr poster SRA698 £210, Ulster brass handbell URC SRA998 £70, Dublin & Meath 1868 1st pass green leather No.19 to J.Penteny signed John Dowd (+ Dublin & Lucan 1915 and two DWWR 1875 subscriber's) WHY1299 £190, Dublin & Drogheda Railway type ID21 luggage label Dublin to Beragh. SRA605 £80, GNRB issued whole Edmondsons from Clones, Dundalk Junc, Dungannon, Dromore, Enniskillen, Fintona, Harmstown, Inniskeen, Kellybridge, Lisbellaw, Monaghan Road, Navan, Newtonbutler, Omagh, Portadown, Raheny, Retreat Halt, Sion Mills, Virginia Road, Warrenpoint.(20) PTA1105£35, Strabane & Letterkenny Railway share certificate for £10 shares dated 19XX, ornate scrolled title, left side embellishment with company crest, unissued, good condition. SRA306 est@£18, Strabane Raphoe & Convoy Railway share certificate for £10 shares dated 19XX, mauve print, large side embellishment, unissued, large stamp cancellation. SRA306 est@£16 £na, Letterkenny Railway Co. cheque, ornate design, lilac coloured print, unused and with counterfoil attached. SRA608 res£5 £ns, GNRI: A collection of 29 issued and 131 audit whole, together with 4 circular tour thin card booklets and 56 severed halves (164wh 56hlf) £80, GNRI: A collection of all different tickets, covering a wide variety of types, comprising 80 issued singles (including Adelaide, Aldergrave, Armagh, Ballyroney, Banbridge), 11 issued returns, 60 audit singles, and 95 audit returns (246) PTA1008 £260.

click for 6K .jpg image of DNGR coat of arms DNGR Coats of Arms

Some Dundalk Newry and Greenore Railway Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: MKA1091 £22, '1873' ONS691 £45, ONS796 £75, SRA1296 £180, SRA1298 £140, 1873 framed 36x39cm ONS500 £55, 2nd design for coaches SRA1000 £50, DNGR original coa on original piece of wooden coach panel, second, and last, design of 1873. 47x46cm. SRA304 £90, DNGR coa mounted on board, second, and final, design. 61x58cm. SRA904 £90, DNGR coat of arms on a slightly curved wooden panel taken from a coach, 44cm square featuring Britannia standing & a figure with a harp etc. and the date '1873' with a few minor blemishes from use KRA406 £100, 1873 coach crest, mounted on a board, some slight damage GWR1107 £40, DNGR 1873 original crest, varnished transfer on wood panel, f&g - 38x43cm transfer peeling in places ONS608 £140, DNGR mounted coa 1873 transfer, overall 52x39cm on a brown background GCR708 £50.

Cabside: No.1 SRA698 £3500, DNGR Cabside '1 Crewe Works 1873' from 'Macrory' 72x30cm restored SRA1206 £3300.

Trespass: Euston 1945 SRA691 £520, Euston 1945 48x64cm ONS500 £270, DNGR Trespass. Euston Station London 1945. 11 lines of text. 66x48 cm. Repainted. SRA602 £1375, new DNGR white on black enamel 'Any person committing a nuisance will be prosecuted' ebay1204 ofs£5.

Signalling: staff wood-brass with knobs, cast 'Greenore-Carlingford', 50 cms original condition SRA1299 £520, DNGR signal box block bell, with an engraved brass plate 'Carlingford', the bell has a two section 'split' case, 28x16.5cm, with tapper and a brass bell with external striker top centre, the engraved brass plate with scalloped corners, 13x1cm, is mounted on the front, below the tapper, fine original condition GCR1008 £380.

Gate: DNGR gate KFR268 £5, 12 line text 1/11/1888 BRA295 £630.

Boundary: SRA1093 £280, BRA698 £165, DNGR cast iron boundary marker 23x13cm KRA102 £500, cast iron 'DN&GR Boundary' oval 23x13cm ex-lineside rust SRA1206 £250.

Cutlery, china, ashtrays etc.: Dinner plates ORA588 £12 WT688 £14 SRA988 £110 BRA1291 £30, soup dish Greenore BRA493 £60, Greenore garter red rim soup SRA694 £30, meat plate SRA395 £210, soup spoons(2)+dinner plate SRA695 £100, small dinner plate Greenore BRA997 £35.

Miscellaneous: brass plate ex staff and ticket box SRA694 £155, brass whistle SRA1094 £210, LNWR Vesta case Greenore BRA399 £48, Cashbag with padlock Omeath engraved RCJ300 £of@75, LNWR Greenore matchbox KRA101 £100, WTT 2/1/1922 TRA1201 £ns, DNGR unissued and audit from a variety of stations, plus a smaller number, including issued from GNRI and unissued from the GSWR and GSR.(85) PTA904 £55, D/Sided Timetable Notice 'London And North Western Railway. Train & Steamboat Service England & Ireland/England And The North Of Ireland", 1882, details services from London Euston via Holyhead/Greenore, tear left to right, mounted in plastic wallet. 37x49 cm. SOL1004 £ns, DNGR ID51 type luggage label to Dundalk Junct. Slightly creased and mounted on card with a little corner damage. SRA605 £180, DNGR issued whole Edmondsons from Bellurgan, Bush, Dundalk Quay St., Greenore (2-1 dated 2/11/1892 (Bd)), Newry Bridge St., Omeath, together with audits from Bellurgan(2), Bush(2), Carlingford(2), Crossalaney, Dundalk Quay St.(3), Greenore(2), Gyles Quay(2), Gyles Quay Halt, Newry Bridge St.(2), Newry Edward St.(25) PTA406 £25, DNGR 3rd single ticket Omeath to Newry (Ed St), ebay1107 £1.70, Two Edmondson size hotel Tickets for the LM & SR Station Hotel Holyhead and the Dundalk Newry & Greenore Rly. Greenore Hotel. Together with a large oval Luggage Label for the 'Caledonian Railway Caledonian Station Hotel, Edinburgh', all vgc (3) TRA508 £35.

click for 9K .jpg image of NCC coach monogram An NCC Coach monogram (Source: SRA)

Some Northern Ireland Railways (NCC,UTA) Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: NCC monogram 43cm SRA1091 £40, MRNCC monogram SRA893 £20, MRNCC monogram ex BNCR coaches SRA695 £80, MRNCC 1903-22 mounted SRA995 £55, MRNCC coaching device SRA1295 £55, NCC coach monogram 1903 SRA396 £42, UTA MKA1091(with BR) £12, UTA MKA1193 (with Pullman) £36, UTA large MKA394 £na, NCC coa MKA1297 £28, MRNCC coach monogram SRA398 £25, NCC monogram on brown GWR598 £ns, NCC monogram on maroon BRA698 £30, CoA BRA998 £ns, NCC coa SHM 299 £15, NCC device ORA1099 £10, coach script transfer mounted on maroon 454x428mm TRA203 £25, monogram transfers mounted on board NCC 46x38cm (with Brecon & Merthyr Railway) SRA305 £100, Northern Counties Committee script "NCC" original Coaching Stock Transfer on maroon painted panel, vgc, 458x382mm TRA505 £40, LMSNCC brass locomotive whistle from the U2 class 4-4-0 5' 3" gauge loco No. 83 'CARRA CASTLE', bell shaped, 23cm tall, the barrel 9cm diameter, the initials 'LMS' and number '83' stamped into the base nut, the whistle is minus the valve which was a very ornate item, mounted into a wooden base for display, lightly polished only and vgc SRA607 £280.

Loco names, etc.: KING EDWARD VII and cabside No. 98 KFR268 £62, GLENARM CASTLE TCK283 £of, GLENDUM RCN1085 £of, RCN1285 £of@400, BINEVENAGH SRA1295 £1500, OLDERFLEET CASTLE + 76 Cabside SRA396 £2000, SLIEVE BANE + 69 cabside SRA1296 £2100, QUEEN ELIZABETH + 100 cabside SRA398 £2500, CARRA CASTLE ORA1098 £1550, loco whistle ex 'Chichester Castle' RCJ0699 advert £na, 'LISSANOURE CASTLE + cabside '84' SRA600 £4500, CHICHESTER CASTLE nameplate (152cm long) plus cabside 78 (43x25cm) plus 2 LMSNCC brass pressure gauges mounted on oak panel SRA1200 £4500, loco whistle from NCC 'Chichester Castle' bell shaped, 25cm tall, barrel 10cm diameter, the initials 'NCC' stamped into the base nut, whistle minus the ornate valve, mounted into a wooden base for display, vgc SRA1207 £120.

Cabside: LMSNCC cabside No. 15 KFR268 £6, LMSNCC Cabside No.69 KFR268 £7, LMSNCC Cabside No. 86 KFR268 £9, LMSNCC No.3 RCN685 £of, UTA 224 SRA691 £130, 58 SRA694 £150, 57 ORA1099 £310, cabside '33' 42x24cm SRA600 £360, LMSNCC No.5 43x50cm KRA703 £283, LMSNCC cab-side number plate '104', ebay1004 £350, LMSNCC brass cabside '50' ex BNCR Class D 2-4-0 Compound, 'JUBILEE', 43x25cm, SRA1204 £280, cabside '92' rectangular cast brass, 42x25cm, lightly face-restored SRA605 £350.

Works & tenderplates: LMSNCC Tenderplate MKA1193 £44, LMSNCC Makers Belfast 1942 SRA996 £460, LMS NCC & Leyland Motors Ltd Makers 1933 alloy oval, 25x15cm KRA104. (NB - Withdrawn on advice that several replicas known to exist).

Coach plate: LMSNCC Makers Belfast 1936(with track circuit) SRA293 £80, LMSNCC 2 carriage plates - Builders plate 'LMS LOT NO 1325 1942'. Oval 13x9 cm., Carriage dimension plate '57' - 0" x 9' - 9"'. Rectangular/rounded ends 32x8 cm. SOL303 £60, Small oval cast iron Coach Plate 'LMS NCC rebuilt Ballymena 1945'. Unrestored with the 3 original screws still in place. 127x101mm.TRA803 £55, 'LMS Builders. Derby. 1924' ex LMSNCC carriage, oval c/i SOL304 £21.

Wagonplates, etc.: LMSNCC'2646' TCK683 £of, LMSNCC ORA991 £30, LMSNCC Rebuilt Ballymena 1945 SRA396 £110, MRNCC'3' SRA493 £20, LMSNCC'358' BRA1194 £25, LMSNCC 1738 BRA1095 £54, MRNCC'163' SRA293 £40, MRNCC '7' SRA398 £50, MRNCC wagonplate MKA598 £36, LMSNCC 1688 wagon plate BRA999 £28, LMS rebuilt Ballymena 1945 BRA999 £15, UTA rebuilt Ballymena 1949 BRA999 £64, MRNCC '185' ORA1099 £60, 3 plates (BNCR '1565', MRNCC '539', LMSNCC '2614') RCJ1199 of@£200, LMSNCC KRA400 £55, 'LMS NCC 1167'wagonplate. Front and back painted, 350x175mm, TRA802 £61, LMSNCC wagonplate '1738' TRA603 £38, 'LMSNCC 813' rect. cast iron Wagon Plate. Vaguely rest. 350x175mm TRA1003 £50, 'LMSNCC 1890' rect. cast iron wagon plate. Face restored TRA1203 £10, a cast iron axle box cover with cast lettering 'LMS NCC BELFAST', ebay1104 £16, cast iron wagon plate 'Load 10 Tons'. ex wagon condition 284x62mm o/all fixing lugs. TRA305 £ns, Midland Railway NCC cast iron wagon plate MRNCC '1960' ex-wagon unrestored cond. 349x174mm TRA305 £25, 'LMS NCC built Harland & Wolff Belfast 1948' Oval 10x13cm, repainted over original MCA605 £na, 'LMS NCC 1895' wagonplate, 36x18cm MCA605 £na, 'LMS NCC 358' rect. cast iron wagon plate. Face rest. TRA705 £40, wagonplate 'MRNCC 3', 35x17cm KRA1005 £84, [probably fake LMSNCC wagonplate '1891' MCA206 £65], pair of cast iron wagon plates 'BNCR 1034' (repair to one corner) and 'LMSNCC 2642' vgc, both face restored a while ago TRA506 £85, MRNCC '338' wagonplate probably repainted GCR906 £20, wagonplates, (a) LMS, Lot No 1325, 1942, oval 13x9cm, (b) Identical, ex LMS NCC Wagon built at Derby to replace stock destroyed in WWII air raid on York Rd yards, repainted long ago. (2) GCR906 £9, axlebox covers, (a) 'B&NCR', (b) 'LMS, 9x4', each approx 28x11.5cm with hook to right & bolthole left, front repainted. (2) GCR906 £16, axlebox covers, (a) 'MR,NCC', (b) 'LMS, NCC', each 29x23cm, with hook to right & bolt hole to left, fronts repainted. (2) GCR906 £80, 'D' Wagon Plate, 'L.M.S 12 Tons, Std, 2297' , ex NCC, vertical break through left hole & mounted on wood block, repainted black on yellow GCR906 £16, cast iron wagonplate 'LMS NCC 625' 35x17cm, face repainted white on black, ex-vehicle back SRA906 £100, Two axle box covers, 'MR, NCC', 'LMS, NCC', each 29x23cm, with hook to right & bolt hole to left, fronts repainted GCR907 £80, Wagon plate, 'M.R.N.C.C. 338', 32x18cm, rectangle, curved corners & decorative serif characters, letters etc probably repainted GCR907 £20, 'D' wagon plate, Irish origin 'L.M.S 12 Tons, Std, 2297', ex NCC, vertical break through left hole & mounted on wood block, repainted black on yellow GCR907 £16, Two axle box covers - 'B&NCR', (b) 'LMS, 9x4', each approx 28x23cm with hook to right & bolthole left, front repainted GCR907 £16, LMSNCC cast iron wagon number late 'LMS NCC 1718', together with an 'SR1821' cast iron Wagon Plate. (2) TRA708 £65.

Billposters: MRNCC RCN386 £of, MRNCC SRA988 £100, MRNCC abbrev. 'MRNCC Bill posting prohibited' 51x28 cm repainted SRA1299 £360, MRNCC cast iron notice "MRNCC, Bill Posting Prohibited", 27x16.5cm, front repainted GCR1006 £170.

Gate: MRNCC SRA1288 £85, BRA393 £105, NIR fully titled flangeless alloy sign, a further six lines text ref shut and fasten gate, circa 1967, some face marks and removal damage 41x25 cm SOL607 £20.

Accommodation crossing: LMSNCC SRA294 £100, BRA494 £59, AdvRCJ195 £85, MRNCC BRA995 £78, SRA696 £85, BRA597 £105, LMSNCC SRA698 £95, MRNCC SRA1299 £90, MRNCC MKA400 £50, MRNCC Accommodation Crossing. 50x30, unrestored SRA1202 £90, LMSNCC abbreviated title cast-iron Accommodation Crossing Gates notice. 7 lines of text, 48x29 cm, SRA303 £240, MRNCC cast iron gate notice. Face rest. only. 496x299mm. TRA803 £70, aluminium NIR accommodation crossing a few scratches on left side approx 406x254mm on ebay1105 £13.50, MRNCC accommodation gate notice front restored 483x305mm STA406 £180, LMSNCC accommodation gate notice front restored 483x305mm STA406 £80, MRNCC full title cast iron gate sign SO606 £126, MRNCC cast iron accomodation crossing notice, 50x29cm, front repainted black on yellow GCR1006 £100.

Trespass: MRNCC 50x30cm SRA1288 £85, MRNCC 50x30cm BRA991 £145, MRNCC cracked 'Any person..' BRA594 £ns, MRNCC 4 line GWR598 £50, MRNCC 51X30X152cm on post (slightly concave) SRA900 £110, MRNCC 5 line Trespass fastened to a short stub of angle iron, 49.5x30cm, TRA802 £na, MRNCC 5 line Trespass, 50x30cm, unrestored, SRA902 £98, 'MRNCC' cast iron trespass, totally unrestored & still fixed to its curtailed angle iron post TRA506 £85, MRNCC cast iron trespass front repainted black on yellow KRA107 £100, MRNCC 'Notice Relative To Accommodation Crossing Gates.......', 50x30cm, front repainted black on yellow GCR507 £75, MRNCC cast iron: 'Midland Railway Co. NCC–Any person trespassing …. (five lines of text).' 50x30cm the front painted grey with white lettering and edging, the back in ex-trackside condition, SRA607 £75, a Northern Ireland Railways Company Limited fully titled flangeless alloy sign, a further six lines text ref shut and fasten gate, circa 1967, some face marks and removal damage 41x25 cm SOL607 £20, MRNCC cast iron notice ' Midland Railway Co NCC – Notice Relative to Accommodation Crossing Gates...' 50x30cm in original condition and attached to fixing struts SRA1207 £90.

Bridge no.: described BCDR (more probably BNCR and a wagon plate), cast iron rectangular, rounded corners, 48x24cm '106' KRA402 £100.

Station: ex-Portrush railway station clock, made by Sharman D Neill of Belfast, carefully restored, and standing 5.3 metres tall, ebay204 $5539.

Signalling: Crossgar-Downpatrick N Jnc single line tablet KFR268 £5, 2WT'Trew and Moy-Dungannon 'Beragh-Pomeroy' MKA1091 £180, LMSNCC Tyer's No.6 Tablets 'Bellarena-Limavaddy Jct' RCN1286 £of@35, ORA392 £120, 'Castlerock-Bellarena', 'Annaghmore-Portadown Jct.' RCN1286 £of@35 each, LMSNCC copper lamp ORA1098 £60, LMSNCC lineside cupboard with telephone and Tyers instrument SRA1298 £320, Guard's bullseye lamp Manufacturing & Railway Supplies, London, Reg-Design 826558-9, stated ex-Cookstown LMSNCC WHY299 £60, Tyers No. 6 Tablet 'Ballymena-2-Cullybackey' BRA400 £40, modified No. 6 tablet 'Ballymoney-Coleraine 55' BRA400 £30, tablet 'Coleraine-Castlerock 19' brass faced KRA700 £400, 'P(oyntz)pass-Newry 7' alloy KRA700 £110, Tyers No.6 apparatus KRA700 £400, a second KRA1000 £520, key token 'P.Pass-Newry 16' KRA101 £50, 'Ballymena-Cullybackey 13' alloy token KRA401 £100, brass key token 'LJ-LH 21' (described Larne Jct.-Harbour [but Limavady Jct.-Lisahally]) KRA401 £ns, alloy key token 'B.Money-Coleraine 25' KRA401 £ns, 'NW-BY 22' key token KRA1001 £50, alloy tablet 'Derry-Lissahally 17' KRA1001 £120, tablet 'Coleraine-Ballymoney' KRA1001 £100, wooden cased signal box train indicator, plated 'From York Road-Down line', being plated 'Larne' several times, other plates include 'Express passenger', 'Rail car' and 'Light engine' 46x38x23cm and with top mounted brass bell and side box emergency switches KRA1001 £280, single line tablet, 'Coleraine-Castlerock 20' KRA102 £300, single line tablet alloy 'Bellarena-Castlerock 21' KRA102 £150, brass key token 'LJ-CK 20' (believed Larne Jct.-Carrickfergus [but Lisahally-Castlerock]) KRA102 £90, alloy tablet 'York Rd.-Antrim 7' KRA102 £120, Bangor colour signal box diagram 9/3/1960 109x33cm KRA102 £70, LMSNCC wooden cased train describer plated 'To Greenisland-Down Line' describer also plated 'Larne' and with train types including 'Express Passenger' 'RailCar' and 'Light Engine' 41x35x23 cm KRA402 £250, rectangular brass 'Dunloy-B.Boyland 27' KRA402 £170 and 'C.Backey-Dunloy 27' KRA402 £160, Tyers No.6 circular alloy tablet 'Ballymena-Cullybacky' GCA502 £na, rectangular alloy tablets 'Lisahally-Eglinton' GCA502 £na and 'P.Pass-Newry' GCA502 £na, LMSNCC track circuit No. 19 with down arrow oval cast iron plate 29x22 cm KRA403 £150, Tyers key token instrument KRA403 £620, No.6 alloy tablets 'Cullybackey-Ballymena' and 'Castlerock-Coleraine' RCJ403 £of@85 each, No.6 modified tablet 'Lisahally-Eglington' RCJ403 £of@45, LMS pattern loco head lamp with red bullseye lens (probable NI 'Jeep' origins) MTN104 £24, locomotive gauge glass lamp. Stamped 'U.T.A.' in door, original u/m vessel with 'LMS' burner, red lens sliding cover clear front glass TRA704 £55, a Northern Ireland signal repeater, ebay1104 £176, mahogany cased Signal Box Wall Telephone from a box on the MR(NCC) Line between Whiteabbey and Belfast (probably Carrickfergus), bell codes within a glazed panel screwed to face TRA1104 £47, key token, brass, (Ballymoney-Dunloy) engraved 'BY-NY' on oval head with triangle cutout, GCA305 £na, Single line tablet, 'Coleraine-Ballymoney', Tyers No 6, alloy, square configuration, stamped serif lettering on milled section of an older tablet, GCA305 £na, alloy tablet, 'P.pass-Newry', curved top & base, straight sides, circ cutouts & guide pins at sides, GCA305 £na, brass key token, (Limavady Junction-Lissahally) oval head stamped 'LJ-LH', GCA305 £na, key token, brass, (Dunloy-Ballymoney), oval head engraved 'NY-BY', with triangle cutout, GCA305 £na, wagonplate 'MRNCC 3', 35x17cm KRA1005 £84, alloy single line tablet 'Ballymena-Antrim' ex NCC GWR1105 £40, LMSNCC square brass tablet 'Limavady-Limavady Junc' 89mm square, prominent lettering KRA106 £170, Tyers No 6 alloy tablet 'Limavady Jct-Bellarena', stamped serif lettering KRA106 £50, solid copper signal lamp case with ribbed bullseye lens & backlight, brass hinge, catch & oval brass plate 'LMS RAILWAY' on top. Ex LMS.NCC ground signal at Londonderry Waterside, 381mm high KRA106 £55, RSC key token for Coleraine to Portrush cylindrical steel with rings & brass circular head engraved 'CE-PH', a long section key used when Portstewart Box was swiched out KRA106 £40, Tyers No 6 rectangular tablet 'Derry-Lisahally' KRA106 £50, RSC key token 'Whitehead-Larne', cylindrical with rings & circular steel head KRA106 £90, LMSNCC Tyers No 6 alloy tablet, Coleraine-Portrush branch, marked 'CE-PH' in serif lettering KRA106 £100, LMSNCC Tyers No 6 alloy tablet 'Bellarena-Castlerock', stamped serif lettering, contained in its leather pouch with strap, buckle & circular steel hoop KRA106 £100, LMSNCC track circuit indicator with curved top & alloy case, circular aperture with red banner showing 'Track Occupied/Clear' a plate below '96 TRACK' & makers plate "The Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Co", 152x95mm, used for the outer home track circuit at Londonderry Waterside KRA106 £90. BNCR/LMSNCC wooden cased semaphore signal repeater with distant signal arm on brass post with decorative finial, 216x114mm, from Greensland cabin where it indicated No 48 facing points at Bleach Green Junction KRA106 £95, LMSNCC brass key token 'W'head-Larne Hbr', triangular head with stamped lettering on both sides KRA106 £80, a Tyers No 6 single line brass tablet 'Cookstown Jct.- Randalstown' KRA406 £270, a Tyers No 6 tablet 'Limavady Jct.-Bellarena' alloy with hand cut lettering, complete with leather pouch with padded circular hoop KRA406 £100, a 'Ballymena-Antrim' token GWRA506 £30, single line key 'CE/PH. A'. (Coleraine-Portrush) 28cm long SOL606 £74, Alloy tablet 'Belfast Central-Antrim', wedge shape GCR906 £10, Tyers No 6, alloy tablet, 'Coleraine-Ballymoney', names stamped on older tablet & configuration altered from circle to square GCR906 £8, Brass key token, Castlerock-Limavady Junction, head stamped 'CK-LJ', with square cutout GCR906 £10, Signal lever plates, LMS, NCC, ex Kilroot Box on Belfast-Larne line, Nos 1-13 cast iron, 7.5x21.5cm, rounded top & base & back bracket, various wordings, one refers to 'Whitehead', two blank (out of use), one with letters in shadow only, but refers to 'C.Fergus', No 2 has piece broken off top, all original black on white, hand painted, with older red/yellow visible on bracket etc. (13) GCR906 £26, Tyers No 6 alloy tablet, 'Coleraine-Ballymoney', GCR906 £10, NCC alloy tablet Ballymena-Antrim No 29 GWR507 £60, tablets & keys, Tyers No 6 Coleraine-Ballymoney (2 styles), Poynzpass-Newry (wedge shape) & Keys CK-LJ & LJ-LH. (5) GCR507 £28, 'Belfast Central-Antrim', Tyers No. 6 wedge shape alloy tablet, GCR507 £50, Tyer's brass faced tablet: 'Bellarena - Limavady Junct 10' vgc SRA907 £300, Tyers No 6, alloy tablet, 'Coleraine-Ballymoney', names stamped on older tablet & configuration altered from circle to square GCR907 £8, Single line tablet, 'Belfast Central-Antrim', alloy wedge shape GCR907 £10, Single line tablet, Tyers No 6, Coleraine-Ballymoney (alloy) GCR907 £10, 13 Signal lever plates, LMS, NCC, ex-Kilroot box on Belfast-Larne line, Nos 1-13 cast iron, 8x22cm, rounded top & base & back bracket, various wordings, one refers to 'Whitehead', two blank (out of use), one with letters in shadow only, but refers to 'C.Fergus', No 2 has piece broken off top, all original black on white, hand painted, with older red/yellow visible on bracket etc. GCR907 £26, an LMSNCC signalling token 'Coleraine-Ballymoney 14', alloy, gc. SOL1007 £75, NCC alloy tablet 'Ballymena-Antrim No 16' GWR 1107 £170, LMSNCC signal lamp interior MTN108£25, MRNCC Tyers No. 6 aluminium single line tablet 'Limavady Junct - Bellarena 26', vgc, SRA308 £120, MRNCC Tyers No.6 brass tablet 'Bellarena - Castlerock 26' vgc, SRA308 £340, NCC LMSR Heppers Key Machine complete with brass ended steel key stamped on both sides 'LEVER No. 58'. Stands approximately 33cm high and has a 5cm diameter glass faced indicator at the top with a small lock and key beneath where it is embossed 'Patented No. 343035'. At the bottom where the Key Token fits, it is embossed ' LMSR Heppers Patent'. The top dome has a small plate attached 'The Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Co. Ltd. London', originated from Greenisland Signal Box on the Belfast to Larne line and in use from the 1930's up to the 1980's. It was used to give an emergency release at Bleach Green Junction. Fully functional, the small brass lock at the bottom is open allowing manual removal of the cover to release the key if operated GWR1108 £na.

Cutlery, china, ashtrays etc.: LMSNCC salt and pepper pots MTN486 £18, Brown beer bottle SRA1089 £15, 1pt. beer bottle hotels BRA1291 £25, LMSNCC beer bottle SRA692 £26, BRA999 £20, cigarette case SRA390 £95, chamber pot ONS691 £110 SRA293 £170, spoon BRA395 £14, LMSNCC glass vinaigrette SRA693 £25, LMSNCC full title crest condiment set (4 glass with plated tops) SRA694 £160, LMSNCC cigarette case SRA694 £ns, SRA1294 £200, UTA kidney shaped dish BRA797 £20, UTA mustard pot BRA797 £20, pottery ashtray SRA492 £38, LMSNCC ashtray MAT393 £32, NCC ashtray MAT393 £22, MRNCC grape scissors SRA998 £42, LMSNCC grape scissors SRA998 £40, grape scissors 18cm made Mappin & Webb LMSNCC motif on one arm SRA399 £30, green beer bottle LMSNCC hotels BRA999 £20, LMSNCC Hotel clear bottle 23cm RCJ1199 £of@£30, 6 dessert spoons LMSNCC Hotels by W &H RCJ1199 £of, 5 soup spoons LMSNCC W &H 'Oruba' pattern RCJ1199 £of, 4 soup spoons UTA W &H 'Oruba' pattern RCJ1199 £of, 1 Dinner fork W & 'Oruba' RCJ1199 £of, 3 Irish tablespoons incl. LMSNCC MTN600 £20, LMS NCC china plate 228mm diameter by Dunn Bennett & Co., top marked with LMS NCC in two staggered vertical rectangles in blue on plain white TRA1001 £15, LMSNCC silver plated grape scissors by Elkington, stepped block logo on face of one arm TRA1101 £78, LMSNCC 8-slice toast rack, by Walker & Hall, clearly top-marked with the 'LMS NCC' block motif; as is a pair of accompanying LMS NCC grape-scissors. SRA1202 £50, LMSNCC soup and serving spoons, UTA soup spoon, NER and ECJS forks. All VGC. (5) KRA103 £46, UTA brown stoneware ashtray MTN103 £16, LMS cordial glass, full etched Company title crest and scroll on side, 10 cm tall, SRA303 £50, hallmarked silver cigarette case engraved 'London, Midland & Scottish Railway Company Northern Counties Committee 1933' 7.6cm square RCJ303 £of@175, LMS NCC Spoon, LMS NCC Hotels Spoon and Ulster Transport Fork MTN903 £18, LMSNCC small china Cream Jug by Dunn Bennet & Co. Ltd. Full titles & LMS crest to face. Some v.g. minor rest. a tiny lip chip & small base crack. Uncommon. 52mm tall TRA0504 £80. LMSNCC pair of silver plated Grape Scissors by Elkington. Top marked 'LMS NCC' in 2 stepped outlined panels. vgc TRA0504 £32, LMSNCC dark green glass beer bottle embossed 'L.M.S.N.C.C.Hotels' vert. in 2 lines TRA704 £29, NCC large silverplated serving dish by Walker & Hall, 'LMS Hotels NCC' belted garter device on top. Oval, 41x29cm, good original condition KRA105 £35, UTA silver plate toast rack with winged horse logo and UTA initials underneath. Ex.Laharna Hotel, Co. Antrim. Horse and UTA logo sharp Almost 13cm long and 13cm to top of handle, the two cross members joining the two sides together need soldering at one side. ebay405 £13, UTA kidney shaped plate, mint, Blue Brooklyn pattern. Dunn, Bennett & Co., ex.Laharna Hotel, Larne,Co.Antrim. Base marked Property of Ulster Transport Hotels + manufacturers name, ebay405 £6, LMS NCC green glass beer bottle - ex NCC Hotel, Portrush, 23cm high, vgc, letters LMS NCC hotels appear in raised lettering 1.3cm high on side, ebay405 £17, 'LMS (full title) NCC ' china Tea Plate or Side Plate by Dudson. Top marked with the crest & full titles. vgc 156mm dia TRA905 £50, LMSNCC sherry glass 11 cms high with company initials deeply etched on the side of the glass in Art Deco block style on ebay1205 £24, LMSNCC beer bottle ebay407 £19.51, UTA one pint china coffee pot by Dunn Bennett & Co. white with blue floral decoration to upper body & matching lid, base marked 'Property of Ulster Transport Hotels', vgc, 132mm. tall TRA1107 £42, UTA Laharna Hotel pair of egg cups made by Dunn Bennett & Co. to the Blue Brooklyn pattern, no UTA marking, ebay1107 £ns, ebay1207 £4.99.

Buttons: Small LMSNCC name and coa TCK483 £of@1.50, LMSNCC silver l.(+LMS) BRA991 £6, Brass s. BRA1291 £4, LMSNCC gilt m,s BRA492 £4, brass s,m,l BRA592 £4, LMSNCC 24mm BRA393 £6; £10, LMSNCC brass 17mm £3, LMSNCC 25x20mm+3x25mm+2x15mm BRA693 £23, 2 LMSNCC Police nickel 19+25mm BRA1093 £5, 2 LMSNCC police chrome 25mm+17mm BRA594 £ns, LMSNCC nickel 2x25mm, 2x20, 2x15 BRA694 £5, LMSNCC police chrome 25,19,17mm F22.6 BRA1094 £16, UTA 17mm silver was loco RCJ700 £of@1, brass MRNCC F61/4 25mm BRA900 £35, 6 MRNCC, 2 large, 2 medium, 2 small F61/4 (with 2 GNRI and 1 GSR) SRA1000 £na, 6 MRNCC + 2GNRI + 1GSR £150 Hendon 12/00, MRNCC large brass F61/4 'Limerick Clothing Co.' BRA601 £25, MRNCC large brass 25mm button, full title around wyvern (F61/4) TRA602 £43, MRNCC medium 19.5mm. Brass Button (Frog. 61/4). Full title around wyvern. TRA504 £50, UTA green, white and red enamel and chrome uniform cap badge. 35mm diameter. SRA604 £22, 'Midland Rly. Northern Counties Committee' 25.5mm brass button (F61/4). dent above wyvern TRA704 £60,'LMS Northern Counties Committee' 25mm. brass button. (F61/5) TRA704 £38, LMSNCC 1923-1947 17mm gilt GLO £of@12, LMSNCC 24mm brass GLO £of@30, MRNCC 26mm, brass button, F61/4 GAC408 £of@55.

Miscellaneous: MR or LMSNCC flarelamp TCK883 £of, Narrowwater cash bag RCN286 £of@15, 2 LMSNCC posters-internal views hotels SOT486 £150, LMSNCC Track Circuit, (also LMS) BRA392 £47, No.109 BRA493 £35, UTA gold pass SRA893 £110, 10 LMSNCC Audit tickets BRA493 £10, MRNCC 1912 TT BRA693 £22, NIR poster 'N.Ireland' £10, Portstewart 1911 TT BRA694 £ns, LMSNCC 1944 TT BRA694 £ns, MRNCC 1907 TT BRA694 £38, pair horse shunting lamps - 3 glasses Northern Ireland BRA694 £ns, guards slips NCC+BCDR BRA694 £ns, poster 'NI' dmu at Derry colour BRA1094 £ns, LMSNCC poster 'Conditions.. Glenariff Glen' ORA198 £na, UTA poster 'NI landscape' CHR298 £550, LMSNCC 1938 'NI tours' 68 pages BRA698 £ns, 4 LMSNCC pocket TT 17.9.45, 7.10.46, 24.3.47, 31.5.48 BRA1298 £na, 7 LMSNCC TT 11.6.38, 11.9.39, 17.9.39, 1.4.49, 1.6.40, 1.11.42, 14.2.44 BRA1298 £na, 2 LMSNCC Working TT 1940 + 1949 MTN199 £10, NIR dr poster 6 car diesel at Downhill ORA199 £50, 4 LMSNCC 1945-48 pocket TT BRA1298 £20, 7 LMSNCC 1938-44 TT BRA1298 £29, 3 LMSNCC (+ 1 CDRJC) 1945-1948 TT BRA299 £26, Great Northern Railway 15ct. gold pass, No. 4, Dublin United Tramways 9ct. gold, 1943, Managing Director's Pass, and Great Southern & Western Railway 15ct gold, enamel crest, pass, No. 41, all to A.P. Reynolds. (3) WHY299 £500, UTA dr poster 'Dunluce Castle' SRA999 £1150, 4 LMSNCC passenger TT MTN999 £na, NCC hat BRA600 £17, NIR dr poster 6 car DMU KRA700 £40, MRNCC TT May 1907 ONS500 £65, MRNCC TT 1909 ONS500 £130, 34 Irish incl. LMSNCC 1946 ONS500 £280, three tablespoons LMS Hotels NCC, UTA & LMSNCC MTN900 £na, 4 posters 'NIR 150th Anniversary', 'Sealink' & two different NIR MTN900 £na, MRNCC Tourist Programme 112pps 1907 SRA1000 £na, LMS Hotel Portrush postcard BRA100 £25, NIR poster full colour photo of diesel at Downhill, 64x102cm also Belfast-Heysham container service same size 3 colour picture of rail container lifted to ship, very fine and soiled, splits, good, WHY101 £withdrawn, 'Enjoy A Holiday In Northern Ireland' (Costelloe), published by UTA, printed by Stafford, mounted on linen - 102x66cm, ONS501 £400, 'A Northern Ireland Landscape' (Norman Wilkinson), published by UTA, printed by Stafford, ONS501 £600, Midland Station Belfast tie-on Luggage Label. Maroon print on brown paper with art deco design. Print date 5/40. VGC. SRA302 £120, MR-NCC Guide to Tours in North of Ireland - Giant's Causeway and Antrim Coast, 1905. Repaired spine and lacking one map, VGC. SRA302 £34, Antrim Road - Costelloe q.r. poster, folds minor edge nicks, SRA902 £300, UTA/BR poster. 'Northern Ireland. Spelga Pass, Mountains of Mourne'. q.r. Folds, otherwise mint SRA1202 £75, UTA poster 'Headlands of NI' Wilkinson, dr, folds, SRA603 £220, 9 MRNCC to English destinations all with coloured cross & circle overprints SRA603 est.£20, Wilson: BR, UTA, GNRB, Northern Ireland offset lithograph in colours, printed by Jordison & Co., Ltd., condition A- 102 x 64cm. CHR903 est. £500-700, £ns, 8 MR(NCC) luggage labels to destinations in England: 3 (green) via Belfast & Liverpool; 1 (pink) via Larne & Stranraer; 2 (green circle); 1 (blue cross); 1 (yellow cross). SRA903 est. £30, £ns, BR/UTA poster 'Northern Ireland'. Lance Cattermole. q.r. Folds. VGC. SRA1203 £50, UTA H/bills 'Fair at St. Patricks Barracks Ballymena 26/6/1965' from list of 9 stations. v.g.c. and 'Rail & Road trip to Buncrana 11/4/1966' from list of 11 stations. Small corner loss. (2) TRA1203 £ns, leather guard's satchel bag clearly stamped 'LMS NCC' KRA104 £65, LMSNCC 18x43cm handbill for Excursions to Portrush, dated 1938. SRA304 est£10, £ns, MRNCC 3 large luggage labels. All 'Royal Mail Route & Short Sea Passage for Carlisle/Leeds/Manchester'. Minor edge loss to Carlisle o/wise g.c. 117x98mm. & 113x82mm. TRA304 £130, triangular luggage label 'Ulster Transport Midland Hotel Belfast Northern Ireland'. vgc 183x91mm. TRA704 £35, UTA PTT section 5 services, 172 pps, dated June 1951. PPC804 ofs£10, LMSNCC PTT booklet of services in Northern Ireland. 44 pps, dated October 1946. PPC804 ofs£12, LMS(NCC) fully titled & crested Luggage Label 'Midland Station Hotel, Belfast Northern Ireland'. One small edge tear o/wise g.c. 106x80mm, TRA904 £32, LMSNCC full titles & crest Midland Station Hotel Belfast Northern Ireland oval paper Luggage Label. 2 tiny edge chips & a very small scuff. 106x81mm TRA105 £32, MR-NCC Guide Book 'Summer Tours in The North of Ireland', illustrated card covers, 64pp dated 1907, covers detached at rusty staples. SRA305 £55, LMSR-NCC luggage labels (17) on coloured paper including short sea passage via Larne and Stranraer and other sea routes (two examples duplicated); plus collected and delivered and luggage in advance labels (9) with duplication (26) SRA305 £120, MR-NCC luggage labels all overprinted with symbols (red X, yellow X, blue X and green O) for a variety of sea journeys to UK destinations, all different and vgc (12) SRA305 £85, MR-NCC four large luggage labels on white paper: via Antrim, via Cookstown, via Belfast and Heysham and via Larne and Stranraer, vgc, (4) SRA305 est.£40, £ns, Railway Clearing House Junction Diagrams. 1920 set of the 158 diagrams (plus a few earlier ones with replacement superimposed). Complete with all supplements and indices for 1922. From the Accountant's Office, NCC. Contents mint, some wear on the spine 27x17 cm PRO605 £240,LMSNCC Northern Ireland. Tours and Excursions by Train and Motor Coach 1 May - 31 Oct. 1936, colour cover with mountains and sea. 68 pp + fold-out map, gc MCA605 £na, UTA Menus. (i) Slieve Donard Hotel Dinner Dance. 7/59 and list of hotels. (ii) UTA menu/hotel list for Northern Counties hotel. (2) MCA605 £na, UTA triangular shaped, coloured luggage label for the Midland Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland. vgc. SRA605 est. £15 £ns, Costelloe Enjoy a holiday in Northern Ireland, printed for Ulster Transport Authority by Stafford - 101x63cm mounted on linen ONS1105 £280, MR-NCC issued 3rd single from Strabane to Ballymagorry (dated 25/8/1949), together with a complete two-piece Day Excursion return from Londonderry WS to Portrush (dated 29/07/1907) – both vgc. (2) PTA1105 £ns, UTA: 60 issued whole Edmondsons from 36 different stations. PTA1105 £30, LMSNCC 4pp large size handbill type leaflets: 'Tourist tickets to Great Britain'; 'Holiday return tickets to Great Britain'; 'Empire exhibition Glasgow' all dated 1938. SRA306 est@£10, a dr poster 'Salmon fishing, Northern Ireland' by Norman Wilkinson, UTA emblem below KRA406 £400, LMSNCC large oval luggage label 'Northern Counties Hotel, Portrush for Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland'. vgc 103x77mm TRA506 £ns, Framed handbill, UTA, Last Steam To Dublin, 1966, also Royal Train Notice, NIR QEII & D of E, Donegal Quay-Belfast Central 9/3/95 & Associated Notice, Official Opening of Cross Harbour Bridges. GCR906 £7, LMSNCC Rule Book. Maroon clothbound covers with title in gold 325pp dated 1932. Spine faded SRA906 £14, Photographs of Irish, BR Standards and ex-LMS locomotives together with ex-Scottish pre-grouping, ex-GCR and a selection of diesels including Warship, Western and others. (approx. 510) BON507 £85, Ulster Transport, Multi-engined diesel train development April 1952, a comprehensive report on the building of the new DMUs, typescript with plans and many original plate photos at the sets, decorative cover label with coa & train, also plans of UTA restaurant cars, £80, Train registers MRNCC, Larne 1923 (two), LMS similar 1941, CIE Rush & Lusk, 1960. Regs for pass traffic GSR & other Irish Cos inc narrow gauge, 1943, BCDR etc Charges 1945, Ready Reckoner 1894. (7) GCR507 £11, LMSNCC, Belfast to Greenisland, new loop Lines at Ballyclare Jct, signal Arrangements, coloured, list of signal nos & descrips, illusts of Train Describers, 81x25cm £40, Centenary of the opening of the Belfast & Ballymena Rly, Pub R.Exec NCC 1948, 72pp, card covers, staple wear, £ns, a UTA 1951 'Tours and Excursions by road and rail in Northern Ireland' ebay607 £6.50, NIR tie ebay607 £5.50, MRNCC luggage labels of types IM21–30 (22) plus 5 LMSNCC types (27), SRA607 £35, MRNCC selection of luggage labels, some large 'Short sea passage' types, or on different coloured papers, or with different print colours on white, or with a variety of coloured symbol overprints, all different (20), SRA607 £30, MRNCC selection of seven luggage labels to 'home' destinations mostly black print on white, but also includes two in red printing, plus LMSNCC variety of luggage labels to 'home' destinations as MRNCC type, but also a varied selection of shipping labels to a variety of mainland UK destinations on various coloured papers (32), SRA607 £30, NIR dr poster: 'Northern Ireland – For beautiful coastal and inland scenery and attractive seaside resorts travel By train', colour photographic study of a diesel train passing Downhill, undated, rolled, vgc SRA607 £100, UTA, GNR, CIE, Erne Bus timetable booklet of alternative road services introduced on the withdrawal of rail between Portadown and Cavan, Ballyhaise and Belturbet, Omagh and Dundalk, Fintona, Bundoran, Enniskillen and Sligo. 42pp dated October 1957, covers worn, SRA607 est£10 £ns, a joint official publication LMSNCC/NI Road Transport Board 'Northern Ireland Tours and excursions by train and motor coach' S/back, 1st May until 31st October 1938. fares, timetables, b/w illustrations, maps, adverts. c/w fold out route map inside rear cover, minor cover wear SOL607 £na, A joint official publication LMSNCC/NI Road Transport Board 'Northern Ireland Tours and excursions by train and motor coach' S/back, 1st May until 31st October 1938. fares, timetables, b/w illustrations, maps, adverts. c/w fold out route map inside rear cover, minor cover wear SOL607 £10, LMS-NCC Hotels official: Northern Counties Hotel, Portrush (NCC050A) showing exterior, swimming pool, ballroom and crest, unused, vgc. SRA907 reserve£5 £ns, UTA parcels outward counter book from Randalstown station from December 1955-June 1956, 50 pages in hard card covers 20x25cm, fully used, ebay1107 £1.99, UTA (Great Northern Area), Belfast, 7 July 1960, Train Working Arrangements, 14x20cms Approx, 21pps., gc, ebay1107 £3.20, UTA TT, rail and road passenger services from 25 September 1950, 352pps, ebay1107 £2.50, LMSNCC Supplement No.2 to the Appendix to the WTT dated June 1934, card covers, 15pp dated March 1945, worn, covers creased, SRA1207 £22, LMSNCC publication 'Container Traffic-Inclined Runway System', blue card covers, 11pp illustrated guide to system for transferring goods from rail wagon to lorry including proposed changes to the layout of various stations, December 1945, vgc SRA1207 £22, UTA publication 'Northern Ireland Tours and Excursions by Train and Motor Coach', colour pictorial covers showing bus and coach with scenic backdrop, 84pp guide to tours, complete with fold out map, dated 1949 SRA308 £10, UTA publication 'Northern Ireland Tours and Excursions', colour pictorial covers showing places served, 120pp guide to tours, complete with fold out map, dated 1954 SRA308 £10, LMSNCC WTT,blue card covers, 37pp dated April 1942 SRA308 £14, MRNCC pocket sized PTT booklet, yellow and blue pictorial covers show illustration of Giant's Causeway, 40pp dated June 1914, covers worn and creased, SRA608 £30.


click for 19K .jpg image of BCDR crest BCDR crest

Some Belfast and County Down Railway Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: (+GSR) ONS691 £55, ONS795 £10 (or was this a typo?), SRA892 £160, large SRA1296 £95, coa SRA398 £80, ?LCDR? mounted ORA700 £120, mounted on paper 60 x 49cm SRA1200 £100, BCDR original gold leaf coa panel removed from a coach and then framed. Some crazing and some wear to the framing 60x47cm. SRA1203 £65, BCDR original gold leaf coat of arms transfer mounted on a framed board. 53x51cm, vgc SRA1204 £50, BCDR coa mounted on board 48x41cm BON1006 £71, BCDR cast iron coa as recovered from Queen's Quay Station Belfast, Latin motto 'Pro Tanto Quid Retribumaus' in scroll underneath the device, ex-station condition SRA1207 £ns, BCDR original coa, varnished transfer on painted wood panel f&g, labelled 'Presented by the Company' - 53x63cm vgc ONS608 £155, BCDR mounted coa transfer, overall 51x41cm, on maroon background GCR708 £40.

Cabside: Cabside No. 9 KFR268 £7, Cabside No. 15 KFR269 £6.

Worksplates: BP 1920 Manchester (or Cambrian, CBSCR or GNRI) SRA1000 £520, BP 1909 Manchester plate (probably BCDR, but possibly New South Wales, CBSCR, or Buenos Aires), 25x14cm, face-polished and repainted, with a score mark across the top, SRA1203 £150, BP 1901 Manchester worksplate 24x11cm (could be 3 BCDR or 130 other!) KID504 £wd, 'Beyer Peacock & Co Ltd Manchester 1909'. Locos built included New South Wales and BCDR, face repainted KRA1004 £90, brass builders' plate 'Beyer Peacock & Co. Ld. Manchester 1909'. Locos built that year were for the CBSCR and the BCDR. Face restored and lightly polished. A brazed crack repair to rear barely noticeable on face. 250x145mm TRA906 £150.

Trespass: enamel SRA1291 £70, BCDR abbreviated cast-iron 'Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted Under The Company's Act of 1900. Penalty For Each Offence 40/-'. 56x30cm, repainted SRA604 £400.

Fence notice: enamel SRA692 £45, SRA293 £65, BRA594 £145, BRA395 £50, BRA1197 £84, SRA698 £45.

Boundary post: BCDR Boundary post KFR268 £2.

Bridge no.: '409' SRA1091 £55, '106' BRA695 £20 (more probably BNCR), cast iron rectangular, rounded corners, 48x24cm '106' KRA402 £100.

Carriage notice: BCDR carriage notice x 2 KFR268 £26, Brass coach hinge unmarked BRA1293 £ns, 'Please remain seated' ONS795 £40, 'Spitting in carriages' SRA892 £na, spitting in appartment SRA1293 £80, ONS795 £70, SRA697 £170, SRA998 £110, spitting in appartment SRA900 £260, company unspecified enamel 'Please do not spit in the carriages..', light and dark blue on white, 41x11cm KRA403 £170, Enamel Sign 'Do not spit in the carriages etc.' Chips to bottom r.h. corner plus some hairline glaze crazes bottom left. 207x115mm. TRA1003 £220, BCDR enamel 'Please do not spit etc... apartment' edge wear and chips, 370x102mm TRA704 £200, BCDR brass Carriage Match Striker. Face embossed 'B.C.D.R.' 120x38mm TRA1104 £ns, BCDR coach enamel 'Please Do Not Spit In The Carriages It Is Offensive To Other Passengers And Is Stated By The Medical Profession To Be A Source Of Serious Disease'. Dark blue lettering on white with ornate light blue outer border removed 1946 one screw hole chip vgc 41x11cm SOL1006 £137, enamel carriage notice 'Please do not spit in the carriages, it is offensive to other passengers and is stated by the medical profession to be a source of serious disease, brown (sic) on white with decorative blue and white border, 41x11cm, a little discolouration, screw hole chips and wear to the lower left corner GCR407 £180, BCDR enamel notice 'Please do not spit in the carriages etc', four lines of text within an ornate border, vgc, 408x112mm TRA507 £220, BCDR (stated GNRI) enamel sign: 'Please do not spit in the carriages... .' dark blue lettering and border on white with a light blue border, vgc SRA907 £220.

Wagon plate:'BCDR 555' SRA1296 £ns, 'BCDR 383' described as bridge, but wagon plate Restored 280x178mm. TRA803 £ns, cast iron Wagon Plate 'BCDR 383' as carried by an 8 Ton P. Way Dept. wagon of 1941. Face rest. only. 280x178mm TRA1003 £23.

Cutlery, china, ashtrays etc.: Glass decanters SRA488 £20 SRA691 £160, Silver coffee pot Slieve Donnard Hotel SRA1091 £30, Cruet stands ORA790 £40, ONS691 £10, soup dish SRA488 £30, dinner fork BRA395 £10, fork BRA398 £16, Slieve Donard soup bowl MTN998 £24, Slieve Donard 3-compartment silver plated condiment set side shield + garter SRA1299 £60, coffee-saucer, by Dunn Bennett, on top large, red crest and scroll 'Belfast & County Down Railway' and wording 'Slieve Donard Hotel'. A broad royal blue band decoration outlined in gold. 12 cm diameter, SRA603 £30, an EPNS fish knife, 21.5cm ribbed handle, 'Slieve Donard Hotel BCDR ' marked on blade in a belted garter design (slight wear) ebay906 £ns, BCDR two-handled silverplated 'Elkington' sugar bowl engraved to side 'Slieve Donard Hotel' in full garter with 'BCDR' to centre, minor service wear SOL1006 £32, BCDR silverplate three-place cruet set and sugar bowl by Elkington. The cruet is approx 11x10cm and 13cm tall on three ball feet, the sugar bowl 9.5cm diameter base and 7cm high, both with initials 'BCDR' surrounded by a 'Slieve Donard Hotel' engraved side of the sugar bowl and on a shield attached to the cruet. Some wear to the floor of the cruet and inside the sugar bowl SRA307 £48.

Buttons: 25mm BRA193 £17, 17mm BRA193 £17, 25mm brass BRA694 £17, large brass script F.61/2 BRA598 £ns, BCDR F.61/2 24mm BRA900 £ns, BCDR 26mm. ornate brass script 'BCDR' button (F.61/2) TRA704 £ns, BCDR button large 26mm.(Frog. 61/2). TRA305 £18, large brass 25mm. 'B&CDR' script initials button (F61/2) vgc TRA506 £46, BCDR 25mm brass GLO £of@45, a BCDR 25mm, brass button GAC408 £of@45.

Miscellaneous: Brass step secretary's office 1947 BRA595 £20, Brass 25mm button BRA996 £29, button SRA493 £50, 25mm button BRA493 £25, Look out with straps SRA693 £50, 1933 share RCN387 £of, Timetable (+CVR) SRA493 £30, 7 tickets BRA593 £18, Handlamp BRA693 £na, TT Poster 1932 BRA1093 £15, Cash receipts book BRA694 £ns, BCDR Carriage stock book 1945 BRA694 £ns, BRA1094 £20, BCDR Linen antimacassar BRA1197 £ns, Enamel armband BRA398 £35, 1905 rule book BRA698 £16, 2 tickets BRA998 £8, Regulations..train examiners etc Nov. 1940 hardback BRA399 £na, Muffin dish GWR799 £75, BCDR 1927 framed and glazed map showing competition with buses MTN100 £10, full title Vesta match case lid with gold on brown paper listing all BCDR hotel and refreshment rooms, J.W.Manning, Manager 4.4x3.2x1.3cm SRA600 £150, Official Tourist Guide to Co. Down & Mourne 203pps 1924 SRA1000 £na, BCDR posters with 1938 TT, 100x80cm, and cheap fairs for excursions to Bangor, Newcastle, etc. (4) circa 1930s WHY101 £80, BCDR official tourist guide to the County Down and Mourne Mountains. Green hardback covers, 203pp plus adverts and fold-out map. 1924. SRA1203 £32, binder containing many hundreds of BCDR tickets (incl. seasons and ephemera) PTA204 £310, BCDR unissued/audit whole including from Ballynahinch,Bloomfield, Helen’s Bay, Holywood, Knock, Millisle Road Halt, etc (includes two UTA (BCDR Section Transitionals), and NCC-MR (1) and LMS-NCC (10) including issued from Ballymena, Belfast York Road and Killagan, etc.(27) PTA904 £38, BCDR Account for year ending 31 December 1918 and GNR(I) Co Ireland Account for year ending 31 December 1918. MTN904 £5, BCDR mixed type luggage labels to a wide range of destinations, some mainland UK. (25) SRA605 £320, BCDR Station Master's, Inspector's or Guard's Peaked Cap. 'B.C.D.R' script initials in gilt wire on a decorated silk oak leaf band within 2 gold bands. Some wear o/wise gc. TRA1105 £50, BCDR IB22 type luggage labels for B’hinch Junction, Bloomfield, Crossgar, Downpatrick and Millisle Rd. Halt in excellent condition. (5) SRA306 est@£30, BCDR rule book. Red clothbound covers with title. 343pp dated 1905. Covers very worn, contents OK SRA906 £14, BCDR - Rules and Regulations for 1905, 12mo Belfast (W. & G. Baird) 1905, orig. cloth, stained, MEA307 est£70-110 £ns, BCDR Bryant & May's matchbook cover proof in thin card, advertising the Slieve Donard Hotel and facilities and on the reverse the company’s refreshment bars & tearooms etc. vgc, TRA507 £30, BCDR rule book, 1905, 343pp, red titled cloth boards, faded, GCR507 £18, BCDR guide book 'Tourist District', red and black covers, 21pp circa 1920s, SRA607 £45, BCDR WTT, 12pp dated May 1885, covers a little dusty but generally good, SRA607 est£15, BCDR WTT. 18pp dated May 1943, SRA607 £30, BCDR WTT. 18pp dated May 1944, SRA607 £30, BCDR type IB22 luggage label to B’hinch Junction, SRA607 est£10 £ns, BCDR return ticket Marino-Bangor, ebay1107 £1.50, BCDR WTT. 30pp dated September 1940. £16, BCDR WTT. 13pp dated June 1941 SRA308 £16, BCDR WTT. 31pp dated October 1941 SRA308 £16, The Holiday Line Excursion Facilities from Belfast BCDR, original poster printed by S C Allen & Co, circa 1928 - 102x64cm Condition A backed on linen ONS608 £420, Anon Come to Ulster, printed for the Ulster Tourist Development Association and BCDR by S C Allen & Co, circa 1930 - 102x62cm Condition A backed on linen ONS608 £300.

Some Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Auction Results:

Cabside: brass 57 MKA1195 £85.

Wagon plate: BNCR '105' rectangular with rounded corners 35x17cm SOL303 £60, pair of cast iron wagon plates 'BNCR 1034' (repair to one corner) and 'LMSNCC 2642' vgc, both face restored a while ago TRA506 £85, BNCR wagonplate 'BNCR, 491', front repainted, overall 33x18cm GCR1006 £65.

Bridge no.: '343' MAL94 £na, '201' ORA1099 £25 (both probably wagons!), BNCR bridgeplate '488' 24x53cm SRA905 £50.

Trespass:Public notice enamel 38x30cm RCN386 £of, SRA1090 £70, enamel full title 1899 SRA1091 £110, denuded remains of enamel full title BRA701 £ns, small red on white enamel station notice 'B.N.C.R NOTICE Any Person found writing on the walls or in any way injuring the Company's property will be prosecuted BY ORDER', poor condition with chips and a loss to the right hand side, 15x10 cm RNT1107 £45.

Station, etc.: 'Ladies Waiting Room' doorplate GWR501 £55.

Miscellaneous: advertising brochure ORA193 £44, 4 luggage labels BRA393 £3, 1903 TT BRA693 £25, 1887 TT BRA694 £31, 1904 TT BRA694 £34, Book excess luggage notes BRA694 £15, 1885 TT BRA1197 + other £20, 1950 TT + 1949 Omnibus ORA499 £20, Wagon plate '1565' - see NCC1199 above, BNCR Staff TT 1/1883 16pps. BRA600 £25, Cast iron 'BNCR' branding iron, original condition, SOL303 £30, BNCR staff TT, November 1883, 18pp disbound, SRA603 est. £15, Two polished Rail Profiles. One stamped 'B&NC Ry. 83lbs per yard 1892 Sec 173'. The other 'St. Johns Ry. 72 1/2 lbs per yard. 1894 Sec. 300' TRA1003 £26, large luggage label 'B&NCR Short Sea passage to Aberdeen via Larne, Stranraer, Dumfries & Lockerbie'. vgc early date code for '3.78' - print run 1000. 126x93mm; TRA304 £38, BNCR large 24.5mm brass title & locomotive button. vgc (Frog. 61/3) pre 1903 issue TRA905 £ns, Lot 5 BNCR issued dog single from Limavady to Magilligan (dated 4/3/1902) vgc. (1) PTA1105 £50, Large used serving spoon 21.5cm long clearly incised on the back of the handle B&N.C.R ebay906 £12.28, also a 12cm pickle fork, made by Mappin & Webb (in full on back of the handle), ornate handle marked 'LMS Hotels' (probably NI) ebay906 £12.50, Lot 51 BNCR issued 3rd Sgl Cookstown - Moneymore (dated 12/1/1885) slight crease PTA1006 £160, Lot 431 BNCR whole issued Sgls: 2nd from Londonderry (dated 27/5/1888) and 3rd Sgls from Derry (WS) (both dated in 1903). All in vgc although latter two have multiple clips (3) PTA1006 £360, Lot 30 BNCR issued 3rd Sgls Carrickfergus-Glasgow, Portrush-Carlisle, Ballymena-Carlisle, dated in 1903. Minor (Bd) PTA107 £40, BNCR Rules and Regulations... 1902 12mo Belfast (W. & G. Baird) 1902, t.p. loose, cloth pouch-type bind., restored; also GNRI Rules and Regulations... 1914, 12mo Belfast (R. Carswell & Son) 1914, orig. cloth stained (2) MEA307 £80, Lot 429 BNCR issued blank bike Sgl from Magiligan (minor Bd), plus a selection of all different severed halves. (1wh 13hlf) PTA407 £95, BNCR booklet 'Tourist and picnic pleasure parties programme', coloured pictorial covers showing major sights in the area, 52pp dated 1892, a little worn, faults to cover and with 2 detached pages but good for age, SRA607 £40, BNCR pocket sized PTT booklet, yellow and blue pictorial covers show coastal and castle scene, 34pp dated October 1900, vgc, SRA607 £120, BNCR pocket sized PTT booklet, yellow and blue pictorial covers show coastal and castle scene, 34pp dated April 1901, spine taped and a little wear to covers, SRA607 £110, BNCR luggage labels of type IB31 to 33, mostly vgc (34), SRA607 £30, BNCR time and faretable booklet. Illustrated paperback covers showing ship and places served. 80pp (no map) dated April 1901, slight marking to cover and spine taped, SRA308 £70, BNCR pocket sized PTT booklet, yellow and blue pictorial covers show illustration of Giant's Causeway, 32pp dated November 1896 vgc SRA308 £100, BNCR pencil, unused SRA308 £6, Luggage labels comprising BNCR Type IB35 'Royal Mail Route and Short Sea Passage' Birmingham (a little soiled and frayed at edges, and Type IB34 'Short Sea Passage' Dundee (slight fading at edges), together the following: MRNCC prints comprising Type IM24/1 Manchester, Type IM26/1 London Euston, Type IM25 'Short Sea Passage' blank, and Type IM28 London St. Pancras (6) PTA1008 £110.

Some Sligo Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway Auction Results:

Loco names: (note: in 1971 LOUGH GILL & SIR HENRY were advertised at £45 each, reported in RCJ900) SIR HENRY TCK483 £of@650 and later at ?1287 £680, HAZELWOOD SRA187 £525, SRA292 £1650, LEITRIM SRA399 £2500, LOUGH MELVIN, Beyer Peacock works No. 7138 1949, 130x15cm cast brass with scrolled ends, restored front, back painted in grey primer SRA607 £8600.

Makers plate, etc.: 'Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd. Gorton Foundry Manchester 1899' brass worksplate. From photographs it appears that the only locos built in 1899 with the large plates were SLNCR 5’ 'Lissadell' and 'Hazelwood' (BP Nos. 4073 and 4074 respectively) oval 42x20cm face restored only SRA306 £1120.

Wagon plate, etc.: Axlebox TCK683 £of.

Gate:all abbrev.title 12 line SRA293 £160, SRA1093 £230, SRA1295 £250, SRA1298 £220, SLNCR cast iron accomodation gate notice, heading and twelve lines of text 19x29cm ex-lineside rust and one original fixing bar attached SRA1206 £230, SLNCR cast iron accommodation gate crossing with 'SL&NCR' heading and twelve lines of text. A very small 19x29cm in original condition and all four corner fastenings rusted in SRA907 £480.

Poster:with LLSR SRA296 £na, poster 'Table of Offences' ORA198 £na, 1956 Enniskillen and Sligo football specials WHY198 £42, 1905 By Laws WHY198 £30, Explosives Act 1875 WHY198 £35, Timetables Railway 1950; Omnibus 1949 black on white ORA499 £20, Poster TT 1938 ONS500 £25,SLNCR TT poster 1957 38x50cm + 1957 handbill Excursion to Sligo from Enniskillen, folded, G & VG, WHY100 £40, SLNCR - Table of Offences & Penalties poster, 1/8/1922, 69x43cm, top right hand corner missing, KID503 £16, SLNCR - 'By-Laws and Regulations' poster, 16/11/1904, 67x45cm., one small tear, KID503 £20, SLNCR timetable poster for Sligo Enniskillen Services, 38x51cm, dated June 1965 SRA305 £10, SLNCR T/T poster 11 Aug. 1947. Refers to continuance of present emergency. Folded, 5 7x44cm minor edge nicks MRA605 £na, SLNCR poster, Excn to Sligo 31/7/55, stns from Enniskillen, 30x18cm folded, GCR507 £10.

Miscellaneous: 30 Luggage labels (+30GSWR) BRA994 £15, Signal box train register 1955 BRA497 £20, Stock certs, 'B' debenture in brown & white and 'C' debenture in green and white, issued 1910 and 1903 to Sir J. Gore Booth WHY299 £150, 1950 TT ORA499 £20, 1st class free Pass 1912 to A. Kerrison LYR blue leather BRA1299 £17, 1960-61 liquidation, a range of files on sales of buildings (100 documents) WHY1299 £40, 'Table of Offences & Penalties' August 1922 43x68cm WHY100 £120, SLNCR copper platform lamp case from Sligo, three glazed sides, 56cm tall SRA300 £200, SLNCR Free pass red with gold letters BRA500 £25, SLNCR 1st class passes 1910 and 1920 (+CIE 2nd Class) ONS500 £na, 1st class pass 1918 R.E.Medcalf WHY600 £75, TT poster 38x48cm Feb.1953 and 1957 'Ulster v Connacht special' WHY600 £46, Handbill 28x42cm 'Excursion to Sligo 1955' WHY600 £20, SLNCR peaked cap + chin strap gilt wire block letters on black oak leaf patterned band between two of gold braid, moth damage and general wear TRA901 £48, Sligo & Ballaghaderreen Jct Railway Co. Share Certificate for 34 £10 shares 1872. SRA602 £85, SLNCR l/p glazed posters: (1) 'Byelaws and Regulations', dated 1905, and (2) 'Table of Offences & Penalties' dated 1922 (2) KRA104 £50, Paperwork incl. letterheads Beyer Peacock and other builders ex Sligo Leitrim GWR504 £30, S.L.&N.C. Railway Company luggage label 'To Armagh via Clones' (Black on white) SOM505 £na, 211 SLNCR Tickets (all different - with most varieties present) Ballintogher (9), Ballysodare (20), Collooney (16), Dromahair (38), Enniskillen (21), Florencecourt (14), Glenfarne (18), Manorhamilton (26), Sligo (24) - together with 18 SL&NCRly Bus Service Tickets PRO605 £60, Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway T/T poster from 11 Aug. 1947. Refers to continuance of present emergency. Folded, 57x44cm Minor edge nicks MCA605 £na, SLNCR: 60 issued during 2 years prior to closure whole Edmondsons (58 different prints) from 10 origins. (60) PTA1105 £45, Glazed Timetable Poster SLNCR 17th September 1956 – UFN Sligo – Enniskillen. SRA306 est@£5, SLNCR catalogue for the auction of track and rolling stock Manorhamilton Station, Co. Leitrim, April 1959 paperback 56pp. gc SRA606 £45, SLNCR Catalogue for auction of track and rolling stock following closure at Manorhamilton, April 1959 paperback 56pp. gc SRA1206 £45, an SLNCR 1957 PTT ebay607 £35.10, SLNCR, ten items of paperwork including train amendments, poster, caution tickets, luggage labels, paper tickets, dated 1900s – 40s, no duplication, SRA607 £30, SLNCR luggage labels of types IS11 to 13, vgc (28), SRA607 £22, Lot 221 SLNCR: First Class all stations leatherette folding free passes for the years 1913, 1921 and 1930 - the former being an oval shape, the others rectangular. The recipients were, respectively, T. Shields, P. Wharton Director of Traffic (pre-printed) and G. F. Egan of the SLNCR, all vgc PTA1007 £20, SLNCR publication 'Timetables, Passenger Fares and Summer Tourist and Excursion Arrangements', green card covers, 36pp June 1925, rusty staples, £55, SLNCR 3 tickets-Glenfarne, Dromahair, Florencecourt ebay1207 £ns, SLNCR 1913 card first class free pass SOL308 £70, SLNCR catalogue for the auction of track and rolling stock following closure of the line at Manorhamilton, April 1959. Paperback 56pp. gc, SRA608 £30, SLNCR: A collection of 150 issued whole, together with 5 'All stations' folding leatherette free passes (for 1912, 1913, 1921, 1926 and 1930), 1 folding leatherette contract ticket (for 1957), 2 paper tickets, and 11 severed halves. (158wh 11hlf) PTA708 £130.

Some Other Northern Railways Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: Belfast Corporation trolleybus coa, an original transfer 31cms h, on an aluminium panel approx. 89x104cm, vgc MEA307 £140.

Mileposts: a Londonderry & Coleraine Railway 1/2 milepost plate, oval cast iron, 20x13cm, (MPLC 201/H), a rear fitting is cast in to fix to post with a single rivet, traces of yellow & black paint, an unusual feature is the angled figure '1' KRA406 £105.

Miscellaneous: INWR ticket punch & carriage key KFR268 £49, Giants Causeway tickets BRA1197 £9, subscription ticket RCN85-86? £of@2, Dublin & Drogheda share certs 1842 Davidson Books, Ballynahinch £45, 10 UR luggage labels TRA1201 £20, The Northern Ry (Ireland), large luggage label 'Dunleer-Markethill' TRA1201 £35, N.&A.R. large luggage label 'For Castlebellingham' TRA1201 £30, buttons GER large, Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Rly. large, Belfast Corporation Tramways large brass 25mm. Intertwined 'BCT' letters. gc. TRA202 £na, Ulster Railway Luggage Labels 'UR Athlone via Clones' and 'Ballinderry via Lisburn. v.g.c. TRA202 £ns, Limavady & Dungiven Railway Co. Share Certificate 1882. SRA602 £42, Newry & Armagh Railway two Luggage Labels: Castlebellingham; Maguire's Bridge; with printers details at base: 'John Wright's Machine Works Newry.' SRA303 £34, 14 UR luggage labels SRA603 est.£20, 6 Ulster Railway luggage labels: Ballinderry via Lisburn; Ballymena; Goraghwood via Portadown; Poyntzpass via Portadown; Sion Mills, Victoria Bridge (on card). SRA903 £30, Notice 'Londonderry Railway - Notice! Alteration of Train' 1900. MTN903 £28, Castlederg & Victoria Bridge Tramway Company undated 1st class whole Edmondson showing the fare '9d' upright printed on pink card with red vertical stripe. Dusty. PTA1103 £20, Newry & Enniskillen Railway £50 share cert. dated 1853. Ornate title, embossed seal, not cancelled. SRA1203 est. £25 £ns, Newry Warrenpoint & Rostrevor Railway Share Certificate for 1 share dated 1846. Ornate scrolled title printed on vellum, attached red seal embossed with period loco, not cancelled. SRA304 est£30, £ns, a locomotive headlamp carried by the Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners', ebay1104 £103, Bessbrook & Newry Electric Railway 3-aspect handlamp, body stamped "BNER" carries an oval makers plate 'G. Polkey Limited Manufacturers Birmingham 1911'. Complete with vessel; brass/ceramic burner; reflector; all glasses; brass rim and re-entrant top handle, original condition SRA1204 £160, 'Great Northern & Western (of Ireland) Railway Company' seal just over two and a half inches in diameter, engraved steel, ebay1204 £ns, Paul Henry Come to Ulster for a better holiday, printed for Ulster Tourist Development Assoc. Ltd - 102x127 cm two small tears ONS505 £400, Paul Henry Come to Ulster for a better holiday, printed for the Ulster Tourist Development Assoc. Ltd - 102x127cm small hole and two small tears on folds ONS1105 £740, Newry & Armagh Railway types IN11 and IN12 luggage labels to Balbriggan, Castlebellingham, and Maguire’s Bridge (all IN11) and to Castlebellingham (IN12), mostly vgc SRA306 est@£40, Lot 394 Finn Valley Railway type IF11 LUGGAGE LABELS: to Drogheda (with 'FVRy' heading) routing details cut-off from the bottom; and to Ballybay (with heading roughly cut off). Both labels in gc (2) PTA406 £100, Belfast Steam Ship Co. Ltd. 145 mainly issued whole Edmondsons, many including rail journeys, with some dating back to 1902, together with 30 severed halves(145wh 30hlf) PTA406 £60, Lot 33 Belfast Street Tramways Co. 1d blue geographical stage punch type tram ticket covering a long list of stages, together with an early 1d blue issue from Belfast City Tramways, with an advert for the Glengormley Tramway ('now worked by the Corporation') on the back, and a later 1d white print from the same company vgc (3) PTA406 £30, Newry, Warrenpoint & Rostrevor Railway share certificate on vellum for one share dated 1846 not cancelled SRA606 £90, Dublin, Belfast & Coleraine Junction Railway share script certificate for five £50 shares deposit paid, circa 1845 not cancelled, gc SRA606 £22, Dundalk Steam Packet Co. Ltd., £10 share certificate dated 1/4/1857 MEA706 £110, Irish North Western Railway type II11 luggage labels: to Carrigans, Rockcorry; type II12 to Bolton, Huddersfield, Leamington, Preston, Wolverhampton (all are in red printing and 'via Greenore & Holyhead') all vgc(7) SRA906 £180, Belfast Steamship Company glazed white pottery vegetable Dish 'W.T. Copeland & Sons' with 'Belfast Steamship Company Ltd' in blue ornate full garter to side minor damage to base gc 30x21cm SOL1006 £16, Newry Warrenpoint & Rostrevor Railway share certificate on vellum for one share dated 1846. Ornate scrolled title, embossed attached red seal, not cancelled SRA1206 est£10, Lot 121 City of Derry Tramway Co. Ltd. no value blue 'Workman's Ticket' Horse Tram Ticket printed by Williamson, small rust marks, vgc otherwise (1) PTA1006 £290, Newry Warrenpoint & Rostrevor Railway share certificate on vellum for one share dated 1846. Ornate scrolled title, embossed attached red seal, not cancelled SRA1206 £40, Lot 334 The Northern Railway (Ireland) type IN22 luggage label Dunleer to Markethill in vgc. This lot also contains an INWR type II11 label to Carrigans in vgc and a type ID21 label Dublin to Beragh, extremely scarce, but label has a bad Sellotape stain (3) PTA407 £20, Ballycastle Railway Company, Report of Directors, for Year ended 31st December, 1922, folio Ballymoney (Mc Master) 1923, 14pp. includ small map, disbound, MEA307 £120, Reports of the Directors & Statements of Accounts, for Dublin & South Eastern Railway Co., (New Ross & Waterford Extension Railways) (4) MEA307 £120, Irish North Western Railway type II11 luggage label to Carrigans plus type II12 to Huddersfield, Wolverhampton (all red printing and 'via Greenore & Holyhead') (3), SRA607 £22, Newry & Armagh Railway types IN11 and IN12 luggage labels to Balbriggan, Castlebellingham, and Maguire’s Bridge (all IN11) and to Castlebellingham (IN12), mostly vgc (4), SRA607 £220, Northern Railway of Ireland type IN22 luggage label 'Dunleer to Markethill', SRA607 £10, Ulster Railway luggage labels of types IU11 and 12, mostly vgc (9), SRA607 £22, RCH 1909 map issued by the Railway Clearing House covering Belfast Lough River Lagan up to Adelaide & Balmoral, ebay1107 £ns, Dublin, Belfast & Coleraine Junction Railway share script certificate for five £50 shares deposit paid, not cancelled, good condition. SRA1207 res£15 £ns, Derry Central Railway audit two-piece 2nd Special Excursion return from Aghadowey to Belfast, vgc but with 'cancelled' lightly stamped on the face PTA108 £35, Northern Ireland Miscellany: Issued whole comprising: BNCR – 2nd sgl Belfast to Larne (/); MRNCC – 3rd sgl Strabane to Ballymagory, 3rd Day Excn Londonderry WS to Portrush; LMSNCC – 14 tickets, including Sgls Londonderry Vic. Rd to Desertone and New Buildings; UTA – 8 tickets, including Strabane; NIR – 5 tickets, including Belfast Central; Belfast Steamship Co. – 10 tickets to destinations in Britain, including two issued in 1903. The lot also includes 29 severed halves, comprising 7 x BCDR, 6 x DNGR, 3 x LMSNCC, 6 x LLSR, 7 x UTA. (40wh 29hlf) PTA108 £220, Lot 184 scarce Irish luggage labels: Dublin & Drogheda Railway type ID21 'Dublin to Beragh'; Northern Railway Co (Ireland) type IN 21 'Goraghwood to Holyhead via Greenore'; Ulster Railway type IU11 'Maguiresbridge' all with evidence of previous mounting on back, good otherwise. (3) PTA408 £110, Lot comprising: BCDR-9 issued (Bangor Subscriber's extension, 2 x Belfast, Bloomfield, Crossgar, Holywood Ed. season, 3 x joined returns); CDRJC-10 issued (including Bruckless, Killens Gate, Lough Eske, Rossnowlagh), GNRB-2 issued (Enniskillen), LMSNCC-5 issued; NCCMR-Belfast GC; UTA-7 issued (2 x Ballycastle, Goraghwood, Londonderry Vic Rd., Newry DB, Omagh, Strabane), plus 6 audit (Cullion, Desertone, Domena, 3 x Londonderry Vic. Rd.) (40) PTA408 £45, Belfast SS Co dr poster, Liverpool-Belfast night passenger service, by Harry Hudson Rodmell, poster issued 1960s, one of a series produced in the 1930s and later reused for Irish Sea boat services, folded, vgc, SRA608 £200, dr poster 'Ulster, Northern Ireland, Sunshine, Legend and Sport', by Nevin featuring the Giants Causeway, a shamrock and a hexagonal view of cottages and cliffs, issued in 1960, rolled, excellent condition GCR708 £220.


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