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Quality  Escorted  Academic Tours

( Center  for  Anthropological  Intervention Research  in Nepal ) 

Who are we  ?

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn (Center for Anthropological Intervention Research in Nepal  NGO)
is a Non- Profit Network / Psycho-Social Intervention and Health Anthropology oriented R&D Academic Unit , 
affiliated with the UCL/PSP/ARAC (Clinical Anthropology) and the  UCL/ESPO/ANSO (Social Anthropology, Universite de Louvain , LLN, Belgium),  the CDS (Center for Development Studies, Swansea , Wales University, UK) and the 
SXSS (St. Xavier's Social Services) in Nepal.

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn specializes in organizing Cultural Immersion /  Experiential Tours & Study in a comparative approach 
of the Celtic, Cathars, Knights Templars and Himalayan Shamanic Traditions, this while focusing its motivation  (as a vector for Embodiment) on Healing (Faith Healers) transcultural roots practices and rituals. 

These Tours&Studies are organized all year- round in South Wales (UK), the Aude / Ariege region (South of France), 
as well as  in and around Kathmandu Valley (Nepal), and sometimes in India (Benares, Darjeeling, Sikkim) and Tibet/TAR.

In 1998-99 we offer 
Seven  Quality  Escorted  Academic  Tours,  of 15 or 21 days

Although these programs are organized  for academic students and researchers, they may benefit also to non-professionals interested in Shamanism and/or Traditional Health practices. Indeed, each tour is constructed on  your personal approach and interest, first.  On basis of our Social/Health Services Network in Kathmandu, we are in position to offer specialized educational experiences for those with  interests  such as:  Himalayan Traditional medicines (Ayurvedic, Tibetan or Djankris),  Drug (Ab)use Rehabilitation and Prevention, Child Workers and Street Children Social Rehabilitation,  Transcultural and Holistic Counselling approaches to Drug Abuse Rehabilitation,  Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Clinical Pharmacology , etc ...

Why Nepal ?

Because Nepal is a case study for development aid issues and traditional  health practices, and because there, Shamans and Traditions are still alive and well. 

Why Celtic, Templars  and Cathars Powerplaces  ?

Because using the Common Archetypal Roots of  Rituals of  Shamans and/or Tibetan Medecine Healing practices learned in Nepal, will bring to our Quest of the Grail  and Celtic Lore, not only inspiration, visions, Bards music and wine, but will also give to the Tours participant the embodiment of the Medieval athmosphere of  the Ancient Prilgrimages to these Powerplaces, where Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea gave birth to the Arturian Quest, thus leading us back  to rituals of a time when Celtic Shamanism  Fairies and Protectors were part of our ancestors beliefs, which we may be brought alive again today. 

Introduction to Shamanic Healing Practices

Participants to Nepal Shamans Tours & Study will be introduced to the local Shamans (Jhankris, Dhamis, Naris, Amchis) methods for diagnosis and healing ,including participant observation, presentationof concepts   and involvement in rituals.
Based on the theoretical approaches of Holistic and Transpersonal Psychology , they will also be offered methods for awakening or strenghening their own spiritual potentials.

 Keltic Trilogy / Cairn Nepal Shamans Tours & Study are designed first for people involved in psycho-social, health and healing practices or research.  Although being also open to any non- professional,  it is not designed for people seeking only personal gains, powers or needing healing without a genuine professional supervision.

Experts  & Facilitators  ?

Your Tour Facilitator will be W. Leon (Ph.D.) . Keltic Trilogy Organizators Team consists in a Network of  several academic persons and practicioners, all selected for being genuinely experienced in Traditional Healing, or in professional practices such as Phenomenology, Ethno-Medecine (Clinical Anthropology), Holistic (Transpersonal) Psychology, Tibetan Medecines, Ayurveda, Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana), Hindu Civaism  and Tantrism (Yogas), Central Asia Nestorians and/or Early  Christendom Mythos (Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, St. Thomas), Celtic Shamanism, as well as South of  France Medieval history of the Cathars and Knights Templars, or Wales/Ireland Celtic Saints hermitage and monasteries.

These resource-persons have been together as a informal network (team practicing) for more than 25 years, and are all dedicated to providing you with Quality Escorted Academic Tours, providing you with relevant (and sometimes critical)events, rituals, documentation and/or guidance. Most of them, also, are musicians, poets, Healers or Bards ...

While in South of France and Wales, the Tour Facilitators plan to illustrate the experiential study of Cathars and Templars or Celtic Powerplaces with classes and introduction to the practicice of Landcape Phenomenology and/or Meditation tuning-in, the Tours organized in Nepal, India and Tibet allow a complementary Live Experience (references) of  Tibetan and Nepalese Shamanic rituals, in a comparative approach which is interactive.

Therefore, indulging in your own personal faith and practices, is fully recommended. 

There will be interactive experiential and history classes along the journeys and you should ask us for a detailed itinerary , thus allowing us to know you better and to propose you a more interactive and/or interesting programme accordingly.
All Tour Facilitators are available by e-mail and phone for any questions.

Who  and  How  to Contact   ?

This is easy !
Please enjoy our Website.
For a free brochure, or a personalized tour registration and/or itinerary,
 do not hesitate to contact  W.   Leon  (Ph.D.), at : 


or by postmail at :
 W. R. Leon  (Ph.D.) / Keltic Trilogy 
c/o Mrs. E. Leon - 23, The Cloisters - Eaton Crescent - Uplands /
Swansea - West Glamorgan / South Wales / UK 

Terms,  Conditions  and  Registration  ?

Please click on the Keltic Trilogy Icone herebelow, 
and read carefully before completing the reservation form.

Sign-Up Early To Avoid Disappointment:
Limited Enrollment  !

The number of pilgrimages is limited and is offered on a first come first serve basis.
Reservations must be made, complete with payment, by deadline given on registration file

Requests for Special Itinerary and/or Field Studies are always considered. 


Objectives and Activities

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn aims are  to promote health/social, traditional and historical (ideological) awareness in the Field of Health Promotion and a Comparative Studies of Shamanic Healing Practices.

Keltic Trilogy/Cairn organizes accordingly comparative field-studies and Healing practices training in Nepal, India, Wales and South of France, in order to divulge relevant  information on critical areas of spiritual development or healing traditional nature.

It also maintains a Multimedia (Internet) Social/Health Anthropology Database Network (UCL/ANSO)

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn operational objectives are first to bring together traditional healers (Amchis, Dhamis, Jhankris, Yogis and Shamans) with selected health/social intervenors, anthropologists and scientists from academic units, educational organizations or I/NGOs, and second to organize an (Internet and Field-Study)  network  actively interested in the comparative study of the Celtic, Cathars, Knights Templars and Himalayan Shamans healing practices or rituals, thus facilitating the much-needed development of integrated training schemes for Nepalese and Tibetan Faith Healers with the  local social/health community based intervenors.

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn experiential and comparative Tours & Study also wants to  stimulate the exchange of  healing paradigms theoretical constructs and practical experience, and to promote suggestions for new developmental practical themes.

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn current Social/Health Intervention Network are based in Bouddhanath Stupa / Kathmandu (Nepal).

It is in position accordingly to initiate, with the necessarysupport,  an inter-disciplinary platform for Avanced Workshops and In-Training initiatives, focusing on community health workers (CHOWs) Integrated Training in traditional health,  primary health care (PHC), rehabilitation and counselling (Drug- Abuse detoxification and Harm Reduction), as well as the effective  referral of social/health cases identified in situ to relevant treatment and/or social support resources.

It also seek to promote a new synthesis for developmental and counselling practices on the basis of knowledge tested in the field.

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Morgan Le Fay, 
Caer Sidi in Brittany (Bries)


Advanced  Workshops

Traditional medicine is a very important part of   Himalayan  health care systems. For most of the rural population  in Nepal and  in the Himalayan range, traditional faith healers are the only  health care service easily accessible. If rural health care  in Nepal is to be improved, this starts with the assessment that the villagers and urban areas workers alike still have a deep faith in their traditional healers, be they Djankris, Dhamis of the herbal Ayurvedic system , or Amchis and Lamas of the Tibetans  medical paradigm.

In both systems,  herbal cures and rituals are necessary and complementary constituents of a healing diagnostic and curative process closely link to spirituality. Deeply rooted in local people beliefs and practices ,  Tibetan  Amchis , Dhamis and  Djankris Shamanic rituals are not going to be shaken by  rare modern health care resources,   the occasional visits of medical teams,  or distant clinics and hospitals. 

Keltic Trilogy / CAIRN is accutely aware of the failure of conventional imported development health / social policies in Nepal. While seeking to approach the genuine social/health needs of  poor people , including those of  High- Risks (HRB) Groups (ie: migrants, refugees, drug- users, HIV-,  STDs, TBs) in the Bouddhanath Stupa strategic site, it has developed  a unique  integrated Network approach,  aiming to promote practical answers to a growing social and ecological crisis, including more public awareness on the deplorable conditions of some  ethnic minorities and migrant child workers, as well as a growing ethnic-castes socio-economic cleavage and a deterioration of local NGOs institutional credibility. 

A - Introduction Training Schemes

- Integrated Healing Technics,
- Integrated Divination Technics,
- Tibetan Traditional Medicines,
- Shamanic  Death and Dying, 

B - Advanced  In-Training (TOT) Schemes 

a.- Comparative R&D (Ethnographic) Study  in Traditional Healing Practices , including field-study and references to Traditional Faith  Healers found in Nepal (Amchis, Djankris, Dhamis), investigated using a multidisciplinary approach with tools such as ethno-medecine, psycho- social anthropology and  indigenous healing paradigm.

b.- Drug-Abuse Holistic Rehabilitation & Counselling, including references to the Himalayan (Hindu Yogas and Buddhist psychology or Dharma) and/or effective Asian traditional detoxification, counselling and healing practices from India (Nav Chetrna/ Benares), China and Thailand .

c.- Multi-media Internet Database maintenance, including presentation of  core knowledge  Internet / Intranet Systems (interactive platforms), HTML and Web-authoring, methodology  for Database, Case-Studies, Reporting Systems and Baseline Surveys . 

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Medicine Bouddha Thangka


Advanced Tibetan Medecine Workshop

( click title above for proposed Itinerary and Programme)

Tibetan Traditional Medecine has a long history , which origins lie in the finest elements of the Ayurvedic Herbal, classical Chinese, ancient Greek and  Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra traditions . 
Valued by the people of the Himalaya as remaining accessible to the community and conforming to their beliefs, it has evolved recently as being equally praised by Western scholars for its profound Holistic vision. 
Although researchs in Clinical Pharmacology , on comparative curative efficacy between the Tibetan system and modern (allopathic) medecine, is a process which has been launched only recently, it has proven nonetheless its relevance for psycho-somatic and most of  indigenous diseases .
Tibetan medecine is basicaly manufactured from natural herbs and minerals from the Himalayan region, and its healing  and diagnosis process are integral parts of  Tibetan monastic and Himalayan Shamanic culture .

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Nepalese Shamanic Rituals


Advanced Shamans Healing & Divination Workshop

( click title above for proposed Itinerary and Programme)

Participants will be introduced into the paradigm and methods of healing and divination, including visualization, multi-/intra-sensory perceptions, indigenous technics for ASC induced trance, energy healing  process for cleansing and/or energitizing  localised spiritual, psychological or physical pains or illnesses, as being perceived in the Shamanic (Djankris, Dhamis) or Tibetan Traditional Health (Amchis) paradigms. They will also be briefed on the different options for awakening their own potentials, this  through conceptual connection with  Tibetan  and/or Himalayan archetypes and a personal experiential resonance (EMBODIMENT) the Celtic / Arthurian Quest archetypes may provoke, both  resources viewed as compatible. The Healing and Divination Workshops are designed for participants having basic skills and knowledge in intervention fields in Holitic (Transpersonal) psychology, community or public health, Shamans traditional healing or meditation technics, as well as  counselling services.

The training is not designed as a replacement for the necessary academic and experiential curriculum required, but is rather viewed as a  fieldstudy option offered to concerned researchers or scholars. 

A supervision contract with the concerned faculty is a prerequisite.

 For more details on the Keltic Trilogy /Cairn  and Partners, kindly click on the icons in the sidebar on the left, where  various links are presented.  This includes the Bouddhanath Integrated PHC/THWs Prevention In-Training (TOT) Project (SXSS, Dr. Tsering and Amchi Jampa) and  Bouddhanath Child - Workers / Street Children Clinic Project , as well as possiblity to meet our local partners. 

jp4.gif - 22.67 K
Prof. R. Steichen and Amchi Jampa on
Tibetan Materia Medica ,KTM, 1997


Network and Organization of Curriculla

CAIRN Cultural Immersion and Training Workshops are organized in close coordination with the  UCL/ESPO/ANSO  and UCL/PSPSCLAP&AAC (UCL / Social and Clinical Anthropology, Belgium),  the St. Xavier's Social Services (SXSS/KTM),   RECID (NGO/KTM) and DAPAN (NGO/KTM) . It also networks with other reputed Traditional (Ayurvedic, Shamanic and Tibetan ) Health Care Unirts and  R&D / Training Units, such as the  ITTM (Kalimpong/Sikkim/India) , Kunphen (KTM), Amchi Jampa Clinic,  and the Swansea University / Center for Development Studies  (SWA/CDS)  in  Wales/UK. 

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 Whom Does the Grail Serve ?

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 do not hesitate to contact  W.  R.  Leon  (Ph.D.), at : 


or by postmail at :
 W. R. Leon  (Ph.D.) / Keltic Trilogy (UK) 
c/o Mrs. E. Leon - 23, The Cloisters - Eaton Crescent - Uplands /
Swansea - West Glamorgan / South Wales / UK 


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