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The aims of Tarab Institutes are teaching, training and research in Tibetan philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy U.D., which means Unity in Duality. These teachings are based on theories transmitted and developed by Tarab Tulku XI.
Comparative studies of Western and Tibetan philosophical, psychological and scientific theories as well as psychotherapeutic approaches.
Publishing of literature and arranging of meetings, courses and conferences concerning the two points above.

Tarab Tulku XI.

Tarab Tulku XI. is a Tibetan Lama he founded the first Tarab Institute in Denmark. Lene Handberg, who is president of the Tarab Institute Denmark, supports Tarab Tulku in developing the scientific theories based on the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy. Tarab Institutes have been founded also in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and Hungary.
Tendrel Conference Unity in Duality. The Tendrel Conference will bring together prominent figures from Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and psychology and the Western arts and sciences. The conference will take place in 2000 in Vienna.

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