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Social/Health Experts & Network


Fr.  W. Robins S.J.  (SXSS)


Fr. W. Robins
Director St. Xavier's Social Services
GPO-3450 - Kathmandu

Prof. R. P. Gartoulla  Ph.D. (RECID NGO)

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Prof. R. P. Gartoulla (Ph.D. ) ,
Director RECID NGO (Nepal registered), 
Lecturer at TU/IOM , Researcher in Ethno-medecine, 
Anthropology and Community Medecine R&D / Partner in 
Nepal Research Council / Trainer at the Teaching Hospital CHOWs .

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Dr. Tsering  (MBBS/TB)

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Dr.  Tsering  (MBBS)
Director of  Boddhanath / Phulbari PHC Clinic
Primary Health Care and TB treament specialist /
Boddhanath Tibetan Community Clinics Network

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Dr. Amchi Jampa  (Boddha)

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 Amchi Jampa 
(Tibetan Medicine Doctor )
Boddha Stupa Himalayan clinic

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Dr. Amchi Kunzang  (Kunphen)

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Amchi Kunsang 
Director of the Kunphen Tibetan Clinic
in Chettrapatti / KTM and Nyalam / Tibet (TAR)

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Furba Lama ( Tamang Shaman )

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Mr. Furba Lama
Certified Tamang Shaman 
Field Research  &Study Coordinator 

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PHC Laboratory Team  (Boddha Clinic)

(PHC Laboratory technician)
at Dr. Tsering's Clinic / Boddhanath 

International Network 
Prof. R. Steichen (UCL/PSP/CLAP & ARAC )


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Amchi Jampa and Prof. R. Steichen 
examining Tibetan Materia Medica 

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Amchi Jampa and Prof. R. Steichen
examining  Tibetan medecines pills 

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 Amchi Jampa, his medical Team and Prof. R. Steichen 
at the Tibetan Medicines Factory in Thusal / Bouddhanath


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Amchi Jampa Clinic in Bouddhanath 





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