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 CAIRN Consortium  is joining together human resources counselling training  and 
ICT- / Adult Education Online   technology  for a renewed  Euro-Asian  expertise

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Bouddhanath Stupa (Bodhnath) 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-study  Itineraries
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-  Arts & Therapy
Cairn Tibetan Traditional Thangkas Painting   and Arts&Therapy courses are proposed in Boddhanath 
Stupa and in KTM Valley

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- Dzogchen Seminar
      " The Body  of  Light " :
New Tibetan Medicine and
Psychotherapy Seminar on:
 " Introduction to DzogChen
and Thangkas Arts-Therapy "
organized July-October 2003




William  R. Leon  (CV)



( Center  for  Advanced  Intervention  Research / Nepal )

Inter-cultural sensibilisation at a discount land-cost price !
Requests for Special Itinerary and Field-studies are always considered!

Tibetan Nagpas Lamas in Parping 


15, 21~ days,  and  upto 4 months in  Nepal,  India or Tibet (TAR)
Quality  Escorted  Experiential  Tours  & R&D  Field-studies  in
 Tibetan  Traditional  Medicine  and  Tantras  Psychology, 
Arts Therapy,  Himalayan Shamans Healing
and Divination,  Termas  Powerplaces :

- Tibetan Traditional Medicine and Psychotherapy, 
- Shamans Healing and Divination  Practices, 
- Around  Kathmandu Valley  Powerplaces, 
- Guru Rimpoche Termas Powerplaces, 
- Tibetan Thangkas Painting & Arts, 
- Community Health Services, 
- Tibet and Sikkim/India,

CAIRN   Cultural Immersion  &  Field-studies

(c) RWL 2002-03 (adapted draft- only)

CAIRN  organizes Field-studies and Research Programmes especially designed for
clinical professionals, researchers, students and scholars, from selected resources 
based in Nepal, Tibet (TAR/China) and North- India. 

These programmes can be of a duration from 15 to 21~ days, and upto 4 months .

Since 1988, CAIRN  Cultural Immersion tours cum experientials have focused 
on  clinical anthropology, ethno-medicine and counselling research, as well as on
the Comparative Study of the roots archetypes, symbolics and practices of the 
Himalayan and Celtic Shamanic Healing and Divination Roots Traditions, at the 
philosophical, experiential and hermeneutic level required. 

Each Field-study is duly tailored on a specific subject,  upon the participants 
interest and with personalized modalities under a personalized contract.

These cross-cultural academic exchange schemes also  do promote more 
awareness in both Europe and USA on the current Nepal/Himalayan issues
and ami to ground Euro-Asian expertise on a genuine  updated data and local
community participation, including the representations prevailing in the target-
population in strategic site(s).

CAIRN also organizes non-credit specialization field-studies and treks in
Nepal/Himalayan Region for clinical professionals and scholars

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Amchi Kunsang / Kunphen Tibetan clinic

The  Options  are :


CAIRN  Field-studies  Options  are :

- Tibetan Traditional Medicine and Psychotherapy, 
- Shamans Healing and Divination  Practices, 
- Around  Kathmandu Valley  Powerplaces,
- Guru Rimpoche Termas Powerplaces, 
- Tibetan Thangkas Painting & Arts, 
- Community Health Services, 
- Tibet and Sikkim/India,

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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General  Modalities :


If  you choose CAIRN 15 Days Introduction Tours and Study, then we will 
remain in Nepal, in the target-site(s) and itinerary of your choice. 

Would you choose the 21 days Tours and Study, we could be heading 
South-East to Darjeeling in Sikkim/India or South- to Sarnath near Benares 
where our program includes  visits to Tibetan scholars of the Sarnath 
Tibetan Institute (CIHTS), Yogis at the Ganga River Ashrams (Hindu Dharma).

We also offer a Tibet (fly-in/drive out) 07 to 15 days  Option ,
in which you will visit Lhasa and several Tibetan cities on the road
back to the border of Nepal, including meeting with  Amchi Kunzang
of the Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center units at  the Men-Tsee-Khan 
(Tibetan Traditional Medicine Institutes) in Lhasa (Tibet), in Nyalam at the
Nepal/Tibetan border and in Kathmandu/Chettrapati. 

Of course you may also choose optional stays in other powerplaces
or sacred sites, or simply trek-, if you wish. 

CAIRN also offers a Tibet (fly-in/drive out) 07 to 15 days  Option ,
which includes various short trekking options in Nepal and Tibet/TAR ,
including : 07~15 days Fly-in/drive-out, and/or upto  21~ days  also!

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Himalayan People, Medicine and Culture


The Himalayan range is in another time, another world, seldom influenced 
in attitudes and beliefs by Western knowledge, science or technology. 
Or is it?

Our journey goes to the Inner Roots of the Himalayan Traditions, where 
Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism are still living beliefs, where Healers of
local Shamanic,  Ayurvedic and Tibetan traditional medicines cure people, 
where Yogis and Nagpas  practices retreats and meditation in remote
Powerplaces,  where the herbal health system offers remedies everyday
to a people too  poor or fareway  to reach modern medicine facilities.
In short it is a journey back, where lifestyle has retained - despite of 
all - its unique spirituality.  It is also a journey forward to potentials 
this catharsis may it awaken !

Our15 or 21 Days Experiential Tours and Study will introduce you 
to the rituals and practices of Tibetan Lamas and Nepalese Shamans. 
We will lecture and practices in reputed powerplaces, such as Parping,
Namobudha and the Vajra Yogini caves. We will visit monasteries, healing
centers and temples, in and around Kathmandu Valley. From the mountain
ranges we will admire spectacular panoramic views of the Himalayan range. 

This  journey will begin at the Boudhanath Great Stupa, our basecamp
situated North-East of the ring-road, near the capital city of Kathmandu.
There we will meet our local team of  Tamangs and Newaris Shamans, 
as well as Tibetan Amchis, monks, lamas  and their Monasteries. 
You will be based in a Guesthouse near the  famed Stupa (temple), 
from where connections with the ancient city and valley's  many 
other architectural wonders will be easy. 

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Rationale and Ethics

These Tours are proposed with a focus on the concepts and practices linked
to Field-studies in Himalayan Shamanism and Tibetan Medicine & Psychology.

Accordingly, engaging in ones own spiritual practice is recommended and 
completely acceptable. 

Each individual tour itinerary may differ slightly depending on the interest
of the participants,   based on personalized contracts. 

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Amchi Kunzang in consultation


Option 1 : Tibetan  Medicine & Psychology


Buddhism Tantra, cosmology, materia medica and symbolism are deeply 
related in Tibetan Medicine. There is no distinction between mental and physical 
disorders, as in Tibetan Medicine philosophy all such phenomena are 
manifested at a single level, being through the psychic centers and 
channels (ie: Chi, Lung, Jinas and Nadis). 

As the Tibetan medicine system is above all a functional and physiopathological 
approach, having its diagnosis based upon the concepts of humors and  five energies, 
and treatment grounded upon the efficacy of Himalayan herbal remedies, the current 
drawing of a  professional introduction to Training in Tibetan Psychotherapy has
required an integrated Tibetan Medicine and Vajrayana/Tantras interface. 

Tibetan Psychology and Psychotherapy has already been researched by several 
reputed Tibetan or Western scholars, amongst who Tarab Ladrang Tulku Rimpoche. 

It has accordingly now become more feasible for Westerners researchers to study 
and experience specific concepts, technics or artifacts of the Vajrayana, as such 
organized in a rather more careful and stepwise manner compatible with the 
European psyche. 

Regarding Tibetan Psychology and Psychotherapy Training, per se, 
Cairn Network has organized in Nepal an Integrated Training Network 
using specific local resources linked to reputed Tibetan Lamas/Rimpoches 
and Amchis (doctors), as well as Nepal Shamans Healers, who provide a 
flexible theoretical and experiential curriculum for learning
Tibetan/Himalayan Therapy  in situ,  within the Tibetan Vajrayana Gompas
(monasteries) or local Clinics integrated in this curriculum proposal. 

The experientials include teachings based upon the Nyingma-Pa / Dzog-Chen 
and Termas tradition. 

The treatment and counselling activities are directly linked with specialized 
social/health services based in Kathmandu valley. 

These options are included in the overall Curriculum being drafted 
in 2001-2 for the IT-/BAG Asia-Link Programme. 

The Path of Shamanic and Termas Transmutation proceeds in a careful 
and stepwise initiation learning process, under the guidance of a genuine 
Shamans or Termas Lineage master, called Nagpa and Dzog-chen-pa! 
In Tibetan Medicine, the ultima goal is not only to bring the mind and 
body back to a state of health, but  above all to transmute mental 
and physical suffering into our Inner Buddha nature. 

Suffering and frustrations are the first steps in the process of Buddhist 
techniques of meditation, knowledge or  contemplation. 
Genuine motivation to go beyond social convention, the vain pursues 
of material gains or mental only satisfaction, only surfaces when one 
is faced with more basic challenge, disease, crisis or danger. 

There-in lies the Path of the Spiritual Warrior, that of Shambala,
that of the Celtic Bards, of the Cathares and Knights Templars, 
and genuine Tibetan Amchis or Nagpas! 

Before starting the Path of Tantric practices, the aspirant in the Tibetan Termas 
or Shambala lineage needs to take Refuge in the Dharma, Sangha and his 
Root Lama Lineage (Guru Rimpoche, this case), of which a physical presence 
is proposed by the Nyingma-Pa (or Bon-Pos) Terton Lamas living today. 
A true Initiation will reveal the Inner Qualities that rest within. 

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Option 1 : Tibetan  Medicine & Psychology

Proposed   Itinerary 

Day 01 - 02 : Fly from Europe or USA to KTM (Nepal) / Transfert KTM airport (TIA)
to your Bouddhanath Guesthouse: HOTEL PADMA (direct view on Stupa) 
Day 03: (morning) Introduction talk at the Bouddhanath Stupa on the local
Tibetan monasteries and Kathmandu Valley powerplaces, with the program facilitators.
(afternoon) A downtown tour for  identification of major banks, immigration, visas, 
airlines offices and other sites of interest. 
Day 04: (morning) First meeting with Ayurvedic and Shamanistic healers. 
Presentation of the  Boddhanath PHC Clinic (Dr. Tsering / MBBS),  Amchi Jampa 
Tibetan Clinic, Kunphen Tibetan Clinic and local Tibetan Medicines factory. 
(afternoon) Introduction to Dr. R. T. Gartoulla PHC Training activities in the
Tribhuvan University / Institute of Medicine (TU/IOM). 
Day 05: Early morning drive\out of the valley to Pharping Caves and Dashinkhali, 
introduction to the legend of Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava), visit to selected 
Parping Gompas (monasteries) and interview with a high lama, introduction talk 
on the relations between Tibetan Buddhism and Traditional Medicines (all day), 
Day 06: Breakfast in Thamel / Kathmandu, visit to Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center
in Chettrapatti. Discussions with Amchi Kunsang Dorje, Amchi Kunsang, 
Amchi Kelsang, Gynendra Shrestha, or Karma Dolma, on the Kunphen clinic 
and factory activies. 
Day 07: Morning drive around Kathmandu valley historical places: Swayambunath Stupa 
and the surrounding monasteries, amongst which the Monkey Temples and the Bon-Po 
(afternoon) The heart of ancient Kathmandu, the old Royal Palace, Kumari Chowk, Patan
and Durbar Square.  Visit Thangka painters and handicraft artists. 

Day 08: (morning)Tibetan Healing Paradigm / (afternoon) Shamanistic Healing Practices. 
Day 09: (morning) History of Tibetan Medicine / (afternoon) Tibetan Materia Medica documents. 
Day 10:(morning) Concepts rLung, Tripa ,Bad-Kan / (afternoon) Ayurvedic Medicines 
Day 11:(morning) Diagnosis methods in Tibetan Medicine / (afternoon) Medicinal Herbs 
Day 12:(morning) Urine analysis / Pulse reading / Causes of chronic diseases / (afternoon free) 
Day 13:(morning) Comparative efficacy Tibetan system vs. Allopathic conference / Workshop 
Day 14:Day Free / Excursion to Bhaktapur, Namo Boddha or Vajra Yogini (Sanghu) 

Day 15: Excursion out of the Valley for Medicinal Herbs (all day), 
Day 16: Diagnosis methods in Tibetan Medicine / Moxibustion and Acupuncture , 
Day 17: Urine analysis / Pulse reading / Causes of chronic diseases / afternoon free, 
Day 18: Conference on the comparative efficacy Tibetan , Ayurvedic and Allopathic systems, 
Day 19: Conclusion of Tour / Presentation of Medicinal  Samples / afternoon free , 
Day 20: Workshop / afternoon free 
Day 21: Transfert to Airport , Fly back to Europe or USA, 

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Shaman Furba Lama Tamang
and a Chettri Jhankri

Option 2 :  Himalayan  Shamans 

Proposed  Itinerary 

Day 01 - 02 : Fly from Europe or USA to KTM (Nepal)/ Transfert TIA airport to the Bouddhanath Guesthouse: HOTEL PADMA (direct view on Stupa) 
Day 03:  (morning)  Introduction to the site of  Bouddhanath Stupa, its Tibetan monasteries, and 
to the Kathmandu Valley power places, presentation of the program facilitators. 
Briefing on the agenda, trekking permits, visas and logistics. 
(afternoon) Visit of Bouddhanath sites of interest. 
(evening) First meeting with Ayurvedic and Shaman  healers. 
Day 04: (morning) Downtown visit to Immigration Office (passport ready) for getting TREKKING PERMIT(24H00 process), also identification of major banks, airlline office and consulat/embassy. (afternoon) Presentation of the Boddhanath PHC Clinic (Dr. Tsering / MBBS), and Amchi Jampa
Tibetan Clinic, including the Tibetan Medicines factory. 
(Evening). Introduction talk on ethno- medecine and anthropology research 
with Dr. R. P. Gartoulla (RECID NGO - Tribhuvan University / Institute of Medicine : TU/IOM),
Briefing on the Chinese Visa  for Tibet (5 days min. process), 
Day 05: (all day) Early morning drive\out of the valley to Pharping and to Dashinkhali, 
introduction to the legend of Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava), visit to Pharping Gompas
(monasteries) and interview with a high lama, introduction on the relations between 
Tibetan Buddhism and Traditional Medicines, 
Day 06: Breakfast in Thamel / Kathmandu, visit to Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center in Chettrapatti. Discussions with Amchi Kunsang Dorje, Amchi Kunsang, Amchi Kelsang, Gynendra Shrestha, 
or Karma Dolma, depending on staff avalability, 
Day 07: Morning drive around Kathmandu valley historical places: Swayambunath Stupa and the surrounding monasteries, Thamel, the heart of ancient Kathmandu, the old Royal Palace, 
the Kumari Chowk, Patan Durbar Square. Late afternoon meeting with Banstolla, 
Chettri Shama Healer, and walk down to Pashupatinath, rituals and healing practices. 

Day 08: Morning drive to Bhaktapur, sightseeing to Namo Bouddha and Sanghu Narayan. 
Visit to  Badgaon Thangka painters and handicraft artists, (all day) 
Day 09: (morning)Tibetan Healing Paradigm / (afternoon) Shamanistic Healing Practices. 
Day 10: (morning) Tibetan Materia Medica herbs documents / (afternoon) Ayurvedic Medicines 
Day 11: (morning) Diagnosis methods in Tibetan Medicine: concept of rLung, Tripa ,Bad-Kan / 
(afternoon) Debriefing for the  preparation/ departure next day, (6 days TREK) 
Day 12: Tamang  Shaman Village Trek (1) / departure by bus to Kalinchok (4Hours), 
Lunch in Barabise, ascending Trek (3Hours1/2) to Karthali, camp overnight. 
Meeting local Shamans 
Day 13: Tamang  Shaman Village Trek (2) / trek from Karthali to Ghortali Village. 
On the way sightseeing forest, beautiful landscape. Evening Camp at Ghortali and
practice with Drum, introduction to the Rituals of the Shamans Altar. 
Day 14: Tamang  Shaman Village Trek (3) / Trek from Ghortali to Kalinchokthan, 
the most important Village for Tamang Shamans : most Shamans of Nepal meet there
during the August Full Moon. Great view of the Himalayan Range.
Discussions with Shamans on Rituals and Sacrifices. 

Day 15: Tamang  Shaman Village Trek (4) / Shamanism and casestudies in Kalinchok. 
Day 16: Tamang  Shaman Village Trek (5) / Trek (descending) from Kalinchok to Deurali. 
Day 17: Tamang  Shaman Village Trek (6) / Return by bus from Deurali to Bouddhanath. 
Day 18: (morning) free / Late afternoon workshop on Shaman Village  experiential, 
debate on concepts: Shamans healing practrices and comparative efficacy with Tibetan ,
Ayurvedic and Allopathic systems, with Dr. Gartoulla , Amchi Jampa, 
Dr. Tsering, Banstolla, Ch. Subba. 
Day 19: Presentation of some Medicinal  Samples / afternoon free , 
Day 20: Workshop / afternoon free
Day 21: Workshop / Preparation fly to Tibet, next day  / or / Fly back to Europe or USA, 

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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A Nepalese Chettri Jhankri 
preparing  his altar

Option 3:  KTM  Valley Powerplaces 

Proposed Itinerary 

Day 01 and 02 :  Fly from Europe or USA  to Kathmandu (KTM) /  Transfert TIA airport to your  Bouddhanath Guesthouse : HOTEL PADMA 
Day 03:  Introduction to the pilgrimages sites and resources, morning visit to the Bouddhanath 
Great Stupa and the surrounding Gompas (monasteries), afternoon lecture by a Tibetan Lamas 
to the concepts and practices of Guru Rimpoche Secret Treasures "Termas", 
Day 04:  Morning visit of Kathmandu city and introduction to several other valley powerplaces, 
Patan, Swayambu Stupa, Pashupatinath, etc. Evening lecture by a Shaman on the Djankris
Day 05:. Day excursion out of KTM valley, to Dashinkali and Pharping, guided introduction 
by a Terton Lama to Djadral Rimpoche Nagpa Gompa and Guru Rimpoche caves. 
Evening is optional proposing whether an empowerment , teachings and practices of 
Guru Rimpoche Secret Treasures "Termas", or a Nepalese Djankris Shamanistic Ceremony
( choose your option, or none, freely ) 
Day 06: Optional morning excursion to Vajrayogini, or Day free (...) , 
evening briefing on tomorrow journey to Benares ( Varanasi / India ) 
Day 07:  Fly Kathmandu to Varanasi (14H00 - 15H00 arrival) / transfert to Sarnath (India) 

Benares (21 days option only) 
Day 08:  Visit of Sarnath Stupa and Temples, the Mahaboddha Society, the Buddhist and 
Jain Temples, and the Park Museum, afternoon meeting at the Central Institute for Higher 
Tibetan Studies (CIHTS), 
Day 09:  Early morning boat on the Ganga River, visit of the Theosophical Society and 
Benares Sanskrit University, evening lecture on Shiva and the Hindu Dharma, 
Day 10:  Optional Tibetan Lama teaching on Guru Rimpoche Termas in Sarnath, or visit 
to a Yoga Institute in Benares Ganga River Gaths, or Day free (...) 
Day 11:  Fly back from Benares to Kathmandu (13H00 plane) / transfert to Bouddhanath, 

Kathmandu (part two, all options ) 
Day 12:  Day excursion to Baktapur and Namo Buddha / Evening in Nagarkhot (over night) 
Day 13:. Himalayan Range sunste view from Guesthouse. Morning short trek down from 
Nagarkhot to Sanghus, walk to Bouddhanath, 
Day 14: Visit of Newaris handicraft workshops in Patan, evening Tibetan or Shaman Ceremony, 
Day 15: Visit of Tibetan handicraft workshops in Jayalakhel, closing lecture by a Terton Lama 
on Guru Rimpoche, and a Nepalese Djankris Shaman, in Bouddhana, for questions and answers, 
Day 16: Fly to Lumbini, the Bouddha birthplace in the Terai, evening in Lumbini, 
Day 17: Coach excursion from Lumbini to Kathmandu,passing through jungles and hills, 
Day 18: Morning visit of a Tibetan Thangkas Traditional Painting school, afternoon visit to a Tibetan Traditional Medicine Center, last Tibetan or Nepalese Shaman Ceremony, 
Day 19: Day free (...), special music and traditional dance evening, 
Day 20: Day free (...), 
Day 21: Fly back to Europe or USA 

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Forbidden Land of Mustang

 Option :  Nepal - Tibet  21~ days


-Proposed   Itinerary (exemplative only!)

(travel with Qatar Airlines, Gulf-Air or a similar direct flight to KTM) 
Dep. from BRU (Brux)- connection Heathrow- Doha - KTM 
Arrival at KTM airport / transfer mini-bus to Guesthouse, debriefing 
Period of acclimation, visit of the Boddhanath Stupa area monasteries, 
Tibetan Amchis and Lhamos (Tibetan Medicine Clinics),  Nepalese 
Traditional Healers (Shamans : Jhankris, Dhamis , Gubajus), NGOs, 
Start Tibet/Chinese Embassy Visa procedures, check-in at Banks, 
Belgium Consulat, Airlines (confirm return flight booking), 
confirm flight to Lhasa (Tibet/China TAR),  Tibet briefing, 
Preparations for travel to Tibet, personal check-list, mini-bus, 
Afternoon and evening used for visits to local Shamans  (Maili, Furba, Gartoulla) 
Continuation of  Nepal and Tibet/China Visas procedures,  visit to SXSS 
(St.Xavier's-Social Services), SXC (St.Xavier's-Campus), RECID, 
Kunphen, Kailash, Dr. Tsering and other traditional health resources for 
the preparation of the last week Seminar, 
DAY IN PARPING : Early morning departure to Dashinkali and Parping, 
Lunch in GH, return through TU/CNAS, Swayambunath, Kirtipur 
Day - free (last preparation Tibet) 

T01 : Transfer to airport for Kathmandu/Lhasa flight. Fly over the 
highest mountains of the world to Gongar airport (approx 1 hr). 
Transfer to Lhasa (2 hrs) (3650 m). Check in Guesthouse or 
Hotel. Rest of the day at leisure in Lhasa for acclimatisation. 
T02-03 : Sightseeing tours in Lhasa. Visit Potala Palace, Norbulingka, 
Jokhang Temple, Barkhor market, Drepung, Sera Monasteries. 
special visits and study at the Tibetan Medical Centre with 
Amchi Kunzang (MEN-TSEE-KHAN).
T04 : Drive (approx. 7 hrs) from Lhasa to Shigatse (3900 m). 
Sightseeing. Stay at Hotel Shigatse. 
T05 : Visit  Tashipimpo Monastery and free market of Shigatse. 
Drive(approx 8 hrs) to Shegar (4342 m) crossing Lhakpa La (5220 m) 
and Tsuo- La (4500 m). Stay at Hotel Everest (Qomolangma). 
T06 : Drive (approx 6 hrs) to Nyalamu (3650 m) crossing (Lalung la 
5050m). This drives offers you the magnificent view of the Himalayas 
including Mt. Everest (weather permitting). Stay at Guest House. 

T07 / Field-study Tibetan Shamans 
T08 : Field-study Tibetan Shamans 
T09 : Drive from Nyalamu to Kathmandu via Kodari (8 hrs).
Free (buffer day, to use in case of anticipated travel delays) 
Last preparation for Seminar to be held tomorrow 
Seminar held in Boddhanath 
Free day / Farewell evening dinner 
Dep KTM - 08H30 (KTM - Doha - Heathrow - BRU) 
BXL arrival BRU - between 21-22H30 

For Tibet , our conditions include :
* Airfare between Kathmandu and Lhasa 
(at present US $ 273.00 per person). 
* Arrival, departure transfers, sightseeing tours and long distance 
drives by private vehicle with English speaking guide. 
* Accommodation in Lhasa as mentioned and in other places at 
the best available hotels. 
* Full-board, Meals as mentioned. 
* Entrance fee of monasteries wherever applicable. 

Price does not include :
* Tibet normal visa fee (US $ 26.00 per person) 
and Chinese Embassy urgent visa fee 
(US $ 11.00 - 17.00 per person) if applicable. 
* Meals or drinks other-than specified. 
* Airport taxes (at present US $ 25.00 at Kathmandu airport) . 
* Nepal re-entry visa fee and Tibet travel permit. 
* Expenses of personal nature. 

For more information, 

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
click here!

Trek in the Himalayas

Option :  Nepal- Sikkim  21~days


- The " Nepal / Sikkim   21days   Field-study " itinerary presented herebelow 
is exemplative only and based on a  request from Prof. R. Steichen (UCL/ARAC)

SAT13/01/2001(travel with Qatar Air, Gulf-Air or similar) 
Dep. from BRU (Brux)- connection Heathrow- Doha - KTM 
Arrival KTM airport / transfer to Guesthouse, rest&briefing 
MON15/01 (acclimation, KTM visit, Indian visas, rest&briefing) 
Preparation to travel by bus / morning briefing / KTM banks, 
medical check-list, bus reservation, otherwhise free-day to use 
in various visits and study preparations (Maili, Furba, Gartoulla) 
Indian visas, last check-list of materials required, visit to SXSS, 
SXC and to other KTM resources for Seminar, 
THU18/01 ( DEPARTURE / Road bus travel) 
Depart Sikkim, via Kakarbitha or Siliguri, 
B&B rest in selected Terai Guesthouse 
Terai, Indian border, goto Darjeeling 
Installation in Darjeeling GH 
Begining of Sikkim visa registration for 
trek to Shamans site / possibility visit of 
Orgyen Kanguyr Rimpoche or Goom Jadral 
Rimpoche Monasteries, sightseeing / GH / 

Visa completion / Trek departure to Sikkim 
Shamans site for Fieldstudy (FS1) 
Sikkim Fieldstudy (FS2) 
Sikkim Fieldstudy (FS3) 
Sikkim Fieldstudy (FS4) 
Sikkim Fieldstudy (FS5) 
Sikkim Fieldstudy end / return to Darjeeling / 
Free day in Darjeeling / logistics & comm/ rest 

DAY16 / BUFFER DAY (day kept in reserve) !!! 
SUN28/(sightseeiing Darjeeling Sikkim) 
Bus travel from Darjeeling to Terai GH 
TUE30/01(bus travel) 
Bus travel from Terai GH to KTM 
WED31/(rest) in KTM 
Preparation for Seminar held tomorrow 
Free day 
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Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Prof. R. Steichen UCL/ARAC and Amchi Jampa
Tibetan medicine Materia Medica 1997


Professional Doctorates

(c) RWL 2002-03 (adapted draft- only)

Cairn organizes Professional  Doctorate Thesis (ECTS/ECDL) from 
the opportunity provided by Directives for EU Continuous Education 
(Professional Training) wit a training content  based on applicants
previous professional experience or renewed interest.

There are already hundreds of examples of Open Learning Online, 
Continuous Adult Education and Professional Postgraduates and 
Doctorates within the EU and British universities, not mentioning
Private Education Providers in USA, Canada, Australia and UK. 

However, none so far, have designed an integrated framework of 
options being a cost-effective flexible menu of EU certified credits
from an experts academic units network collaboration, and being
affordable for answering the specific needs and priorities of students
and trainees in Nepal/S-Asia.

Even less is being done so far for answering the EU researchers or
students interest in Traditional Health or Philosophy from serious 
academic resources in Nepal, in such areas of ongoing studies 
in the Arts & Humanities, as Dharma, Tibetan Philosophy, 
Ethnomedicine or Himalayan Traditional Health.

This is why Cairn Consortium, in collaboration with the SXC/SXSSC 
has initiated a new platform for academic exchange and field-studies,
including VLE resources with courses online, videos streaming and 
education counselling database, from a selection of genuine 
key- resources, persons and infrastructures in situ.

The key features of Cairn Postgraduate and Doctorate degrees are:

a- the titles are different from MSc or PhD – they directly refer to a particular 
field-expertise or profession, for which credits are being gained by applicants 
who submit a personal project for a Professional Postgraduate or Doctorate
in areas of their previous professional experience or renewed interest,
such as: EdD (education), DBA (business management) , DHA 
(health anthropology) , DEC (education counselling) and other 
open disciplines certification.

b- these are designed for experienced professionals who want to do 
a PhD parttime while remaining at work and who want to proceed 
through a personalized accumulation of credits certificates.

c- their aim is to make an original contribution to professional
knowledge and professional practice through a Thesis. 

d- they are studied in the work-place on an actual problem occurring 
in the local community, as well as allow short intensive Summer and
Winter Campus organized in the EU (min 3 weeks, max 3 months),
and, of course, Cultural Immersion  Field-studies in Nepal/S-Asia.

e- they naturally involve action research and stepwise ethnographic
investigation, from which (consensual diagnosis) a problem is identified, 
an intervention project designed is initiated, some possible solutions are
devised and implemented. The joint-supervision allows effectiveness 
to be monitored by experts in the field, so as to comply with 
EU academic requirements.

f- as there is a significant conceptual, methodological and know-how
taught component in each individual project, material and references
are brought online. This allows the development of knowledge in a most
flexible and cost-effective manner in-situ, provides a focus-group cohort
identity, allow the teaching of research methods, propose the provision 
of extended open menu of related subject training, allows an easy online
sharing of experience and methodologies through forum, and encourage 
de visu (face-to-face) collective debate on common issues, experiences 
and relevance of each research topic through focused Seminars in
the specific profession or training involved. 
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Cultural Immersion and Field-studies
CAIRN also promotes non-credits cultural immersion tours cum 
experientials field-studies in clinical anthropology, ethno-medicine
and counselling intervention research organized for EU sholars and 
professionals in Nepal, India and the Himalayan region. 
CAIRN(Nepal) Cultural Immersion and Field-studies for EU scholars 
being interested in the Himalayan region, S-Asia and Nepal equation, may 
focus on current Euro-Asian geo-political issues, including the history, 
hermeneutics and representations prevailing upon local paradigm.
Finally, CAIRN(Nepal) also provides resources online and consultancy
to local schools, NGOs and SMEs (Small and Medium Entreprises).

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Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-studies  Terms & Conditions
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Welcome to the

Campus  Online
for the comparative study of the Celtic and 
 Tibetan Healing Traditions, Arts and Humanities

A  Troubadours,  Bards  and  Amchis  Online Network 
Art, Healing and Music are a universal bridge between people of different
race, faith or culture. The very nature of  the Troubadours Lore, Celtic 
Bards, Tibetan Amchis and Himalayan Shamans Root Traditions 
 is to quest compassion, heal and create beauty

Seminar Program 
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For  Nepalese/S-Asian  students and NGOs researchers

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Winter Campus
 South of  France
Summer Campus
Swansea  Wales
Tibetan Medicine
& Psychotherapy

Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-study  Itineraries
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CAIRN also organizes non-credit specialization field-study certificates
in Nepal/Himalayan Region for clinical professionals and scholars


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