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Caer Sidi , L' Isle des Veilleurs
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Les Hauts Lieux d' Energies du Pays Cathares

The Cathars and Knights Templars Powerplaces in the 
Aude and Ariège regions in  South  of France



We invite you to join Keltic Trilogy / Cairn in discovering the powerplaces of the Cathars and Knights Templars, in the Aude and Ariège regions in the Pyrénées Orientales ( South of France ). 

Caer Sidi (Camelot), the Fortress of the Grail Fairies (Morgane le Fay) is mentioned in the Book of  Taliesin (Lewis Spence) as the Seat of rituals and initiations for Healing and Divination of an extraordinary vitality and importance to the Celtic psyche and later Cathares and Knights 
Templars Grail Lore.

This is no new thesis . But that it can be re-awakened today,  simply through a comparative experiential study of  Celtic Grail Lore and Himalayan Tantric Shamanism is a testimony we want here to share, as an historical and  spiritual research, with you.

This tour will introduce you to a fully documented itinerary, comprizing the study of some the outstanding megalithic and Celtic sites which often were the foundation of the Cathares and
Knights Templars hermitages, hostels or  commanderies in these regions.

Most of these powerplaces have kept their outstanding spiritual attraction, the strong cosmo-telluric energies and mythological archetypes which are the reasons for their current exceptional harmony and powers. 

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The Holy Grail appears to the Knights of the Round Table, with Sir Galahad in the Perilous Seat 
( Legends of Arthurian Quest, painting of the  13nd century). 

We will start our Quest from the enchanting confines of the Hostellerie L' Evéche, in the old Abbaye of Alet, an old Benedictin monastery being now a restored guesthouse nested along the river Aude , in the village where Nostradamus once lived . 

Reflecting upon the river Aude and its quiet surroundings, we will prepare our meditation in the ancient monastries, ruins and castles, as a first historical acquaintance with the Cathars spiritual heritage and the remaining traces of the Inquisition. 

This journey will include guided visit of the medieval cities of  Foix and Carcassonne, the Castles of  Arques, Peyrepertuse, Termes, Latour, Minerve and Quéribus, as well as other renown archeological and spirituall places in the region (Aude, Ariège, Provence, Pyrennees)

Evoquing the dramatic history of  Simon de Montfort 's Crusade against the Cathares, we will discuss  how in more recent times the Montségur Pog had become the symbol of a Solar Cult 
and the Montsalvat of the Holy Grail Quest.

The fortresses of Montségur, Quéribus and  Peyrepertuse, surrounded by the  magnificient scenery of the Land of Cathars,  remain  living testimonies of the beauty and spiritual forces of  Knowledge, Light and Love, against those of dark violence and hatred. 

Slowly climbing the steps leading to Montségur Pog (refuge), we will  pay hommage to the Parfaits and other Cathars who gave they lives to preserve their tradition. 

This beautiful and dramatic journey will lead us also to the shrine of the Black Madonna in Limoux. 
The early  Celtic and Shamanic rites for healing or divination powers will be addressed at several healing  sources (holy waters) and  references to the Celtic Mother Goddess will be approached in places where the Black Madona cult may still be found (Limoux)

Following the path of the Troubadors, we will evoke the symbolic joust and tournaments which were celebrated in the romantic Puivert castle. 

We will also examine the Knights Templars traces at Bézu,  Rennes-le-Chateau, Blanchefort and surrounding areas. 

Not far away from Couiza lies a little village called Rennes-le-Chateau which has became renown in recent years for its strange history and magical mysteries.

Occupied since the Neolithic ages , being at the same time an ancient Gallic powerplace, the capital of the Wisigoths tribe and Rhedae, the city of  Merovingian Kings, many  suggest that it may still hide today the Arch of Alliance, somewhere in the surrounding Razès.

The Tour Magdala build by Béranger Saunière is said by several Tibetan Lamas (Nying-Ma Pas and Karguyd-Pas, 1985) to be one of the local entry to the Celtic Annwn (the land of ancesters), 
or in other names the Tibetan / Mongolian : Shambala.

The Order of the Hospitalliers de St. Jean de Jerusalem (Lavaldieu) and the Knights Templars , both had several properties in the region, and the intricated role they both played during  two centuries of  Roman Inquisition against the Cathars will be discussed . 

Another enigma being approached in this study are the megalithic Cairns, Dolmens and Menhirs standing around Rennes-les-Bains, as described in the book of the abbé Henri Boudet : " La Vraie Langue Celtique et le Cromlech de Rennes-les-Bains ", as well as in other areas being visited, 
such as : the Dolmen  of  Saint Michel de Grandmont, Dolmen des Fados,  the Pic de Bougarach, 
le Fauteuil-du- Diable / Rennes-les-Bains and its surrounding rocks and Cairns. Visit of the hot springs (Roman Empire period) in Rennes-les-Bains may be included.

From Couiza and Quillan, not far from Chateau Queribus, we will reach the ruins of the Bézu. 
From there, on the left we can see the Pique de Levaldieu, Rennes-le-Chateau and part of the natural Cromlech of  Rennes-les-Bains. The ruins of the Chateau du Bezu (actually those of the Chateau Sermon d'Albedun)  lead to an ancien Celtic Altar, with a splendid view on the Pic de Bugarach, Pique de Lavaldieu and the surrounding Cathars Land. 

The seminar itself will focus on the history of the Cathars faith, the controversial relations between Cathars, Templars and the Inquisition Crusaders, as well as on the common roots it may have or have had with the Celtic, Arianist (Wisigoth) and Dualistic faiths (Bogomiles, Nestorians) during the early Christendom period. 

We will discuss the common archetypal roots which may be found alive and practices in the Indo-European Rig-Veda,  Central European or Asian Shamanic Traditions, as they were historically linked with the Cathars and Knights Templars own dramatic history .

This itinerary will be escorted with experienced speakers and guides, most being academically entitled to provide a small group with phenomenological guidance and historical indepths.

Our references  include a selected review of the Cathars and Knights Templars history in South of France, as well as  the narration of  the first century exile to South of France of  Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea (James) and other apostles of Christ, who landed in Provence, before moving to Septimania , Brittany (Armoric), then to Glastonbury and Wales.

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Joseph of Arimathea

The third week , an optional itinerary, is an introductive study to the myth of Mary Magdalene and of Joseph of Arimathea (James) in places such as Rennes-le-Chateau, La Val Dieu (Center of Mary Magdalena cult), les Saintes Maries de la Mer and Marseille (the ritual space at the basilica of the golden goddess, Notre Dame le la Garde and the Crypt of the Abbey of St. Victor ). 

From where we will move to Aix-en-Provence and Ste. Baume, where Mary lived in retreat and died.We will pray in the Grotto of St. Mary Magdalena and after a picnic, we will go to the village where the bones of St. Mary Magdalena are housed,  in the Basilica of St. Maxim. 

This last part of the optional itinerary (third week) focuses on the Holy Grail (L' Isle des Veilleurs)  brought by Joseph of Arimathea to Septimania (France), and later to Glastonbury and Wales (UK).

Following the traces and symbols of the encrypted Grail Mythos, we will continue from  Aix- en- Provence to the Verdon Canyon area, where we will focus on practices and study around the Chateau de Valcros (Lady of the Lake) <+>, its Celtic Fortress (Camelaot) <+>,  the Menhir of Robion (Merlin and Morgane- Le Fay), the Chateau Soleil (now called Nyima Dzong, under Tibetan Nyingma-Pas) <+>, the first Templars chapels of St. Thyrse <+>, Comps sur Artuby <+>, Trigance <+>, the Commanderie de St. Mayne <+> , etc ...

Meditation and landscape phenomenology practices will be approached during the third week, under genuine scholars guidance. 

This 14 or 21 days pilgrimage will be escorted  in situ by  resource persons  of proven  archeological, historical and phenomelogical expertises in the area  of  the Celtic, Cathares and Templars heritage.

This  approach is  based on more than 30 years training and  comparative study of  Celts migration from Central Asia to West Europe, of the existing traces of the first century AD Christian tradition brought by Joseph of Arimethea and Mary Magdalene in Septimania, Glastonbury and Wales, of the later links established by Knights Templars and Franciscans with the Christian Nestorians in Central Asia, of the still existing Christian heritage brought by the apostle Thomas to India and the Himalayan, as well as of it links in Kashmir and Laddakh with Mongol, Himalayan (Nepal) and Tibetan Shamanism, as still it can be found within current Tibetan Buddhism Healing practices and Nepalese Djankris rituals today. 

This approach wants to disclose and combine tested methods in experiential phenomenology, in order to  study the roots of Shamanistic myths, symbols and practices, as well as seek the reawakeing of the effective roots which can be found  in Celtic, Cathars and Knights Templars powerplaces.

These Tours and Study aim to become a practical  input for those involved in the Quest .
(More details are provided on request) 


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La Tour Magdala / Rennes-le-Chateau 

(organized in September 2000)


The Cathares and Knights Templars Itinerary (Tours&Study) is  organized in three options ,
allowing departures from USA, Canada or Asia (Option One), or from Europe (Option Two), within a flexible interactive programme being of a duration of 1 , 2 or 3 weeks, which will
allow you both a stepwise experiential study and practices,  and the best flights connection :

(The USA Option)
Day 1 - Departure from USA, night- flight to Paris, Marseille or Frankfurt 
Saturday ,
Day 2 - Arrival in Paris, Marseille or Frankfurt, transit flight (morning),
Landing at Marseille or Toulouse Airport (usually in the afternoon), 
Reception and minibus transfer to Alet at Hotel L' Eveche. 
(NB: we will help you with, or book your flight, as you choose)


(The Europe  Option) 
Day 1 - Departure from any Europe trainstation, voyage by TGV, IC, 
or express night train, 
Saturday ,
Day 2 - Arrival in Narbone or Carcassonne (morning), 

Reception and minibus transfer to Alet at Hotel l' Evéche. 
Introduction to the Seminar resources and agenda. 

First Week Itinerary

Day 3 - Morning countryside drive from Alet to Limoux .
(Sun )    Pilgrimage to the Black Madonna in Limoux. 
             (Notre Dame de Marseille)
             Afternoon guided visit to Fanjeau and Mirepoix Castle. 

Day 4 - Drive from Alet to Rennes le Chateaux, 
(Mon )   introduction to the Wisigoth and Merovingien sites, 
             as well as to the history of the Abbé Beranger Saunière and 
             the more recent Holy Blood / Holy Grail literature on the
             Knights Templars, Cathars and Merovingian Kings lineages. 
             Drive to Cuiza, Quillan and the Chateau du Bézu. 

Day 5 - Drive from Alet to Rennes les Bains, trek to the
(Tue )     megalitic Cairns and Dolmens. Trek to the sources of 
             La Val Dieu . Visit of Arques. 

Day 6 - Drive from Alet to Puivert Castle,  retreat in Montségur. 
(Wed )   Night in a guesthouse  near Montségur Pog 

Day 7 - Wake-up in the beautiful village of  Montségur,
(Thu )    Afternoon drive to Roquefixade and Foix. 
            Return to Alet Abbaye.

Day 8 - Free morning and afternoon . 
(Fri)      Early evening Seminar. 

Day 9 - Afternoon Seminar Program on the Cathars and Knights Templars Heritage 
(Sat)      Evening Party : Cathars Lore, with Troubadors Music, Food, Wines and Poems 
                Free dégustation of the Blanquette de Limoux, the local champagne of  renown , 
                reputed to open the Gates of Grail Lore to  the most hardcore  academician, 
                 and to fare-well with him, while faerying badly alone  ... " (fayries, faeries)

montse.jpg - 35.17 K
Montsegur Castle, showing  its reconstruction 
by the Duc de Levis Mirepoix and the traditional 
builders guild of the 13-14th century (solstices) 


Second Week Itinerary

Day 10 - Day Free / Departure European Option 
(Sun )       Evening Seminar / Public Lecture and Discussion 

Day 11 - Morning drive from Alet to Peyrepertuse
(Mon )     and Quéribus Castles. 

Day 12 - Drive to Carcassonne, guided visit and free time. 
(Tue ) 

Day 13 - Day devoted to reviewing the documentation and 
(Wed )    literarure on the Cathars and Knights Templars heritage. 
               Meeting with local resources persons , such as 
               the Society founded by Déodat Roché. 
               Evening Seminar / Public lecture and discussion 

Day 14 - Drive to Toulouse, guided visit and free time. 
(Thu ) 

Day 15 - Transfert to airport or to train station / Departure USA . 
(Fri )        Return to your hometown ( Back home !) 

couv.jpg - 13.09 K
  Asmodee /  the Gardian of 
  the  Hidden  Treasure of  the
    Temple Arch of Alliance

Third Week Optional / Itinerary

The Third Week Optional Itinerary consists in an Indepth Experiential Study / Escorted tour to selected  Cathares and Templars Powerplaces in the Haute Provence. It is devised for experienced scholars or practicioners in  landscape phenomenology, as described in the General Presentation .


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Quality Escorted Tour

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Keltic Trilogy / Cairn (Center for Anthropological Intervention Research in Nepal  NGO)
is a Non- Profit Network / Psycho-Social Intervention and Health Anthropology R&D Unit (Ethno-Medecine), affiliated with the UCL/PSP/ARAC and UCL/ESPO/ANSO (Social Anthropology, Universite de Louvain , LLN, Belgium),  CDS (Center for Development Studies, Swansea Wales University, UK) and SXSS (St. Xavier's Social Services) in Nepal.

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn specializes in organizing experiential Tours & Study in the comparative approach of the Celtic, Cathars, Knights Templars and Himalayan Shamanic Healing (Faith Healers) roots practices and rituals, in South Wales (UK), the Aude / Ariege region (South of France), as well as in Bouddhanath Stupa area / in and around Kathmandu Valley (Nepal).

Your Tour Facilitator will be W. R. Leon (Ph.D.) and several academic persons, experienced in  Traditional Healing Systems, Holistic Psychology, Tibetan Vajrayana and Hindu Tantrism Mythos, Celtic Shamanism, South of France Medieval and Wales/Ireland Celtic history.

These resource-persons are together as a informal team practicing for more than 25 years, and are dedicated to providing you with a Quality Escorted Tours,  providing you  with relevant (and sometimes critical) documentation . Most of them, also, are musicians, poets, or Bards ...

While, the Tour Facilitators plan to illustrate the Cathars and Templars Powerplaces with classes and introduction to Landcape Phenomenology and Meditation technics (methodology), which will
include references or demonstrations of Celtic or Tibetan rituals, this approach is interactive and indulging in your own personal faith and beliefs is fully recommended. 

There will be interactive experiential and history classes along the journeys and you should ask us for a detailed itinerary , if you have any doubts or questions, thus allowing us to know you better and to propose you a more interactive and/or interesting programme accordingly.

All Tour Facilitators are available by e-mail and/or phone for any questions.

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Morgan Le Fay, 
Caer Sidi in Brittany (Bries)

Objectives and Activities 

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn objectives are  to promote health/social, traditional and historical (ideological) awareness in the Field of Comparative Study of Shamanic Healing & Divination Practices.

Keltic Trilogy/Cairn organizes accordingly comparative field-studies and training in Nepal, India, Wales and South of France, in order to divulge relevant grassroots information on critical areas of developmental policies (I/NGOs) or of a more traditional nature.

It maintains a Multimedia (Internet) Social/Health Anthropology Database Network (UCL/ANSO)

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn operational objectives are to bring together health/social anthropologists and scientists from academic research units, educational organizations or (I/NGOs) in getting actively interested in a comparative study of the Celtic, Cathars, Knights Templars and Himalayan Shamans healing practices and rituals, for allowing the much-needed development of integrated training schemes for Nepalese and Tibetan Faith Healers (Jhankris, Damis, Amchis) and the local social/health community based intervenors (NGOs). 

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn experiential and comparative Tours & Study aim to stimulate the exchange of the healing paradigms theoretical constructs and practical experience, and to promote suggestions for new developmental R&D practical themes.

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn current Social/Health Intervention Network is based in Bouddhanath Stupa, Kathmandu (Nepal), and is in position accordingly to initiate, with the necessary support from the academia, an inter-disciplinary platform for Community Health Workers (CHOWs) / Integrated Training in traditional health,  primary health care (PHC), counselling and referral of social/health cases identified in situ (Bouddhanath Stupa, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal), and for facilitating a new synthesis on developmental and counselling practices on basis of knowledge tested in the field.


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Schedules and Costs


Groups are limited to 10 -15 participants, depending on the indepth of study required. 
The Keltic Trilogy Cathares and Knights Templars Tours&Study are organized in three options :

  • Option One
7-9 days Tours&Study in September - October /
for organized departures in Europe only 
(UK, Belgium, Germany)

Price Per Person: Euro 1.200  ( 07-09 days / Europe Only Option )

  • Option Two
14 days Tours&Study in September - October   / 
for organized departures from USA and Asia only
(with or without airfare included)

   Price Per Person : $ 3,150 ( for 14 days / excluding airfare  / double occupancy)

   Price Per Person : $ 3,950 ( for 14 days / including airfare  / double occupancy )

   Single supplement : $ 500 ( for 14 days / departure USA Option )

  • Option Three
21 days tour  in September - October  /
for organized departure from USA only

  Price Per Person and  itinerary provided on request  (for 21 days/ departure USA Option )

Requests for Special Itinerary and/or Field Studies are always considered. 

 Our conditions include:
Room & Board, 3 meals a day, 
All Ground & Air Transportation , 
including drop to and pick up from the trekking spot, 
All Excursions & Entrance Fees 
Teachings, Translation & Guidance 
English or French speaking guide, 
Trekking: tent,mattress.porters,cooking staffs, 
sleeping bag, first aid kit,

Do  Not  Include:
Visas , Trekking permit, 
Loss of or damage to Luggage or Personal Property , 
Medical Expenses, 
Personal Insurance, 
Helicopter  Rescue, 
Tips, Donations, 
Beverages (cold drinks, hard drinks, etc...) 

We hope these informations will be helpful to you 
Please feel free, to send us any further enquiries. 

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