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In Wales,  South of France  and  Nepal, 
An  Introduction  to the Roots   of  the Celtic, Templars,  Cathares  and  Himalayan  Shamanic Traditions

Welcome to Keltic Trilogy / Cairn (Nepal) Experiential Tours&Studies 
and Counselling Online Resources Center. 

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn ( Center for Anthropological Intervention Research in Nepal ) is a Campus Online (non- profit training) network affiliated with the UCL/PSP/ARAC (Clinical Anthropology ), the  UCL/ANSO/LAAP 
( Anthropology ) of the Universite Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, 
the University of  Wales in Swansea ( DACE/IT-, CDS), as well as selected NGOs social/health units based in Nepal, such as the St. Xavier's Social Services Freedom Center (  Drug-Abuse Acupuncture Detoxification & Rehabilitation Center ), the Boddhanath PHC/TB Clinic ( Dr. Tsering/MBBS Phulbari), the RECID NGO ( Prof. R.P. Gartoulla ), the Kailash Tibetan Medical Center (  Dr. Chokyi / Chabihil ), the Kunphen Tibetan Clinics
( Amchi Dr. Kunzang ), Ani Choying Drolma (Nagi Gompa), the new clinic 
at Shechen Gompa ( Matthieu Ricard and Dominique Marchal ) and 
other NGOs resources for a relevant Shamans Healing and Divination, 
and/or Tibetan Traditions field-studies.

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn specializes in organizing Cultural Immersion /  Experiential Tours & Studies from community-based health/social 
resources and through a comparative approach of the Christendom 
archetypal heritage with the Rig-Vedic roots found in the current 
Himalayan Shamans, Yogas and Tibetan Healing Traditions.

Keltic Trilogy / Cairn seeks to provide effective counselling and to
emphasize the existing potentials for relevant synthesis (conceptual) 
and/or embodiment (experiential), when undertaken with a genuine 
motivation for Social/Health Services and dedication for Peace.

Since its inception in 1997, Keltic Trilogy / Cairn (Nepal) has organized several Cultural Immersion Field-studies for students and researchers, focusing on the Himalayan Shamans Healing and Divination Practices, Tibetan Medicines and Social/Health Community-based Services based 
in the target-site Boddhanath Stupa, in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. 

It aims to promote a more efficient collaboration between Western 
academic resources and social/health activists in Nepal, Tibet and India, through the organization in-situ of integrated community social/health 
workers training cum international seminars and the development of a culturally appropriate Harm Reduction Counselling and Prevention 
targeting health priorities, such as : Drug Use, TB, HIV/AIDS, STDs 
and Health Education in the local youth and community. 

Since 1999, Keltic Trilogy / Cairn seeks for more resources to maintain 
a 3rd generation Website for Socio/Health Anthropology Dbase and Counselling Online cum Multimedia, addressing the issues above. 
So far, all our activities are self-sponsored. 

We hope that through the Online Resource, we will reach more 
organizations and benefit more to the people who are in crisis.
You have our permission to print and distribute this material.
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Anthropological  Research   & 
Online Educational Technology


The Egypt Centre 
University  of Wales  Swansea

 Tarab Tulku Ladrang Institute

Online  Training


New Feasibility Study Report 1999 :
"    Boddhanath   Integrated Traditional  Medicines   and 
Social  /  Health  Prevention  &  Training   Programme  " 

Seminar held  in Boddhanath (KTM), on  June 03, 1999
" Theme : 
The Urgent Need  for Involvement of  Nepalese / Tibetan Religious Leaders  in local Health Promotion  and Training of  Community Health Workers  ... "

Need some genuine/updated data?
Need some new ideas? 
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  Enter The Quest 

  The   Boddhanath 
Health  Anthropology 
R&D  Seminar  (June99)

  The  New  IT- / BAG
( Boddhanath  Academic
Gateway) EC-/Asia- Link
Project  Proposal 2000-01

  Himalayan  Traditional 
Healing  System  Integrated 
CHOWs Training  Research

  Special  Promotion 2001
EU/Nepal   Asia-Link   Pgr. 
for Students & Researchers
( Cultural  Immersion  and 
Field - studies   UCL/LLN)

  Nepal,  Sikkim and Tibet

  Multimedia  Publication

  Keltic Heritage Network



  Triptyc 1 : 
Knights Templars   & Cathares Powerplaces 

  Triptyc 2 : 
South Wales Pilgrimage
&      Celtic Powerplaces

  Triptyc 3 : 
Himalayan  Healing  &
Divination   Itineraries
Option 1 : 
Tibetan Medicine 
Option 2 : 
Nepalese Shamans 
Option 3 : 
Valley Powerplaces 
Option 4 : 
Thanghas and Music 
Option 5 : 
Social Services 
Option Tibet : 
5 days (fly in/out)

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&Field-studies  in   Nepal,
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  The Boddhanath
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  The Boddhanath 
Stupa  Homepage

  High Himalaya 
Cyber-link  / Computer 
IT-/BAG  Training  Center

 Nepal Desk 

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Caer  Sidi 

pour correspondre ...

L' Isle des Veilleurs

An Interactive English/French Translation Homepage on the Tibetan- owned Knights Templars,  Celtic and Cathares Powerplaces  :
" Current Affairs "

Alfred Weysen : 
"L' Ile des Veilleurs "
The  Verdon  Canyon
Powerplace  Mandala




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  • Advantages of On-line 
  • Coaching & Counselling
  • You can remain anonymous, if you wish to do so 
  • Interactions are strictly confidential and private 
  • You gain the benefit of professional consultation from 
  • the privacy and  comfort of your own home 
  • You prepare your queries and read your responses 
  • as your schedule allows You retain a written record 
  • of insights as they emerge 


Please enjoy our  Website 

All Conditions and Registration Terms can be planned to meet your specific needs. For a free brochure, or a more personalized tour registration and/or  itinerary, do not hesitate to contact me : 


Rene William LEON  (Ph.D.) 
Keltic Trilogy / Cairn Nepal Coordinator
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Contacts can be made also by postmail at :
 W. R. LEON  (Ph.D.) / Keltic Trilogy
c/o Mrs. E. Leon - 23, The Cloisters - Eaton Crescent - Uplands /
Swansea - West Glamorgan / South Wales / UK
and/or at :
R.W. LEON  c/o  St. Xavier's Social Services
GPO-3450  -  Kathmandu  -  Nepal

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The number of pilgrimages is limited and is offered on a first come first serve basis.
Reservations must be made, complete with payment, by deadline given on registration file
Requests for Special Itinerary and/or Field Studies are always considered. 


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We want to express our  thanks to Jonothon B (London), Nigel C (Cardiff) and Howard M-J (Swansea) in 
UK , to Philippe Contal (Webmaster of the Cathares.Org.Website) France, Luc Vreux /VIATOR (Belgium), 
 Mrs. M. de Leon in Geneva (Switzerland),  Mr. Anje Swietochowsky  Chateau de Valcros (Verdon / France), 
as well as to Dominic Marchal and Matthieu Ricard at Shechen Gompa (KTM),  Mr. A. Weysen (Bruxelles) 
Dr. Chris Daniels  (London),  Celtic Ani-La  in Bouddhanath (Kathmandu), Collin Millard in Edinburgh (Scotland/UK) Dewi Bowen in Gower (Wales /UK) and their friends,  for their continuous effort  for the preservation of the Celtic Tradition, research on the Knight Templars and Cathares Heritage and the understanding of the common (Rig Vedic) roots with the Himalayan Shamanic traditions.
 We are also  deeply grateful for the academic interest received from Prof. R. Steichen (UCL / PSP / ARAC), 
Prof. M. Singleton  (UCL / SPRI / ANSO)  at the Universite Catholique de Louvain (Belgium - UCL/LLN), 
as well as to  Prof. I. Clegg at Swansea University of Wales (CDS/UK),   Fr. W. Robins (St. Xavier's Social Services /KTM), Dr. Tsering (Boddhanath Clinic / KTM) , Amchi Kunzang (Kunphen / KTM), Amchi Chokyi (Kailash Tibetan Clinic / KTM) , Prof. R. Gartoulla  (RECID  / KTM ) in Nepal, and Barbara Gerke in India.

Our gratitude also goes to the musicians and Web-design team of Arjuna Rock Group ,  as well as to other fellow- seekers who want to remain anonymous. 

Finally, we also want to thank the City and County of Swansea Tourist Board for their excellent brochures
on Wales Celtic Heritage.

Keltic Trilogy©

Enter The  Quest 
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