Welcome to the official Tomb Rabbit 2 website!

In 2000 Jazz Jackrabbit took up the challenge to find the Croaking Crystal in the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 custom level pack Tomb Rabbit. Now another artefact awaits our adventurous rabbit, hidden in an ancient Mayan temple...

2008, January, 13 -- Unfinished Release

Yes, it says "Release"! Since it doesn't look like I'll be able to finish the entire pack any time soon, I've decided to release the levels that HAVE been finished. There are seven of them, and they are all packed and ready to be downloaded, in the download section!

2004, January, 14 -- New screenshots

Three new screenshots showing some captures from one of the early jungle levels.

2003, May, 27 -- New website and new screenshots

As you may have noticed, this Tomb Rabbit 2 website has undergone some changes: new look, new design... and some new screenshots at the new screenshot page!

2003, April, 6 -- New screenshots

Yup, still working on the game - Upped some new screenies, guess where

2002, September, 15 -- New screenshots

For those who thought that TR2 was dead, no worries - It is still in development, and today 3 new screenshots are released form one of the new levels! Have a look over here

2002, April, 02 -- Tomb Rabbit 2 story a tiny bit revealed

A first revelation on the Tomb Rabbit 2 story can now be found here

2002, March, 30 -- Tomb Rabbit 2 Site is up

The Tomb Rabbit 2 site will contain info and updates on the upcoming Tomb Rabbit 2 game currently in development. Eventually you will be able to download the game here. In the mean time, if you haven't done so, you could download and play Tomb Rabbit, developed 2 years ago, and said to be one of the more difficult but also more popular Jazz Jackrabbit 2 level packs...

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