Michael Halfwing

Coming probably no time soon, is the adventure of Michael Halfwing, once a common worker bee at Mellifer Hive, now an extraordinary 'point & click' adventure game character -- fighting, puzzling and adventuring his way through an amazing tale filled with clichés, like loyalty, love, courage and betrayal, but mixed in such a way that it is still original.

The game hasn't been released just yet, but in the mean time, why don't you start practicing pointing and clicking that mouse on this very website? You can do lots of clicking here, and if you're lucky, very nice things could happen. Like webpages showing up, with text and pictures and stuff.

This site will definitely change like, EVERY day from now on, so be sure to bookmark this baby and pay us lots of visits!

Take a look at the Game Info to learn some of the most valuable things there are to learn in life. Such as the countless number of features of this game, system requirements, distribution ramblings or a tiny and vague bit of the story revealed!

Visit the Gallery to view some screenshots from the game, or to read the important warnings about the screenshots showing only 'work-in-progress'. Or listen to music! (You'll have to put in a cd yourself for now though, because right now there isn't any music availabe for download yet)

You can visit the Download page and the Sweetness page too! There's a whole lot of nothing to see there at this very moment, but don't let that stop you. They rock anyway!

We've put up an almost infinite number of links to other websites too. You will notice you'll always want to return to this website, no matter where you go, but those links are there because we really don't want you to stay over here 24 hours a day neither. It would be unfair towards your family and friends. Besides, we don't serve food, and we don't have toilets. So 24 hours a day is really not a good idea. Just try to find a reasonable balance. You'll be fine.

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