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newtype AssocList s k v = AssocList s
newtype AssocList s k v

View a list (actually any Sequence) of (key,value) pairs as a Map collection.

This allows to feed sequences into algorithms that require a map without building a full-fledged map. Most of the time this will be used only when the parameter list is known to be very small, such that conversion to a Map would be to costly.

Note that this type blatantly violates a lot of properties of the Map class: use with care.

AssocList s
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Typeable3 AssocList
Eq s => Eq (AssocList s k v)
(Eq k, Sequence c (k, v)) => Monoid (AssocList c k v)
Ord s => Ord (AssocList s k v)
Show l => Show (AssocList l k v)
Sequence c (k, v) => Foldable (AssocList c k v) (k, v)
Sequence c (k, v) => Collection (AssocList c k v) (k, v) (k, v)
(Ord k, Sequence c (k, v)) => Indexed (AssocList c k v) k v
(Eq k, Sequence c (k, v), Monoid (AssocList c k v)) => Map (AssocList c k v) k v
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