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JXMLTV version 1.3.4 is a bugfix release that addresses the issue with the be.skynet* grabbers downloading the same data for every day.


JXMLTV version 1.3.3 is now available for download. It is a minor update to fix the be.skynet* grabbers.


JXMLTV version 1.3.2 is now available for download. It contains an updated be.ctr grabber to support the new EPG from www.cinetelerevue.be. Check the change log for a full list of changes.


A minor update is available, which fixes issues with the be.skynet* grabbers. Download JXMLTV version 1.3.1 here and check the full details on the change log page.


JXMLTV version 1.3.0 is now available for download. It contains updated be.skynet* grabbers for the new skynet EPG and can now warn you by email when your license is about to expire (off by default).

Check the change log page for details and the upgrade page for important upgrade information regarding the new be.skynet* grabbers.


JXMLTV version 1.2.7 is now available for download. It fixes the recent issue with the be.skynet* grabbers, among other things. Check the change log for a full list of changes.


JXMLTV version 1.2.6 was just released with an updated be.telenet grabber that reflects changes in www.zita.be.


JXMLTV version 1.2.5 is now available for download. Check the change log for a full list of changes.


I'm considering moving JXMLTV from Java SE 5 to Java SE 6. There are some benefits to it, which I won't describe here. But there's also the potential of making JXMLTV useless for those who are still on Java 5 and can't upgrade.

So before I do anything, there's a poll in the forum to survey what you are running.


JXMLTV version 1.2.4 is now available. It contains updated be.tlm and be.tvb grabbers as well as a few other changes (see the change log).


You can now download JXMLTV version 1.2.3. This release contains an update to the be.skynet* grabbers and also fixes issues with caching proxies. Other changes are listed on the change log page.


I just released JXMLTV version 1.2.2 to update the be.skynet* grabbers to reflect changes in www.skynet.be. Starting with this release, JXMLTV can now also store its cache in a database (enabled by default), which noticeably reduces disk activity, though disk space usage is increased.

Be sure to check the change log page and the upgrade page as they contain important upgrade information.


You can now download JXMLTV version 1.2.1. This new version contains an updated be.tlm grabber. Other changes are listed on the change log page.


JXMLTV version 1.2.0 is now available from the download page. Among other changes, it contains updated be.telenet and be.ctr grabbers. See the full list of changes on the change log page.


JXMLTV version 1.1.0 now contains an updated be.telenet grabber for the new EPG at www.zita.be.

Unfortunately, this new version contains far less detailed information. Categories, credits, languages and other fields are now all missing. And the the channel ids have also changed. Check the updated channel list for details and the the upgrade page for what it means for you.


JXMLTV version 1.0.2 is now available for download. Changes are detailed in the change log.


You can now download JXMLTV version 1.0.1. It fixes a number of issues detailed in the change log.

I have also put a new evaluation license on the download page.


Here is the list of 250+ channels and their default mappings that JXMLTV supports. Let me know if you spot any issues.


JXMLTV version 1.0.0 is finally out!

This latest version is quite an important update: it features most of the additions and improvements requested by forum members, it includes an updated be.tlm grabber that reflects the recent changes on www.telemoustique.be, and it fixes several additional issues. You can find all the details in the change log.

Note that starting with release 1.0.0, the free version of JXMLTV will be functionally limited, so don't forget to download the evaluation license file from the download page and save it next to jxmltv.jar. Users who have made a donation in the past will soon receive an unlimited license (contact me if you don't). This does not apply to future donations, though. More on this later...


Now that JXMLTV version 0.7.0 is out and includes quite a few different grabbers, I plan on finally making a 1.0.0 release. I haven't finalized the feature list yet, though. So cast your vote and let me know what you wish to see included.


By popular demand, the latest JXMLTV version 0.7.0 finally includes a grabber for www.telenet.be. The new release also fixes a few other issues (see the change log).


JXMLTV version 0.6.3 is now available for download. It fixes the "Programme details not found" error caused by changes in www.skynet.be.


You can now download JXMLTV version 0.6.2.

The obsolete grabber for telepocket was removed and invalid characters caused by wrong cache files on Linux were fixed. Don't forget to delete your existing cache before running the new version (see the upgrade page).


JXMLTV version 0.6.1 is already here. It fixes missing dutch channels in the new skynet grabbers.


Here is JXMLTV version 0.6.0 with brand new grabbers for www.skynet.be.

As I said yesterday, the new skynet online EPG is much better than the old one. Programmes are all very detailed with numerous fields such as the title, episode name, categories, directors, actors, production date, country, language, original language, etc, all of which are of course reflected in JXMLTV. Moreover, the new site uses AJAX which reduces the amount of downloaded data quite a lot, and the cache now works too!

To compare with the measurements I made on 2006-01-02 (see news below), grabbing the whole 121 channels for 2 days produces a 5.5 MB XML file but requires only about 45 MB of web pages to be downloaded. This makes the new EPG both the most detailed and the most efficient one (which is relevant if, like me, you care about download volumes).

The only downside I have found so far is that the server is quite slow and not always very reliable: it will sometimes time out or return a blank page. However, since JXMLTV only caches pages it has been able to validate, a simple workaround is simply to grab again, which will cause JXMLTV to only download the failed pages.

Anyway, have fun with the new grabber and feel free to share your feedback in the forum. And don't forget to check the upgrade instructions if you have used a skynet grabber before.


Some good news today: the cinetelerevue web site is fully back up and running again and so is the be.ctr grabber.

As for www.skynet.be, I had to write a new grabber from scratch because their new online EPG has nothing to do with the old one anymore - but only for the better, I'll give more details later so stay tuned ;-). Anyway, after I suffered an extra 2-day delay because the EPG server was down, the grabber is now implemented and will be released when I have done a little more testing, i.e. pretty soon :-)


I was just informed that the grabbers for www.skynet.be and cinetelerevue have stopped working :-(

After a quick check, it appears that the layout of the skynet web site has completely changed. I'll make another release that fixes this as soon as possible. The good news is that the new layout has better formatting of the data and it should therefore be simpler to extract more detailed programme info.

As for cinetelerevue, the web site does not seem to have changed but the CGI script that handles searches currently generates a server runtime error. This is something that they will hopefully fix on their side.


It was first announced quite a while ago and I know some of you have been waiting for it for a long time, but finally it's here: a new grabber for www.cinetelerevue.be!

What's even better, it comes with 119 channels, including the French TNT channels, 3 weeks of schedule (!), as well as programme icons (pictures of the shows you generally see in paper guides) in addition to the usual channel icons. Unfortunately, and that may be a showstopper for some of you, there are no programme sub-titles (i.e. episode titles) :-(

Anyway, you can download JXMLTV version 0.5.0 or see what else has changed in the change log.


JXMLTV version 0.4.4 is now available. Check the change log for a description of the minor fixes it contains.


Here is JXMLTV version 0.4.3! This new release fixes the character encoding issue that some Linux users were having and finally supports command line options. That comes especially handy for first-time configuration of channels.

As usual, other changes are detailed in the change log.


JXMLTV version 0.4.2 is now available. All extra icons (stereo, 16:9, teletext, etc.) from telepocket, telemoustique and teveblad are now supported.

See what else is new in the change log.


I released JXMLTV version 0.4.1, which adds half-star ratings and star-rating icons. There is also a new download cache (download.cache.enable, enabled by default).

The cache was originally intended to reduce the volume of data downloaded by the skynet grabbers. However, because the skynet programme ids and URLs change every day, it does't work that well with those grabbers. The cache works fine with the telepocket, telemoustique and teveblad grabbers, though: it reduces the volume of network traffic and makes the downloads faster.

You can download the new version here.


The online EPG of cinÚ tÚlÚ revue has changed and unfortunately its channel lineup is now partial only (e.g. no BBC).

So, instead of working on that grabber, I implemented a new grabber for www.skynet.be. It is basically multi-lingual, though you can have categories in either French (be.skynetfr) or Flemish (be.skynetnl). While working on it, I also found and fixed an issue with the parsing of actors names that affected all grabbers.

Note that I do not really recommend switching to the skynet grabber unless you need the extra channels. Programme information is poorly formatted and the grabber must download a lot of overhead because of the way the skynet website is structured. As a quick test, I created a 2 MB XML file with the be.tvb grabber (90 channels, 6 days): it downloaded about 50 MB of web pages. But to create a 2 MB XML file (93 channels, 2 days), the be.skynetfr grabber had to download over 165 MB of web pages! I realized this only after my ISP notified me that I had hit my monthly volume limit :-( So you are welcome to donate a contribution which I will use to purchase volume packs ;-)

Anyway, I should have a workaround in the next release. In the meantime, here is JXMLTV version 0.4.0.


I released JXMLTV version 0.3.0, which contains a new grabber for www.telepocket.be which is much faster than www.telemoustique.be. It also contains several additions and improvements (sorry no www.cinetelerevue.be yet).

More details in the change log...


Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very busy lately.

I expect to make a new release around New Year to fix the remaining issue with channel merging and to make a few minor improvements: proxy support, channel icons, episode titles and numbers. I then may even have some time to took into adding support for www.cinetelerevue.be.

In the meantime, feel free to discuss any issues in the new JXMLTV forum.


I released JXMLTV version 0.2.2, mainly to reflect changes in www.telemoustique.be: I updated some URLs and added support for cookies. In addition, this release also includes a couple of changes that were still pending delivery. Check the change log for a complete list of modifications.


I was just informed that www.telemoustique.be changed the location of their EPG today. I will publish an update as soon as possible.


A few notes on upgrading from version 0.2.0 to version 0.2.1. The changes between the two releases are minor, so you can just drop the new jar file in place of the old one.

I still suggest editing the configuration file and removing the property output.timezone to let JXMLTV reset it to the new default at the next execution. This will let JXMLTV determine the timezone automatically and will save you some trouble the next time daylight saving time changes.

You should also note that the property get.channel.??? was renamed channel.enable.???, so you probably want to check your channel configuration and delete the obsolete properties.


I released JXMLTV version 0.2.1, which adds the often requested ability to map channel ids and names, and fixes the timezone issue. Check the change log and the configuration page for a description of the changes.


I released JXMLTV version 0.2.0, which adds support for www.teveblad.be (Belgium/Flemish). See the change log for a complete list of modifications.


I am going to work on support for www.teveblad.be (Belgium/Flemish), since a few people expressed their interest in that. It should be rather straightforward, so you can expect a release by the end of the month.

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