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Pamela Peeters produces and hosts a bi weekly television show "our-planet" on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network since 3 years through which she popularizes sustainable development. She has been invited on numerous occasions to participate in other national and international tv productions.

New York Resident: Talk about the passion.
 International television Host & City explorer Celebrates Life as an Evolving Adventure


Interviewed on Metro Channel (Time Warner) on corporate USA (April 2001)
Interviewed on Belgian Television (VTM) on her Columbia University R&D project regarding Sustainable Development(March 2001)
Interviewed on Brazilian Television on American elections (December 2000)
Interviewed on Inside/Outside (Time Warner) on terrorism in the 21st century (October 2001) Interviewed on New Realities TV (Time Warner) for the release of her book (January 2002)
Exhibition Film "Women in power" Eyestorm Gallery (March 2002)
Interviewed for TV news on VT4 ( May 2002 )
Interviewed for Newsshow Terzake on VRT ( May 2002 )
Guest to summer talkshow Aan Tafel ( July 2002 )
Interviewed on Ted TV (October 2002)
Channel WMBC for her interview with TONY award winning screenplay writer Mario Fratti ( January 2003 )
Konscious TV ( April 2003 )
Documentary on her life and work for Coute que Coute on RTL (June 2003)
TV news Brussel (September 2003)
TV1 interview on the launch of her movie "Seven Seasons" (Sept. 16, 2003)
National Greek Television (June 2004)
Talk show on Vijf TV (November 2004)



Radio 1 & 2 on her International Business Developments (May 2002).
Interviewed on Radio Vlaanderen International (August 2002)
Interviewed on Goodnews radio regarding her first Anniversary for her tv-show. (Sept- 2002)
Interviewed on Goodnews radio on the Sustainable changes within the 21st century (April 2002)
Interview on Morning Temper (August 2002)
Participant Host to the pilot for Womensradio (October 2002)
Interviewed on Joe Franklin’s radio Show (January 14th and June 11th 2003)
Interviewed on Radio Vlaanderen International (August 11, 2003)
Radio 1 and 2 on the launch of her movie "Seven Seasons" (Sept 11, 2003)
Radio Donna on the launch of her movie "Seven Seasons" (Sept. 16, 2003)
Radio 2 ( February 2004 ) July / August 2004 ( weekly ongoing radio segment )



Leefmilieu (March/April and July/August 2001 issues)
Gazet van Antwerpen (May 2002)
Interviewed for Het Laatste Nieuws (2x) (August 2002)
Feature article in Le Soir Magazine regarding her tv-show (August 2002)
The Bridge (November 2002),
The Italian Voice (December 2002),
Ill Pensieri (December 2002)
SPA therapy Feature article (January 2003)
Argus Feature article (February / March 2003 issue)
The New York Resident Interview( April 2003)
Argus Feature article July/August 2003 issue
De Morgen (11 September 2003)
Het Laatste Nieuws (12 September, 2003)
Goed gevoel Feature article ( October 2003 )
Job@ Feature Article on her international career (October 2003)
Nieuwsblad ( October 2003)
Exclusief magazine ( November 2003 )
Vlamingen in de Wereld ( December 2003)
Gazet van Antwerpen ( February 2004 )
Het Laatste Nieuws ( February 2004 )
EM ( March 2004 )

Columbia Daily Spectator ( April 2004 )
Het Nieuwsblad ( July 22, 2004 )
De Gentenaar ( July 22, 2004 )
Touche magazine ( July / August 2004)
Het Laatste Nieuws (November 2004)
EVA magazine (December 2004)


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