Issue for the winter 2005.

 What: A guide to green living & sustainable business.


  1. Letter of President:

    Dear Reader,

    I was exactly twelve years old when my best friend Robin and I developed a magazine that informed people about the beauty of nature. We created a format that updated our readers on the latest news regarding environmental technologies and mainstream personalities. We presented feature stories on animals, plants, regions and countries, included cross words puzzles, eco riddles and short stories. Our first subscribers were members from our family, then the classroom friends became interested and finally the teachers got involved.

  2. Feature stories.
Museum Monday
The museum of Fine Arts in Brussels has opened its doors to a retrospective exhibition of Karel Appel. The Dutch painter currently lives in Manhattan. and has been described as an abstract expressionist. He was one of the founders of the COBRA group.Remarkable to observe is the organic playfulness of his sculptures and paintings. He uses space in that way that the traditional two dimensions become three dimensions. My favourite painting is the frightened cat. Posing for Appel must not have been an easy job.as even a very recognizable character as the Flemish author Hugo Claus has been transformed in a set of vague brushes that only discloses the model through its title. More information : www.bozar.be
Trading Tuesday
The King of Belgium visited a pioneering company in software quality control equipment, better known as the ICOS. Accompanied by the minister of Foreign Trade and the mayor of Louvain, Beer capital of the world, another high tech company named Eyetronics was invited to join the presentation as well. It was while scanning the face of our King that they disclosed their remarkable technology with applications in movies, science and fitness programming. I was told that they were the company who would scan Antonio Banderas and Catherina Zeta Jones for the new Zorro movie, enabling them to do stunts without putting their lives in jeopardy. The visit of the King to ICOS was sealed with a gift : an engraved crystal with a 3D portrait. A week later I was scanned as well! Let's see what will come out of this
Womenly Wednesday
A new tv station for women has been launched in Belgium. Vijf TV is targeting working women and young mothers between the age of 25 and 45. The programming is a mix between US shows and series and Belgian productions. I was invited as a guest to the daily talkshow "Vijf op Vijf", presented by our national talent Marlene de Wouters. The format is such that three guests are invited to talk about their achievements and I appeared after Chinese author Lulu Wang, who sold more than 650.000 copies of her first novel Lelietheater. Interest was expressed for my international tv productions that are being broadcast on the Manhattan Neighbourhood Network since more than 3 years. I also discussed the advantages of joining networking clubs such as the Business and Professional Women's Club that unites over 100.000 business women worldwide.
What a great way to reconnect with the homefront.
Theatrical Thursday
A simple little piece of paper can become so much more, so when I received an invitation to go to the opening of an art gallery in the Brussels region of Uccle, I accepted in order to see the three dimensional translation to it. The paper showed organically shaped woodwork and I was interested in discovering in what way nature inspired the artist. Quite unusual was the location of the gallery, a private estate with surrounding gardens. Candles invited us upwards and while trespassing the entrance, the doors opened to the collection of an ecclectic crowd. The art on the walls and statues exposed in the garden where not the only interesting things to watch. The definition of creativity apparently got multiple interpretations and every person present reacted differently to the paintings and woodcraft. The party continued for several hours and must have given some people inspiration on how to make their own environmental creations.
Feasting Friday
Belgian people are known as Bourgondian lovers. This doesn't only mean that we appreciate the great things in life, we create them. We also love to share and that's why a friend of my, Peter, invited me on a Friday evening at the Belgian coast on order to "taste a bottle of Champaign". Great was my surprise that we were not having a private tasting, but a cocktail party with some of my dearest friends. I never had a surprise party before and was very pleasantly touched. I don't need to add that everything tasted even better this way. The little toasts with grey shrimp ( a Belgian speciality ), followed the cheeses and then came the chocolates! The Champaign on itself is quite unique and could very well have it's place in the many restaurants and bars in the Hamptons and New York. The reason that the bubbly delight called Blue Peter has been made by a sailor with a unique marine label. To be served at one of my upcoming cocktail parties!!!
Studious Saturday
Celebrating life has been the motto of my tv show since three years now. Every day I try to generate something new, to learn from others and to have a moment to myself. All three of my goals got satisfied at a location in Antwerp called "The Kanaal". This location is the second exhibition space to the Vervoordt family, the first one being a castle. A friend of mine organised a tour so that I would connect with potential participants to my new tv show. The Kanaal is a recovered industrial space and had silos turned into the most exciting exhibition hall to old an new pieces of art. The main headquarters are even more amazing and contains three floors of furnished rooms with the most amazing antiques. I left the group of people for a while in order to breathe the Asian perfume exhales by a majestic wooden Buddha and walked through some of the rooms containing flower arrangements as a private party was going to be organised later that evening. A little moment of peace within a 3d library of history and art intertwined. To be continued…
Sunny Sunday
Sundays are made to indulge beauty. That's why a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Meise came to mind on a sunny day. This region is known to harbor the Royal Palace, a Japanese Tower and remainders of the 58 world exhibition, better known as the Atomium. The area is green and also hosts a little castle, home to the Royal Gardens. I've visited the place often, but never did I enter the Botanical gardens that are located on the same grounds. And believe me, I was very happy to do so. The gigantic greenhouses are devised in different regions, so you enter Africa, Latin America and so on. My favorite location was the Victoria house, where the most beautiful lotus flowers float in a pond. No perfume here, only the most sensational sight you've ever seen, which is nature at its best. It is during the month of May, that the Royal Botanical Greenhouses are also open to the public, an event that is on my TO DO wishlist for 2005.

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