Letter of President

Dear Reader,

I was exactly twelve years old when my best friend Robin and I developed a magazine that informed people about the beauty of nature. We created a format that updated our readers on the latest news regarding environmental technologies and mainstream personalities. We presented feature stories on animals, plants, regions and countries, included cross words puzzles, eco riddles and short stories. Our first subscribers were members from our family, then the classroom friends became interested and finally the teachers got involved.

Twenty years after having developed the first one, it is with great enthusiasm that I am announcing the launch of a second magazine. In a way it is not just a new media product, it is part of a concept that discloses news on the innovators of our time and that introduces multicultural lifestyle topics for a sustainable citizenry.

"Styling the New World" is a natural evolution. It is the new branch that has grown out of the lifestyle tv show "our planet". The seed for this got planted while traveling the four corners of our globe which made me discover the beauty that lies in everything and everyone. The passion for community and environment found a different format compared to the one that I developed when I was twelve. The pencil became a camera, the printed pages became people and the audience was not a local high school but a cosmopolitan city. The show aired sustainable lifestyle stories that showed fashion designers who recycled previous collections into new pieces, culinary chefs who taught at vegetarian cooking schools, environmental ministers who bicycled around the UN buildings, American GI's who liberated China and turned into Silk kimono collector. "Our planet" became a lifestyle concept with its own web site www.pamelapeeters.com. Thirty countries followed its pulse and the international press showed interest.

After three years, the show still airs in Manhattan on Time Warner Cable and is developed in collaboration with people who make the hearts of other people grow bigger and beat quicker. Its opening statement is to "celebrate life, every single moment" and its audience is catered to stories about conscious people who style our planet with sustainable creations.

"Styling the New World" will focus on the positive news that surrounds us. It will invite you to become a member of an international family that is engaged and that cares about the other parts of the globe. So let's welcome a new magazine that grew out of the fertile seeds from a local Manhattan tv show and that blossomed thanks to its worldwide audience. It will further develop thanks to your attention, letters and reactions.

Have a great world, in great style and together, we'll style the new world

Pamela Peeters

Pamela Peeters Productions L.L.C. 2003 All rights reserved