New York Diary


WHO: Pamela Peeters writes short stories about her life in New York. She keeps a diary since five years.

WHAT: a selection of 30 of her short stories will be published at the end
of the year. Matching sepia photos will add a visual impression to her
written words. In the meantime, her short stories are published on the
web-site www.viw.be
CD "A New York Diary"

Pamela Peeters Productions is proud to present the first media product published under the in house quality label.

WHO: Pamela Peeters was the correspondent for Radio 2 and offers her audience more short stories.

WHAT: The double audio CD "A New York Diary 1999-2004" contains 17 short stories. They are a part of her personal diary.

Pamela Peeters Productions presents the publication of its first compilation DVD, containing 10 short stories ranging from FOOD, TRAVEL, ART, FILM and so on.

WHO: Pamela Peeters is the international tv producer to the lifestyle tv show "our planet". The show has been airing since three years on MNN (New York).
WHAT: Double DVD with segments from her tv show "our planet".
DVD "A New York Diary"

DVD "Seven Seasons"

Pamela Peeters Productions offers its second short film on DVD. The film was created to celebrate the anniversary of the first sevens seasons of her tv show "our planet".

WHO: Pamela Peeters filmed and directed this film in Belgium, France and the USA.

WHAT: (DVD) A 34 minutes movie that creates a sustainable scenario for the 21th Century.

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