Business & Professional Women's Club

Pamela Peeters is the new President of the Business and Professional Women's Club (BPW), Manhattan Chapter. As a member to the International Federation of BPW she connects herself with 100.000 business women in 100 countries. She will focus on creating projects covering the areas of environmental preservation, community building and sustainable economic development.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY BUILDING Pamela Peeters will turn BPW Manhattan into a club where dynamic professional women network, expand their knowledge and enhance their businesses. She is particularly proud to present a community building project "MONITORING MENTORING" that focuses on giving a selected group of young girls a mentor and offer them a hands-on training within corporate life. This experience be the topic of a new tv-format. A loft in downtown Soho will be the location where the new tv-show will kick off. The show is a triple win situation for the participating girls, the sponsoring corporations and the viewer.

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