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(taxonomy / cultivation / history / …) :

Abbreviations and Acronyms used on the Web :

Conversion online (convert just about anything to anything else):

Orchids RBG Kew :

Orchid Checklist RBG Kew: -      

Orchid Specialist Group (IUCN) :


SysTax - a Database System for Systematics and Taxonomy (University of Ulm, Germany) :

Synonyms for genus names:

Orchidwire : Orchid Resource directory, connecting you to 1,181 Orchid Sites  (Wendell & Theresa Kozak, Canada) :

Orchid nomenclature

Plantennomenclatuur (in het Nederlands, also English & French):

The Digital Orchid Library ( collaboration between Michigan State University, the American Orchid Society, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the National Agricultural Library): (online herbarium material, plants of Africa, including orchids): : a freely accessible, Web-based encyclopedia of historic botanical literature from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library

Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Herbarium Jany Renz (University of Basel): (subscription fees) :
Rudolf. Jenny's most complete Orchid literature Database ,

Orchid WWWeb Encyclopedia :

Orchidstudium project (online Orchids Photographic Encyclopedia):

Species Orchid information and photo index:  

Orchid Pictures Query (The London Orchid Society, London, OntarioCanada) :


Reproductive biology of orchids :

Orchids (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) :

Images of Orchidaceae :

Orchid Species Culture (Charles and Margaret Baker) :

Orchidata (Brazil) :

PnP Orchids (alles over Orchidëeen - in Dutch) :

Floraguide (search engine) (Spanish, multilingual) :

Orchideeën (dutch) :

A taxonomic analysis of the family Orchidaceae :

List of Genera in ORCHIDACEAE :

Orchid Research Newsletter (RBG Kew):

Directory listing of Orchid Genera ( 420+ genera of the Americas and Europe) :

Orchid names (Cedric Maunder):

Orchid names:

Fragrant Orchids: ,

About Orchids (in italian) :

The Orchid House (miscellaneous)  :

"How-to" information on orchid growing:

Growing orchids at RBG Kew :

Guide to exhibiting orchids (Greg Allikas) :   

The International Orchid Register (RHS) :  new registered hybrids, grex names, parentage search, application form for new hybrids,…

Sanders searches (from Venger’s Orchids) :

Orchid Hybrids and their abbreviations:

The orchid Mall reading room
(pointers to reading and informational sites):

Flower color designations
(by Steve Topletz):

What if they mated ? (interactive guide on primary hybrids):

Orchid  pollination :

The Orchid Seedbank project

Tissue culture in the Home Kitchen :

Home tissue culture forum (Carol M. Stif) <>. To subscribe, send an empty message to""

Orchid flasking exercice (Cornell University) :

Orchid flasking (Barry Gardner, Australia) :

in vitro propagation of orchids (including terrestrials) : ,

Lotte & Thomas Orchids (in vitro propagation of orchids) :
Virus in orchids (Cynthia, Prescott, AZ) :

Highlights of Orchid History
(including biographies of John Clowes, James Bateman, Georges uri Skinner, Carl Linnaeus and much  more): by R. Rigby

Sertum Orchidaceum (a wreath of the most beautiful orchidaceous flowers / selected by John Lindley Volume 1 of 1, 1838),  from MOBOT:

Biodiversity heritage Library :

Jean Jules Linden, the father of orchid cultivation : by Nicole Ceulemans     

What is a species ? ( Selected Definitions Presented in Chronological Order, compiled by Donald Ugent 1996) :

Guido Pabst, A passion, A work, A legacy, by Delfina de Araujo :

The Orchids of Nero Wolf : by Raphael Carter

ORCHIDS / GENERA Back to top

Acineta :

Ada (see Brassia)


Anguloa (interactive determination key) :


Barkeria (by Phil) :

Bletilla (by Clark T. Riley) :

Brassia & Ada :

Bulbophyllum ( R Hromniak & A. Sieder):
Bulbophyllum CITES check lists:
Bulbophyllum section macrobulbum :

Bulbophyllum (Clanorchids) :

Bulbophyllum (Haru's Bulbophyllum and Cirrhopetalum pages) :

Bulbophyllum (Tipol Ruangaksorn ) : ,  

Bulbophyllum (Jay Pfahl):

Bulbophyllum (Wilbur Chang) :

Bulbophyllum  (Bergstrom Orchids) :

bulbophyllum (East Asia flora web):

Caladenia : -

Catasetinae (Gunther Gelach Munich) :

Catasetinae Genera of Variation and Diversity (Robert Podgorski) :

Catasetinae (ABRACC, Associação Brasileira dos Cultivadores de Catasetineas / Brazilian Society of Catasetinae Growers):

Catasetinae (Culture of - , Harold Hills) :

Catasetinae (Dalton Holland Baptista, Brazil) :

Catasetum plates (Dr G Romero):

Catasetum :

Catasetum of Brazil :

Catasetums of Venezuela :

Cattleya Alliance (by Phil) Cattleya and also related genera :

Cirrhopetalum : (Haru's Cirrhopetalum pages) :

Cirrhopetalum : see also Bulbophyllum

Clowesia :

Coelogyne (Barbara Gravendeel 's thesis:  "Reorganising the orchid genus
Coelogyne") :

Comparetia (from the Orchid Digest): broken link

Coryanthes (Dr Gerlach, Botanic Garden München) :

Coryanthes (Brazil):

Cycnoches :

Cycnoches, One Hundred Sixty-Five Years of Confusion ( George F. Carr) :

Cymbidium :

Cymbidium :

Cymbidium :

Cypripedium (Spangle Creek Labs) :

Cypripedium (species & hybrids): 

Cypripedium :


Cypripedium ( broken link)

Cypripedium forum (German & English):

Dendrobium  (by Phil) :

Dendrobium, Section Formosae, A further look at black haired Dendrobiums. (by C. Jerry Sellers) :


Diuris (also about genera Elythranthera & Epiblema) :     

Dracula : see also under " Pleurothallidinae "

Dracula species database (Chad Sarles):

Dracula (all about) :

Gongora (Nina Rach) :

Gongora (Jay Pfahl)  :

Gongora (Peruvian -, by Carlos Hajek) :

Laelia (by Phil) :

Laelia (Brazil’s rock-dwelling –rupicolous- Laelia by Gregg Allikas, TheAOS site) :

Laelia (revision of the Brazilian species of the genus Laelia) :

Laeliinae :

Lycaste. The Essential Guide by Dr Henry F. Oakeley , National Collection of Lycastes and Anguloas, UK.

Lycaste (General culture, by Phil) :

Lycaste Club of  Japan

Lycaste (by A. van Andel) :

Masdevallia: see also under " Pleurothallidinae "
Index of Thesaurus Masdevalliarum (vol 1- 28)
by Lisa Thoerle :

Masdevallia (all about) :

Masdevallia (hybrid list) :

Masdevallia, Notes on Masdevallia (by Nancy Losgar) :

Masdevallia species profiles (by Sue Skittrell) : (follow link to " Articles ")

Masdevallia (Don Smallman): 

Maxillaria (Phylogenetics of Maxillariinae) :    

Maxillaria (the genus - by E.D. Schmidt) :

Maxillaria (Michael McIlmurray) :

Maxillaria (the Maxillaria tribe) :

Miltonia & Miltonopsis  :

Mormodes :

Odontoglossum (San Damiano orchids):

Oncidium (Delfina de Araujo) : ,

Oncidium of Brazil (Carlos Eduardo de Britto Pereira) :

Oncidium (Phil’s orchids) :  ,

Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium (Bob’s slipper orchid gallery) :

Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium :

Paphiopedilum (Dr Tanaka, Japan) :

Paphiopedilum (Uri Baruk) :

Paphiopedilum : An annotated check-list of the genus Paphiopedilum . Copyright © Harold Koopowitz 1995 Reprinted from the Orchid Digest (1995) vol 59: 115-139, 183 and updated by H.Koopowitz, November 6, 1995.
NOTE : a revised version has been published in
Orchid Digest Dec. 2000 .

Paphiopedilum (Univerzita Brno, Ceská republika ) :

Paphiopedilum forum :

Peristeria (Nina Rach) :

Phalaenopsis (culture des Phalaenopsis botaniques, in french) :

Phalaenopsis (Alain Brochart, in french) :

Phalaenopsis Hybrid Search (Aries Orchids) :

Phalaenopsis : Taxonomic Key To The Phalaenopsis Species (PollyClave software by Olga Sarmento & Craig Urekar, 1996) :

Phalaenopsis species : ,

Phragmipedium (Rob Zuiderwijk) :

Pleione (Mark Griffith) :

Pleione (Paul Cumbleton) :

Pleurothallidinae (Lynn O'Shaughnessy) :

Pleurothallidinae (James E. Zablotny) :

Pleurothallidinae (Dutch group):

Pleurothallidinae (Loes van Pelt & Peter Wondergem) :
Pleurothallidinae : Index of Icones Pleurothallidinarum Vol . 1- 26 (C. Luer)

Pleurothallidinae classification: morphology vs DNA :

    Pridgeon: Lingering Questions in Phylogenetics of Pleurothallidinae (2005)
   Jost & Endara:

Pleurothallidinae  Systematics and evolution of the genus Pleurothallis R. Br. (Orchidaceae) in the Greater Antilles, Hagen Stenzel, dissertation 2004.

Pleurothallidinae (Fleur Malcom)

Pleurothallidinae (SFO Nord, France):

Psychopsis (Oncidium) determination keys :

Restrepia (C. Howe):

Schomburkia (by Phil) :

Sievekingia (Nina Rach) :

Slipper Orchids (UK) (National collection, Geoffrey Hands):

Sobralia (Delfina de Araujo) :

Sobralia (Nina Rach) : 

Soterosanthus (Nina Rach) :

Stanhopeinae (Gunther Gerlach, Munich) :

Stanhopea (RJ Hartley, Foxdale orchids) :

Stanhopea (Nina Rach) :

Stanhopea (Jitzes Mud) :

Stanhopea culture (Dr. Dough Pulley) :

Stanhopea (Kelvin Bush) :

Stanhopeinae (the Subtribe -):

Thelymitra :

Vanda (cultivation of -) :

Vanilla : 


Terrrestrial orchids
(miscellanous genera): , , ,  

Orchidées exotiques (J.P. Delwart, in French, including the genera Cattleya, Masdevallia, Maxillaria, Miltonia, Odontoglossum, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Vanda
) :


Africa :,

Africa (the Central African Orchid database):

Asia: , /   

Australia :

Australia (ANOS) :

Europe :

Europe, Orchidées sauvages d’Europe :

Europe, hardy orchids (Ron Meijer): 

USA, North American Native Orchid Alliance

USA : North American Orchid Species database :
USA : USDA : native imported or cultivated orchids (contains 114 genera and 514 accepted taxa overall):|S|Orchidaceae|b|140|+31


Antille (Greater): Systematics and evolution of the genus Pleurothallis R. Br. (Orchidaceae) in the Greater Antilles, Hagen Stenzel, dissertation 2004.

Australia, North-eastern NSW :

Australia, Western :

Belgium (Wallonia) :

(Orchidaceae Brasiliense) :

(Delfina de Araujo) :
orchids by states (Brazil) :
orchids from the Brazilian Amazon :
Orchids from the city of Rio de Janeiro :
Orchid news (past issues):

 (Divinopolis) :

(Hideto Yamazaki) :

(Mauro Peixoto) :

 (Dalton Holland Baptista):

Canada, Ontario (Millicentorchids) :

Colombia (chez Viateur):

Cuba: see Antille (Greater) above

Denmark :

Dominican Republic (by Nina Rach) :

Ecuador (Ecuagenera):  

Ecuador (Lou Jost) : , Ecominga: foundation to save threatened forests:


France (general & various regions, with plenty of links) :

France :

France, Fagnes ( France-Belgique) :

France, Nord – Pas de Calais :

France, Normandie :

France, Pays de Caux :

France, Provence

France, Quercy :


Georgia (Europe, Caucasus) :

Great Britain (Paul Nielsen) :


Iceland :

Indonesia :

Italy (GIROS) : , ,

Italy,  Tuscany :

Italy, Sardinia :

India :


Japan :

Japan (horticultural forms & varieties, Glenn C Lehr, New Word Orchids, USA) :

Madagascar: -

Madagascar (Olaf Pronk, Antnanarivo):

Madagascar (in French) :,

Malaysia  :
(hybrids of trading value) :




New Zealand :


Panama :

Papua-New Guinea:

Peru (by Carlos Hajek) :

Peru (Club Peruanos de Orchideas) :

Peru (index of ICONES ORCHIDACEARUM PERUVIARUM by David E. Bennett & Eric A. Christenson):

Peru (Waquangi project, Machu Pichu) :

Philipines :

Réunion :

Singapore : ,

Thailand :

Thailand :


UK (The Hardy orchid Society) :

UK, The Sainsbury Orchid Conservation Project (RBG Kew, UK) :

USA, California:

USA, Florida:

USA, Winsconsin:

Venezuela :


Venezuela (Trujillo state - Gerardo Torres <> : 


Orchid Picture Reference Database ( list of over 60,000 orchid photographs and where to find them. Updated by Bob Betts , London Orchid Society (Canada) : .

The Orchidmall photo site (plenty of links to orchid photosites) :

INHICO® ORCHIDS : Loes van Pelt & Peter Wondergem, pages dedicated to orchids, especially Pleurothallids, and Australian and west-European terrestrial orchids.

Orchidorama (Elisabeth & Jean-Claude George, France) :

Orchidées en Trégor (Marie-Mad & Gérard, Bretagne, France) :

Orkology :

Wild flowers pictures (Thomas Kornack),including North American Orchidaceae :

Orchidguide (Akerne Orchids) :

Orchid Photo pages :

Horsemanure site (Nic van den Bosch, NZ):

Orchid Photo pages (Eric Hunt SF, CA) :

Geoffrey Hands (UK):

Photo gallery (Venger’s Orchids) :

Orchid collection (Roman Maruska, Czech Republic):

Orchid Photo Album (SyuTyuSen, Japan):

Orchid collection (Wolfgang Renner, Germany) :

Orchideegallerie (Wolfang Wieser, Austria):

Photo gallery (many Catasetinae) (Barry Gardner, Australia) :

Photo gallery (Wiet Janssen, Nl): 

Photo gallery (Wolfgang Wiesner, Austria) : ,

Ron Griesbeck memorial site: 


Orchid photo tips (Pictures by Greg Allikas, text by Ned Nash) :

More tips for macrophotography:


List of journals :

Curtis's Botanical Magazine:

The Orchid Review :

The Orchid Digest:

Orchids (formerly AOS bulletin, American Orchid Society) :

Oasis, The Journal (Australia) :

Orchid News (Brazil, Delfina de Araujo) :

Richardiana (France) :


A.A. Balkema Publishers (Netherlands) :

Balogh Scientific Books:

Barnes & Noble:

Bibliofind (Out-of Print books):

Bookfinder (Out-of Print books):

Capricornica Publications (online natural history bookshop, Australia)

Colina (Native Orchids of Colombia & Ecuador):

Ivelet Books Limited (antique books & botanical prints, UK):

Koeltz Scientific Books (Germany):

Linden Antique Prints (antique books & botanical prints, UK):

McQuerry Orchid Books (USA):

Mercedes Madriz (scientific illustrator,Venezuela):

M & M Orchideen (M. Wolff, Germany) :

MIT Press:

Missouri Botanical Garden

National Herbarium Nederland :

OrchidMania's Bookstore:

Ortho Bookstore:

Timber Press:


Note : Only websites are listed here. A number of publications on CDs can also be found in the catalog of various Booksellers


Basic Orchid Culture (Venger’s Orchids) :

Corel Professional Photos CD-ROM - Orchids - Series

Cyrtopodium Genus - Brazilian Species (Lou C. Menezes) :

Dale's Photo CD, Vol 1. Photographs by Dale Borders, compiled by Troy Meyers , ,

Möhltimedia (CD) :

North American Terrestrial Orchids. Propagation and Production Conference Proceedings. March 16 & 17, 1996 (Edited by Carol Allen) :

Orchids of New Guinea Vol. 1: Illustrated Checklist and Genera' : , The first in a series of CD-ROMs , by the National Herbarium Nederland

Orchids of Peru, no. 1 compiled by Dr.Isaías Rolando, 1999. Provides additional material to the book "Orchids Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel Field Guide. (AOS Bookshop BK 6061) It can also be ordered directly from Dr. Isaias Rolando .

Orchids of the Tropical New World (1st Edition) Icones Plantarum Tropicarum (Series I & II) and Icones Orchidacearum Collections CD-ROM (Lightbinders Publications) :

Pleiono-CD by Thomas Eichhorn -Nelson. Str. des Froedens 70, D-98724 Lausha ,

The Orchidopaedia series. Volume 1 - The genera descriptions.

Wildcatt Orchids Database

NOV (Dutch Orchid Society) lists of orchid softwares (dutch & english):


BG-BASE ( PC-based database application written primarily to handle the information management needs of institutions and individuals holding living and/or preserved collections of biological material, including botanic gardens, arboreta, zoos, herbaria, museums, libraries, university campuses, horticultural societies and private collections) :


Specimen Databases, Research and Collection Management: A Practical Manual for Dbase® and Wordperfect® Users by Nancy Hensold, Department of Botany, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL.:


Cattleya Log :


Orchid 2000 Database

Orchid database program (from Cloud’s orchids, shareware):

Orchid Management system.

ORCHIDATA-3 by Charles W. Barbour,

Orchidophile II, by Paul Georges, this orchid management software is available in French , English , and Dutch ,

Software to manage orchid show plant registration, judging and awards (Central Ontario Orchid Society) :

NOV (Dutch Orchid Society) lists of collection management softwares (dutch & english):

Cataloging Software


Orchid tools for your website:


European Orchid Committee links :

List of societies : :

All about Orchids (UK) :

Orchid Societies (Orchidmall) :

WOC, the World Orchid Conference Trust:

WOC2005 Dijon, France, a diary by Delfina de Araujo:

Associacion civil Argentina de Orchideologia (ACAO):

Association Française Culture et Protection des Orchidées (AFCPO):

All Japan Orchid Society:

American Orchid Society (AOS):

Amicale des Orchidophiles du Languedoc-Roussillon (France), home of the Ann Arbor Orchid Society , the Michigan Orchid Society , the Disa Grower's Web Page , Ecuadorquideas and other sites:

Asociacion Costarricense de Orchideologia :

Associació Catalana d'Amics de les Orquídies (A.C.A.O.) (Spain):

Associazione Laziale Orchidee (Roma Italy):

Australasian Native Orchid Society (ANOS) :

Australasian Native Orchid Society :

Austrian Orchid Society :

Brabantse Orchidee - vereniging (Brussels & Vlaams Brabant, Belgium) :

Brisbane Orchid Society:

British Orchid Council :

British Paphiopedilum Society :

Canadian Orchid Congress:

Cape Orchid Society (South Africa) :

Club Amigos de las Orquídeas (Madrid Spain):

Club des orchidophiles Wallons (C.O.W)

East Midlands Orchid Society (UK) :

European Orchid Concil (EOC):

Fédération Française des Amateurs d'orchidées :

Florida North Central Judging Center (Tampa, Florida) (AOS):

Fou d’orchidée (France) :

GECOR (Spain / España): Groupe d'Etude et de Conservation de Madrid

German Association Orchid Friends ( site in German) :

German Orchid Society (DOG):

German, Austrian and Switzerland orchid Societies:

Groupement Midi Pyrénées d’amateurs d’orchidées (GMPAO, Toulouse):

Hardy orchids Society (UK) :

Kenya Orchid Society:

Labellum Orchid Club (Cz) :

Les Orchidophiles Réunis de Belgique :

Mauritius Orchid Society:

National Capital Orchid Society (USA):

Native Orchid Conservation Inc. (Manitoba, Canada):

Ned. Orchideeën vereniging (The Netherlands) :

NGO Orchis (Georgia, Caucasus) :

Orchid Societies in Brazil :

Orchidée Armorique (France) :

Orchidées 59 (Nord, France) :

SFO Nord  (Nord, France):

Orchidée 75, Orchidée 77, Orchidée 78, Orchidée 95, Orchidée Languedoc (FFAOrchidées France)

Orchidées exotiques (Belgique francophone: Association Namuroise d'orchidophilie, Orchid's Malmédy, Société Belge d'orchidophilie,  Club des amateurs Wallons d'orchidées, Club des orchidophiles Wallons, L'ami des orchidées) :  

Orchideeën Vereniging Vlaanderen
(formerly: Orchideevriend (Belgium): 
Orchideeën vereniging Vlaanderen Regio West Vlaanderen:

Orchidophiles de Montréal:

OSCOV (Orchid Societies Council of Victoria):

Pleurothallid Alliance UK : From: "Don Smallman" <> Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 16:21:46 +0100"
…the website has closed down but we are going to get a new one soon.…"
So chaps, stay tuned!

Pleurothallid Alliance USA :

Rhône Alpes Orchidées (France) :

Royal Horticultural Society (UK) :

San Diego Orchid Society :

San Francisco Orchid Society :

Société Belge d’Orchidophilie et Club des Amateurs Wallons d’Orchidées (Belgium) :

Société Française d'Orchidophilie (France) :

Sociedad de Orquideologia del Estando Miranda (Venezuela) :

Specialty groups, e.g. International Phalaenopsis Alliance, Paphiopedilum Guild, The Odontoglossum Alliance, Cymbidium Society of America, The  Pleurothallid Alliance :

South Dakota Orchid Society :

Tasmanian Orchid Society : ,

The O Zone:

The Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA) , SINGAPORE :

The Orchid Species Society (Ql, Australia) :

Trinidad and Tobago orchid Society :

Vereinigung Deutscher Orchideen-freunde (Germany):

Werkgroep Masdevallia & Pleurothallioiden (Vlaams & Nederlands) :


ORCHID FORUM Back to top

A compilation of links (mailing lists and forum):

Orchid Guide Digest (OGD):

Orchid List Digest (OLD) and OLD Searchable archives:

OLD photo exchange:


Orchideenforum (in German) :

Orchid Talks UK :

GardenWeb Orchid Forum :

AOS forum :

The Orchid Mall :

Pleurothallidinae forum (2 different) : One List (Egroups) Pleurothallid List ,

Cypripedium forum :

Native North American Orchid Discussion List

OrchidSafari, "The Friendly Orchid Chat" :


Forum des Orchidoux-Dingues :

Forum de discussion en français :

Tela botanica (le réseau de la botanique francophone):


Garden calendar:

Orchid Events:

Orchid Webring:

Pleurothallid discussion list:


Borneo / Mont Kinabalu

Costa-Rica biodiversity:

Flora of Suriname :

Brazil (Plants of -, including orchids) :

PLANTS REFERENCES (General) & LINKS Back to top

Conversion factors (metric, US, British units) :

International Association for Plant taxonomy :

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (St Louis)

International Organisation for Plant Information :

International Plant Name Index :

Internet Directory of Botany:

Provisional Global Plant Checklist :

American Horticultural Society :

Andean Botanical Information System - the Field Museum, Chicago, Il

W3Tropicos - the Missouri Botanical Garden's VAST (VAScular Tropicos) nomenclatural database:

The GardenWeb glossary of botanic terms :

The GardenWeb Plant Database :

A glossary of botanical terms :

Dictionary of botanical epithets :

Botanical Latin translation (Latin English and English Latin) :

Pronouncing botanical Latin :

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid :

Curtis's Botanical Magazine (NAL, USDA) :  

CITES homepage :

Plant pathology online ( Thorsten Kraska, University of Bonn, Germany) :

Plant pathology websites :

Plant virus online:

Orchid virus:

Orchid Pests (Paul J. Johnson, South Dakota State University) :

Pesticide active ingredient information : /

Slugs & Co :

Biological Pest control :

EXTOXNET - The EXtension TOXicology NETwork - "The dose makes the poison." :

Cinnamite ( :

Natural Pest Control :


More Botanical bookmarks :


Directory of Arboreta, Botanical Gardens, Gardens, Herbariums:

Australia :

Australian National Botanic Gardens :


National Botanic Garden of Belgium :

Observatoire du monde des Plantes (University of Liège) :

Costa Rica:

Epidendra (Jardín Botánico Lankester):

Denmark :

Botanic garden University Copenhagen

France :

Conservatoire du Begonia Rochefort sur mer :

Jardin Botanique de Nancy :

Germany :

Berlin Botanic Garden :

Hannover (Herrenhäuser Gärten) :

Heidelberg Botanischer Garten

Munich Botanic Garden :

Stuttgard (Wilhelma, Zoo & Botanical Garden):


Botanic Garden Utrecht :

De Hortus Botanicus in de Plantage (Amsterdam) :

De Hortus Botanicus van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam : ,

Hortus Botanicus Leiden :

Nationaal Herbarium Nederland :

Private Gardens of Netherlands :

Papua New Guinea

National Capital Botanic Garden, Port Moresby :  

Suisse :

Jardin Botanique de Genève :


Royal Botanic Garden , Kew:

Orchids at Kew :

National Botanic Garden of Wales: 

National Collection Plant holders :


Harvard herbarium :

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens :

Missouri Botanical Garden :

New York Botanical Garden:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden :

University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants :

Washington University Herb Garden :


PEOPLES Back to top

Anne Marie Gabriel (France, site en francais) :

Claudio Rossi Cloud’s orchids :

Dr Tanaka’s friends (Japan)  :

Fleur Malcom’s Orchid pages :

Jens Knapp, Germany :

Jerry Bolce, The Orchid House (Canada) :

Kathy’s orchid pics :

Linda’s Orchid pages :

Marc Flandre (France, site en francais) :

Michel Frairot (France, site en francais) :

Orchidanto (Giulio Farinelli, in Italian) :

Orkide Vinduet (in danish) :

Patrick Cloes (Pleuro’s, Belgium) :

Roberto Burle Marx, Minas Gerais, Brazil :

Rome’s orchid pages, Hawaï :

Silvia & Cedric's Orchid Pages (UK) :

SyuTyuSen's Orchid Photo Album, Japan :
Wiet Janssen Orchideën (NL):


Lists of links :

Orchid vendors & nurseries in EU (an extensive list by Marianne): (French version:

British traders (BOGA members) :

British traders (non BOGA members) :

Dutch Orchid Producers Association (cut-flower trade)

NOV (Nederlands) :

Nurseries in Germany:


Nurseries in Brazil : :

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Aina Hawaiian (Hawaii) :

Akerne Orchids (Belgium) :

AM Orchidées Graziano (77160 Grisy-Suisnes France):

Andy’s Orchids (CA) :

AQ Orchids (Hong Kong, Paphiopedilum) :

Bedford Orchids (Phalaenopsis from Taiwan, Howard Ginsberg, Canada) :

Befort Gartenbau (Germany):

Bela Vista (Brasil) :

Biorchids (Brasil) :

Black Dragon Orchids (Allan Tetzlaff, ON, Canada) :

Botanische Orchidëeen (Herman ter Borch, Netherland) :

Burleigh Park (Australia) :

Burnham Nurseries (UK) :

Cameleon Orchid Group (Netherlands, wholesale) :

Canopée (La - France):

Carolina orchids (Tom & Shan Nasser, SC USA):

Casa dei Fiori Orchids (Italy) :

Centre d’Etude des Végétaux d’Intérêt Ecomnomique (CEVIE) (Belgium) :

Clackamas Orchids (USA) :

Claessenorchideeen (NL) :

Cloud’s Orchids (Canada)  :   (USA): Phal. hybrids from Taiwan

Countryside Orchids (NM) :

Currlin (Germany) :

Cyp. Haven (IA)  :

Crustacare (Belgium, hardy orchids) :

Dragon Agro Products (NJ. Unusual plants & orchids) :

Ecuagenera (Ecuador) : : ,

Euro Green Asia International (Thailand):

Florafest Orchids (Australia) :

Floralia (orchids of Brazil) :

Formosa Orchids (Taiwan) :

Frosch Exclusive Perrenials (Germany. Cypripedium hybrids) :

Großräschener Orchideen (Germany) :

Hawaii agricultural gateway :

HBI Inc (Mick Fournier, Florida. Flasks) :

J & L Orchids (USA) :

Janke Blumen (Germany) : 

Juergen Boehm Orchids (terrestrials, Germany) :

Jumbo orchids (Catasetinae, Taiwan) :

Karin Steiger (Germany):

Kawamoto Orchid Nursery (Hawaii) :

Keiths nursery (Australia) :

Kenntner (Germany) :

KJ orchids (Denmark):

Klinge Orchids (Netherlands) :

Kopf Orchideen (Germany) :

Kultana Orchids (Thailand) :

L & R (New Zeland) :

Laboratoire Orchidexpert (Ontario, Canada) :

La Cour des Orchidées (Gometz le Chatel France):

Laneside Alpine & Hardy Orchid Nursery (UK)

Lenhart (Ludwigshafen, Germany) :

Lisianne orchideeën (Wevelgem, Belgium) :

M & M Orchideen (M. Wolff, Germany) :

Mae Tang Orchids & tours (Thailand, UK) :

Majiorchid (Thailand) :

Marcel Lecouffle Orchidées (Paris, France) :

Min Tai Enterprise (Taiwan) :

Motes Orchids (Martin Motes, Florida. Vandaceous hybrids) :

MYORCHIDS (hardy terrestrial orchids, Dr. Heinrich Beyrle, Germany) :

New World Orchids (Glenn C Lehr, MI) :

Olaorquiedas (Brazil):

Orchid Court
(Tennis Maynard, USA) :

Orchiflora Jacky (Belgium) :

Orchidanica (CA) :

Orchidario Quinto Do Lago   (Brazil):

Orquideas del Valle:  (Andrea Niessen Juan-Carlos Uribe, Colombia) :

Orchidee Tropical
(Belgium) :

Orchids by Kennedy
  (Jim Kennedy):

Orchid Dekor (Belgium) :  

Orchids in our tropics (Doug & Terry Kennedy) :

Orchids & more (Rosenheimer) Orchideenzucht (Germany) : ,

Orchids of La Joya (seed propagated Mexican Orchid Species) :

Orquideas tropicales (Panama) :

P.J. Christian hardy orchids (UK):

Pacific Blooms Ltd.( New Zealand. Cut Flowers, NZ Sphagnum moss,…) :

Peninsula Hybrids (Gerardus Staal, CA) : ,

Peruflora (Manolo Arias, Lima Peru) :

Petite Plaisance (CA) :

Petrens orchideeën (Belgium) :

Plant Hormones Canada (Jim Brasch. Keiki Grow) :

Plested orchids (UK) :

PNG orchids (PNG) :

Prestige des Fleurs (Bouillon, Belgium):

Quinta do Lago (Brasil) :

Reinhart orchidëeen (NL) :

RF Orchids (FL) :

Ricsel Orchids (Brazil) :

Rio Verde (Mexico) :

RISIS (Singapore. Orchids in jewellery) :

Ryanne (Bavais, France):

San Damiano Orchids:

Schronen Orchideenzucht (Germany) :

Seidel (Alvim Seidel, Orquidaria Cataninense, Brasil) :

Sharonorchids (Israel):

Simanis Orchids (Indonesia) :
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More information, e.g.

Simpson Orchids (Australia) :

Tainan Phalaenopsis (Taiwan) :

The Orchid Works (Hawaii) :

Toh Orchids (Singapore) :

Uzumara Orchids (Isobyl Lacroix, UK. African orchid species,) :

VelvetCafe/ Velvetine (Brussels, Belgium) :

Venger’s Orchids :

Warrnambool Orchids (Ph Altmann, Australia) :broken link

Water orchids (Taiwan) :

Wenzel Orchids Orquidário Rioclarense Ltda (Brazil) :

Wilk Orchid Specialties (Hawaii):

Wubben orchids (The Netherlands):

Yamamoto Nursery (Hawaï) :

Zen Gyo Orchids (Thailand) :

Zinterhof orchideen (Austria):

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Thompson & Morgan Seeds (UK):

Logee’s Greenhouses (USA) :

Gardening 365 (UK) :

Backyard Gardener (alpines) :

Cambrian Carnivorous :

Sollya (Belgium) :

Groen Net (gardening & nurseries, NL) :

De Groenwijzer van Nederlands en Belgie (in dutch) :



Aluminet (shading cloth) :

Ann Mann’s Orchids & Fogger (FL) :

Chiloe: importer of Chilean sphagnum moss (France, EU) (site in French):

Epiweb, Advanced Growth substrate (Sweden, distributors worldwide) :

Hanna Instruments (pH, conductivity,…) :

Jaybird Manufacturing (foggers) :

Jim'sorchid Supplies (FL) :

Princess glashausbau (Austria):

Simply Control
(UK) :

     Biological pest control :

Biobest :

Cinnamite ( : Natural Pest Control :

    RO Systems (reverse osmosis) (just a few websites, among many): , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Orchid Tours :

Gaston-Sacaze (Peru - Ecuador - Bolivia) (in French & Spanish) :

Khao Yai Garden Lodge (Thailand):

Mae Tang Orchids tours (Thailand, UK) :

Nei (UK)  (Asia):
Ecuador Avontuur (Nl) :

Herbal use of Orchids (Saleph etc… )

Traditional plant drugs and orchids (Kong JM et al / Acta Pharmacol Sin 2003 Jan; 24 (1): 7-21 - .pdf article):

Ethnobotanical leaflets (Southern Illinois university) :


Eating orchids (weird receipes!):

Orchids & Ethnobotany : ,

(general list of ethnobotanical links)

Orchid Stamps club :

Orchid Stamps
: ,

Brazilian Orchid Stamps













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