The golden age of the Maya civilization lasted from AD 250 to 900. During this period of time, it is believed that around 60 city-states were formed in the Maya area (covering what are now the Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo, all of Guatemala and Belize as well as the western parts of Honduras and San Salvador). Many of these ruined cities have not even been discovered. If you want, I can lead you into some of those which have now been identified... So, where do you want to go ?
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Jean-Michel in Uaxactun
Uaxactun ?

Tikal: side view of Temple 1
Tikal ?

Palenque: the Temple of the Sun seen from the Temple of the Cross

Copan main square and Ball Court seen from the Acropolis
Copan ?

Quririga: Stela F
Quirigua ?

Uxmal: Palace of the Governor & Pyramid of the Magician
Uxmal ?

Sayil: the Palace
Sayil ?

Kabah: Palace of Masks
Kabah ?

Chichen Itza: the Temple of the Warriors seen from El Castillo
Chichen-Itza ?

Tulum: beach along the ruins
Tulum ?

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