Jean-Luc and Myriam 4 you

Hello we are Jean-Luc & Myriam or together in short JLM,

We both call ourselves no real adventurers and certainly not pioneers, inventors or geniuses. We are just ordinary, average people.

But we do have an open mind with a portion of strong will and perseverance. We are also open to progress & evolution, and we always set ourselves a goal that we continue to pursue.

Our motto has always been: "What you can dream, you can realise."

We have 1 daughter and one grandson:

We already dreamed from the beginning of adventures traveling. And on our own, long before the existence of mobil phone & GPS & internet, we went with our car to the North Cape, through the midlands of Iceland and 2 times through the Sahara.

We wanted to help others do the same. So each time we shared our itineraries and experiences through slide shows. We wrote the first Flemish travel guide for the Sahara.

We dreamed of a camper and already built ourselves four campers. The third one we  entirely built  with our own hands from to the bare chassis of an old Land Rover Forward Control !

We dreamed of a 4 wheel drive and now we travel off road with a Land Rover for more than 30 years .

Besides the trekkings with our Land Rover we also have explored the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, the Mayan ruins, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, Oman and Dubai.

We dreamed of "living on the countryside" and finally after a long search (and many savings) we restored an old little farm in a fantastic remote place in the West Corner of Flanders. Again we shared with others our experiences from making ourselves the windows, stairs, floor and kitchen.

We dreamed to increase our income and to build mainly from home our own international company (in addition to our regular job as a civil servant at the national phonecompany Belgacom). Now we help others to do the same.

We are still very interested in a healthy lifestyle and we are still PHD = proud Herbalife distributors. So for food supplements, weight control and skin care products you can contact us.

We still love to learn, to have a drink on a sunny patio, to enjoy a dinner, to walk with our dog, to travel and to admire nature.

And even after a failed attempt to cross Africa from Cairo to Cape Town, overlanding and off roading with our Land Rover (now a Discovery 4) is still our favorite, to see more then click :  >>  JLM on the road


To your successful and healthy future,

Myriam & Jean-Luc



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