this is our LR Disco4 HSE as we bought it in februari 2011:

                       end 2009,  31000km

                       3 liter V6 turbo diesel  -  245 Hp  -  torque 600 Nm

                       6 step automatic gearbox, with manual command shift

                       5 step tractioncontrole

                       air suspension with 3 heights (normal, +5 cm offroad and -5 cm garage)

                       with rear diff lock


What we changed or added:

1) offroad tires

first Goodyear Wrangler MTR (255/5/19 as original = same radius) on 5 extra LR rims; this were very good offroad tires and quiet on paved road, but the profile was too low for harsh offroad in West-Africa.

then changed by Cooper Discoverer STT 275/65/18 on Compomotive rims = +6cm radius = +3cm extra ground clearance

                                               before                                                                             now

2) rocksliders and underbody protection


3) placed a decent circuit braker near the relais (in the motor compartment) for the hidden winch

  4) second fuel tank of 110 liters under the rear (in the place of the spare wheel)

4) second battery with relais.

5) Webasto interior heating

6) compressor (10kg) connected to the original air suspension reservoir + with 2 easy connections (1 at each side door) to inflate the tires and clear the airfilter

7) Matzker suspension kit (-2 and +3 cm in normal drive condition, and +3 extra in off road setting). It is not recommended that the car can go down to the normal ride height when driving on fast dirt tracks. I'm not fully happy with this Matzker kit and think of replacing it by the Anitas kit from Mudtech4x4.

8) winch connection, Matzker suspension, compressor and 2nd fuel tank commands near driver

9) CB in the middle box can be replaced by VHF


10) Matzker shocks:

When new this Matzker shocks were slightly better than the original, but after 50.000km the front shocks became fatigued and weak. They must be replaced by another type and make.

11) Kaymar rear bumper in steel

12) spare wheel carier on the Kaymar bumper, replaced by 18cm to clear the rear lights

13) mounted the ladder for the roof tent on the spare wheel carrier

14) made a support for the offroad GPS (= Globe4x4 700) and the Terratrip

now the Globe4x4 GPS is replaced by a Asus 10" tablet with Locus Map for offroad navigation and with Sygic for onroad navigation.

15) changed the LandRover snorkel by a Safari (the original tubing was not dustproof nor water tight)

16) made a low roofrack for the rooftoptent (=Autohome Columbus, 47kg, closed is +30cm height)

17) closed the roofrack all around and added a spoiler in front (= no noise nor extra fuel consumption !)

and placed the CB/VHF antenna on the roofrack

18) placed a finer muscito net on all the windows and the door in the tent

19) When we travel with just 2 persons, then we replace the second row of seats by a bench/box, with a 12V - 220V converter  and holding both sides a 17,5 liter jerrycan for water. The Engel fridge is on top of it, just behind the driver

When we travel with 4 persons, then only the rear middle seat is replaced by a box holding the 12V - 220V converter and where the Engel fridge is put on top of it (= between the 2 rear passengers).

20) in place of the original styrofoam tool holder (under the third row of seats) I made a storage box

21) Now the portable kitchen and picnicbox moved to the back, so that everything to eat, drink and to wash is immediately close to hand at a stop.

here is in detail the kitchen box:

here is in detail the picnic box:

to take a shower we place a tent at the back door/table (in 30seconds it is placed and fixed to the back with no pegs nor hammering).

The sandplates can be put in place of the ladder:

HawkEye diagnostic tool (fault deleter) and tire repare kit:

The Hawkeye tool can be connected to the diagnostic connector to read and delete the eventualy faults. The shortcomming of this tool is that it can not close the valves in the airsuspension. I think of replacing it with the Gap IID-tool, which has more possibilities.

a little camera (Polaroid Cube Plus) at the frontscreen:

an extra dieselfilter (same type as original, but easy accessible, next to fuel tank):

behind driver seat (in 2 passenger accomodation) place for tools, tawing rope and costum jack:


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