Grenade, Hand, Gas, Irritant, CN, M7 : type of chemical grenade similar to the M6 type, but only filled with CN instead of with the CN-DM mixture . Here follow its main characteristics :

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 (1)         Grenade, Hand, Gas, Irritant, CN, M7 = igniting fuze M200A1 Chloracetophenone filler tinplate smooth cylindrical body 50                yards range fumes start in 2 seconds, full volume after 3 seconds blue-gray color with CN, central band, and GAS all in red color                harassing use - approx. use 1943-1945

Remarks : see above . Early production Gas Hand Grenades had green markings on gray bodies, these were modified into red at the end of the 1930s . WWII production reached a total of 689,610 units of which 243,020 were manufactured between December 20, 1943 and March 18, 1944.

Grenade, Hand, Smoke, HC, M8  : type of chemical grenade with a cylindrical body very similar to in size and shape to the M6 type, except that holes are punched at the top only . This basically phosphorus grenade was initially used as a smoke device in the 1920s, and was either filled with (WP) or (FM), respectively used for field operations or for training purposes . Here follow its main characteristics :

 (1)          Grenade, Hand, Smoke, HC, M8 = igniting fuze M200A1 Hexachlorethane-Zinc mixture filler tinplate smooth cylindrical                 body 50 yards range fumes start in 2 seconds, full volume after 3 seconds blue-gray color with HC SMOKE, center band, all in                 yellow color signal use - approx. use 1942-1945

 Remarks : see above . Initially developed for the Army Air Corps as an emergency signalling device, and since 1943, the only current Smoke  Grenade used throughout WWII . Both M200A1 as well as M200A2 fuzes were used . Upon ignition, HC produces a dense white smoke which  however is harmless . This Hand Grenade was mainly used by Army Air Forces and special Task Forces . Total WWII production reached over  3,000,000 units .

Grenade, Hand, Smoke, WP, M15  : type of chemical grenade with rounded cylindrical shape, this type is different from other chemical devices in that it is a bursting type of grenade ! Already created in WWI (Feb 1918) it was the older Mk II Smoke Grenade declared obsolete in the 1930s; which was to be re-introduced in WWII i.e. in May 1942 (while the M8 type was retained as the only actual Smoke Hand Grenade) . Here come its characteristics :

(1)           Grenade, Hand, Smoke, WP, M15 = detonating fuze M6A3 White Phosphorus filler tinplate cylindrical rounded body 50                 yards range delay time 4 seconds blue-gray color with SMOKE WP, center band, all in yellow color screening, casualty,                 harassing use - approx. use 1942-1945

Wooden Packing Box (for 25 x M15 (WP) Smoke Grenades w/ M6A3 Fuze)

Remarks : both fuzes M6A3 and M6A4D were used . Apart from the White Phosphorus filling (producing white smoke) there was also a small Tetryl burster charge . On exploding, WP burns to a white smoke upon ignition and on contact with the air; it is also an incendiary ! Solid pieces of WP will be scattered over an area about 25 yards in diameter and will burn for approximately 30 seconds . Grenade bodies were used with a variety of up to three different soldered screws . Total WWII production reached over 5,000,000 units .