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For overseas shipment 12 K Rations, i.e. 36 units  in total, are placed on their ends in three rows of 12 each in a solid fiber carton, closed with water-resistant adhesives, metal stitching or a combination thereof, and overpacked in a wooden case . Both carton and wooden shipping case are marked on the upper two-thirds of one end with the usual black crescent, 12 Rations, with the letters KS underneath . In addition, the wooden case contains a statement indicating weight, cubage, contractor's name, contract number, and packing data ; overall dimensions are 22 1/4 x 8 3/8 x 12 3/8 inches ; weight of a case of 12 Rations is 43 lbs, while cubage is 1.34 cu ft .(our model is based on a genuine item painted the correct way, and varnished for additional protection, it was constructed by one of our members for use during our many displays)



In order to indicate units, directions, facilities, the Army used a number of elaborate panels, either in full color, or simply constructed out of ordinary (natural, unpainted) pinewood, depending whether camp or base were in the rear or not, construction was often simple and too many colors were avoided . (our models are based on period photographs, both colored and black/white, and were constructed by different members of our group, we have a complete range of same, that can be effectively used in various impressions)
Description : "Spitfire" Advance Detachment (Radio Callsign for XIXth TAC) "Gangway" Liaison Officer (Radio Callsign for 9th USAF) C.P. 665th Engineer Topographic Company 293d Engineer Combat Battalion 628th Engineer Light Equipment Company
(recreated by Sgt "Andrew S. Vilinsky")



Troops often use a wide variety of odd boxes and cases, either for storing, preparing, distributing or just protecting different items . We have studied many period photographs and came across a large number of different wooden boxes used at base camps, marshaling areas, etc. (our models are based on such photographs and were constructed from recovered wooden material, duly painted and decorated to represent items in use with medical personnel and combat engineers)
Description: wooden boxes for First-Aid (Medical Aidmen) & Explosive Ordnance (Special Engineers) (recreated by Sgt "Andrew S. Vilinsky")



For overseas shipment 8 C-Rations were packed, i.e. a total of 48 cans, in nailed wooden boxes bound with three steel straps .The cans are arranged in two tiers of 24 cans each (usually: 8 cans meat & beans 8 cans meat & vegetable stew 8 cans meat & vegetable hash 24 cans bread unit), separated by a chipboard pad . On one end of each wooden case with overall dimensions 19 1/2 x 8 x 13 inches was marked a solid black crescent and a label indicating U.S. Army, Field Ration C, 8 Rations, as well as the weight i.e. 40 lbs (between 40 and 42), and cubage 1.1 cubic feet . One of the long sides also contained general data referring either to contracter's name, and/or assembly & inspection unit . (our model is based on a genuine item, painted the correct way, and varnished for protection purposes)