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Memorial Panel in Honor of USN Personnel who operated
in this Comcenter (enemy bunker) from Jun to Oct 1944,
Utah Beach, Normandy, France, Jun 05, 2001



Period Photograph, USN Personnel leaning against bunker
(camouflaged to look like ordinary house with phony windows)
to be later used as Comcenter, Utah Beach, Jun 1944


Period Photograph, Beachmaster CP at Utah Beach,
equipped with Blinker Light,
Loudspeaker and Generator, Jun 1944


Group Picture, Visiting NOIC Vets, in front of their former Comcenter (enemy bunker), Utah Beach, Normandy, France, Jun 08, 2001 - from L to R : Ray L. ACOSTA RM 2/C, Roger L. CHAGNON RM 2/C, Jean J. JERGE S 2/C, Charles TUMASZ RM 2/C, Farrell L. THOMPSON RM 3/C, John W. BESEMER RM 3/C

SSI for the U.S. Naval Amphibious Forces (Army Amphibian Assigned Units, had a similar SSI, but with blue background, as worn by members of the 'Provisional Engineer Special Brigade')