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Closed belly
Open belly
Country of origin Holland Italy
Manufacturer Frans Vander Aa Castagnari
Year of manufacturing 2000 1995
Type Compact II + Fazzy
Keys G/C C/F
Tuning Dry Dry
Stops 3 (right) / 2 (left) 2 (right)
Layout pdf-file pdf-file

Some music on Fazzy

A(gzipped) = 16-bit aiff format, 1 channel, 44.100 kHz sampling rate
B(fragment) = 8-bit WAVE Format, 1 channel, 8.000 kHz sampling rate
Name Composer Recorded Duration A Duration B
Walsje voor Peije Frans Tromp 29Jun96 120 sec 10.3 meg 30 sec 242 kb
Kadrille der Lanciers Trad. 29Jun96 71 sec 6.1 meg 14 sec 113 kb
Rondella DeJean 29Jun96 184 sec 15.8 meg 25 sec 200 kb
StepIt DeJean 29Jun96 104 sec 9 meg 25 sec 195 kb
Peifeng En Het Aapje DeJean 29Jun96 225 sec 19.3 meg 30 sec 235 kb
De Dwergen Mars DeJean 29Jun96 115 sec 9.8 meg 18 sec 140 kb
De Dansbierkes DeJean 29Jun96 81 sec 6.9 meg 27 sec 223 kb
Honing DeJean 29Jun96 178 sec 15.3 meg 22 sec 172 kb
Walsje voor Nadine DeJean 29Jun96 216 sec 18.5 meg 54 sec 430 kb
Wals ??? 29Jun96 151 sec 13 meg 27 sec 212 kb
Polka ??? 29Jun96 94 sec 8.1 meg 16 sec 128 kb
Portugal ??? 29Jun96 151 sec 9.4 meg 25 sec 200 kb

The above soundfiles were made under non-optimal conditions and by an amateur (I'm only playing diatonic accordion since october 1995). Don't compare them with CD's of professional players.
The equipment was an SGI Indy workstation with an extremely poor microphone, which was delivered with the machine for video-conferencing.
There was the permanent buzzing of about 10 workstations with all their peripherals.
The room was airconditioned and made my fingers like sticks of ice.
The instrument itself was the only thing which was optiomal. My Rolls-Royce Castagnari Fazzy, tuned in CF.
I provide two files. If you are close by and have a good connection with us, you probabely will prefer to use the aiff files. If you are far away, you are better of with the wave files.
All compositions are copyrighted and should be treated as such. (SABAM)

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(Created : Jun 25th, 1996 Last Modified : Mar 9th, 2003 )