Type Seeds
Av. germ. time
Harvestc First
Red Habanero 12 9 75.0 13.3 38 End of Aug. Beginning of October
Tepin 12 5 42.0 18.6 aprox. 40 Begin of Sep. Januari
Fatalii 5 5 100.0 23.8 91 Mid Aug. End of September
Tabasco 5 4 80.0 18.3 aprox. 100 Mid Aug. Beginning of November
Rocotto 5 0 0.0 0.0      
Garden Salsa a ?? ?? ?? ?? 27 End of July End of Aug.
Thai b >500 ?? ?? ?? 161 End of July Beginning of October
a Plants from exchange with friend
b I bought tiny peppers in a China shop and used all seeds. Didn't realize the high germination %. I seeded them on 4 Nov 1996 ... without lights, without heating ... just inside our living room.
c Total for 2 plants of each type that I kept.
All except thai chili seeds were bought from Davis Plant and Seed Company.

I planted the seeds on the 4th of April. In the beginning I kept the box on botttom of our heating system, which kept the soil at a constant temperature of 24 °C. Once most of the chilis had sprouted, the box was put in our sun-house, at first only during daytime, later on 24 hours a day. I transplanted them into small pots (8 cm diameter) and kept them in the sun-house. On the 27th and 31th of May I transplanted them to larger pots (25 cm diamter) and kept them outside, under the end of the roof of our sun-house (protected from rain and wind) , against the glass window. I only kept two plants of each type of pepper. From September on the plants didn't have any direct sunlight anymore because of the shadow of a nearby forest.

From half October, I put the plants in our greenhouse, where they kept on developping and ripening the fruits. By the beginning of December, the outside frost slowly got inside and killed most of the plants.

One of tepin plants was moved inside the house in the beginning of November, and the two tabasco plants in the garage at the beginning of December, hoping to overwinter them.

On the 6th of December, I harvest all chilis except the tepins and the tabascos, and ripined/dried them inside the house on a cool and dry place. (the garage).

The tabasco plants suffered a lot of aphids and white flies. Tried to chase them with soap and insecticide. No success.

The thai chilis seem to be the most susceptible to frost, while the tepins seem to be more hard against frost.

The average temperatures were : May (13.3 °C), June (16.2 °C), July (17.5 °C), August (21.2 °C), September (14.8 °C) ...

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