Pictures Of Bandoneons

The Premier bandoneon - model D
The Premier bandoneon (New Picture)
The Geuns bandoneons
The bandoneon which Hugo Diaz is playing on
John Allen and his bandoneon. If anybody can identify this instrument, please let us know.

Bert Smit's Chemnitzer

Alfred Arnold Chemnitzer Concertina in "Schefflerisch Lage", build in 1932. Three reeds per button on the right side, two or three per button on the bass-side. In total there are 52 buttons and 104 tones.

General view of the instrument from the treble side Color JPEG, (40792 bytes), 497x347
Close-up of the reeds and the leathers Color JPEG, (36678 bytes), 499x351
View from the top showing 'Alfred Arnold' metal plate Color JPEG, (28926 bytes), 500x344
General view on the reeds Color JPEG, (40308 bytes), 492x345
Front view on the belly Color JPEG, (52075 bytes), 498x347
General view on the wooden mechanics under the buttons Color JPEG, (33991 bytes), 497x345
View on the inside of the belly Color JPEG, (25406 bytes), 503x345
Close-up of the buttons Color JPEG, (32497 bytes), 503x345

Bert's email adress for further info:

Christian Mensing's Bandoneon

Old Alfred Arnold "PREMIER"

Label:    "PREMIER"
          Alfred Arnold - Carlsfeld
          label in golden letters on the belly frame as seen on the
          picture, additional relief stamp with the same text on the
          right handle (players side) and AA circle relief stamp on 
          the same handle (front)
series #: inside left hand cover and belly frame (violet stamp) B35253
          the same on the reedplate #1 of the left side with pencil
          inside right hand cover and belly frame (violet stamp) D35253
Size:     244 x 232 mm (depth by height), 340 mm width with closed belly
Weight:   approx. 5,5 kg
Housing:  plywood, black, relief number 10099 below the fretwork
          (series number of the housing manufacturer?)
          damper case waved (seams to be important to determine the age)
Buttons:  left 36, right 40; makes 152 tones and is an extension
          of the 142 tone system 'rheinische Lage' used at the
          La Plata (bisonoric)
Plates:   zinc, each 2 x 12 reeds; system: 2 chorus, 4 buttons
          of the right hand: 1 chorus (total 296 reeds)
Remarks:  the 5 additional buttons are original, most levers easily
          dismountable, belly (3 x 5 folds) replaced on march 1995
With closed belly B&W JPEG, (70997 bytes), 680x544
With open belly (back side), the two sides bowed to the front B&W JPEG, (87147 bytes), 896x498
With open belly (front side), the two sides bowed to the front B&W JPEG, (100693 bytes), 941x552
Side view (right) B&W JPEG, (78832 bytes), 671x631
Side view (left) B&W JPEG, (69432 bytes), 735x663
Detail of the labels B&W JPEG, (84949 bytes), 736x518
The AA stamp B&W JPEG, (69193 bytes), 736x518
Opened instrument with the sides and the layers with buttons B&W JPEG, (65451 bytes), 717x696
Opened instrument with the two sides and the reed blocks B&W JPEG, (57649 bytes), 717x715
Opened instrument with one sides and one reed block B&W JPEG, (89452 bytes), 741x666
Detail of the reeds and buttons B&W JPEG, (86359 bytes), 760x644
Detail of the buttons mechanism B&W JPEG, (109902 bytes), 760x728

Christian's email adress for further info:

Michael Dregni's Bandoneon

"doble A", Alfred Arnold, 142-voice, 1915 (according to design and to serial number '1665'), in excellent condition, owned for 60 years by Juan Luciero who played in tango bands in Salto, Uruguay. There is no AA mark. Finished in black veneer with three-flower inlay, very similar to Rene Marino Rivero's instrument. Inside is a stamp of Bianco Ltd.. Sr. Bianco is a 90-year-old bandoneon tuner from Montevideo.

General view of the instrument Color JPEG, (34063 bytes), 589x394
Inside of the box and the reed blocks Color JPEG, (35405 bytes), 392x590
Side view Color JPEG, (29669 bytes), 520x391
Inside mechanics Color JPEG, (30911 bytes), 589x394

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