The world of bandoneons: Alfredo Marcucci

Alfredo Marcucci began playing bandoneon at a very early age under the guidance of his uncle, the renowned bandoneon-player Carlos Marcucci, and developed his feeling for tango in the Buenos Aires of the thirties (Café Concert, Night Club, etc.) At eight years old he played for the famous tango composer Julio de Caro who lavishly praised the virtues of this young talent and took him as his pupil. He was invited to join the Julio de Caro orchestra at 18, together with his uncle. This was to be the beginning of a brilliant career. He also played in many other orchestras: Raúl Camplún, Osvaldo Donatto, Enrique Franccini, Juan Canaro, etc. In 1956 he joined the famous Carlos di Sarli orchestra with which he made many recordings. He was asked to join Baltazar Benitez in 1990 to form a duo for bandoneon and guitar.

TANGO: an anthology
Baltazar Benitez - guitar
Alfredo Marcucci - bandoneon
Channel Crossings CCS 5393
Tango al Sur
ref: MYRON LAM 1011
Produced by Dirk Van Esbroeck
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