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Project information


mircv6- version (April 28, 2009) version overview
Works with mIRC <= 6.35

Contains sourcecode and compiled dlls with following sha1 checksums:

e9d8d54ba1a4a403c89285ac9a57bbdbe9d1b501  mircv6.dll
d9a457fecaa7b58b8b3e4d2d30023f438570d97c  mv6functions.dll

In case of problems on win2000, you can try the alternative build by BenBE, available on http://blog.benny-baumann.de/?p=1008.


IPv6 support for mIRC (fka mircv6loader)


When you load this dll in mIRC, you can connect to IPv6. It should work better than any tunnel/proxy.
It support SSL and has the ability to reply to IPv6 ident requests.

[10:15] * Connecting to ngnet.azzurra.org (+9999)
[10:15] * Identd request from
[10:15] * Identd replied: 1086, 9999 : USERID : UNIX : Natox
Welcome to the Azzurra IRC Network Natox!Natox@2001:960:6d7:2::100
[10:35] * Dns resolving natox.blabla.be
[10:35] * Dns resolved natox.blabla.be to 3ffe:b80:1154:1:0:0:1:0
[10:35] * Dns resolving www.kame.net
[10:35] * Dns resolved www.kame.net to 2001:200:0:8002:203:47ff:fea5:3085
[10:37] -> [natox] VERSION
[10:37] [Natox VERSION reply]: mIRC v6.2 [v6]
Natox is Natox@2001:960:6d7:2::100 * natox
Natox using ngnet.azzurra.org  Telecom Italia LAB IPV6 Server
Natox is using a secure connection (SSL)
Natox has been idle 20mins 39secs, signed on Fri Aug 04 10:34:56
natox End of /WHOIS list.

As you can see, the identd works over IPv6 (“”), and SSL over IPv6 also works.

How to use

Make mIRC load the dll BEFORE you connect to anything.
This can be done by placing "on 1:START:/dll mircv6.dll mircv6 0" in your remote.
Some extra settings are explained in the readme.txt.

How it works (worked)

I wrote a small article about it.


I made this loader for private use only. But since alot of people need IPv6 support for mIRC, I made it public.
Use it at your own risk, since there might be some (legal) issues.

Known issues

  • When dccserver is enabled, mIRC crashes while exiting. This is because mIRC first unload the dll and then closes the dccsocket, resulting in a bad call. You can 'fix' it by disabling the dccserver before exiting (using on EXIT or so). Should be fixed.


  • enable mirc scripting sockets to listen on IPv6 addresses (but will prolly never happen)

  • fix crash-on-exit-with-dccserver-on issue (status: still too lazy :p) (status: lazy again)


If you found a bug or if you are having a real hard time getting it to work, you can contact me at davyhollevoet[]hotmail[]com. And please, no n00b questions.