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The ICRM RMT Working Group

Following the ICRM 2001 conference in Braunschweig, the ICRM RMT working group was reactivated after some years of stagnation. Two immediate tasks were proposed for the working group :
  • development of digitally recorded pulse train analysis software for radionuclide standardisation
  • organise an intercomparison of tritiated water standards
The RMT sessions at each of the subsequent ICRM conferences have included papers on a much wider range of topics than those currently being addressed by the working group. Indeed, the scope of the RMT working is so wide that is extremely difficult for the working group coordinators to arrange projects which address the needs of the members. It is hoped that members of the working group are willing to take a more proactive role in both the instigation and coordination of future collaborative projects.

At the ICRM 2005 conference in Oxford, a list of proposed areas of interest was drawn up. Details of this list are given below.

Coincidence Counting (CC)
Monte Carlo Modelling (MC)
New Detector Systems/Techniques (NEW)
Digital Coincidence Counting (DCC)
Simulation for DCC (DCC-SIM)
Large Area Sources (LAS)
Tritiated Water Comparisons (TWC)
Ionization chambers (IC)
Half Life measurements (HL)
Web Site Management (WEB)

The "Members" section of this web site lists those participants from the ICRM 2005 conference who stated that that they were interested in participating in the ICRM RMT Working Group. However, not all members stated their particular area of interest/s where they would like the working group to take some action, and those participants have been assigned a "?" in the appropriate field.

(I particularly thank one participant for their informative note that his area of interest is "beer". Indeed, this is useful to know, as I too am rather interested in the topic on occasion). But seriously, without a complete list of the particular fields of interest where members wish to contribute, the working group will not be able to achieve its full potential.

So I ask each of you visit the "Members" section of this web site, and to peruse the list of "Areas of Interest", and email me with an updated list, which only need contain the abbreviations if you like to make it short and simple.

I would also like some comments on what we should put on the "Useful Links" page. Please send me any ideas ...

Also, if there is some area of interest which has not been covered, and you are willing to play an active role in the organisation of such a project, please let me know as soon as possible.

Please help me to make this a useful website which we can all benefit from ...

John Keightley

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